Trials of the Present Day

This life is a test. I wake up every morning to it. I go through hardships that I’m never prepared for. Why? We all ask questions like, “Arrg! Why does this happen to me?”. It doesn’t hurt to ask, I mean we do need answers. Everyday we will confront a problem, and sometimes we may solve it easily, and sometimes it may take weeks to solve. However we are still encountering the problems. From the death of a relative to a papercut, this life is filled with conflict. And obviously, in this world, there is no life without conflict. So then we come to understand that living in this world is the problem, and as humans, we naturally want to live w/o problems. As we can see, moderization, industrialization, civilization and every other ization you can name is for the purpose of making life better, to rid ourselves of the problems we face. Thats what everyone’s life goal is mainly. Its money, fame, or just pleasure. Almost everybody has the impression that that’s success. Truely, my money and my fans, and my worldly pleasure will not comfort me in the grave. The actual goal that everyone should have is to fulfill Allah’s, most Gracious and Almighty is He, pleasures. Thats the purpose in life, to please Allah, and there can be no other peace. Allah’s work is the peaceful work. And working for any other cause cannot bring peace into our lives.

Switzerland is the richest nation on the planet, and Switzerland also happens to have the highest sucide rate on earth

Makkah, The Vulnerable

Now bringing peace into our lives is what we want, but we ask ourselves if we’re gonna dedicate our entire lives to Deen. Thats the intial, but its encouraged that we do make our living, look at the many sahabah who were richer than any man that lived till this day. So we should try to dedicate every second of our lives to Almighty Allah, and if we desire anything, we should ask from him. And this becomes self-evident upon each and everyone of us. If we realize that we’ll live for only a few years, will die really soon, and have and eternity of either good or bad, then we will truly be able to conduct our lives with proper ettiquette, such as that of Muhammad May Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him. Think about it, I’m gonna live for only Allah know’s when. I might die a minute from now, theres no way of knowing. So can we all answer the question with a positive answer. Will I attain salvation? One may meet his death just as he is asking himself this. I can’t put enough stress on how everyone has to have this realization. Peace on earth is my guaratee when everyone has this in mind. One doesnt need to be told, however with the trouble of today, it seems helpful to do so.

Jannah is where Allah has made such treasures that no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, no mind has ever thought off. Allah has created such beauty in Heaven. And completely opposite in Hell. But whats the jiffy is that the hereafter is forever. It’s the unimaginable eternity. And after just a mere (avrg. of) 60 years, which is mathmatically of no value in comparison to the hereafter. So whats the obvious thing to do? What’s Allah showing and telling and constantly reminding us to do? We are only created to praise him. We have no other purpose, and to do what I want, my desires want, what the devil wants, my nafs’ (self pleasure) wants, is a start of a road towards the everlasting pain in the hereafter.

Today, we as the blessed ummah of the Holy Prophet May Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him, have alot of issues that we have to resolve, or we will start expecting the worst. Today there is soo much fitnah (trial and tribulation) among ourselves that many of us do not acknowledge them and go about our daily lives. Many of us just choose to ignore. Ignoring will just cause an even greater of a problem. So what are the various problems of muslims worldwide. Many devouts, skeptics, scholars and just muslims in general, point out whats deteriorating our great nation. However if one realizes this, that one person will understand that the invitation towards Islam will ultimately relieve our planet of its troubles. The UN, the US, no military force, no bomb can relieve Earth. This is what I Stand for.


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  1. When I was reading the first paragraph I could’ve sworn it had to do with me lol. Seriously though the first paragraph got me. It’s helped a lot though. The whole post is awesome but the first Paragraph got to me.

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