135 convert after a talk


And awesome treat, enjoy!


5 Responses

  1. Islam will be punished by God………

  2. Whom ever Allah guides cannot be misguided.

  3. Islam will not be punished at all, as Islam is the right path in life. It is the way we should all be guided towards, inshallah Allah Subhana Tala, will help you and guide you towards Islam.

  4. How nice, inmates in jails convert to Islam! In other words criminals.

  5. hey K..whoever Allah (SWT) guides will convert and accept the path of righteousness. If someone is criminal then that doesn’t mean that he cannot change himself. If he or she realizes that what he or she was doing was wrong and accept the path of righteousness then whats wrong in that ? You statement is bias. It seems like you are jealous and you envy the growing population of Islam. But don’t worry only Islam will prevail and all the fake religions will fade away.

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