Coverage on the Cartoons…

16 deaths in Nigeria from protest

“At least 16 people have been killed in northern Nigeria, as Muslim protests over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad turned violent[]”

Havoc is turning the streets of Nigeria as outraged muslims protest of the issue of the Cartoons depicting the Holy Prophet Muhammad causing the deaths of 16 civilians. This is the first of the Nigerian protests and I support the protests. These protests are for the justification of the Cartoons and the respect of Islam and our Beloved Muhammad.

Italian Minister Resigns

“The Italian reform minister who angered Muslims by wearing a T-shirt decorated with Western media cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad has resigned[]”

Roberto Calderoli resigned his postition as Reform Minister of Italy because of the frequenting deaths of protesters of the Cartoons. The man resigned seeing that after he wore an indecent t-shirt with the depicting cartoons protest were arranged against his actions. See, thats what happens.

Ten die in Libya cartoon controversy

“At least 10 people have been killed and several injured in Libya in clashes during a protest outside an Italian consulate, according to police[]”

With a thousand protesters, many outraged muslims set fire to a building angry with the T-shirt Minister. Their angry fires had brought out the police authorities who fired bullets. I’m getting more angry too.

Iranians rename Danish Pastries

“Iranians wishing to buy Danish pastries will now have to ask for “Roses of the Prophet Muhammad”[]”

Instead of boycotting the popular danish pastires of Tehran, they were renamed. What malarky…

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