Islam and Hinduism

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The Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam, In the light of sacred scriptures – Muhammad(pbuh)

Long Version
What is Islam? What is the relationship between the Hindus and Muslim of India? What are the similarities between Hinduism and Islam?

Dr. Zakir Naik quote the Hindu Scriptures and the Koran in discussing the similarities and difference between these two great religions of India. He explores the foretelling of the Prophet Muhammad in the Hindu Scriptures and shows how Islam‘s message is hidden in the Hindu Scriptures. The goal of this lecture is to create peace between warring Hindus and Muslims.

Abdullah converted to Islam from Hinduism. Hear his story before and after Islam. Here is a summary of how he got there.

Learn about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Various Religious Scriptures. Islamic video. Learn how his coming mentioned/predicted in other Scriptures and how he was the last Messenger of God.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar accepts that his book had mistakes, but the intention was to bring the Hindus and Muslims closer.

An Inter – religious dialogue for Spiritual Enlightenment by
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living) and Dr. Zakir Naik (Islamic Research Foundation)

Abdullah converted to Islam from Hinduism. Hear his story before and after Islam. He explains how he saw his idols broken on the floor and how this changed his life.


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  1. Great site!!!!!!!!!! Great to see you have posted lots of videos from Google Videos. Alhamdulilah. Keep up the good work

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  2. Bhavishya Purana: The Prediction of Islam(Muhammad)

    Zakir Naik(Muslims, Islamic web sites etc…)interpret Hindu scriptures in a wrong way to establish Islam . eg: Not Original

    And here in this page you can see the original copy of Bhavishya purana

    [From the third part of the Pratisarga Parva.]

    Shri Suta Gosvami said: In the dynasty of king Shalivahana, there were ten kings who went to the heavenly planets after ruling for over 500 years. Then gradually the morality declined on the earth. At that time Bhojaraja was the tenth of the kings on the earth. When he saw that the moral law of conduct was declining he went to conquer all the directions of his country with ten-thousand soldiers commanded by Kalidasa. He crossed the river Sindhu and conquered over the gandharas, mlecchas, shakas, kasmiris, naravas and sathas. He punished them and collected a large ammount of wealth. Then the king went along with Mahamada (Mohammad), the preceptor of mleccha-dharma, and his followers to the great god, Lord Shiva, situated in the desert. He bathed Lord Shiva with Ganges water and worshipped him in his mind with pancagavya (milk, ghee, yoghurt, cow dung, and cow urine) and sandalwood paste, etc. After he offered some prayers and pleased him.

    Suta Goswami said: After hearing the king’s prayers, Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic demon named Tripura, whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost. Therefore, O king, you should not go to this land of the evil ghost. By my mercy your intelligence will be purified. Hearing this the king came back to his country and Mahamada(Muhammad) came with them to the bank of the river Sindhu. He was expert in expanding illusion, so he said to the king very pleasingly: O great king, your god has become my servant. Just see, as he eats my remnants, so I will show you. The king became surprised when he saw this just before them. Then in anger Kalidasa rebuked Mahamada(Muhammad) “O rascal, you have created an illusion to bewilder the king, I will kill you, you are the lowest…”

    That city is known as their site of pilgrimage, a place which was Madina or free from intoxication. Having a form of a ghost (Bhuta), the expert illusionist Mahamada(Muhammad) appeared at night in front of king Bhojaraja and said: O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all. Still I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion by the order of the Lord. The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything. They should eat animals without performing any rituals. This is my opinion. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha. Therefore, they will be known as musalman, the corrupters of religion. Thus the demoniac religion will be founded by me. After having heard all this the king came back to his palace and that ghost(Muhammad) went back to his place.

    The intelligent king, Bhojaraj established the language of Sanskrit in three varnas – the brahmanas, kshatriyas and vaisyas – and for the shudras he established prakrita-bhasha, the ordinary language spoken by common men. After ruling his kingdom for 50 years, he went to the heavenly planet. The moral laws established by him were honored even by the demigods. The arya-varta, the pious land is situated between Vindhyacala and Himacala or the mountains known as Vindhya and Himalaya. The Aryans reside there, but varna-sankaras reside on the lower part of Vindhya. The musalman people were kept on the other side of the river Sindhu.

    On the island of Barbara, Tusha and many others also the followers of Isamsiha were also situated as they were managed by a king or demigods.


    ” Mleccha” :non-Aryan, barbarian”

    Dharma: Natural Law or Reality

    About Bhavishya_Purana

    bhavishya purana was written by Vyasa : Circa 3000 B.C

    Muhammad was born in 569A.D

    • Wait for your death. You will know the truth.

  3. listen closely to the Quran, it tells no lies.

  4. haa haa haa


    mleccha primarily indicates a “ “barbarian”, “non-Aryan”;

    A mleccha is someone who does not conform to the usual codes of Dharma ~ i.e. a wicked or bad man, miscreant or sinner, an infidel, an unclean person or race, any one who makes no distinction between clean and unclean food, or a glutton.


    Sri Bodhayana(400 B.C) gives the following definition of a mlechcha.

    gomAmsakhAdako yastu viruddhaM bahubhAshhate | sarvAchAravihInashcha mlechchha ityabhidhiiyate |

    He who eats cow’s meat, and speaks a lot against shastras and he, who is also devoid of all forms of spiritual practice, is called a mlechha.

    • Oh! my dear bro.Again the lack of knowledge is playing tricks on ur mind & changing ur perception.I knw it happens wit the little fragments of knowledge.Now listen u say mleccha means unclean, sinner.But in the sanskrit dictionery it also means a foriegner.From the othr land.Its how u take it.Eg;in oxford dict meaning of ‘pig” also means pig animal of four footed.what we knw.And also meaning of pig is a police man.Do u believe.That also the cop`s the police who works as a govrnment servant is also knwn as pig.So in sanskrit dictionery which word.Would u prefer of maleccha the foriegner or the sinner.By the way history makes it clear by non muslims that prophet muhammad peace always be upon him N his family.He is said to be a honest,righteous & noble man on the face of the earth & heavens.Best of the human amongst all mankind.Thanx to waiting for ur rebbuttal answer to my question.

  5. Haha, when you all will realize that ‘ALLAH’ is the conciousness that is residing in you and me – and when you’ll stop trying to prove his greatness, just with with out realizing himself? First, get realized – and experience Allah – and then you’ll understand that Allah and Krishna and Budha – are all the same conciousness that fills you, me, and everything else in the world.

    You are putting a lot of effort to show that Allah is better than others – haha.. just realize the truth that there is only one Allah or conciousness – and everyone else are just using different names for the same. Why you need to be so egoistic and haughty and why you want to make others call him the same name that you call? Anyway he is the same..

    Don’t be stupid. Go and meditate, or pray well, and hope Allah will dawn in you as conciousness or true love 🙂

    • My dear bro my dear bro.I always wait for this type of events to that I can tell u what to do & how to change ur perception through the right knowledge.Listen! U say why allah is superior than krishna & budha right!how can I prove this point.Wel bro u tel me have u heard of Allah`s birth any where in the world or in the heavens.Answer is no.Intellegent if u agree wit my word (no!).Have u heard of budha & krishna not born.Answer is no.No again.But this 2 different Noooo is still not contradicting with each others.See budha was born created,krishna was born created & had 16thousand 108 wives.Allah is not born,nor created, nor married.He is almighty.light which u & i cannot imagine off.krishna,budha can be imagine in physical status & in the thought meditation process.Any one can be imagine in meditation process.But not allah.So u see I proved it allah is best of best incomparable wit any mortal things like krshna,budha.Even krshna & budha use to pray to allah.And teach good things.M not here to let u down.But only to give u answer I m their bro.

      • Dear Gulam,

        Ur comparison of Allah’s birth to that of Krishna and Buddha’s birth does not make sense. Allah to you, is what Bhagwan is to us. His various avatars are Krishna, Rama, Buddha etc. Krishna & Buddha to us is what Mohammed to u is. Yes Krishna had wives. But so did Mohammed who had several wives, of which included a widow, a very young wife ( maybe 14, or 8 not sure because I have heard many muslims say different things, no one seems to be sure ). So please i request you to stop making assumptions and comments on things you do not know.


  6. Zakir Naik was trying die-hard to prove this – and all of us were laughing at him, seeing his foolishness.. lol – I think Sri Sri also had a smile in him, seeing all this foolishness – coz I feel that he is realized, after seeing his self-ceteredness.

    And Zakir made a foolish statement – saying that he don’t think that Quran says God is omnipresent..

    God is considered by Muslims to be omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, while at the same time above and outside of all creation. He is said to be “in Heaven” (Qur’an 67:16) and “in the heavens and the earth” (Qur’an 66:3)

    He was not trying to prove anything, coz he realized himself the true nature of ‘Allah’ or the divine or the conciousness or the ‘brahma’ or ‘atman’ – what ever you call it.

    • my dear non muslim bro.I read ur details about the answer what dr zakir naik gave & shri shri was smiling and all that.Now read carefully.Their r many who says god is present everywhere.What do mean he is presnt every where in physical state.Why will immortal thing exit in mortal people.What a contradiction! yes na.we go more has start & end.Allah mighty does not have start & end.Why will he exit in human & do ungodly things.When quran clearly states their is no one unto like Allah.Humans r created allah is how can creat & uncreated exit to gether.Use ur head bro.donot get angry & take up rash decision by limited knwoledge.Now at the bottom like I prove.That allah`s status of knowledge is everywhere and more near than everybodies jagular vein.And he is not present every where in physical state.I hope I made my point clear.Thanx for reading it carefully.

  7. let me get back from my ten days, we’ll discuss what your talking about. =)

  8. Hello Sir,
    Assalamu Alaikum,
    I want more information about other scriptures for dawah to proove that God is one in all at all.


  9. awesome

    go to the “Why?” page above to see the logic of Islam. It proves the Haqq [truth] of Islam.

  10. Dr. Zakir Naik has proven many times that Allah is the only God and that Quran is God’s word, and that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the final messenger of God…and the unbelievers do understand that Dr. Zakir Naik is right but their ego do not permit them to accept that…because faith is something which do not go away fast. They have been following a religion called hinduism which is illogical and unscientific from time immemorial and they do not want to get rid of it simply because it is their fore-fathers religion. They are so arrogant that they do not want to accept the proof of Islam in their religious scriptures…and even they change the good meaning of words to bad meanings just as they did with ‘malechas’. But these foolish acts will not help them coz Islam is flourishing and will keep on flourishing until the whole world’s population becomes Muslims.

    • i think you are out of your mind and the time has come for you to get the real knowledge, so become a christian,email for any help.

      • madam tina ji,This goes to u I think u r out of ur mind & needs to be enlightened.For help contact me.Their r so many ponography & unscientific & abusing languages & wrong alligation on holy prophets in ur so call man made bible.I will show u hard core proofs.Thank u lady to read this.We can prove easily that bible u hold is not totally the book of almighty.Its been written by 4 authors of their times and not jesus times.jesus never approved this bible what u carry under ur arm to be a word of god.

    • its rubbish to hear that hindism is illogical, physics says that energy can be neither created nor destroyed and it convert from one form to another and indians says same … but u says creation of universe is just like manufacturing goods from factory , even for that their needs some input….. then god is worst manufacturer because many of his creation is handicaped …. and u say circumcision to be done that is for hygenic that is right then god dont know before creating man ..poor god….poor vision on creation …. then after death … we go for punishment for our deeds in hell eventhough its not eternal . after getting punishment from hell every muslim goes to heaven … and enjoys means women, honey ,wine …that is eternal great to see a job of pimp is done by allah… so amazing…. so wonderfull….

  11. Yes Khalid.THe termites have unique quality of destroying the tree which housed them.U are no different.True Islam if flourishing.because its followers have the special talent of killing majorities and crying foul upon retaliation.Also after becoming clear majority there is no bound for their atocity(as its happening in Kashmir,Indonesia,malasia, and elsewhere around the globe.).The sad part is there is no gratitude that they were left to stay here even after partition on religious basis.
    YES Mr Khalid , Whole population will be with Muslims one day.think once whom will u kill later, whom will u attack on fridays after namaz, and upon whom u can levy jezziya and make livelhood.Spare some Non muslims to entertain ur self, to attend ur lust, to quench the desire of theft.
    one more interesting thing is there will be no underworld then.perhaps the regular world will go deep under….(what no idea) and underworld will come up

  12. I apologise.I dont want to get killed.Please spare me.After 20 years i will convert myself to avoid destruction of my family, to save my daughter in laws from dishonour.
    So if u happen to confront me in near future please dont kill me.I am your would be brother.

  13. Thanks again for the signatures of this great religion which seen throughout the globe….may be europe,or middleeast or throughout our country from kashmir,somanathpur,……….vijayanagar.Peace Peace peace for muslims after destruction of others..

  14. you hindue burn ur selfz wen u die? 4 wht reason? so u can get introduced 2 the hell fire??? carry on… only in ALLAH we seek refuge the one and only!!! may he 4give our sinz.

  15. By burning ourself if we go to hell so be it.why should u people make our life hell when we are alive, that too in our own native land.We dont have the selfish motive of bringing the dead alive someday to make more signatures on humanity.Ur forefathers have struggled a lot to vanquish non muslims throughout the globe.Its the great duty of u all to continue.grow more in numbers and u will get strength.Why should u expect ur forefathers to come alive again and do it for u.they are tired of destroying temples , churches,killing non muslims men,raping their women.Let them rest in peace ameen.Just concenterated on growing in numbers and u will complete the task without their help.

  16. Kuku…now you are getting arrogant. Do not Panic please ! We are just having discussions. You may agree or disagree…its yours choice. But don’t give illogical excuses. You have written that Muslims kill non-muslims after Friday prayers, and abuse others..etc. But what about non-muslims abusing Muslims ? Why don’t u talk about the riots in Gujarat…and how Narendra Modi turned his eye blindly in favour of hindus. Now if a Muslim do something against Gujarat’s administration then u will call him a terrorist…right ? But u will not spare a single minute on thinking why he did that. Now u will say that if Muslims have not burnt that train in Godhra then Gujarat riot wud not have happened. But have you seen a Muslim burning that train ? Reliable sources say that “the burning of Godhra train was not due to any Muslim burning that compartment but it was an accident. And why u do not talk about the destruction of Babri Mosque by the fanatic hindus ? Now u will say that Ram was born there…but no one as yet has proved that Ram was born there. The case is still going on. If u hindus were so sure then how come u have not proved it yet. And those fanatic hindus supported by communal party BJP demolished the mosque without any decision from the Supreme Court. Now tell me is it not a terrorism ? No…I know ur answer will be “No”…coz its a matter of hindus’ “astha” ..right ? So, when its a matter of ur “astha” then everything is fair….and when its a matter of a Muslims’ “astha” then its not fair. The problem is that ur parents have brain washed u against muslims. And ur hatred is so deep that u will not even bother to think why are Muslims doing things in violent manner. I know u will not think of that simply coz u hate Muslims. Adolf Hitler killed so many Jews…and the jews got shelter in Palestine…and now they have occupied some parts of Palestine…now the Palestinians are fighting for their land and they are called terrorist. Whats wrong in calling them freedom fighters ? Now u will say that they are fighting in a manner which is unacceptable. Well…when the Indians were fighting their freedom with british…a lot of Indians were attacking the british from behind and killing them. The british used to call them terrorist…but u never called them terrorist. did you ? No you will not. So, ur ideology is that if a hindu or other non-muslims do some violent act then u will call them either freedom fighters or insurgents but if a Muslim does the same then he becomes a terrorist in ur eye. We Muslims know the amount of hatred u people have for us. But don’t worry we do not care coz we know we are not doing anything unnecessary. And our religion is growing mainly in western countries. Western people do not accept anything unless they find it logical or scientific. To make an American or European accept anything one have to be logical. America has waged a war against some Muslim countries…and is calling Muslims terrorist….but for your surprise I wanna inform you that at present Americans are embracing Islam more than any other national. And out of that 65% are women. Some people accuse Islam of giving women inferior status but if women are given inferior status in Islam then why are so called liberal women of europe and america are embracing Islam ? So, the fact is that Islam gives women dignity more than any other religion. And dignity is more important than freedom. Other communities are simply exploiting women in the name of freedom. One have to read the Holy Quran with translation in his or her mother tongue to understand the basics of Islam. Those who have never read Quran (someone like you) can only talk against Islam. But once a person reads the Holy Quran and Hadith with translation then he or she will never speak a word against Islam. . And Islam is growing rapidly in America than any other country in the world. Islam is growing more in a country which has lodged a massive onslaught on our community. “So, put this in a pipe and smoke it ” !

  17. The original meaning of “Malechcha” is one who speaks a foreign language. But the arrogant and fanatic hindus have changed the meaning because they were afraid that hindus will start embracing Islam. And other vital point is that in the hindu scripture it says “Malechcha Acharya” about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So, if Malechcha means dirty or bad then why is Acharya mentioned alongwith Malechcha ? Acharya means a spiritual leader. So, how can you call someone a spiritual leader if he is dirty or bad ? No one in this world will ever call someone ” a bad spiritual leader”…coz if someone is a spiritual leader then he cannot be bad. So, this shows the foolishness of hindus. Actually, they are very afraid coz Dr. Zakir Naik has proved that Islam, Allmighty Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) exist in every religion’s text…so it is proven that Islam is a true religion and so many people around the world has started realizing this and Islam is growing rapidly while hinduism is dropping. So dear Muslim brothers and sisters please do not pay attention to what these fanatic hindus’ write…coz they are at the receiving end.

  18. I do not know who wrote the above fairy tale about Bhoj Raja going across the Sindhu river and meeting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I must say one thing that Now I am sure that hinduism is based on fairy tales and nothing else. I used to think that this illogical religion of hindus is based on fairy tales but now I do not think now I am sure. The original meaning of Mleccha was “one who speaks a foreign language” but the hindus saw the proof of Islam in their holy scriptures so they changed the meaning of Mlechcha in order to mislead a common hindu and stop him from converting to Islam. But this type of foolish acts are not going to help them. Islam is a proven religion. The only true religion in the world. I feel very sympathetic to fanatic hindus because their religion is going towards a downfall and they are in absolute panic.

