Assalamu Alaikum!

I am a 17 year old muslim guy, attending high school in Brooklyn, New York. I have a very curious and intresting mind that has the tendancy to think alot. One thing that i think about alot is Islam. Almost every move that I make in islam has some sort of etiquette to it. How I eat, sleep, use the bathroom, talk, walk, and every activity of our daily lives, has a way to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner. All of These taught manners are from the most perfect human to ever live. Muhammad, may peace be upon him, has lived his life in this ettiquette so that we may learn from him. And ultimatly, these habits, if acquired, are the guides that take us to salvation. Allah willing, this site will be very useful to every one who crosses it. I wish that everyone may enjoy it and learn from the different things that had brought tears to my eyes. Jaza Khair.

[day one of site Launch 0.1]


9 Responses

  1. Site is good, especially for someone who is new to Islam, and needs some guidance. I know a bit about Islam and its teachings from the Holy Quran, but I think I can learn a bit more from this site, anyway keep up the work on building the site.

  2. This site is awesome, i really like it. of all the different islamic sites i’ve been to, i really like this. rock on! keep up the good work

  3. Hey nice site. I really like it.

  4. Finally i can get the answers to my questions here. All the info is here cause i’m really confused in my religion class even if i get them high grades.

  5. nice site!!!. keep preaching brother!!!

  6. Great work, props to you, Inshallah my question will find its relevant answers in here

    ~~Allah Hafez

  7. heey momo! this site is awesome, it’s just what I needed cause i’m so uneducated about islam, keep up the good work = )

  8. You’ve been added, thanks for adding me 🙂

  9. good site my brother

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