Jewish Convert

Jewish Conversion

Here is a rather very stong muslim who converted from judaism. He grew up right in brooklyn, right by where I live I guess. Check it out.

{Here’s a website devoted to Jewish Converstions}


2 Responses

  1. Salam, I’m a friend of Danya’s and I found your site through hers. SubhanAllah, If I’m not mistaken this footage is taken in Jerusalem because I happened to meet the same guy! My father and I were strolling along the narrow streets of Old Jerusalem when we walked up to this guy who was selling 3toor. We spoke in Arabic and assumed that he was Palestinian. His Arabic was perfect mashaAllah! When he later asked us where we were from, and we replied America he spoke to us in perfect English! We were so shocked and he told us how he had converted to Islam from Judaism and so on. He also invited us to his home but our stay in Jerusalem was very short so we weren’t able to accept his generous offer. InshaAllah, perhaps next time.

  2. Wa Salam,

    Wow, that’s awesome. in the video, i find him very right though, even though they are a bit strong, he’s right on paper. that’s great how you met him. salam

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