  19. Religion is like a medium of instruction and spirituality is the curriculum. One can get doctorate degree through any medium and a doctorate will be respected by all over the world equally. Thus we should pursue to reach higher levels in spirituality in our own religion. Nobody need not change his religion.

    Change of religion is moving horizontally and moving to higher classes in spiritual curriculum is moving vertically, which is only growth. Spirituality is beyond religion. Infact any true divine preacher never confined to any one particular religion, caste, creed etc, because all require God.

    at lotus feet of swami

  20. The truth is coming out. You can’t hide fire with a piece of cloth. Zakir Naik true colours are out in the open for the world to see. Links with Kafeel Ahmed, the man who drove in the blazing explosive-laden Jeep Cherokees into Glasgow airport. The Hindu reported on that July 14, 2007 that Kafeel brought in Zakir Naik to Bangalore to address a big gathering hosted by Discover Islam. The Dawn reported that Zakir’s DVDs and CDs were found from mercenaries holed up in Lal Masjid.

    You may argue that these are mere coincidences and Zakir cannot be blamed if his CDs were found with terrorists. But let me draw your attention a contention made by him at the Bangalore event, reportedly facilitated by Kafeel. When asked about the spread of terrorism, he dismissed it as mere imaginations of Indian media. At that point I just presumed that he was making a desperate attempt at playing to his communal constituency. But it appears it was a dangerous camouflage to mask the likes of Kafeel.

    This is not Zakir’s fault. It’s of the doctrine to which Zakir has been led astray. The spread of Islamist terrorism coincided with the rise of Wahabism as the more vocal and dominant brand of Islam. The ultra-conservative philosophy of Salfis like Zakir has corrupted the minds of many. They propagated one-dimensional interpretation of the Quran and Hadith. The Tablighi Jamaat, the Muslim revivalist movement of which Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmeds are said to be members and from where all Zakir’s followers come, is effectively the flag bearer of Wahabism in the subcontinent.

    For them the concept of jihad literally means fighting against infidels. As revealed in the Quran, Allah has shield their eyes and ears so that they don’t get the message that the Quranic promise of heaven for one who performs jihad is a reward for a struggle against one’s soul (nafs).

    It’s time authorities and security agencies take notes of the hate-mongers and check them. Such a courageous and patriotic act is needed on the part of the government to save India and save many young minds from being incited to terror by the likes Zakir Naik. May Allah show the way at least the securities agencies. Aameen.

  21. As salam!
    Wondeful site! But one change will make it more thruthful. Somewhere it says, “The goal of this lecture is to create peace between warring Hindus and Muslims.” Please change it to “The goal of this lecture is to create HATRED between Hindus and Muslims.”

    Being truthful to yourself is one of the attributes of the prophets of Islam. To reflect a little bit of that, please admit the true purpose of the lecture. No where the lecture talks about honouring each other. It just derides Hinduism based on his limited understanding of the deen. Of course that’s the trademark of Salafis.

  22. As salam

    being a female convert to christianity i want to ask some questions about the spirituality of ISLAM …

    1)by going to ‘jannat’ in the name of islam a muslim man is rewarded with 72 hooris(virgins) to fuck …..

    so doesnt it mean that islam is a path for attaining sexual satisfaction for sex crazed mullahs..

    wat about a good muslim woman who attains ‘jannat’ is she rewarded with 72 ‘hooras’ !!!!

    2)you say islam gives dignity to women …… did nt your 56 year old Prophet mohammed rape a 9 year old girl “AYESHA” to show that he can have more than one wife…..this is fact

    3)You mulims destroys hindu idols made of stone ..
    But you still bow before the Black stone at MECCA …isnt it hypocricsy ?

    4)JIHAD= TERRORISM always , Is there any non-violent form of jihad???

    5)Islam only allows 4 wifes per person but Prophet Mohammed had 12 …..

    6)More than 80,000,000(million) hindus have been killed and raped by Muslims … many muslims have been killed by sikhs or christians or hindus in india ????

    7)After partition why are more than 160million muslims still breeding like rabbits in india ????

    8)Do you support a Hindu state in india like a Sunni muslim Pakistan ???

    9)how will u feel if the christians(Sonia Gandhi and her progeny) +hindus(BJP) + sikhs(Manmohan Singh and party) treat muslims the same way hindus ,sikhs and christians and shias are treated in pakistan ???????

    10)You are beating your breasts over the demolition of a single masjid in india wat about the recent destruction of the last temple in LAHORE ??? wat about the repeated destructions of the Somnath temple in Gujarat …. and thousands of hindu temples through out the century ………..



  23. Hello ayesha, i don’t think ur real name is ayesha but ur just using that name cos ur original name is probably not worth mentioning. Anyways wat ever ur name is , are u trying to tell us taht u were a hindu before and u converted to christianity then we muslims applaud for u coz u have moved away from a pagan ancient religion to a new religion christianity which is the closest religion to islam. well there are many questions u have asked us and i’d reply to you 1 by 1.

    1. first of all u nonmuslims believe that our religion keeps the muslim women under the veil subjugated and oppressed having no freedom in this modern world where all u women live in freedom. For a person who believes that i don;t think u have any rights to talk on behalf of muslim women. we have sufficient freedom and rights, which is more than what a christian or a hindu women has and there are enough evidences to that. Let me tell u something the hindu and christian men use women for their own satisfaction in the name of art, culture and entertainment. ITs u who expose ur body, ur beauty to those seeking pleasure outside a marriage or a relationship. In the end it is u the nonmuslim women who suffer from abuse, rape , murder, abortions, divorce and AIds as consequence of ur so called freedom. Men get everythign they want but u women are used and abused in the name of freedom. there are enough examples in America, India and other so called freedom grantng religions where women have suffered.
    If u look at muslim countries and i mean muslim countries who follow the shariah u will see we muslim women are safe, we have rights, our feelings are taken seriously, we are judged not by the size of our breast or the beauty but for our intellect and piety. we are respected and honoured for being a women.
    And as for what we’ll get in jannat Allah has mentioned that pious women will get waht we will love tahts not mentioned specifically like for the men. And for men , there are several places in the Quran it says taht men will have kingdoms and their kingdoms have been mentioned in detail, taht they will hve all kinds of fruits to eat,there will be rivers in paradise or milk , honey and wine and many more for men and women. ITs just not the HUrs they are going to get. So life in paradise is not going to be all sex, but a part of it has been mentioned cos its one of the good things men enjoy.

    2. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad married a little girl at 6 and had intercourse at 9 after she reached puberty, yes its fact. But did u know that 100 yrs ago American law allowed marriage for girls at te age of 10, adn British law allowed for girls at the age of 11. The jews were able to marry a girl of 3 and 4. If our prophet did something against the law he would have been criticised by the arabs. This was an acceptable age for girls at those times, just like how it was acceptable 100 yrs ago for the westerners. DId u also know that being married young to our prophet Aisha was also the most intelligent women of her time knowing so much about Astronomy, Embryology and many more. she was a scholar of her time adn of our time, no woman has reached her level of intelligence, memory power and knowledge. So there was a reason as to why she was married at a young age, to be a scholar and teach the others after the death of our prophet. ANd plus he married more not out of lust but because of political reasons. By the way Aisha was the only virgin he married the others were all widows, now a person who is after a woman wouldn’t marry widows but he married them to help them, to protect them as tey were reverts to islam and they couldn’t be handed over to the pagans of arabia who will exploit them. They had to be uplifted and aided with the new religion islam at those times.

    3.( this is answer to ur 5th question) OUr prophet had strength adn qualities similar to that of 7 men so he could handle more than 4 wives. He was the greatest gentlemen who knew how to treat all his wives. And none of his wives could complain about him, all the wives confessed that he loved them more than the other wife. And when he married Khadija the first time she was the only wife at that time before islam was revealed to him. Its only after islam, for political reasons he had to give them safety adn help from the pagans so by Allah’s commands married more than 4.

    4. WE muslims don’t worship the Kaaba or the black stone but we turn in that direction to Worship Allah. THe Kaaba is only a symbol of the direction or Qiblah for all muslims to turn towards in their prayer in unity. U face the same side to worship which is a symbol of unity and harmony in islam. U need to read more about islam before passing out comments about islam , u sound like Sri Sri RAvi shankar who wrote his stupid unauthentic book to unite the muslims and hindus and he was caught by muslims. If ur not sure of something read about it or ask a leaned scholar of islam who will clarify ur doubt , dn’t post ur opinions of islam for us to laugh at u. ur only making a fool of ur self.
    And for ur info we muslims will destroy more idols of urs which u call Gods and ur Gods can’t even help themselves from our destruction. Y do u worship somehting that can be destroyed by man worship the God who is superiour to you who Jesus worshipped and called Allah. (if ur a true christian) JEsus bowed down and worshiped his creator , he never worshiped stones neither did he ask people to worship him. there are enough evidences in the Bible, go read that if ur a true christian.

    5. About jihad , yeah it means to strive. so there are non violent forms of jihad too, like we strive to keep our anger down, we keep ourselves away from illegal sexual intercourse, alcohol, and many more which are non violent forms of jihad. Jihad doesn’t mean terrorism, its to strive and those palestinians are striving for thier freedom, and land which they have lost to the jews helped by the infidels.
    yes i agree tehre are black sheeps in every community though terrorism is forbidden in islam the muslims commit suicide which is out of the folds of islam. BUt u should understand that no rational human being would love to lose his life but he does it only to get revenge for the immense hardships u infidels give them and their family.

    6, u talk about muslims raping christians , hindus and sikhs. Do u know any statistics about how muslims were tortured in Bosnia , iraq , afghanistan, india ( the GUjarat massacre taht took place for a fake reason of train bombing). Be reasonable, look at whats happening with an open mind.

    7. INdia is not the only country supporting muslims, Bangladesh supports hindus and christians, malaysia supports chritians and hindus, Indonesia supports christians, the middle east supports coptic christians for hundreds of years. By the way the great architectures of Taj mahal, and other palaces were constructed by the muslims who ruled india for 800 or so years taht india now boasts it off to the world. so its an obligation for a hindu country like india to support us coz we have brought immense technology and pride to ur country.

    8. If u look into the most authentic hindu scriptures u will find that no scripture allows idol worship as it has been mentioned in many books that God has no image, he is not begotten nor does he beget , God is one and only, he has no intermediaries , and many more mentioned abut God in ur scriptures. So what we are doing destroying ur temples is something we muslims are doing to educate u hindus. So that u follow ur books the way it asks u to follow. We are helping u infact.

    we are happy and gifted to be muslims and that is te best gift we all cherish from Allah the almighty.

    By the way ur probably a hindu who reverted to christianity and talking big abut it as if we don’t know the fake christians, they are the sole reason for many wars that had taken place: Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, vietnam war, palestinian conflict, kashmir conflict, the LTTE conflict, Hitler’s massacre of the jews and many more. Islam is a religion of peace so thre is not one started by learned muslims.

    Islam is a religion for people not pathetic like u but for rational human beings, for thinking humans , for intelligent humans, for humans who want to know the truth, and for innocent and humble people. Thats why u see many christians reverting to islam coz chritianity doens’t quench a human’s thirst for knowledge or for truth, rather its an entertainment for a short while.
    If u see along the years its always well educated, learned and knowledgable people who have accepted islam like a british journalist Yvonne Ridley, a proffessor of theology and mathematics Garry miller, a famous singer cat stevens (Yousef Islam), a church minister Yousef estes, sports celebrity Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, and many scientists, proffessors and learned women in the western world. They seek the truth and Allah gives them Islam but u want to defame islam so Allah guides u in a path of destruction (chritianity)

    Mazeena Ibrahim August 14,2007

    • salaam sister Mazeena..
      i read your reply for Ayesha here(may god give her peace)..i have to say that i am very impressed by your answers to her.You do know a lot..i wish to have your guidance about practical islam.If u gt that article from some other source kindly post its url .
      May allah bestow his Nur upon you..

    • Prophet Muhammad was a very kind person (PBUH). He wanted to have close relationship with other Arabs so he could convert them to the noble religion called Islam.

      So he decided to marry Abu Bakr’s daughter Aisha. Unfortunately Aisha was only 6 yrs old. No matter how much did he want to have sex with a child, his cohorts advised him to not have sex with his latest wife. Muhammad was kind (PBUH) and Allah’s man. If he could control his followers, he could surely control his desires. He was a great prophet!

      He let Aisha stay with her parents, until she reached puberty. With Allah’s blessing, she reached puberty at the age of 9 and according to Muhammad was ready for sex. So he has sex with her when she turned 9. Allah is merciful and omnipotent. He made Aisha for Muhammad

      Muhammad was a social architect. He believed in saving destitute and poor women and decided that Quran should have verses that allow Allah’s blessed men (the Muslims) to have up to 4 wives. So if some women’s husband died in a war or something, someone else could take this person’s wife as his own, provided he ultimately has only 4 wives or less. However, Muhammad was a great prophet so he wrote another verse that prohibited anyone to marry his wives after he died. “Nor is it right for you that ye should annoy God’s Apostle, or that ye should marry his widows after him at any time. Truly such a thing is in God’s sight an enormity. —Qur’an 33:53”

    • How can you people educate us? first go to your statistics then you ll come to know how economically backwards you muslims are?just see inside your religion where women is stopped of freedom?there is no allah…and prophet muhh who married his own sons wife?is this looks nice and you follow his preachings? ha ha…ask your allah

      • So stupid and lack of klnowledge i bet u dun even know ur own religion thats the reason that ur criticizing ISLAM…
        this site isnt for having a war its just a discussion..Islam doens’t teach us to criticize any other religion unlike they way u said… idiot Allah is the only 1 GOD the word u called BHAGWAN or UPER WALA means the same.. ALLAH HU AKBAR

    • Salaam sister,

      If you would,please see my posts in this blog and correct me if there is any errors.


  25. Well done Mazeena ! You really made me and all Muslims proud by writing such a knowledgeable and hard hitting reply to that christian convert bitch. I also appreciate your decency of writing. That christian convert bitch wrote in a very nasty and indecent language while you replied in a very decent and modest tone. Although you gave her a crushing defeat by writing such a knowledgeable article. But if I were you I would not have replied in such a decent manner because I know she is a hindu bitch who converted to christianity (just like so many hindus converting for the sake of money and other facilities) and putting a fake Muslim name on the net and trying to fool Mulsims and non-Muslims alike. But actually that bitch is fooling herself only because no Muslim will believe her. We know that she was a hindu who converted to christianity. And Mazeena you should have used some bad words against that bitch because she used bad words about our beloved Prophet. She do not know that Krishna had thousand of wives. Our Prohet had only a few wives while that lusty Krishna had more than 10 thousand wives. Krishna during his childhood used to steal women’s clothes while they were taking bath in the river….that means he wanted to see their naked body. Such a bastard he was. I am sure he must have used 100 women in a day. He may not have done intercourse with everybody (as hindus men do not have much sex power, but they have a lot of desire for sex) but he must have had atleast 100 women sitting naked on his lap….playing with their naked body. He had thousand of wives that means he must have been using atleast 100 women per day….Isn’t it ? And look at the paintings of Ajanta Ellora, and read the ‘kamasutra’ book. The painting of Ajanta Ellora is the best proof of hindu religion being the most lusty religion and this fact is also supported by ‘kamasutra’ book. And even if you go to their temples you will see in some temples nude statues behind the temple. Now what is that for ? I will tell you what it is for. It reminds the hindu women that you are a medium of lust and you must do sex with men in these manners (the manners which the staues show). So, now you know what type of religion is hinduism is. So, what can they talk about Islam. Islam does encourages sex between Husband and wife…but only between husband and wives…not between girl friends and boy friends….not by openeing prostitutions in the cities (which is available in all big and small cities of India). The hindus say its wrong to have two wives at a time….but they go and do intercourse with prostitues and they never miss opportunities to do sex with their office colleagues, sub-ordinates, secretaries, and even strangers. Although in Islam marrying more than one women is not permitted solely for sex. But even if the hindus or christians think that it is for sex then let me say this that “Islam says that if your sex thirst is not fulfilled with one wife then marry two, three or four, but marry a woman. Do not use her like a bitch…use her after giving her the dignity of being your wife and after giving her all the rights which you have given to your first wife, so that all your women will feel dignified and protective”. While the hindu religion says that if your sex thirst is not fulfilled by one woman then go and do sex with your friend’s wife…(betray him), go and do sex with a poor woman who is in need of some money…give her some money and misuse her, go and do sex with prostitutes, go and do sex with your boss’s wife, etc….but do not marry her….just go and use any woman like a whore…be it your brother’s wife, your friend’s wife….let her be anybody but just go and do sex with her but do not marry another woman because that will be injustice to your wife….do injustice to rest of the women in the world but be faithful to your wife…but go out take advantage of any other women…remember everyone’s daughter is ur bitch (because you can sleep with any other women in the society but you cannot marry her…so, if she is not wife then must be a bitch)…anyone’s wife is ur bitch…go and sleep with her…you can do as much sex as you can but remember you cannot marry her. So, this is hinduism and as well as christianity. So, the conclusion is that Islam’s ideology is practical while christians and particularly hinduism’s ideology is based on hypocrisy.

    • Salaam khalid.
      i am new to this site.dont know if i have the right to correct you.But please dontuse such words to people like ayesha,or there beliefs.Quran also asks us to be polite and respect other faiths.She dont know abt islam as a whole.neither do u kno abt hinduism.i am not saying i kno abt it both..ha ha..still,i think its better to answer politely with wisdom like MAzeena did.Anger wont do good against such people.May peace be upon you,Bro.

