Dr. Wafa Sultan…Replies to her in brief.

I dont have the slightest clue as to why Dr. Wafa Sultan calls herself a muslm. however though her points may seem strong, it’s never questioned whether she herself is right and or if the muslims are right. she’s just another gear in a war of propoganda. i’m not pointing fingers or anything, but its common sense and right value that’ll show who’s right. She thinks to title her thoughts as ‘..when God is a monster’ when she is trying to correct those billions who live for the sake of God. i seriously would like to debate this woman but not in intention to correct her for she left islam but it is in my best intrest that she doesnt’ foul the minds of others. look at what zawahiri says about today: “In France a Muslim father cannot prevent his daughter from having sex because she is protected by the law, but this same law punishes her if she covers her hair…”, this is why muslims fight, they want what is right in their value, and his opinion isn’t even considered, even though the only reason he corresponds with bbc is to tell the west what he feels should be done, otherwise he wouldn’t care so much, he cares for what is happening to islam in a world where islam is tuned out and even (contradictly) is named barbaric when it hates those who make a buisness out of pornography. This modernization that she porclaims as the goal of all, is whats barbaric. But of course many come to say that he’s just another fanatic, don’t listen to him, fight for freedom…the USA has the most freedom in the World, fight for your America. The fact is is that America has the most prisons in the world. America lets loose its youth to watch media that makes its younsters into gangrivals with eachother and worship the value of money and pleasure. People come to ask, “why are the muslims going crazy, why are they terrorist?”, their simply not. let me explain that people say that muslims spread by the sword, and they should be condemed for it. but what is your history text book teaching you, what are those political figures teaching you? There should be libraries dedicated to what muslims have done, but there aren’t, simply because others come to hate them (who knows why). The muslims have spread by the sword defensively (that last word is mysteriouly left out). And the westerners spread by the cannon rather offensively, to nonmuslims and muslims alike. what happened to the flourishing muslim communities of Africa and India. when the europeans came to colonize? they just stepped in and said ‘we’ll let you live if you let us do the ruling” (sure they said “rule” instead of “live” but its the same thing). The Africans were cannoned and the indians were drugged and cannoned. And these are muslims. They’re different, but there united, their muslims. The Europeans have overblown the ballon and those peace loving fanatics are now kinda mad, thats almost all. And yes these fanatics are reactionary, they want to get rid of a nation that really doesn’t let them have their freedom, and thats not to kill, but to kill those who are enemy (and don’t say all that 9/11 stuff because if you do, you just buying your governments malarky) There’s so much i’d like to say, but what happens to one when they voice a correct opinion? Their government takes care of them. (i’ll be posting this elsewhere also).

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