There belongs in this world a peace that has been displayed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. ‘Extremists’ of the Islamic faith have it realized more than others. Others who haven’t realized this enough will have to be on the opposed side as it becomes given. Islam is a religion of utmost peace yet at these times many find that the world is ruining itself. So these ‘extremists’ work towards correcting the people of the world by enforcing Islam. If you look into the logical wisdom of Islam there lies the certain truth of whether secularism can really be valuable to the nation. Why is it that when Hamas decides to not recognize Israel for there reasons, Israel’s violent past against the Palestinians are forgotten? Why is it that Muslims, the whole of them, are not respected enough? Cartoons are drawn of their example of the perfection of man. Muhammad is held as the greatest man and seal of Prophets to the Muslims and now there are anti-Islamic treats against them. For example: If one was to have hate against a jew and start posting extremely hateful images of their faith, that person will be labeled antisemitist and will be charged of it. But when a person draws a cartoon that completely outrages every Muslim in the world he is said to be practicing his freedoms. Those such acts completely outrage even the kindest of men. Know that Muslims love their Muhammad more than their families, life, values, etc. And if one doesn’t realize this he will be under threat against raged Muslims. And if another thinks this as pathetic, then he know that we wont insult his faith, no matter what faith he belongs to. If there resides, anywhere in this world, that hates other faiths then he is an extremist. However the Muslim who is enraged enough to burn an embassy down, after it refuses to recall its unjust cartoons then he isn’t at all an extremist. Muslims are those who will die for their ALLAH. They will die for their Muhammad, and they will die for their faith. The Muslim is immortal because he hasn’t any fear of death and infinite love for his ALLAH. And this cannot be changed for any reason. This is the religion of Muslims. They are peaceful, but understand that they will tolerated curses on their Faith. Many say that Islam is extreme and spread by the sword. This isn’t true, rather its the western nation that spread violently with the cannon. What happened to the few Islamic native American tribes that resided in the Americas before the expansion of Europe. Islam isn’t a Militant religion. Islam emphasizes peace but when worst comes to worst, it’ll have to take to War. The problem today is that Islam is whats not recognized, and its the world that isn’t recognizing them.

[my post on bbc]


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  1. Assalam Alaikum,

    Very good. I enjoyed reading.

    Take Care,

  2. Check this site http://thewtfblog.blogspot.com/

    This person is hard core anti muslim, and some posts are horrible. You can put your views there. I am not muslim, so I dont have much knowledge but you surely has.

  3. Muslims are not respected enough because of racism, I would say, pure and simple racism. And because The West wants Middle Eastern oil. And now, because of abhorrent things being done in the name of Islam, Islam in general is blamed for those things. Bringing religion into political debate is always going to be a dangerous mistake. If 9/11 had happened solely because the USA is a political and ethical abomination, they would have had to answer that charge. Because those responsible said it was in the name of Islam, the USA has been able to evade responsibility for the way it has treated other nations, and wage war on Islam in the name of self-defence. A great shame.

    In this day and age, justifying political actions by recourse to one’s religion just isn’t a convincing argument, whatever the religion in question, and I for one find it frightening.

    Great blog though.

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