    • Hello…let me tell you if you dont know the truth of Krishna..please dont comment..ok.Krishna had only one wife and she is Rukmini.And matter you said that krishna had thousand wives…is wrong,the fact is the more than thousand girls of the world were mad behind the face of krishna….those girls were in love with krishna and they sacrificed their life by thinking that only krishna is their husband and they didnt marry.But krishna didnt marry other than rukmini…got ah not as your prophet who married his sons wife..tell now isn’t it wrong? how can one forget the morals? what about the realation between father and son?huh there is no difference animals and your prophet muhhomed..because animals also cant distinguish between their relations same is the case with your prophet,what a shamefull thing to hear and you people follow his ideology…

  26. hey.. the 10,000 women were aryan women rescued by krishna from the clutches of Jarasandha…. he being their rescuer looked after them and paid for their well being …fools… Anyone with some sensibility will call sex with a 9 year old girl -“CHILD ABUSE & RAPE” & because you people have no brains to think for yourself you will just lap up all the bullshit some mullah tells you without even giving it a second thought…..Please Think for yourself …DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE CHILD ABUSE THAT OCCURS IN MADRASSAS ? Visit it to know some facts[link][/link]

    You said that pagans need to be uplifted from misery by adopting Islam……Pakistan is a perfect Islamic state … Is it economically or technologically advanced than ‘pagan’ India ?Pakistan and Bangladesh ,the two Islamic parts of India are in a total mess.They are failed states . We Indians are Superior to any Islamic country .
    So has conversion to islam helped them ?No. Look at the christian converts , we are the foremost economic and political force to reckon with in india .Sonia Gandhi is a Catholic .. the entire Gandhi Dynasty is going the Catholic Way …Priyanka has married a christian Robert Vadera…Rahul Gandhi has a spanish girlfriend .. Soon the ruling dynasty of India will be Christian .Then see how we with the help of western nations will eradicate the extremist menace from india .India will soon become the land of the true messiah Jesus Christ not Prophet Mohammad .


    Wat about the caste system in islam ???
    Wat about the Ashrafi castes persecuting the Agilafi castes …even the goverment of india recognises existence of caste system in islam by giving reservations to certain sections of the islamic population like kasayis “butchers” etc…

    Muslims of foreign orgin(turkish , iranian , arab, turanian etc)
    consider indian Muslims as second class …. read good newspapers… low caste muslims are denied entrance to mosques used by high caste muslims.

    Mazeena didi you tell me to be reasonable…. tell me how islamic propagated in india using NON-VIOLENCE….Give me the example of anyplace islam has established itself without any violence….India is secular because 80% of the population is hindu…. the hindus didnt declare india a Hindu State because Hinduism (& Christianity) believes in toleration …..

    Had India been a Hindu State , do you think the muslim population would have increased so much? would india take in muslim refugees from Bangladesh and give them citizenship ?
    would successive hindu governments provide reservation and aid to the muslims aho believe in eradicating India…

    Do u think that we dont know that by providing reservations and other aid to muslims Indians are digging their own grave ?

    If the 150 million muslims in india donot want to live in “horrible” india where the “peace loving” muslims are “raped ,murdered and tortured ” then kindly catch the next flight to pakistan and Bangladesh where you will get a “RED CARPET WELCOME ” from your fellow muslims …


    got to go bye comrades … see u soon

  27. Hey, who told you that low caste muslims are not allowed to enter high caste people’s mosque ? You are a complete bullshit. First of all, there is no high caste or low caste mosque. And in our community this type of bullshit do not exist. This is practiced in hinduism not Islam. Islam is a religion which gives complete equality to all its followers. Anyway, as far as your question of why Muslims are economically backward and so on is concerned. Well, lemme tell you that Allmighty Allah has already said in Quran that “those who will believe in Allah and his Prophet, and those who will follow the path of righteousness will have to face a lot of difficulties in their life, while those who will follow the path of evil will lead a luxurious life. Allmighty Allah has said in the Holy Quran that this world is a place of examination for people who follow the path of righteousness and those who believe in Allmighty Allah and all his prophets, because whatever he or she does in this world will be taken as an answer sheet and will be rewarded accordingly in the life after death. So, whoever follows the path which Allah has prescribed will get heaven in the life after death. Even though he or she may have to face a lots and lots of difficulties in this world but if he or she stick to the path of righteousness then the reward is heaven. So, my suggestion to you infidels is that do not worry about us because we do not bother about world life. We know that one can live a life which cannot be more than a maximum of 100 years, and that also a few fortunates…because most people die while at 60, or 65. And some die at around 40, and some at around 30, and some at around 20, and some while infant. So, what is this world ? You never know when you can die. But there is a long and long and never ending life…which is life after death. So, we Muslims are concerned about that not about this world life…which is just like spending a few seconds of a year. So, now you should understand why we Muslims are not longing for economiy or anything else. Yes we know we need money…but only as much as to run our life…not for going to night clubs, not for spending money in prostitutions, and not for making atom bombs so we can interfere in other countries’ matters (just as USA is doing). And Krishna one of the most lusty person in the wolrd history. No one can deny that. The excuse you gave about him having so many women is not authentic. The hindus religious texts themselves say that Krishna had thousand of wives. So, do not try to hide it by giving some fake excuses. OKay ? And although I am happy that atleast you have embraced Christianity which is much better than hinduism, but I feel sad that you still have a soft corner for hinduism, a religion which is totally based on fantasies and imaginations. So, try to get rid of such feelings…and become a good Christian and read the whole Bible (both Old and New Testament). And then read the Holy Quran with translation in your mother tongue, and I am sure once you read the Holy Quran with translations then you will embrace Islam in no time.

  28. hey ..i agree with tat girl aysha..u muslims r always backward only due to your non progressieve religion…talking about christianity , christians have killed a million times more muslims than hindus have ever killed…be grateful to hindus..u r still living in india due to the mercy the hindus showed you…

    yes answer her..why dont u go to pakistan? why are u making life hell 4 us here even after getting pakistan and bangladesh

  29. khaild ..why dont u go to pakistan ??

  30. dont say anything…muslim kings had thousands of wives

  31. “Hey, who told you that low caste muslims are not allowed to enter high caste people’s mosque ? You are a complete bullshit. First of all, there is no high caste or low caste mosque. And in our community this type of bullshit do not exist.”
    I guess thats why sunnis and shias are killing each other around the world. Just to let you know certain sects are not even acknowledge by the other.

    “Anyway, as far as your question of why Muslims are economically backward and so on is concerned. Well, lemme tell you that Allmighty Allah has already said in Quran that “those who will believe in Allah and his Prophet, and those who will follow the path of righteousness will have to face a lot of difficulties in their life, while those who will follow the path of evil will lead a luxurious life.”
    Dont talk rubbish…….procure the exact quote….I want to see.

    “So, what is this world ? You never know when you can die. But there is a long and long and never ending life…which is life after death. So, we Muslims are concerned about that not about this world life…which is just like spending a few seconds of a year. So, now you should understand why we Muslims are not longing for economiy or anything else.”
    Abstinance from worldly senses is teaching of Hinduism and Buddhism.Do you have any quotes to support your claim on worldly wealthy.By the way the descrption of heaven in quran is again materialistic……..and imperfect humans are suppose to inhabit it!

    “, and not for making atom bombs so we can interfere in other countries’ matters (just as USA is doing). ”
    Geez, I wonder how Islam was spread to most nations, including India (Hint:It didnt happen with ‘non-inteference’ policy)

    “Hinduism-a religion which is totally based on fantasies and imaginations. ”
    And how is Islam not a fantasy?Anyone saw Allah???Atleast Krishna showed his divine form. Plus do you know the quran was compiled after 50years Muhammad died.Did Allah or Muhammad sanctify it???No it was Umar who decided what goes in it and what doesnt.

  32. “2. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad married a little girl at 6 and had intercourse at 9 after she reached puberty, yes its fact. ”
    Thank you for acknowledging he was a pedophile.Who cares what the americans or british did or do,were they prophets??No.Muhammad was suppose to be exemplary for all time since he was last prophet.

    “3.( this is answer to ur 5th question) OUr prophet had strength adn qualities similar to that of 7 men so he could handle more than 4 wives. He was the greatest gentlemen who knew how to treat all his wives. And none of his wives could complain about him, all the wives confessed that he loved them more than the other wife. And when he married Khadija the first time she was the only wife at that time before islam was revealed to him. Its only after islam, for political reasons he had to give them safety adn help from the pagans so by Allah’s commands married more than 4.”
    Double standards!He was nothing but human. No quranicquote says he had strength of7!

    “4. WE muslims don’t worship the Kaaba or the black stone but we turn in that direction to Worship Allah. THe Kaaba is only a symbol of the direction or Qiblah for all muslims to turn towards in their prayer in unity. U face the same side to worship which is a symbol of unity and harmony in islam. U need to read more about islam before passing out comments about islam , u sound like Sri Sri RAvi shankar who wrote his stupid unauthentic book to unite the muslims and hindus and he was caught by muslims. If ur not sure of something read about it or ask a leaned scholar of islam who will clarify ur doubt , dn’t post ur opinions of islam for us to laugh at u. ur only making a fool of ur self.
    And for ur info we muslims will destroy more idols of urs which u call Gods and ur Gods can’t even help themselves from our destruction. Y do u worship somehting that can be destroyed by man worship the God who is superiour to you who Jesus worshipped and called Allah. (if ur a true christian) JEsus bowed down and worshiped his creator , he never worshiped stones neither did he ask people to worship him. there are enough evidences in the Bible, go read that if ur a true christian.”
    How come then u circuvalate around it,kiss stone/try to touch it?Thats ritualistic as well.Its more than a point of direction.

    “6, u talk about muslims raping christians , hindus and sikhs. Do u know any statistics about how muslims were tortured in Bosnia , iraq , afghanistan, india ( the GUjarat massacre taht took place for a fake reason of train bombing). Be reasonable, look at whats happening with an open mind.”
    The Muslims came uninvited to India…..Gujarat is aftermath of that.Please read up atrocities of Aurangzeb……Gujarat is nothing compared to tht…..infact more Hindus die in Kashmir in Muslim hands.

    “7. INdia is not the only country supporting muslims, Bangladesh supports hindus and christians, malaysia supports chritians and hindus, Indonesia supports christians, the middle east supports coptic christians for hundreds of years. By the way the great architectures of Taj mahal, and other palaces were constructed by the muslims who ruled india for 800 or so years taht india now boasts it off to the world. so its an obligation for a hindu country like india to support us coz we have brought immense technology and pride to ur country.”
    Hindus and christianity have no rights in these countries.In case you’re unaware its institutianalized in their constitution.In India no religion is higherbased on constitution.Hence Muslim i n India has equal rights but Hindu in Paki/Bangla does not.You said it yourself Muslims ruled India for over 800years so how do you expect aHindu architecture to come about plus Muslim are expert looters and plunderes….and thats why alot of Hindutemples were destroyed.In regards to Taj Mahal its both a Muslim and Hindu design pls read up its architecture.

    “8. If u look into the most authentic hindu scriptures u will find that no scripture allows idol worship as it has been mentioned in many books that God has no image, he is not begotten nor does he beget , God is one and only, he has no intermediaries , and many more mentioned abut God in ur scriptures. So what we are doing destroying ur temples is something we muslims are doing to educate u hindus. So that u follow ur books the way it asks u to follow. We are helping u infact.”
    Hinduism isn’t narrow minded like Islam.While Allah cant take any form(something which makes his ‘powers’ limited)in Hinduism God is the entire spectrum becoz the human mind is too underdeveloped to fathom the ‘absolute’ form of God God says he will manifest in any form you imagine him to be.The oneness of God in Hinduism and Allah are very different.Allah is just one can be counted and therefore finite. The Hindu concept is more of spectrum negative,0,1,2,3……..infinite.If I were to ask you if you can count the water in a glass will u b able to count??No!In case of Allah he is=1(countable).By destroying Hindu temples all you’re showing is hatred and intolerance which reflects poorly on your religion(Islam).

  33. “And for ur info we muslims will destroy more idols of urs which u call Gods and ur Gods can’t even help themselves from our destruction.”
    Where was Allah when the Syrian army attacked Mecca and destroyed the Kaabah and stole the stone?What abt the numerous floods which damaged the Kaabah?
    Why should the Hindu god be bothered by some mad person for destroying a temple…….its obvious you do not know much abt Hinduism.While Allah has all human emotions like anger etc the Hindu gods are not and above all this.More of Allah’s displeasure and anger mentioned than his love in Quran thats why u feel Hindu gods should punish. In Hinduism god only knows how to love not hate but becoz Hindus believe in karma, what evil deed you do you have to pay back at some point of time yourself.Its your act which determines that.

  34. This site sucks becoz only Muslims are allowed to make comments(no matter how inaccurate or abusive they may be) while others are removed like my posts(which didnt even use any abusive language but only logic).Again driving the point that Islam and Muslims shun ‘the truth’ and the Quran words are not strong enough to protect itself hence needs protection by this cheap tactic of deleting posts giving the false impression that nobody responded or had an answer.

    Can you show me which one I deleted? Please, if its not a problem. Or just go ahead and write one without abusive language. Thanks.

  35. Which Hindu text mentions thats Shri Krisna had thousands of wife?If you’re referring to the Narakasura story well thats written in a Purana.But then the Puranas do not have a high authority unlike the Vedas,Upanishad and Geetha which are inspired by God and is more symbolic. After killing the demon the captives were free to go but they had nowhere to go and asked Krshna to marry them. He took many forms of himself to marry each one. Hence 1 Krishna for 1 wife. They were actually saints and other holy folks who in previous lives and fulfilling their wishes. Just like the Bhavishya Puran prediction on Muhammad, the bottomline story was that he will establish an incorrect religion same way the bottom line story from this is that Krishna is the protector from unjust/evil and that Krishna manifests himself anyway his disciple prays to him.
    Lastly, the Kamasutera is not god inspired in Hinduism……its just an ancient Indian art. Unlike in Islam where sex is political and lust the concept in Hinduism is totally different and only about procreation.Lust and attachment to the senses is shunned.Krishna does mention this in the Geetha.Hence your account is incorrect. Its like saying hadith has higher say than Quran.Same way Puranas do not have higher say than Vedas or geetha.

  36. khalid i wanted to remind u something,remember taht how much ever the non muslims put down our religion as a result of ignorance and arrogance and say bad things about Allah and our prophet, i beleive as muslims we shouldn’t mind. well yah it hurts from the depths of our hearts, we can hate wat tehy r saying in our hearts & minds but lets not use harsh words on them. after all they are not knowledable.

    Even our beloved prophet was patient when khafirs those days said bad things to him, adn the religion he was preaching. They are a trial 4 muslims so lets be patient and give them te answer, clear their misconceptions and move on with life. After all don’t we get rewards 4 te preaching we had done,from Allah. tahts y sabr is very important in these times as Allah says He is with te people who r patient 4 Allah’s sake.

    i’m not an indian muslim but a sri lankan muslim who came to study on a scholarship to india ,bangalore and stayed there for 3 yrs and saw the mistakes in te muslims and the harsh behaiour of hindus to the muslims and their fellow hindu men. So i’ve learnt a lot about te 2 communities. Lots of questions have been posed by hindus here online and i’ll clear all ur misconceptions. OK.

    By the way sunnis and shias? y there is not just taht there r also sufis, other divisions of shias kowns as boras and many i can’t remember. i want to be honest with u all, Listen these divisions are not caste divisions, tehy r CREEED. In hindu caste system if ur born a low caste, or middle caste there is no way u can become an upper caste. The only way is by dying and getting reborn u believe. But the division among te muslims is creed.(its the difference of belief, or the articles of faith they differ in) Which can be
    changed if only tehy seek knowledge & correct themselves.
    For eg: the shias give great importance to certain things while they neglect other important beliefs in islam. Shias practise riba (usury), temporary marriages, slashing themselves with knives & sharp instruments on the day of Muharram remembering Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) who was martyred in Persia, shias drink, commit fornication and many other evil things taht islam forbids. So the others consider shias not to be muslims. u can see a good example in Lebanon, pakistan, & other arab nations where there are shia female singers who say its ok to expose their bodies and indulge in te music industry,film industry, fame & money.

    This is what shia sect has to say: everything is ok,the rules of Islam r not to be taken seriously. While sunnis believe this sect is tarnishing the image of islam and portraying different perspective and deviating from islam so they rebel with one another.First and foremost listen to what the quran has to say in 30:32 Of those who split up their religion (ie who left the true islamic monotheism), and became sects, (ie they invented new things in the religion
    (bi’dah) and followed their vain desires, each sect rejoicing in that which is with it.

    AS u can see the shia sect and sunni and sufi sects r deliberately split up inventing new things calling themselves with differernt names all for their vain desires rejoicing all they innovated. So dividing muslim ummah into many sects is forbidden in the Quran 1400 yrs ago even before the muslims split up at that time. This is said By the creator of everything tat exist (Allah) as it’s the word of God Almighty.
    The only creed is islam (peace) and being a muslim. (submission to te will of God sincerely & willingly) Since the muslims have already done that’s forbidden in islam all types of evils will follow as a results of their disobedience. ie we can see sunnis bombing te shia mosques in pakistan. So this is what tehy have earned with their own hands and u can’t blame islam for it but the shias and sunnis.

    However Those muslims who have split up into different sects, can change their creed & is not at all hard, shias can always denounce their sect name & call themselves muslims if they were not proud and willing to seek knowledge. Sunnis can do that. so can sufis (who worship graves). If they don’t denounce their sect names then they are known as te deviated group from islam. So we are not stuck like te low caste or middle caste people in a trap unable to get out and continuosly be oppressed by te upper caste 4 life until they die.

    That’s why our prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) has mentioned that all will be in fire except one. Meaning 72 sects will be in fire while one will be safe. When asked who the safe ones will be, the Holy prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) replied “They are those who will be like me and my companions.”
    Our prophet already prophecised with Allah’s help that the muslim community will be divided into many sects and only one will go directly to paradise who follow islam like he has followed and his close companions. The others will be punished for disobedience but will be later accepted into paradise as long as their islamic monotheism was their belief.(wihtout worshipping people and stones)

    this is my answer to those who don’t know tat shias and sunnis are differnt in creed not caste.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh call themselves muslim countries,but they are muslims only by name, not by faith. tehy don’t research much into islam and therefore don’t know te mistake they are making. Aysha even if i get an invitation from any of these countries i wouldn’t go ,coz i know tehy r not following the religion word to word, adn commit mistakes tat islam forbids. some know it and can’t be bothered to repair themeslves, some remain ignorant or arrogant but they still call themselves muslims.

