Wisdom of Silence

What else, but the harvest of the tongue causes most people to be dragged on their faces into the Fire of Hell!”, and Allah tells us, “every word uttered is recorded by the angels”

Once as a student, Bukhari (may Allah shower him with blessings) had traveled to a learned scholar to gain some knowledge from him. He had made his way by foot, and had travelled miles. He was, of course devoted to his studies. So when he reached this Teachers house, he sat down in front of his house, awaiting for the teacher to leave for Asr salah. When the teacher had come out, Bukhari immediatly stood up and gave salam. The Teacher returned salam, and had pretended as if Bukhari wasn’t even there, and went to the masjid. Bukhari had stayed where he was and made all his salah in his spot. When the Teacher came back it was after Maghrib. The teacher had returned the salam after Bukhari had given another one. Bukhair asked for his teachers wisdom. The teacher told Bukhari that “my tounge is like the scorpian, if i let it go, it’ll begin by biting me.” with this the teacher had simply went into his house. And Bukhari had started his way back to his home.

Silence is Wisdom


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