    Taking about caste and creed, hey y do christians have their different sects or maybe caste systems too. Y r their catholics, baptists, protestants, jehova’s witnesses, seventh adventists, orthodoxs? i bet there is caste system there too. i once asked a catholic about baptist, she said they r deviated. really? how about others? see even in christianity one sect believes te other is deviated. Why was there conflicts and wars in Olden times in Britain between protestants and catholics. Catholics mass murdered protestant. In recent times it took place in Ireland also and amazingly ur differnt groups have also ur own bible ,its not te same bible and same history . Atleast we muslims from different sects have 1 authentic Quran & not many Qurans. Alhamdullillah. Wat does te different bible teach? some teach jesus was crucified, some not crucified, blah bblah. Aysha this is a question 4 u.

    i know pakistan has lots of corruption in politics, society, economy due to their lack of knowledge about islamic laws and not following the islamic shariah in their country issues. Bangladesh has corruptions too, all cos of lack of islamic knowledge. Islam forbids women to be leaders of a country where there are men and so far the world has seen 2. Haseena and Khalida zia. yes they r muslim countries but
    don’t follow te shariah thus they & the people suffer the consequences of corruption of all sorts.

    WE the muslims else where blame the people who call themselves muslims and don’t practise the islamic laws but we don’t blame the QUran coz there are strict rules as to how a country should be ruled, women should be treated, men should be treated, animals should be treated. I know pakistanis and bangladeshis personally who claim they know very little about islam and don’t follow it in their country.

    By the way if ur hindu brothers and sister and christian brothers adn sisters are planning to leave our muslim countries forever, we are prepared to leave ur country. Open up red carpets to welcome hindus and christians from malaysia, indonesia, pakistan, bangladesh and other muslim countries we are prepared to take the next flight to leave ur country. OK!! ANd by te way stop boasting about india doing so much to the muslims, its ur indians who have fled ur own country to better developed, advanced and flourishing countries like malaysia, Dubai, Oman, Qatar and others in search of better livelyhood. So much for ur
    reservations, and ur sucess. The hindus themselves have confessed running away from ur horrible india due to total corruptions and animalistic behaviour of hindus.

    The islamic golden age in arabia in 800 AD onwards is a striking example of how successful powerful and victorious arabia was by following the islamic shariah in all of its aspects after islam was revealed to our prophet muhammad. It produced technology, useful products like soap, shampoo, gave rise to advancements in astronomy, biology, embriology, geography, poetry, literature,and many more.
    Middle east was flourishing with developments of all sorts which was passed on to further nations.

    IT was in around 1200 AD the Europeans came to arabia, battled with arabians and burnt libraries, burnt books, took away their treasures, their developments, knowledge off to their coutries which only after that the europeans advanced in maths, science, georgraphy. NOw don’t ask me where was Allah when this happened, this is the way Allah willed and decreed to happen to the muslims. (Go read about the islamic golden age without arguing with me coz there is proof)
    WE muslims were very advanced but lost all of them to our enemies maybe Allah decreed this for our developments to pass around the world. U can see ancient scriptures of maths, poetry, literature, hadiths in havard university museaums and in british museaums. Go read about mummification and see how complex their medicine and treatment was to preserve te dead bodies in ancient middle east back 3000 yrs ago, So even before islam, christianity middle east was developed and an advanced nation posessing te secrets of their construction, medicine, that te western explorers have still to discover. the middle east was developed thats a striking example as to developments always passing from the middle east to other countries if u ‘ve any doubts about islamic golden age.

    ANd u claim christianity brings developments? all those developments were from islamic golden age taht they stole and now show off. U don’t know the corruptions in christian countries, how the women are used and abused in work places, how children are molested and raped by elders. children are being kidnapped and murdered. how there are increases in abortions, child pregnancies, incest. Drinking and driving accidents. Pornography, Prostitution, adultery , fornication. peodaphiles in churches and places of worship corrupting children and ruining their future. Oh and homosexuals , and homosexual marriages in catholic churches being legalised. wow now that is development, a major step towards further civilization for christians and church fathers ehhh? Haven’t u heard of these evils prevalent in ur so called Jesus christ the messiah following countries.

    I wonder wat happen to ur brains. In the name of ur bible and jesus u do all the corruption and say we christian nations are the super power, we bring peace to nations and God bless our nations. My foot ur nations are peaceful. Wat happened to thousands who were affected by katrina in new orleans, did ur bush administration even give a damn about te people who died and were homeless. this is what u call development and yah right they get ready and are quick as lighting to come to tsunami devastated nations
    to help the people coz they are so generous and possess medical and militaryy power. This is nothing but show off by ur christian nations to the world but we the learned muslims know how pathetically retarded and dumb they are. By the way did u listen to Miss South Carolina 2007 how she responded a simple question in a dumb uneducated way. Even the americans are ashamed of her. Go to google & type miss south carolina 2007.
    Go to ‘dumb americans youtube’ and listen to what american has to say about americans.

    Go to youtube dumb americans geography and see waht australian reporters had to say about dumb americans
    They have money through all forms of corruption and wars and they employ foreigners to work in their country to uplift their nations. Some hypocrisy that is !!!

    Oh and wat, india will become a christian nation ? oh,. i can imagine the evil , hypocrisy ,devastation , corruption, racism that is going to prevail in india sooner or later. Well good luck wit ur country.By the way do u people know what RAPE is? i bet u need to look into the dictionary. i’ll tell u what it
    is: Its an act of forcing a woman or girl to have sexual intercourse unwillingly. NOw that is violation.

    WHat ur church fathers do in so called religious places to younge girls and boys is RAPE. But our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and blessing be upon him) did was, he married Ayesha (May Allah be pleased wit her) with her consent, with her parents consent when she was 6 and when she pubertised in 9, they were husband and wife. This is not called RAPE. This was allowed in arabia at that
    time and even now in modern age if both the parents of the couple agree to marry. These types of marriages were allowed if in case the girl and her parents give consent or if te girl is an orphan and needs to be cared for wihtout other evil like rape and murder from reaching her. But still the girl has to consent to the marriage and needs to be pubertised before intercourse.

    Well if u look at te christian society where children are raped (wihtout consent) or hindus who marry their women to men they don’t like coz they have loved other men our muslim way of marriage to younge girls are so much superior.
    Read the indian news papers about how women are forced to marry, suffer by the husbands, inlaws and how they commit suicide. read about women who have aborted so many female fetus merely cos of evil dowry system where even the girls are looked at as evil creatures. read abot women who burn themselves cos of misery, continuous beatings in their husbands homes. christianity and hinduism is not a solution to womens problems but Islam is tahts why u see many western females embracing islam more than the western men. For them islam is a dream come true if only they follow islam word by word from the Quran unlike the south east asian muslims.

    The reason for muslims being backwards now is for many reasons. ONe of the main reasons is coz they don’t study islam to know how islam encourages education, learning and its importance. The 1st chapter that was revealed to our prophet muhammad was sura Alaq where it says: Read,proclaim, in the name of thy lord who has created all that exists. He has created man from a clot (from a thick coagulated blood). Read ! And your lord is the Most Generous.

    So as u can see, the 1st thing God said was read , study and learn to know islam, to know ur existence, to know ur enemies , to know things in tis world. If muslims neglect that why do u blame islam , blame teh ignorant muslims for that.
    Second of all there is only one way of earning genuinely but many ways to earn in corrupted ways. WE are discouraged to earn in corrupted ways taht is through bribing , usury, theft, dowry, lottery, horse racing , gambling etc. i have seen lots of indians who practise and become rich so in these cases we who practise islam and genuiness will most probably be poor, devastated adn unable to go further in education.

    Islam does not hold us back from educating ourselves but holds us back from causing corruptions in a socitey like how the hindus adn christians do in their society by practising the above mentioned things.
    I as a foreign student in india has learnt many bad things practised by the hindus , they’ll do anythign to earn even kill their own people , that i have seen.
    So u see the world we live in is a tricky world , u can be successful only if u practise corruptions which we are not allowed to .and only if u practise corruptions u will have enough money to educate ur children which i again see indians doing it with ardent desire. AFter earning so much money and wealth te hindus stil don’t have te heart to practise charity to the poor. Ask y, they’ll tell u cos te poor were evil and bad people in their previous life so they deserve 2 suffer in this life. Some fantasy !!!

    And as a result i have seen how the society is unfavourable to the innocent, poor people. i’ve seen how a rich man wiht a big and beautiful bungalow lives right next to a poor, low caste man living in a hut and doesnt’ care about him or even look at his face fearing he’ll ask charity.
    Y do u see only poor and uneducated and backward muslim people, don’t u see people like azim premji, the muslim actors who are dominating the film industry (though tis haram) dn’t u see Abdul kalam who helped ur country defend itself by nuclear weapons from pakistan, and other muslims. Oh a muslim has to come to the rescue to save ur country from another muslim country hmmmmm. OPEN UR EYES PEOPLE

    The Quran says in several places that we should live happily and successfully in this world too , it doesn’t tell us to ignore this world like hinduism and buddhism, then how do u think the islamic golden age come into existence. that was the tiem middle east was ruled by shariah and where both muslims, christians, and jews also had a golden era. But it should be a country ruled by shariah, wit no corruption, violations or evil things where muslims can seriously indulge in acting.

    The Glorious Quran was memorised and written in Prophet muhammad’s time , for those who dn’t know about history, unlike christianity and buddhism it ws not written 100 yrs and 400 yrs after.Yes our prophet muhammad is the last prophet, a messenger, a human being and slave of Allah, submitting to Allah almighty, jsut like the muslims. He never claimed divinity but he was a human chosen by Allah as a mercy to all the creatures adn worlds. Unlike christians we don’t think he’s the son of God, or God. WE are not blind like christians to worship jesus who never claimed divinity, never asked anyone to worship him neither did he say he was God. But Blind foolish christians worship him who was crucified by jews who called unto God “O God, o God why have thy forsaken me.” He couldn’t even help himself from his enemies adn u helpless christians worship him. The same applies to u hindus who worship stones who have no life nor power. Remember how brother Abdullah in the video above says he saw, the hindus so called Gods all broken in half, naked, and discarded away. So u worship rubbish is it???

    Ok, Ka’ba is more than a point of direction , u say coz we kiss, touch and caress it. Did u not know about he hadith where umar (may Allah be pleased with him) who has said taht he kissed the black stone only cos its a sunnah of the prophet but the stone has no power to do anything. wat does taht tell u?
    Kissing and touching does not mean that we worship the ka’ba , y we even kiss adn touch our loved ones does tat mean we worship them?? Think man!! And did u know that it was several yrs after islam was revealed Taht the ka’ba was later chosen by Allah
    to be the center for muslims to turn in direction for prayer. Before that it was the Masjid al Aqsa in jerusalem. The Golden temple or mosque of both the jews and muslims. (Temple of solomon)

    Islam forbids te killing of innocent children, women, old, trees and animals and the war is supposed to be only between the two opposite parties not anyone other than that. If anyone kills any 1 who is not of the 2 parties tis as if he killed te whole of humanity, and any 1 who saves even 1 human is as though he saved the whole of humanity. So islam forbade killing of innocent cos its a war between 2 parties. If muslims practise the killing of innocent blame te muslims who dn’t possess sufficient knowledge of islam not the religion. just like how the hindus practising idol worshipping though the vedas forbid it.

    u know not once i blamed ur scripture but only the followers who don’t practise it. but u blame islam for all the malpractises te muslims make. listen to wat cat stevens who was a revert to islam has to say about islam and muslims. He says that he’s thankful to God he never met a muslim before becoming a muslim and wat he means by this is that islam is te most perfect religion but the followers are not perfect.
    And by the way u hindus are liars about hindus having any share in the taj mahal architecture, i read and confirmed it was the muslims: persians, syrians, bhukara who helped build it. Yes i agree u indians would have contributed to the construction by being manual workers but not designers or major constructors of it.

    ANd ur Gods can take all forms of shapes, sizes and beings, so u mean they are imperfect like humans and other creations of this world who age and deteriorate along with time. ok then u said it that ur Gods are imperfect. Let me tell u somthing Allah describes himself in te Glorious Quran taht : 1)Say he is Allah the one. 2) Allah the self sufficient Master,(whom all creatures need,(He neither eats nor drinks))
    3)He begets not , nor was He begotten. 4)And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him.

    So the minute u take anything in this world he is not God. coz there is no one comparable to him. He
    doesn’t give birth nor was he given birth to. He is self sufficient doesnt’ need his creation to make him or his image and feed him and cover him and decorate him.
    See he is God almighty who is above his creations, he doesnt’ need to be a part of his creation and doesn’t need anyone. if u say God is someone in heaven all perfect and almighty the minute he comes down he ceases to be God. And by the way are ur Gods powerless that tehy have to incarnate into someone
    living in this world who drinks , eats, goes to the bathroom, who have sexual desires for women, and who bleeds.

    WEll maybe ur God is, not my God (Allah). All he has to do is chose a person from among a community and
    give him the wisdom, the Holy book and teach people the way to live a proper and painless life through the chosen person. That is more Godly , Majestic and powerful. Tell me how would a leader or chairman of company or a business communicate iwth his workers , though a lettter , report right. makes sense huh?? (this is just an example for u to understand)
    And by saying that we are destroying temples and showing hatred , u r only disobeying ur religion which again and again says God is imageless, God is one without a second. God is without intermediaries. First study ur vedas before talking about islam. ur getting caught so easily!!

    Ok then where was ur God when the Gujarat earthquake took place, where was ur Gods when tsunami took place, where was ur Gods when british came and ruled adn tormented ur people and ur country. See u talk about disaster striking muslim countries thn u have to answer about where ur God was when muslims came to india, or Alexander came from Greece, where was ur God when people and country suffered from disasters. Allah does what he wills thats what muslims have to say, wat about u? Ur Gods are powerless is that waht u have to say? then i have a question, why do u worship them?

    Alright K if u say te puranas have no high authority unlike the upanishads and Geetha. I think the Vedas have even higher authority ,infact the highest authority of all ur books, if u consider taht to be of great authority then y do u still worship idols while ur Vedas still preach against it? Maybe that is also not of a high authority in ur eyes eh? Seems like all the books penned by men are favoured by hindus but the books that talk of the truth and similar to islam are not favoured. Kamasutra is not god inspired but still considered of great importance along with vedas and puranas which u fondly and desperately preach to the westerners. So what is god inspired and what is not and how do u distinguish between the two when equal importance is given 2 allthe books. Some confusing religion?

    Who says hadith has a greater say, its only u who think, we give importance to the Glorious Quran then the hadith , the hadiths are supported with the Quran while the Quran is supported by God almighty wihtout even a slight change since 1400 years.

    If Islam is where sex is political and hinduism forbids sex and lust, where did kamasutra come into existence on the same level as ur Vedas and upanishads. Y did the writer of kamasutra who was a king , write a book about how to exploit women and why do u have brothels in india.
    Thats probably cos hinduism is a religion of lust and sex. Tahts why ur film directors encourage films now promoting sex , abuse of women, children, and corrupting the hindu society. Everyday in india i ready newspapers of rape, murder, looting, aborting of female babies.

  37. Oh and for the people who think that muslims liked in Gujarat was just an after math of te atrocities committed by Auranzeb, wat about te atrocities committed by the Britishers? How are u going to get revenge on them for looting ur country resources, killing ur innocent people, 4 being te cause 4 muslim hindu division of india into pakistan india, bangladesh? Thats not forgivable is it? Tell me how ur going to punish them? or have u forgotten te atrocities carried out by them? Don’t u get reminded or their wickedness, selfish discriminative divide and rule policy when u celebrate ur independence day every yr? i mean u have a day to mark ur freedom from te britishers but strangely u don’t remember to celebrate ur independance from muslim warriors who came from middle east and carried out atrocities? wat does that tell u? It only goes to show that te atrocities carried out by muslims were not as bad at waht te britishers carried, u and ur country testify to it every yr!

    And sonia coming from a christian background has claimed taht she was not a devouted christian and marrying a hindu (rajiv gandhi) didn’t have any impact on her belief. She was more like an atheist it seems so it was ok for her & her family to marry a hindu. But now u tell me her children are all going te christian way. Now isnt that hypocrisy????

    when her husband was alive she was pretending not to be a christian but the after his assassination she came back to chritianity and her children are also encouraged in christianity so hasnt she deceived her children from their father’s faith. Is she suppossed to be a loyal wife to her dead husband and his religion in ur opinion?

    By the way just like how te previous prophets of Allah were able to perform miracles by the leave of Almighty Allah Our prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) was also supported by miracles to prove to the people he was a messenger of God. Prophet Moses was supported by miracle of dividing the sea, changing his stick to a snake,and many others, Prophet Jesus was able to perform te miracle of curing sick people, able to talk in his cradle and many others, prophet Sulaiman was able to rule the whole world in his time, able to talk to animals and birds, able to travel long distances with the wind obeying him and many others. Like wise Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him) also performed miracles of splitting te moon, ascending to the heavens (miraj and isra) , given the Quran (a major miracle), had the power of many men, was ruler and statesman of arabia, and many more if u read his biography.

    • Well done sister..

      May Allah showers his blessings for your efforts

  38. Rinter…why should I go to Pakistan ? Is India your dad’s property ? I love India. But to love India, I do not have to love hindus. Got it ? I love the land of India…and will happily sacrifice my life for it when required. But I do not have to love hindus to prove my patriotism. And I have never praised Pakistan. Pakistan is not a symbol of Islam. I know Pakistan is a corrupt country and I have nothing to do with Pakistan. I never spoke a word about Pakistan. It is you who think that Indian Muslims should go to Pakistan. But we Indian Muslims know that India is our motherland and we love our nation. But we cannot worship idols in order to prove our patriotism. Sorry brother…I am extremely sorry we cannot do this and we cannot accept wrong ideas as right ones in order to please foolish people like you. And besides, we the Indian Muslims do not care what you hindus think about us. We do not care whether you think of us patriotic or traitors because we know that we are more patriotic than you guys. We did not kill teh father of Nation, we did not kill Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. It is you hindus who have done it. So your patriotism is in question not ours. Got it ? So, from now onwards never ask us to leave India. India is heart and our soul. And India is not your father’s property. Muslims have as much right as you have. But if you are a bajrang dal, and VHP follower then I know that you will still think of that…but sorry who cares ! And Mazeena, Subhan Allah ! You are superb. Just now I read what you wrote. I also read what the hindus have written. And yes I agree with you that I should not abuse them because Allmighty Allah has said in Quran “do not abuse their fake gods, as in ignorance they might say something bad about the true God”. So, Mazeena I promise you that I will try my best not to say anything abusive about their deities but if they cross their limit then I may have to say something. Anyway, I hope this won’t happen. And I would have replied long before but I was very busy these days. Just now I checked this site and I saw the messages. Well…you are right that these hindus say that Puranas say that Krishna had many wives but Puranas are not authentic…they consider Vedas as authentic but Vedas say that God is imageless and they do not follow that. So, in other words they betray the vedas. And Bhavishya Purana do not say that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will form an incorrect religion. In fact, Bhavishya Purana says that Prophet Muhammad will form the best of all religions. But these jealous hindus do not wanna accept that and thats why they keep changing the interpretation. And when Zakir Naik said that infront of Sri Sri Ravi shankar then why ravi shankar did not say that what Zakir Naik was saying was wrong. Zakir Naik said infront of thousands and infront of ravi shankar that Bhavishya Purana has prophesised Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Bhavishya Purana highly praise the religion of Musalmaans then why no one said anything, including ravi shankar. Well….ravi shankar did not say anything because he knows the correct interpretation of the Bhavishya Purana and he knew that what Zakir Naik was saying was 100% correct thats why he did not say anything. And there were so many hindu intellectuals among the audience and no one said anything. But people with very less knowledge come to the internet and post their bullshit opinions. If any hindu read all the vedas and understand them then he will never speak a word against Islam. But most fanatics are so egoistic that do not wanna spare a single minute in understanding the truth. Their parents have taught them to hate Muslims and thats all they know. Well…you can hate us as much as you want but that will not harm us. I wanna write many things…but Mazeena has already replied to all the allegations and questions posted by vishwakarma. Mazeena, you are very knowledgeable. I am proud of you. Keep it up !

  39. Khalid go and marry her in srilanka if u like her so much…stay away from india…ungrateful termites who destroy the very tree which gave them home and protected them…

    islam was a religion tailor made by ur prophet to attract thugs,dacoits,robbers and other violent people into its fold….

    islam a religion which promotes violence and doesn’t allow peaceful coexistence between people ….is tat wat a religion is supposed to do ????

    about muslims being tortured in bosnia, iraq etc….
    indians dont have anything to do with it…india(a pagan country) opposed american invasion of iraq and afghanistan while a sunni muslim theocratic nation like Pakistan supported the invasion of another muslim country with bases and men….wat do u have to say about that ??

    muslims in bosnia paid for the sins commited by their turkish ancestors in europe …bad “karma” of their ancestors came back to haunt them……if the turks hadnt slaughtered christians in bosnia and europe then this massacre wouldnt have occurred..

    u like christians more than hindus dont u? now enjoy it.

    islam will be kicked out of europe just like it was kicked out of spain.

    in all the above places u suffer the sins committed by your ancestors …proof for the Karma theory of hinduism

    “”””””””””Pakistan and Bangladesh call themselves muslim countries,but they are muslims only by name, not by faith. tehy don’t research much into islam and therefore don’t know te mistake they are making. Aysha even if i get an invitation from any of these countries i wouldn’t go ,coz i know tehy r not following the religion word to word, adn commit mistakes tat islam forbids. some know it and can’t be bothered to repair themeslves, some remain ignorant or arrogant but they still call themselves muslims.””””””””””

    thanks u finally accept that living in hindu india is better than living in muslim pakistan….

    “””””””””By the way if ur hindu brothers and sister and christian brothers adn sisters are planning to leave our muslim countries forever, we are prepared to leave ur country. Open up red carpets to welcome hindus and christians from malaysia, indonesia, pakistan, bangladesh and other muslim countries we are prepared to take the next flight to leave ur country.”””””””””””

    malaysia,indonesia,pakistan and bangladesh were hindu countries where islamic criminals and mullahs came unwontedly as invaders …..they are are part of hindu land…..u muslims should get out of there ….. to tell the truth islam only has the right to exist in Mecca ..nowhere else

    Mazeena can i ask u a question ??tomorrow if i come to your house forcibly occupy your home and live in it and kick u out your house become my sovereign property? will all ur right on that house vanish in a second??

    islam is a foreign religion and muslims are foreigners not only in india,pakistan,bangladesh,srilanka,malaysia,indonesia but also in afghanistan, iran,iraq,turkey,syria,israel,jordan,egypt and all countries except Saudi Arabia…..

    “””””It produced technology, useful products like soap, shampoo, gave rise to advancements in astronomy, biology, embriology, geography, poetry, literature,and many more.”””””

    eh mazeena aren’t some of these things ‘haraam’ in islam??

    “”””””””””””Ok then where was ur God when the Gujarat earthquake took place, where was ur Gods when tsunami took place, where was ur Gods when british came and ruled adn tormented ur people and ur country. See u talk about disaster striking muslim countries thn u have to answer about where ur God was when muslims came to india, or Alexander came from Greece, where was ur God when people and country suffered from disasters. Allah does what he wills thats what muslims have to say, wat about u? Ur Gods are powerless is that waht u have to say? then i have a question, why do u worship them?””””””””””””””

    so where was allah when mecca was attacked and destroyed by the syrian army…where was he when it was destroyed by floods….where was he when jerusalem was sacked by the crusaders…where was allah when mongols overran islamic heartland..where was allah when muslims where butchered in bosnia,kosovo, etc…where was he when america invaded iraq and afghanistan…where was ur allah when pakistan was hit by the recent earthquake…where was allah when babri masjid was demolished…where was allah when the mecca masjid in hyderabad was bombed by islamic bombers from bangladesh…where was allah when islam was kicked out of spain…where was allah when israel was formed and jewish israel defeated arab muslim armies….where was allah when volcanoes erupted in indonesia killing thousands of people……where was allah ahen the king of saudi arabia was assassinated by a another muslim…..

    oh i give up….i will tire myself if i bring out all the failures of your allah and his pedophile prophet Mohammad …


  40. Hey..who told you that Muslims are foreigners to Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Turkey etc. And who told you that Saudi Arabia is the nly original Islamic country ? I think you are a complete fool. But I dno’t blame you beacuse I know you said this in ignorance. Anyway, first of all let me clarify that Islam was not founded by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam was rought to earth by Prophet Adam (PBUH) who was the first man on earth. So, Islam cam to this earth with the landing of first man f the earth. The father of all fathers was a Muslim. So, in other word, a Muslim landed on this world first. So, actually this whole world actually belongs to Muslims. Got it brother ? And Islam was also preached by Prophet Abraham (PBUH), Prophet Moses (PBUH), Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and all other prophets. These prophets visited every place in the Middle East and some other parts of the world and preached Islam. So, Islam existed before our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came. Prophet Adam (PBUH) was a Muslim because he prayed to Allmighty Allah. He believed in monotheism, which means to believe in ne God only (not a polyteistic like you hindus). But human beings in all ages were misguided by some evil people. The followers of Pagan religions have always tried to misguide people and some people do get misguided and in order to correct their faith the Allmighty Allah kept sending Prophets in all ages. So, Almighty Allah send Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the last Prophet to complete the religion Islam. By complete, it means to correct the errors which occured by the continuous attempts of the pagans to misguide Muslims. So, Prophet Muhammad did that with excellent and sweet preachings. He deleted all the errors in the people’s mind and made their faith perfect. So, it is foolish on your part to say that Islam existed only in Saudi Arabia. Islam existed in all Middle East countries and some other parts of the world. I do not know much about Malaysia, and Indonesia. But I will find out. Anyway, I have doubts that they used to be hindu countries. They might have been pagans but not necessarily hindus. Every pagan follower is not a hindu. Anyway, coming back to your second question of what Allmighty Allah was doing when the Spanish through muslims away, when Babri Masjid was demolish and so on. Well…Mazeena or I never said that Allah will protect everything for us. WHo told you that Allah (SWT) will protect everything for us ? We have always said that for world affairs we have to take care of ourselves. And The Holy Quran clearly says that for Muslims this world is not a place for relaxation or comfort. For every believer this world is a place of examination. I have said this earlier. Natural calamities and worldly defeats can come to any individuals regardless of what faith he or she practices. But why Mazeena pointed out hindu’s failures because Ayesha (the so called fake name), pointed out failures of Muslims. So, in response she also pointed out the failures of hindus. Thats it ! See you have to look at the whole scenario. You are not criticizing Ayesha but you are cricticizing Mazeena. Why ? Isn’t it because Mazeena is a Muslim ? The answer is Yes. And why do you people keep elling Indian Muslims about Pakistan and Bangladesh ? Why can’t you get this in your head that Indian Muslims have nothing to do with pakistan and Bangladesh. And I have already stated that India is not hindu;s property. So, who are you to tell me where I go. I love my India. But to love India…I do not necessarility have to love hindus. Yes, if a hindu a good person, if he carries a good human heart then ofcourse I will love him. But I do not have to go to your temple and start worhsipping idols n order to keep you happy. No..sorry we cannot do that. And also, if you come and tell me that follow the hindu rules then we are sorry we cannot do that. But yes, if India is at War with any country (including any Muslim country) and if our motherland needs our blood then we will offer our blood and ourselves in no time and without any hesitation. Got it ?

    And please don’t talk about the karma theory of hinduism. You make a fool of yourself when you say that. If the karma theory is true then all your gods and goddesses look ugly (six hands, four legs, elephant tail in the place of nose, and so on). So, that would mean that they must have done someting wrong in their previous irth and thats why they came out so ugly in their next birth. And what happened to Mahatma Gandhi, I mean he was assasinated by a fanatic RSS activist. So, if your karma theory is true then that means he must have done something very wrong in his previous birth or his ancestors must have been anti-socials thats why he faced such a death in his life. And Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi ancestors must have been dacoits or rapists thats why they were shot dead and balsted with bomb as a punishment for their ancestor’s deeds….right ? So, you see we can also give a lot of examples. So, please don’t give silly examples to prove your fake theory of karma.

    And please do not think that I do not respect Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, or Rajiv Gandhi. I respect them a lot. Particularly mahtma gandhi is a very respectful person in my eye. I gave their examples just to make you understand that we can also bring out a lot of examples and make you understand that karma theory is nothing but a fake perception of you hindus. First of all, Islam, Christianity or Judaism do not belive in so many birth. We believe in one birth only.

    And you do not need to suggest me to marry Mazeena or to go to Sri Lanka. You do not have to tell me what we need to do. Better mind your own business. Ofcourse I admire her because she has a very brilliant knowledge of Islam and comparative religions. She knows more then me so I respect her. But you hindus have the habit of taking things in a materialistic way. And once again you have proven that by suggesting me to marry Mazeena. You don’t have to give me such advice. According to Quran “Allmighty Allah has already made pair/pairs in heaven before human being came on earth”. So, if someone is chosen for me by the Allmighty Allah then she will become my wife and if Allmighty Allah has not chosen someone to be my wifethen no one can make it happen. So, I suggest you not to give such advices in future. I could have also told you to go and marry “Ayesha’, but I did not do that nor did Mazeena. You know why ? because we do not panic while discussing anything. But you hindus always panic because you always see yourself getting defeated in any religious debate.

  41. islam invaded all these countries …so islam is the the muslims living there are foreigners

  42. u must be the stupidest fellow in the world to think tat adam and eve were the first people on earth…….did charles darwin prove theory of evolution for time pass…dont be stupid….we evolved from single cellular organisms ….who told tat adam and eve were muslims…they walked naked..does islam allow it…..u r an idiot…u speak blasphemy when u say that mohammed didnt establish islam….if some true muslims hear u they will kick ur ass…

  43. the undivided india consisted of pakistan,india,bangladesh……during independence u muslims started making a big furore demanding a separate state for muslims… calcutta,noakhali ,punjab,lahore and many other places hindus and sikhs were massacred by muslims to force their demand….so before independence indian muslims consisted of muslims living in india,pakistan and bangladesh…..the indian muslims demanded pakistan..hindus gave them pakistan (27% of the total land ) thinking tat all the indian muslims will go there and leave hindus and sikhs at peace after persecuting and raping hindus for over 1000 years……we thought tat for once we will get rid of the descendants of the Arabs,Iranians,Turks and Afghans who had invaded India and destroyed her people and land ……again during partition hindus and sikhs were mercilessly slaughtered by indian muslims……after formation of pakistan all the indian muslims became pakistani muslims…the true homeland of “indian” muslims after partition was pakistan…….but these devious pakistanis still live in india ….. they call themselves patriotic but they work for ISI and Bangladeshi Intelligence…the pakistanis in india who call themselves “indians ” carry out bombings in hindu temples at varanasi…..attack akshardam temple in gujrat…attack the indian parliament…attack hindus and sikhs in kashmir…carry out serial bombings in bombay killing thousands of hindus ….carry out bombings in delhi during deepavali…hijack indian airlines planes and kill hindus inside it….carryout bombings in hyderabad…slaughter and burn alive hindu women and children at godhra in gujrat….

    madrassas in india are the hideouts of ISI agents…but indian security forces cant raid them because pakistanis in india are a vote bank…..

    for once i agree with islam and SIMI..DEMOCRACY & SECULARISM are bad…..hindus wouldnt have to fear for their life and property if there was no secularism and democracy in india….

    muslims are powerful in india only because india is democratic and secular……to please muslims pseudo-secularist politicians are carrying out policies to destroy the hindu religion…if india was a autocratic and non-secular country like saudi arabia and pakistan then all the problem causing muslims would have left india by now and we could have lived in peace and harmony…..

    tell me if i said anything wrong…hope ur history is strong[:)]

  44. about the karma theory…wat u said should be right…indira gandhi wasnt a true hindu..she married a non-hindu …she didnt punish pakistan after 1971 war..she could have easily bargained for other half of kashmir for 90,000 pak soldiers…
    M k Gandhi…is called father of india..yes he started independence movement ….but the reason that Britain gave us independence was the economic slowdown and devastation it suffered after the second world war…technically we should be thankful to the mad Hitler for starting the war….Gandhi was also a muslim appeaser u know, once he got a news tat 200 hindus and sikhs were slaughtered by muslims in sialkot and do u kno wat he said??? he said that , IT WAS A GOOD NEWS AS HINDUS WERE LEARNING NON-VIOLENCE……he rejoiced at the death of hindus…he deserved to die at the hands of a hindu

  45. Hey, Prophet Adam (PBUH), and Eve (PBUH) were the first man and woman on earth. I am not stupid. You are stupid. You do not believe so because you are a hindu. Both the Bible and Quran says that Adam (PBUH) and Eve (PBUH) were the first man and woman on earth. Even the Jews believe so. If you do not believe then its your problem. And yes both Adam (PBUH) and Eve (PBUH) were Muslims because they worshiped just one God. Even Bible acknowledges that alongwith Quran and the jews religious book. THe Quran says that both worshiped Allmighty Allah. The Bible and the jews book doesn’t specifically name Allmighty Allah but they also say that they worshiped just one God and they did not worship any image. They worshiped one God which was imageless. So, those who worship imageless God and just one and only God are called Muslims. Even if you call God with a different name but still Allmighty Allah will forgive you because you did not add any associate to him. For example if you say Vishnu is God’s name then we Muslims won’t have any problem. But if you show me a picture of man sitting with a snake lying on his back and tell me this is vishnu then thats where we Muslims have objections. Because God do not have any image. God is imagless and God is just one and only. If you say Shiva is God’s name then I won’t have problem. But if you show me a picture of a man with many hands, and legs, and ganesha with a elephant tail on his nose…then this is what we do not agree. And if you say Allah is not the name of Allmighty God then we will not agree with you because if I can accept vishnu and shiva as God’s name then why you cannot accept Allah as the name of the Allmighty God ? If you do not accept just because this name is an Arabic name then thats your problem. And that shows your ignorance. Anyway, my point is that Adam (PBUH), and Eve (PBUH) were Muslims because they worshipped one God and without any image. So, they were Muslims. So, actually this whole world belongs to Muslims because the first man and woman landed on this earth were Muslims. Got it ? If you do still do not agree then its your problem. We can’t help you.

    And India is not hindu’s property. You call India hindu’s nation as if Allmighty Allah before creating this world declared that I am creating India for the hindus. So please stop claiming India as hindu’s property. And I agree no Muslim countries are Muslim’s property either. Although we can claim so as the first man and woman on this earth were Muslims but still we do not prefer to do so in order to not to hurt others. The “Aryans” which were the pagans of Mesopotamia (present Iraq). So, the Aryans originally came from Iraq and its adjoining area. So, aren’t the hindus foreigners to India too ? And the South Indians are considered as Dravidians. Dravidians are said to have originated from somewhere around Australia or Australia. So, aren’t the south indian hindus foreigners to India too ? They all are foreigners. Got it ? So, please stop claiming India to be hindu’s property. Take it this way, “the hindus came from mesopotamia and australia and occupied india, and after many years Muslims came and occupied India”. Very simple. Thats it ! It was no one’s land. The hindus came and settled and then the Muslims came and settled. So, take it easy.

    And I am absolutely right that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not found Islam. Islam existed from the day one of the creation of this earth. And no one will kick my ass….infact the Muslims will kick your ass if you tell them that Islam did not exist before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Go and ask any learned Muslim he will tell you same thing which I am writing here. What you know about Islam ? You don’t know anything about Islam. Only thing you know is to hate Muslims. Thats all you parents have taught you to do.

    And Indian Muslims are not Pakistanis. Indian Muslims are Indians. You can say whatever you like to say but we don’t give a crap to what you think or say. Indian Muslims are not traitors. Yes, sometime if any injustice is done to Muslims then we revolt against the government. And its our right to revolt. If we revolt against any injustice then that doesn’t make us traitors. There was a Bomb Blast in Bombay Stock exchange and other places because Babri Masjid was demolished. So, it was a revenge act. Not a taritor’s act. And SIMI is not a terrorist organization. If SIMI is a terrorist organization then what about RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena ? Now you won’t call them terrorist because they are hindu’s organizations…right ? Yes, I know that. I will accept SIMI as a terrorist organization only after you accept that RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and even BJP are terrorist organizations. There are so many injustice done to Muslims. So, in retalliation Muslims also revolt but that doesn’t make them taritors or terrorist. But you can think of whatever you like to think. As I said earlier we Muslims do not care because we know that you people are ignorant. And Godhra incident was a well-planned scheme of narendra modi to get Muslims killed in Gujarat. Reliable sources and some media channels have said that the train incident in Godhra was an accident. It was not burnt by Muslims. But rumour was spread that Muslims have burnt the train and then the hindu fanatics started looting and killing Muslims and narendra modi told the gujarat police to support the hindus against Muslims. Almost 3,000 Muslims died in that riot. So, in revolt a few youth Muslims attacked a temple there in gujarat. Now you cannot call them traitors. They took revenge of the injustice which was done to Muslims. Why don’t u call those hindus traitors or terrorist who killed so many Muslims in gujarat ? Your ideology is that if a group of Muslim do any violent act then you will call them terrorist and traitors and if the same act is done by hindus then you won’t call them traitors and terrorists because they are your hindu brothers.

    And your dream of only hindus living in India will never come true because Allmighty Allah wants Muslims to stay and preach Islam so that we can save you from going to hell. If you believe in many Gods and Gods with tail and elephant trunks on their face then you are sure to go to hell. And thats why Allmighty Allah has spread all its true followers ie, the Muslims all over the world so that on the day of judgement you cannot tell God that no one showed you the right path. Muslims are there in India to show you the right path…so that you can’t make any excuse on the day of judgement. And other reason is that Allmighty Allah corrects some of the non-believer’s faith through Muslims and then they are saved from going to hell. You can always think of throwing away Muslims from India but your dream will never come true as the management of this world is in Allmighty Allah hand not in your hand. Allmighty Allah only knows how he is managing everything and why. But we know one thing for sure is that we the Muslims’ duty is to correct the errors which you have and we will continue to do so as long as all the non-believers accept the path of righteousness and get rid of fake and imaginative conceptions and perceptions.

    And please for God sake do not talk so silly while trying to prove the authenticity of karma theory. You are calling Mahatma Gandhi a traitor to the hindu community…please be aware some hindus might kick your ass as you have attacked gandhiji’s character. Even Muslims respect him a lot. He was not a supporter of Muslims but he was secular at heart. He was not a fanatic like you and thats why you don’t like him. You like those who abuse Muslims….isn’t it ? Well….Sita was kidnapped by Ravan. So, Sita’s ancestors must have been bad people thats why she was kidnapped. And draupati’s cheer haran must have been due to her ancestor’s sin…right ? There are so many things which you can’t answer. So, leave it. But if you still wanna make illogical argument then write me. I will again send you some more examples.

    And once again,….India is not your dad’s property. We Indian Muslims are only Indians…we love our country. We are more patriotic than you, and we will love to die for our motherland, and if alive we will always live in India. So, stop dreaming of throwing us away.

  46. everyone is is a sinner…the magnitude of punishment depends on the magnitude of sins commited by that person….

    i have pity on u .. u will never reform…u appear to be an uneducated fellow….if u had studied in good ICSE or CBSE syllabus you wouldnt have talked like this..but people coming from sunni madrassas are hopeless cases…no chance of recovery…in the age of quarks and space travel if u r still thinking that hell and heaven (as described in quran) exists then i cannot talk to u anymore because u r not upto my intelligence or level of thinking…

  47. i care more about political aspects of religion than about intellectual ….who cares about wat god thinks or doesnt think…i am only worried about the survival of the hindu religion and protecting my country from pakistan , bangladeshand china…i dont love christians more than muslims…christians are a bigger threat to hindu religion because they are highly organized and are carrying out large scale convrsions with help of money from the west…in south indian states of kerala and tamilnadu hindus will become a minority within 75 years…christians donot cause bodily harm to hindu religion but they represent graver danger…the western culture is being brought by the christians only……u should also worry christians are the ones killing muslims in iraq, lebanon, bosnia etc…

    can u point out even one massacre commited by hindus against muslims before the gujarat pogrom ???

    are u aware of the brutalities commited against hindus by muslims…u must be happy because u have a very good scorecard… if hindus had followed the policy of an eye for an eye then atleast 80 million muslims should be killed …..

    if muslims demolish a temple then there is no problem with u because they r your people…at least 40,000 temples big and small were demolished by muslims and converted to mosques…

    but when hindus demolish a mosque you people cry foul….isnt it hypocrisy

    hindus have demolished only one diused mosue at ayodhya…which was built on a temple demolished by babar..

    will u allow hindus to build a temple or even set foot in mecca or medina ?????

    then why should we allow mosques and muslims in our holy places like ayodhya, mathura, varanasi and dwarka…why?

    reply to my specific questions

  48. about your patriotism go and tell it to someone who doesnt know indian history and someone who doesnt work for the IB okay…beta mujhe tum logon ke bare mein sab kucha maloom hain ..hoshiyari dikhane ki koshish mat kar…

    • i just want to say that hindu muslim sikh christians wats the difference we all have same skin , bones ,muscles, blood,we all r same. we all r 1 and what we r looking 4 is also one god , allah,shiva call it by any name.islam , hinduism they all r different routes to the same destination.religion faith beleif everything is fine. faith is inportant coz faith is god. at the end i would say what we sow we reap.each of us has a soul and deep within we know wats right or wrong.our aim should always be welfare of humanity………….and that will take us to allah /shiva / god……who are one and powerhouse of peace purity happiness and bliss.lets not become petty accept ourselves and accept others just 4 who they are……….and may the SUPREME ENERGY BLESS US ALL……..

    • beta aapko islam ka alif bay bhi nahi pata islye jao jakar apni maa ki gaud main beth ker feeder se dobara doodh peeena start kerdo.. wohi behter hai tumhare lye…
      dont try 2 b oversmart…

  49. hey, don’t use such words like “beta” and others. When I am talking in a decent way then talk to me in a decent way because if I start using bad words then you will be at the receiving end. And I know you at complete panic because I out classed you on the debate. But that don’t mean you will start using a tapori language. And why should I reply to your specific questions ? Did you reply to my specific questions ? No, because you can’t. And don’t boost yourself falsely by telling me about your intelligence. Your faith is the most backward of all faiths so there is no way you can be intelligent. If you were intelligent then the first thing you would have done is to get rid of imaginary gods and fantasies. In fact, you are not good enough to have a debate with me but I keep answering you because I do not want others who see these comments on the net that an Infidel is saying bad words about Islam and Muslims and no one is responding to him. Thats why I am giving you crushing replies in order to show you that whatever you say we have answer for that. And the questions we ask is never answered back to us in a specific way. All you do is keep lamenting about Muslims invading India, killing hindus, and so on. Well…in every religion there have been some bad guys and when those bad guys went somewhere they created some bad scenario. If hitler killed some jews that don’t mean we will start to hate all christians. And yes we do not take christians as our friend. But what we say is that their ideology about religion and God is better than you. And atleast the christians think logically unlike you.

    And I have already said that we Muslims don’t care what you think about our patriotism. You better think about your patriotism. Stop killing father of the nation, leaders like indira gandhi, and rajiv gandhi. Your patriotism is in question not ours. But if you still say something about our patriotism then I will simply ignore you becoz if you wanna remain ignorant just like your fore-fathers remained ignorant for ages and continued practising a pagan religion without applying any common sense, without thinking anything logically, and you people continue to do so even at this age of space technology, and information technology. What are you asking me to think of today’s technology. You better think yourself…think how illogical it is to follow your religion at this age of modernisation. Don’t give me advices. Better act yourself on your own advice. That might help you to a certain extent.

    Don’t talk like a stubborn person…who knows he is wrong but never accepts that. Think about the images of god’s which is portrayed in your idols, they are so illogical. I really pity at your brain. You make the idol with your own hands and worship them, and then you go and drown your self made god in the sea or river. I really feel pity for your logic.

  50. And for your kind information I did not study in any Madrassa. I studied in ICSE syllabus from a very reputed english school in my city. But I think you did not study from ICSE or any well known syllabus becoz you keep lamenting about one thing only rather than taking a broader view of the debate. Thats shows you did your study in some sadhus ashram rather than any good school.

  51. And those who study in sadhus ashram are hopeless people. I know I should not expect anything from you but ignorance becoz thats how you have been taught in the Sadhu’s ashram. The sadhus teach common hindus to be stubborn and never accept the truth. This is how they teach in hindu religious schools. I am really surprised that such ideologies of karma, imaginary gods, polytheism, and creating god with own hand and then drowning them in the river and sea still exist in this age of modernisation. Poor hindus….I really feel pity for you.

  52. oh yeah…you may have got 50% or so in ICSE because u r still talking rubbish….i passed with 95% both in 10th and 12th…hindus dont study in religious schools only fanatic muslims send their children to study at madrassas run by terrorists …hindu priests dont tell us to kill muslims ..they tell us to love all…but muslim mullahs tell u to kill hindus ….any more proof for the barbaric , fanatic and illogical religion of yours ?

    i love my religion…my gods are beautiful…ur allah has no image ..he can be a mad alien or a dwarf or a lame or blind or any thing whose real image will make the believers faint with horror .. so no need to boast about ur religion…
    after all in ur religion there is no transparency … a mad mullah commands and u all obey like slaves…slaves without brains to think 4 yourself…. pity u … only moderate muslims have been successful…fanatics like u will end up like kafeel ahmed .. an “indian” muslim like u..

    dont call me infidel u mleccha.

    • burn in hell

  53. Who knows u got 95% in ICSE ? And even if u got u must have got by cheating becoz u don’t look like geting that much percentage. If you can call ganesha, and vishnu beautiful then u don’t deserve to get 95%. You deserve to get 0% for calling ur gods beautiful. Which of ur god look beautiful ? The one with elephant trunk, the one with snake on his neck and shoulders, maa durga, with so many cut heads on her arms, or maa kali who stands on the chest of man with a sword or axe in her hand ? Which one is beautiful ? Come on don’t make fool of urself. Be realistic please. I know ur faith is such but please do not talk like an illiterate person. Who will call ur gods beautiful ? Sorry no one will do so. some of the pictures of ur gods are clear proof of ur religion being the most violent one. Durga idol or kali idol has so many men head cut and lying on her arms. The violent and murderer fore-fathers of yours who you worship. Pity on you ! And who told u hindus don’t study in religious schools ? There are millions of hindus studying in religious schools beside going to convent schools. And Muslims who go to Madrassa they just don’t go to Madrassa only they go to other schools too. Islam asks us to gain other knowledges even if we have to go from one corner to the other corner of the world we must go and gain knowledge. Islam do not ask us to gain only religious knowledge. And Madrassa’s are not so fanatic like hindu’s religious schools. Hindu’s sadhus are the most ugly looking people in this world and only thing they teach is to hate muslims. And don’t try to fool yourself by telling me that hindu sadhus teach you to love people. That is the biggest joke of the year 🙂 you fanatics can never learn to live in peace and love others. Your nature is so intuitive that there is no hope for improvement. And why don’t u call ur talk a rubbish ? Don’t u keep saying that Madrassa’s teach hatred…..what proof do u have that Madrassa’s teach hatred ? I know and billions of Muslims know, and even millions of Non-Muslims know that Madrassa’s don’t teach hatred. They teach Islmic ideology, the art of living, and beautiful preachings. But if you continue to say that Madrassa’s teach hatred then ur talk is rubbish. Just because some of you fanatics spread the rumour that Madrassa’s teach hatred that don’t mean it will become a reality. That is your opinion and your personal opinion is not the universal truth. I am also saying that Hindu’s ashram’s are a place of hatred and murders. Now you will ask me what proof I have then I will ask you what proof you have that Madrassa’s are a place of hatred teachings ? So, stop talking about Madrassas. And your priests are the biggest terrorist not the Mullahs. The sadhus are the destroyers. Don’t fool yourself by calling your priests peace lovers. They are the main source of spreading hatred between Muslims and hindus. And stop boasting yourself by giving fake percentage of marks on the net. Do you think people who read your comments are fool ? Only you are fool…no one else. I know you can tell me that you have the certificate and marksheet but who knows u may have made proxy ones. And you hindus are expert in making proxy stuff including proxy gods. And how you know I only got 50% ? You are really sick. But you can say whetever you like to say and I do not have to bother about that becoz I know the ignorants have a unique quality of talking rubbish all the time. You said that Allmighty Allah can look like this and that. Well..Allmighty Allah “can”….but ur gods already are ugly. Allah has no image so one can say that he might be good looking. He do not have to be necessarily good but he can be good looking. But ur gods have been universally accepted as ugly. For ur gods..there is no chance to be good looking. But for Allmighty Allah there is always becoz no one has seen him. God is God. God cannot be seen. If God starts becoming like a man then who will worship him ? Oh…yes I am sorry…you hindus will still worship him because you hindus worship rivers, sun, fire, trees, animals…so why wud it matter to u even if god looks like Amrish Puri or Nana Patekar. Isn’t it ? Suppose, someone is arranging your marriage and ur would be bride is somone you have seen and if she is ugly looking then you know she is ugly and u can refuse to marry her straightway. But if ur wud be bride is someone u have not seen only heard of her then u will think many times before refusing because u will think that if ur wud be bride turns out to be beautiful then u will lament for ur action if u refuse. This is just a minor example to teach u the differencce between “can” and “is” or “are”. You said Allmighty Allah can be like this and that. But ur fake god vishnu is ugly, ur fake god shiva is ugly, and all ur deities are ugly. I know now u will come back to me and say that Allmighty Allah is also like this. But what you said first time will be considered as ur real comment…what you say next will be an interpolation of your own statement. So, don’t say that to me. if you still say then the readers of ur comments will consider u as a slave of your fanatic priests who have no brain at all. And thats why u have no brain.

    • Ha ha…you tell me…whats islam teaches?to hate others? to produce childrens like animals? to follow the preachings of a man(Muhh Paigumber) who married his own sons wife?to have more than one wives to satisfy your sexual needs? isn’t it wrong?to keep women in housesin burkhas and resricting their freedoms?just look inside your dark religion..because of that you people are mostly economically backwards…sh

  54. wat u are telling applies only to your own fanatic muslims…if hindu sadhus had been telling us to kill muslims then all the muslims in india would have been killed and your dead bodies burnt so that u can go to your hell..when hindu bodies are burnt we go to heaven or hell depending on our karma…u goto a materialistic heaven and u tell that ur religion is not materialistic ….wat a hypocrite …..who told god cannot be seen ???if your heart is pure and u do good deeds you can surely see god.. but god is never visible to muslims because your religion is evil and all of you are sinners…..god is visible only to those people who do good deeds and not to people like you who carry out mass rapes of women and children , carry out bombings and other macbare acts…so u cannot see god because u are sinners..okay….junior kafeel ahmed..

  55. about brain…just compare the number of jews and muslims who got nobel prizes okay…u will know how insignificant u are compared to them…

  56. Yes your sadhus have always been telling you to kill Muslims and hate Muslims. But you could not do that because Muslims are bold and brave. You hindus cannot fight with Muslims. You can only fight in Gujarat and orissa, and a few other places because there the Muslim population is very less. One Muslim Man is sufficient for four and five hindus. But the police and army support you in any riots. But still, the Muslims live with dignity due to their boldness and bravery. I know you will say that we are protected because the Indian government is very nice to Muslims and that you hindus are very tolerant and so on. But thats not true. You hindus wants to kill all of us and the government also supports you but still you are unable to kill us as you do not have that much power to do so. And your sadhus always teach you to kill Muslims but their efforts go in vain always. So, don’t tell me that if you wanted to kill us then we all have been killed. No, you cannot kill all of us. You wanna kill us but you can’t. And another biggest joke of the year you told me is that you hindus after burning go to heaven. What a sick statement 🙂 Didn’t I tell you not to make a fool of yourself ? you hindus even cannot see heaven from far. you will not be allowed to have a view of heaven even from far. And no you cannot see God. You can feel you have God to protect you but you cannot see him. Humans eye do not have that much power to see God. According to Quran and Bible Prophet Moses (PBUH) used to talk to Allmighty Allah. He could only hear his voice. He could do so because he was one of the mightiest prophet and Allmighty Allah blessed him some miracles. But once Prophet Moses (PBUH) wished to see Allmighty Allah and he requested Allah (SWT) that he wanna see him. Allah (SWT) told him that his eyes do not have that much of power to see the Allmighty Allah. God told him that he won’t eb able to see him. But Prophet Moses (PBUH) insisted…so God promised him to show just a shadowy glimpse of him. And when God’s glimpse appeared Prophet Moses (PBUH) after seeing his glimpse fainted and the mountain in which he was standing and everything in the sorroundings started trembling. See such is the Allmighty Allah. But if you don’t believe this true story then thats your problem. We Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe it. But Allmighty Allah has promised that he will give our eyes the power to see him at the day of judgement. You will see him only on the doomsday. When God will ask his angels to throw you in the hell…that day you will see him. God will show himself to you and let you know how ignorant you were on earth. He will punish you for insulting his apperance by making such ugly idols of him, and by associating partners with him (polytheism). So, be ready to burn in the hell fire. And Allmighty Allah punishes you on earth also by burning you soon after death. That is just to show the living people of the earth that how serious sinners you were. So, stop imagining about going to heaven. I know you people have the habit of imagining things, just like u imagine gods ganesha with an elephant trunk in place of a nose…and so on. You can imagine whatever u wanna imagine but you won’t get any success in fooling the world. We get a materialistic heaven because we have been asked to live a spiritual life on earth and in return Allmighty Allah will reward us a beautiful heaven and its not materialistic in that sense in which you materialistic people think it to be. Your materialism is based on cosmic thoughts and you think it to be that way only. So, we cannot help you. No one can help you. You are helpless people.

    And by the way are you planning to embrace Judaism ? Well..if it is so then I congratulate you becoz atleast Judaism is lot better than hinduism. I am saying so because you told me to count the number of Muslim nobel prize recipients versus the jews. You culd have asked me to compare with hindus but you chosed to name jews rather than hindus and thats why I am getting a feel that you must be planning to embrace Judaism. If it is so, then please do it soon because if you embrace judaism you may have slight chances of going to heaven but if you remain a hindu then there is no hope of getting into light from darkness. And didn’t I tell you earlier that we Muslims do not bother about worldly achievements ? Then why you keep telling me all these bullshits about how many Muslim recipients are for nobel prize and so on ? You are really very very ignorant person. I told you long before that we Muslims know that this earth is just a place of examination. Here we are for a very very short period. And that life in the grave and life after the resurrection is the life in which we have to live forever. That life is eternal. So, we are concerned about that life not this life. Didn’t I tell u that ? In this life we have to Pray Allmighty Allah, fast for him, give alms to poors and deprived ones, support the weak, and fight the oppressors…etc. And if we pass on this exam then we will get a beautiful life in the life after death. Now, if you do not believe in this concept of life (as you are a non-believer so u will not) then thats your problem. So, don’t tell me to count the number of noble prize recipients and so on. You count them for yourself as that might help you to preach hatred against Muslims. And we do not give a crap to what you preach coz we know that wud have no effect on us. In fact, your hatred and your bias comments are helping people to embrace Islam.

    And I have one advice for you. Please do not act cheap by putting your name as “Baddest Mullah”. See I also could have put my name as the “Baddest sadhu”…Isn’t it ? See this the difference between a Muslim and a hindu. You guys panic a lot and in ignorance yo get cheaper and cheaper. So, please do not act cheap. Make friendship with some Muslims around you and learn how to have a dignified attitude.

  57. Twenty facts about Islam every infidel should know.

    Islam …

    1) Is a mind-control and information-control cult founded by a murderer, torturer, brigand, rapist and pedophile called Mohammed. The mind-control and information-control aspects require that all criticism be silenced.

    2) Is Mohammed’s personality cult. Has no foundations other than Mo’s murderous rantings (Koran and Hadith). The Koran consists of two conflicting parts – Meccan and Medinan (peaceful and violent resepectively). The Medinan stuff supersedes (‘abrogates’) the Meccan stuff. Muslims act Medinan, but quote Meccan verses to the gullible infidels.

    3) Claims to worship the same God as Christians and Jews, but in fact worships Allah – a demonic manifestation of Mohammed’s pyschopathic ego. The Death Cult mixes garbled versions of Christian and Jewish scriptures with pagan practices such as moon and meteorite-worship, and cut-throat blood sacrifice of animals and non-believers.

    4) Has no rational, philosophical nor theological basis, and the whole belief-system is contradicted by science, philosophy, commonsense, human decency and internal inconsistency.

    5) Cannot withstand rational criticism. Can only spread and maintain itself by ignorance, illiteracy, war, terrorism, and intimidation. Islam has bloody borders and cannot co-exist peacefully with other belief systems. Winston Churchill said that Islam in a man is as dangerous as hydrophobia (rabies) in a dog.

    6) Has a superstitious dread of images of pigs, crosses, Buddhas, Saint George (and his flag) and of course Motoons.

    7) Regards Islamic women as semihuman. Wife-beating, incest and child abuse (including mufa’khathat or ‘thighing’ – the ritual abuse of infants) are encouraged.

    8) Regards all unbelievers (Kaffirs, Kuffar, Kufrs, Kafirs) as ritually unclean subhumans to be killed, subjugated, enslaved, exploited or parasitised. Kafirs are described by the Arabic word ‘najis’ – literally ‘filth’. That’s why Muslim hatred of Kafirs is intrinsic to their ‘religion’. A Kafir doesn’t need to DO anything to offend a Muslim, his very existence is enough of an affront.

    9) The ethical system applies only to Muslims. Allah encourages rape, pillage, extortion and enslavement of non-Muslims. Morality does not extend beyond the global gang (ummah). Muslim ethics are the ethics of the Mafia.

    10) Allah’s followers are motivated by hatred, greed and lust. There is no love, mercy or compassion. Allah is vindictive, unpredictable, capricious and devious – “Allah leads astray whom he pleases”.

    11) The only religion NOT founded on The Golden Rule. Morality is based on Mohammed’s example. If Mohammed did it then it’s OK for all Muslims. Hence the encouragement of rape, pillage, subjugation and murder of non-believers and the institutionalised pedophilia prevalent thoughout Muslim society (justified by Mohammed’s activities with Ayesha, his child sex-slave).

    12) All human relations are defined by Dominance/Subjugation. Muslims have schizoid inferiority/superiority complexes. (A well-balanced Muslim is one with a chip on each shoulder). They respect strength but despise compromise as weakness. Appeasement invites more aggression. The only political system which has been strong enough to subjugate Islam is Stalinism.

    13) Polygamy ensures alpha-males get extra women, leading to a shortage of women for the betas. Beta-males must either jerk off (a sin leading to hell), or form dog-packs and rape or capture kafir women as booty in a razzia, or else self-destruct then they can screw 72 mythical virgins in Allah’s bordello in the sky.

    14) Lying and deception of infidels (taqiyya) is encouraged. This may take many forms, including outright lies, feigned moderation, and condemnation of terrorist attacks to the Kaffir while rejoicing with fellow Muslims. All Muslims are victims of some group of Kafirs and harbor grudges against them and against Kafirs in general. Individuals may appear law-abiding and reasonable, but they are part of a totalitarian movement, and must be considered potential killers who can flip in an instant (SJS -‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’).

    15) Muslims are forbidden to befriend Kaffirs except for purposes of deceit or where conversion may be possible.

    16) The Koran is Allah’s final word and cannot be changed or challenged. To do so is punishable by death. Consequently, the Death Cult can never change or be reformed. The instructions to murder and rape infidels are just as valid now as the day they were written. Since Islam cannot be modernised, the Muslims are attempting to Islamise modernity. This requires spreading Islam in the West and simultaneously preventing any criticism of the cult by intimidation and PC legislation to curtail freedom of expression.

    17) Treaties and agreements with Kaffirs are made to be broken (Hudna). The word of a Muslim to a Kafir counts for nothing in the eyes of Allah.

    18) The world is divided between Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb (the domain of war, the Kufr lands). Muslims living in Dar-al-Harb must work to disrupt their host nations until these can be brought into Dar-al-Islam.

    19) Muslims have no obligation to their host nations and in fact are encouraged to parasitise them. Welfare fraud, identity theft, forgery etc are endemic in Western Muslim populations, and serious crime against Kaffirs is regarded as normal and justified. Extortion rackets against Kafirs are mandated by the Koran (‘jizya’ is the Arabic term for ‘protection money’ payable by Jews and Christians to Muslims).

    20) The attack on the host nation isn’t just against its religion and economy, but is aimed at its very cultural identity. Islam is a complete system, including a culture, which Muslims regard as superior (despite all evidence to the contrary) to other cultures. Muslims are therefore required to destroy the symbols of ‘Jahiliya’ (sometimes sp. Jahiliyya) – non-Muslim culture. In the East this has included destruction of Hindu temples and Christian churches and replacement with mosques, and destruction of Buddhist artwork and universities and replacement with heaps of rubble. This process of cultural replacement is now beginning in the West. The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our life time

  58. posted by aysha: More than 80,000,000(million) hindus have been killed and raped by Muslims … many muslims have been killed by sikhs or christians or hindus in india ???? reply: please tell where it is written and quote it, and many muslims are killed in india more than 80,000000.who is counting? u?what is happening in Kashmir killing men and women raped,and i was watching tv when it stated that 1 lakh rupee is given 2 a single police man who kills a kashmiri’s(muslims).what is this and its still going on…

    When truth is held against false hood ,falsehood perishes as false hood by its nature is bound 2 be perish.
    the quran was revealed in stages and its mery and healing for the believers,and 4 the people of unthruth it is nothing but loss of loss.

  59. who told u that 1 lakh rupees is paid to kashmir police to kill kashmiris

    in kashmir hindus and sikhs are killed by muslims

    do u have any idea about the kashmiri pandits slaughtered by your muslim brethern

  60. u christian convert ayesha,how dare u talk about dont have any moral right to talk in this blog.u christian missionaries are the ones causing trouble between hindus and muslims.

    have u for gotten the MORADABAD case where missionaries released a pig into a mosque and accused hindus of doing it, just to cause fighting between hindus and muslims. you and your italian sonia gandhi are the agents of Pope Benedict in India .Y S Rajashekhara Reddy the christian CM of andhra pradesh is also doing everything in his power to give the seven hills of tirupati for christian evangelist missions.

    India should have laws used in Saudi Arabia.All these mass hypnotists and miracle healers like Paul Dinakaran and his American proteges should be beheaded .

    Sonia and her christian dynasty should also be exiled otherwise the country will be sold to the pope who will use everything in his power to divide hindus and muslims and convert hindus and muslims to christianity.

  61. Hey Videhi, Your krishna was the most lusty person this world has ever produced. And our Prophet did not rape his wife. She was his wife so they have a right to do intercourse. But krishna had 1,000 wives and he was not married to everyone…they were obviously his illegal wives or whores. Krishna raped countless women. So, better talk about him. And the pandavs were raping one woman together ie, draupadi. Five men raping one woman. Shame on them ! And then lusty krishna took her from them and by acting as a saviour and then later on fulfilled her lusty desire for draupadi. See…I did not wanted to use such words against your deities but you compelled me to do so. I know we Muslims should not abuse others because in the Holy Quran, the Allmighty Allah (SWT) has said “Do not abuse non-believers fake gods, as in ignorance they mighty abuse your true God”. So, I know that I should not do this but I did it because you provoked me to do so. You people always use cheap and bad words about our religion. Because you know your religion is based on imagination and fantasies. So, because you do not have any good support to debate with anyone you start acting like a street loafers and use such cheap words. But you know what ? Your cheap acts are helping us a lot. The world is watching you and thats why people are getting away from you and more and more people are doing study on Islam and 90% of them embrace Islam after completing their study. It is so because Islam is the true religion and hinduism is a religion written by some insane novel writers.

  62. Hey Folks

    I chanced upon this site and came across your articles and really its a pity how you guys are going at each others throat as if there is no tom. Seriously none seem like a religious person.. seems like you are guys are more like Jihad muslims intent on killing everyone who is a non muslim so that you can go to heaven and enjoy the women and wine.

    As for Khalid, I think you probably are one of the worst ignorant person i have came across. You know nuts abt hinduism or christianity and yet at every second try to condemn it.

    For your info ,Sri Krishna is God so even he was to marry the whole world , it is alright because God is the proprietor of everything. “ISVARAH PARAMAH KRISHNA SACHINADNADANA VIGRAHA , ANADIR ADIR GOVINDA SARVA KARANA KARANAM” = Lord Krishna is the supreme absolute controller, whose form is pure immortality, omniscience and bliss. He is without beginning, the origin of all, the cause of all causes and the source of the eternal Vedas.

    So why cant God have 16,108 wives and mind you that he expanded himself 16,108 times and lived with each of them . You see that is the potency of God.

    And you think Krishna is not beautiful? haha.. just like a donkey wont know a King when it sees one, a guy who is covered with Maya ( ignorance) wont know God even if God was to come and say Hi to you. I dont blame you cos you are eating meat and Muslim and God stays far away. Dont think God is easy to attain and see.. and that is why in your amateur ONE BOOK religion , everything is so simplified. You dont even have any science on the soul, God or even the universe. There is no knowledge and I see so many scientific flaws that its appalling! Your religion doesnt even have reincarnation and that is so basic , so how can I accept ISLAM? I prefer Sanatana Dharma anytime.. I heard Dr Zakir’s speech against Ravishankar and alot of what Zakir quoted was out of context just like how I can take lots of Quaran quotes like jihad and murder etc and contort my own views. Dr Zakir has a gd memory but he doesnt know substance abt Vedas. Vedas arent to be learned by ppl who are out of the varnasharam ( ppl like him ) cos this is what happens. They vomit their own interpretations when the actual meanings are different. I can do the same thing with Quaran bt even without doing that, Quaran has many fallacies. To begin with they say their religion has no beginning and that is prob the biggest joke.

    Anyway to end, here is the quote which Dr Zakir quotes but fails to quote entirely and chooses to interpret on his own leaving out the impt things. He is not a sanskrit man so he takes the english words translated probably by his mullah friend or a max muller kind of atheist to deride the Vedas. anyway this is the full :

    “That city is known as their site of pilgrimage, a place which was Madina or free from intoxication. Having a form of a ghost (Bhuta), the expert illusionist Mahamada appeared at night in front of king Bhojaraja and said: O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all. Still I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion by the order of the Lord. The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything. They should eat animals without performing any rituals. This is my opinion. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha. Therefore, they will be known as musalman, the corrupters of religion. Thus the demoniac religion will be founded by me. After having heard all this the king came back to his palace and that ghost went back to his place. ”

    So as you can see this islam religion is for the lower class of men. These ppl cant understand the tenets of vedas so they need something simple.. just one book of Quaran and tell them to live and have a family and pray to God. You cant teach these people mantras, agamas, rituals as they didnt have the mental capacity. Meat eaters are like that as their intelligence for spiritual growth is negated. Hence ISLAM was born. I hope Mr Khalid and Dr Zakir can understand these facts and stop emphasising the greatness of your religion when in fact the mother of all religions is Sanatana Dharma.

    Hari Bol

  63. Hey Marc…you all hindus are the most ignorant people on earth and yet you blame others for being ignorant. I think you are one of the most ignorant person in present world. You know why ? Because you are praising hinduism which is based on fanatasies and imaginations. And you are calling us meat eaters. You must be a vegetarian and your illiterate fore-fathers must have told you that you cannot kill animals because animals have life…and you cannot kill a living thing to fulfill your stomach and so on. But your illiterate religion did not know that Plants also have life and yet you ate vegetables. Killing plants and eating them. Thats because your fore-fathers were illieterate. But in Islam Allmighty Allah says ” I have made some to eat and some to be eaten”. Islam did not say not to kill animals because Islam knew that even Plants have life. But your pitiful religion did not know that and that goes to show how unscientific hinduism is. And Dr. Zakir Naik did not misinterprete the vedas. You are misinterpreting your own vedas. Now you hindus are afraid thats why you are changing its interpretation. If Dr. Zakir Naik was wrong then why did not any hindu challenge him right there ? And why don’t you go to him and challenge him. Believe me if you can challenge Dr. Naik on vedas translations and defeat him then I promise I will stop viewing or listening to Zakir Naik and I will stop claiming that vedas has prophecised Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So, challenge him soon so that I can accept your argument. But I know you will never challenge him and will never be able to defeat him on this debate. He is absolutely right. You fanatic hindus…followers of a fake and sinful hinduism are so intuitive that you will never accept the truth even if it comes to you in a clear form. So, be stubborn…follow a fake religion so that you can go to hell after death. And krishna was not God. You hindus call everybody God. Thats why your religion is considered as a bullshit. And even if you consider krishna as god…but then the point is that God do not marry. God do not do sex. krishna was a very lusty person…and God is not lusty. God is God. God do not need to sleep with women. krishna slept with thousands of women. How can then krishna be God ? Come on…wake up. Don’t be so ignorant. You also know that God do not need to marry a woman…and God do not need to have sex…and God do not need to be lusty. So, please do not make a joke of yourself by saying that krishna is god so he had all the rights to marry thousands of women and sleep with them because they all belonged to him. Get rid of your stupidity. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism…all these three Monotheistic religions do not believe in such a crap. Its not just Islam. Even Christians and Jews will never agree to you that god would have married hundreds and thousands of women and had sex with them. So, please do not make fun of yourself. Those days are gone when your fore-fathers used to convince people thorugh their illogical and unscientific reasonings. Now its a world of science, and logic and Islam is the most favourite in terms of scientific and logical reasonings.

  64. You hindus know very well that vedas has prophecised Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but you do not want to accept because of your stubbornity and thats why some of you give a fake translation of that part of veda in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is prophecised and Muslims are praised. You are afraid that hindus might start embracing Islam in large numbers and that is why you people have started to post fake translation of veda in order to stop hindus from embracing Islam. But this is not going to help you at all. Islam is flourishing day by day. Islam is the only religion which is growing…Alhamd O Lillah ! Some religions’ population is steady and some are declining. But Islam is growing rapidly. You can say whatever you like to say but the fact remains that Islam is growing in this scientific world because Islam is the most sientific and logical religion.

    • khalid why are you wasting ur time in such a foolish people like hindus or christians…
      they r bullshits v know that…

  65. Dear Khalid,
    Actually i can sense how intelligent a Muslim is just by listening to your rants. Illogical and totally kiddish argument. On a serious note, can you please tell me you are not 12 year old? But i do expect this from you because you base your arguments not on facts but on what your religion( which is probably gives the least knowledge on science, soul , universe etc and has so many contradictions) . I will dismantle your illogical arguments :

    I think why you guys are so pumped up is because of the debate with ravishankar .. ravishankar is a yoga teacher. he is not a vedic scholar. ravi knows nothing abt scriptures.. even i have counteracted his points and smashed ravi’s arguments on his Gita explaination so pls dont think you are all dat. zakir is an islamic scholar. so its like a battle between a degree holder and a kindergarten kid . why dont u guys try a real vedic pundit? they will shred zakir’s arguments into pieces. lets not even ask a vedia scholar to come in..why dont u get zakir to come and have a healthy discussion with me. my time is limited bt i can try to give the real vedic version arguments even though I can say i am not as smart as the rest of the true vedic pundits out there. bt then again.. you dont need a vedic scholar to argue with zakir..a smalltime vedic student like me should suffice. ravishankar sadly my friend is a yoga teacher and you shld discuss yoga with him.. ooops.. i forgot.. muslims know nuts abt yoga because its beyong their grasping power. bt by the way your namaz prayers style is also a yogic posture which you guys copied from the Vedas just like so many thing you ripped off the Vedas and claim it your own… its all just a farce.

    You calling me and my forefathers illiterate but wasnt your Prophet the sinful Mohammed illiterate? hahah!!and you belong to a religion that orginated from an illiterate and only after 20 years after his death was the Koran written.How will dat be a true religion when it is manmade?? So that is why your religion is manmade concoction and full of contradictions. Vedic Hinduism is made up of learned saints like Vyasa and many rishis unlike your religion and that is why Islam is known by billions around the world as the religion of the fifth class as stated in the Bhavishya Purana which your modern prophet Zakir quotes so often but doesnt reveal to the world the actual purports. Yes my dear friend, ISLAM is stated in the Purana as for fifth class people who are barbaric, so yes i agree ISLAM is bonafide but for the less intelligent people because of the fact that their prophet was a mlechha ( outcaste) , he was chosen to preach to the low caste with not much intelligence to study the vedas, and to meat eaters.

    As for vegetarianism, only a fool would declare that plants have no LIVES. and we agree plants have lives and to exist one must take another’s lives but it is stated in the GITA, we have plants , grains and milk. It is not stated to eat meat like your religion.Whatever we eat we offer to GOd or KRishna( All attractive one) hence all karma is taken up by the Lord. Oopps.. i forgot.. you guys dont have a clue on Karma although its proven scientifically. That is why i am reiterating that you guys cant absorb the tenets of Vedas and are not in the capacity to understand it. It is commonsense that your body is not meant to eat meat as physiolgically you arent built to eat meat.only the unfortunate and the spiritually weak who cant control their tongue eat meat. Even during Mecca pilgrimage , you cant eat meat! So why is it that ALLAH says that you can eat meat but then during pilgirmage at mecca you cant eat meat? Double standards or is it just that he knows that you guys cant live the austere VEDIC Lifestyle and comprehend the finer issues on GOD? Btw if you really want to eat meat do like how the tiger does.. jump on the cow and eat it like dat.. why cut it up and maintain slaughterhouses etc?That just shows you arent designed to eat meat and further more its just plain cruel to poor animals. And if you still cant understand this logic and emotional aspect , then it just shows where muslims stand.

    As for Zakir. I have wrote him an email and he hasnt written back. Why dont you invite him to give me his email address or come to this forum and we can debate in details. His first disqualifcation is he isnt qualified to argue with me because he hasnt studied vedas under the guidance of a spiritual master. But I am more than willing to have an interfaith dialogue with him to prove that his points abt Hinduism is a bunch of bull just like whatever you speak of it. We hindus are afraid of him? haha.. yeah afraid of him of going to hell by misinterpreting the vedas and committing sinful actions against the holy names.. that is what we are afraid of. So pls.. invite him to come here . We can discuss on why Vedas are superior to Koran in every way and it is the only PERFECT Religion to realise God.. bt first oh oh.. ask him to give up sinful meat eating cos it is stated in the VEDAS you cant understand God whilst doing it. SO PLS PLS PLS.. send him my message oh mussalman ..

    FYI you know nuts abt Krishna just like y ou know nuts abt Hinduism or your own religion. God is unlimited so why cant God have a form or wife or servant or even a toenail? When you say God has no form you are actually limiting God which goes against your religious tenets.. because in Koran it says he is all powerful and unlimited! If you say he has no form that means you are limiting God to no form. EVen in Koran you refer to your allah as HE.. why do you refer to HE? He means a MALE . If he doesnt have gender then you shoudl call GOD – IT? And also in quaran , you say that HE has a MOUTH, he has EYEs… so why do you describe the anatomies of an impersonal concept? So again everything points to that God has a form and his real name is KRISHNA!!! God has a form so believe it and that form is sat chit ananda. It is not a material form like us but spiritually in bliss, knowledge and eternal. and he can marry anyone as the whole world is his. and the intimate pastimes of the LORD should not be discussed with mlechhas who cant udnerstand.. again i come back to the basic fundamental that people of your religion dont have the spiritual maturity nor intelligence to understand the rasas of the Lord’s pastimes and that is why Krishna gave you guys the impersonal concept of God- ALLAH and how to eat sleep and mate .. dats all .. dont have to go further on the science of the soul and transmigration because you guys are just so dumb.. its proven too that muslims around the world arent that only thrive because of your oil. so dont go around talking crap like how illiterates do..

    Muslims and ISLAM as you can see are the number one hated religion in the world and with people like you around, I really am not surprised because you guys are just a bunch of half baked intellect wannabes who think that your religion is superior when it truly is a joke. There are so many contradictions inyour KORAN itself. You guys dont even want to admit that.

    And why are you bringing CHristians and jews in ? They hate your religion equally.
    Koran 5:51
    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrong-doers. ”

    So according to your GOD, you are a sinner because you have made an alliance with them since you are quoting them ! haha.. u are such a joke!

    Vedas are for a special breed of people just like the PhD .. its not for everyone and you are damn right it is not for you muslims who make ISLAM the numero UNO hated religion in the world.. pls carry on acting like you do now.. your position will be strengthened.. : )


  66. Hey Marc – OKAY…I am 12 years old but I am sure you are just 6 years old. You said that karma concept is scientifically proven ? Hahaha….who told you this bullshit ? Come on man…don’t be so stupid. I know you are trying to bring people towards your sinful religion but that do not mean that you will start writing lies on the net. Karma concept is not accepted by any educated person in this world. No American, No english, no french, no Arab, no spanish none has accepted the concept of karma. Its only you illitereate and fanatic and sinful hindus…followers of sinful deities like krishna and rama who believe in the concept of karma. And if Islam is the fifth class religion then why is so many people from around the world coming towards Islam ? By the way, you did not say anything about the growing population of Islam. Islam is growing because it is the best religion. And for your kind information the Holy Quran talks about all scientific aspects of life, like water cycle, geology, embryology and many others. And no one can say that what Quran says about embryology, water cycle and many others are wrong. William Campbell tried his best to point out errors in Quran but he faced a crushing defeat when Dr. Naik started explaining the scientific parts of Quran. Just imagine….a person like William Campbell who is a follower of a monotheism religion, ie, christianity failed to win his arguments against Dr. Naik….do you think a junk like you will be able to debate with him. And Zakir Naik debates with qualified people. He will not spend his precious time coming to a junk like you. But if you claim on the net that you can defeat him then just go and meet him and schedule a debate with him. But you know what….you will be put at the receving end…just like all your hindu scholars have been at the receiving end while having debates with Muslim scholars. And you keep saying Islam is unscientific but there is nothing unscientific in Islam, while hinduism is full of unscientific and illogical concepts. But because you are a stubborn opponent so you will continue to say Islam is unscientific whithout explaining it how. And your gita tells you to kill plants and forbade you to kill animals… why is this discrimination ? Well…its not a discrimination. It shows that your fore-fathers were illiterate and thats why they wrote an illogical and unscientific epic in which they stated that plants do not have life so kill them and animals have life so do not kill them. Your fore-fathers and your sinful deities did not know that Plants have life. But Allmighty Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew that Plants have life thats why did not forbade eating of animals meat. And if you hindus do not like meat eaters then why do millions of hindus love to eat meat all the time ? Well…the answer is that previously all hindus were illiterate so they did not know that Plants also have life so if they can eat vegetables they can eat animals also. But Muslims ruled in India for centuries and christians also ruled in India for two centuries and so graually hindus realized that their fore-father’s ideology was a bullshit and that if they can eat plants they can eat animals meat as well. And Islam is the only first class religion in the world. If hinduism is considered as 9th class religion then that don’t mean Islam becomes 5th class. Islam has always been number one religion in the world and very soon it will be the only religion. Islam is growing mostly in europe, and USA including India also. If Islam is unscientific and illogical then how come so many educated people from America, Europe, China, and even India are embracing Islam ? Now what does that goes to show ? Why don’t a junk person like you can give it a thought ? Oh..sorry I forgot you are a kid of 6 years so how can I expect you to think of anything. You are at an age where you do not have to worry about anything. Well…just tell your parents to admit you in a good school.

    And all your scholars have failed to win a debate with Dr. Zakir Naik. Your scholars themselves do not know the correct translation of the vedas. Your scholars are afraid now because they know that what they have been hiding for centuries is now being exposed to public. They have been hiding the fact that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was prophecised in the vedas and puranas. No hindu can ever win a debate with a Muslim because Muslims follow a religion which is most scientific and most logical and you hindus follow a religion which has no reality, no true history…just imaginations and a faith which is a work of insane novel writers. So, now you hindus are in complete panic. You don’t know what to do now. Well…just relax ! No one is gonna kill you. Only thing which is gonna change is that now most of you will get rid of the imaginary religion and will embrace the true religion which is Islam. It will not happen like a magic but it is happening gradually and will ultimately swipe out the sinful hinduism.

    And Allmighty Allah (SWT) chose an illiterate Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as his messenger because Allah knew that if he will chose a literate messenger then the infidels will claim that Quran was written by the messenger. See Allmighty knows everything and that is why he plans things accordingly. And we do not degrade God by saying he is imageless. Ofcourse, God is imageless. What you want us to say ? Do you want us to say that God has elephant trunk on his nose, he has snakes lying on his shoulder, he has people’s head cut and lying on his arms. Well…you hindus wants to see God like this….isn’t it ? Well..yeah I know that. But trust me no Muslim, no Christian, no Jews will accept such an ugly look of god. Even if we try to make a very beautiful picture of God still we will not reach even 1% of the beauty of God and thats why we say that making an image of God is impossible…so God is imagless. And God do not need to marry…because God is God. And God is called “He” do not mean he is male. In Arabic “He” is used for superior also…so if you do not know much about Arabic language then better learn it first.

    And Christians and Jews might be our enemies but atleast their belief is not so bad. There are a few differences between Muslims, Christians, and Jews but we Muslims know that christians and jews do not believe in multiple gods and they do not worship ugly looking man-made gods. So, what I meant earlier was that their belief is better than sinful hindus……the hindus might be our friends but their faith the most backward one.

  67. As long as the muslims loot and raid the kafirs(non believers of Islam), it is completely justified. Ghazzua is an Arabic word for raid as well as killing and enslaving the kafirs. From this word the term Ghazi is derived which means honourable warrior of Islam who has killed many kafirs.

    The distribution of the loot or booty, which includes the men, women and children, is done as prescribed by the well defined regulations stated in the Quran and the hadiths. Four fifths of the loot is to be shared by the barbaric, lecherous invaders who took part in the heinous plunderings while one fifth is reserved for the great Prophet or the Caliph and in their absence to the mullah who is in charge.

    Such loots and raids were considered shameful acts in Pre-Islamic Arabia. But Mohammed revealed to his followers that since he was the last prophet for all time to come such raids were now sanctioned by Allah. Thus he legalised these inhuman acts of raid, plunder, loot and rape.

    Let us closely examine the pattern that these barbaric invaders followed all over the world. This pattern is written down in the Quran; practised, perfected and prescribed by the prophet in his own life time and closely followed by the Caliphs later. Even in present time, this pattern is followed by all Muslim leaders who aspire for name and fame in this life and houris (beautiful virgin women) hereafter.

    The pattern is:

    1. Invade the lands of the infidels.
    2. Massacre as many infidel men, women and children as they like after winning a victory
    3. Capture the survivors as slaves and confine the women in their harems as slave girls
    4. Plunder every place and person for war, booty, a fifth of which (including the slaves) went to the Caliph or some other religious heads.
    5. Demolish the places of worship of the infidels and build mosques in their places.
    6. Defile and desecrate the deities and other symbols of the infidels’ religion by throwing them into public squares or making into steps leading to the prayer area of the Muslims.

    Let us again start with His Holiness Mohammed himself. In 627 A.D he raided the Jewish tribe of Qurayza. The Jews were defeated in the fight and many prisoners were taken. They were either sold or assassinated in the name of merciful Allah. In one place alone, approximately 800 Jews were beheaded in cold blood. In 629 A.D after the battle of Khaybar, and the defeat of the Jews, the same play was enacted. All the Jews were put to the sword. The raids undertaken by the prophet and methods followed became the guidelines for the Caliphs and other leaders who followed him.

    Caliph Umar I
    The reign of terror by caliph Umar still horrifies the present day Iranians. They dress themselves up in festive clothing on the death anniversary of this caliph, even to this day. Caliph Umar who was also one of the many father-in-laws of Mohammed, attained leadership of Islam two years after Mohammed’s death. His reign of terror rocked Iran, Irag, Egypt and Syria. His most dastardly deed was the destruction of the great library in Alexandria. His order to Amir Amron ibn al-Ass (rightly named) is preserved as follows:

    “As for the books you mentioned here is my reply. If their content is in accordance with the book of Allah, we may do without them, for in that case the book of Allah more than sufficies. If on the other hand, they contain matter not in accordance with the book of Allah, there can be no need to preserve them. Proceed then and destroy them.”

    Such brilliance and such logic can only be found in the followers of all merciful Allah.

    The 700,000 scrolls, some of them works a thousand or more years old, many on Mathematics, science and philosophy were destroyed. Ibn al-Kifti wrote that, “it took 6 months to burn all that mass of material.”

    Where Alexandria lost only one of its precious libraries, India lost millions of books on Mathematics, Astronomy, Philosophy and other Sciences of the Vedic and Buddhist periods. For example, the famous Sanskrit college of Vishaldev in the capital of Gujrat was destroyed by the eunuch Qutubuddin Aibak in the year 1196 A.D. The famous Buddist university of Nalanda had the same fate in the year 1200 A.D. when Mohammed Bakhtiyar Khilji attacked the township and massacared the harmless Buddist monks and violated the nuns. In recent years, the Pakistani Muslim army attacked the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). 3,000,000 Bengali Hindus were brutally murdered.The first attack was on Dhaka University. The women students were not spared. They were raped and murdered mercilessly.

    Khair Ed-Din
    In 1516, the Emir of Algiers, Selim Bin Teumin, weary of Spanish interference sought the aid of Khair Ed-din, a Turkish sea robber and one of the Barbarossa brothers. Another brother, Arouj had the Emir assassinated. Khair Ed-Din was named as Viceroy by Selim I, Sultan of Turkey.

    Khair laid siege to the spanish fortress on the island of Penon and wrested it from Christian hands. Martin Vagas, the Spanish commander was given the choice between death or conversion to Islam. He chose the former, whereupon he was flogged to death, his deadbody dragged through the street, cut into pieces and thrown into the sea. With the help of Khair Ed-Din the muslim pirates were secure in Algiers for three centuries. Ten percent of the booty went to the Bey of the day. The captives of the Barbary corsairs were able to ransom themselves if they had money and many were freed on accepting Islam. The others were sold like cattle at an auction and many died from fever, starvation or the lash. Women, however were taken into harems as concubines of their captors.

    One story recorded by a Spanish monk, Haedo, of the sixteenth century concerns a young Arab. He had been captured by the Spanish, had embaraced Christianty and been baptized as Geronimo. He was recaptured in 1569 by the Barbary pirates and taken to Algiers. When threats and pleadings failed to make him apostate back to Islam, Geronimo was condemned to death. Bound hand and foot, he was thrown into a mould in which a block of concrete was about to be made and the liquid concrete poured in upon him. The block containing his body was built into the FORT OF THE TWENTY FOUR HOURS in Algiers.

    Bricking up human beings is a common punishment as prescribed by the Quran. In India, the children of the Sikh Gurus were bricked up because they did not accept Islam. Akbar, the Moughal emperor jealous of his son’s affair with Anarkali had her bricked up as well.

    Piali Pasha
    In 1560 a Turkish squadron under Piali Pasha and the corsair Dargut annihilated the Spanish fleet at Tunisia and took the Spanish fort of Djerba. All 5000 prisoners were massacred and a huge mound of bones six meters high was formed. The mound was called Skull Fort and was in existence for nearly 3 centuries.

    Abdul Hamid II
    In 1894, the sultan of the Ottoman empire Abdul Hamid reacted violently against the Armenian Nationalists living in Eastern Turkey. In Sasun, the Armenians refused to accept a 100 percent increase in rents. 3000 rebels were killed, women raped and mutilated and babies bashed against rocks. The pogrom spread: in Trebizond a 1000 odd Armenians were killed, in Arabkir 2800, in Urfa 8000, plus 3000 burnt alive in a Cathedral where they hoped they would be safe. In August 1896, bands of Turks patrolled the streets of Constantinople killing over 5000 Armenians. In All, the total toll from 1894 to 1896 is estimated at 100,000 non combatants killed, 50,000 dead from starvation, 40,000 forcibly converted to Islam and 100,000 driven into exile.

    Fahri Koroturk
    Fahri Koroturk was the right wing Muslim President of Turkey and commander of the armed forces when the decision was made to invade Cyprus. The number of Turks on the Island was about 150,000 while 503,000 were Greek. At 5 A.M, Saturday 20th July 1974 The Turkish army, Navy and airforce attacked Cyprus. Turkey used weapons given to it by the United States and NATO, employing the Quranic injunctions to accept help from the infidels but to remember that Jihad is the ultimate aim.

    ” Let Not the believers take for…helpers unbelievers… Except by way of precaution…But remember the final goal is to Allah ” (III/28)

    Prior to the invasion the percentage of the Turks was 18 percent but they demanded an area of northern Cyprus equal to 38 percent of the whole Island and that the region be vacated within 24 hours. On the same day, the second and the more terrifying phase of the Turkish invasion began. Greek houses and businesses were handed over to the Turkish Cypriots. Greek villages and towns were bombed and napalmed indiscriminately. But in cities with mixed populations, targets were selected; for example Chrisitan churches, hospitals and schools. The final toll was 4000 men, women and children dead, 1619 missing. 40 percent of the island, correspoding to 65 percent of the arable land, 60 percent of all its water resources, 70 percent of its minreal wealth, 70 percent of its industries and 80 percent of tourist installation came under the Muslim rule. The Turks brought in new settlers while 220,000 Greeks had to flee to the south. In all, one third of the Greek population of Cyprus became refugees in their own country.

    Idi Amin
    Idi Amin, a ruthless dictator of Uganda now has asylum in Saudi Arabia. As a true muslim he hates the Jews. His support is for his muslim brothers–the Palestinian terrorists. In 1972 he sent a cable to the United Nations congratulting the Black September terrorists for the murder of Israeli sportsmen at the Olympic games in Munich. In the same cable he praised Hitler for destroying over six million Jews. On 3rd of July 1976 the hijacked Flight 139 was diverted to Entebbe airport just out of Kampala. Amin was sympathetic with the hijackers and he permitted additional terrorists to reinforce them–another sign of a true muslim. His own 80-100 troops at the scene had their guns trained on the 103 Jewish passengers in support of the 10 terrorists who threatened to execute the Jews from dawn, Sunday 4th of July.

    He used cunning as well as ruthlessness. Rather than take on the power of the Roman Catholic Church, he had Archbishop Luwum killed in a “traffic accident.” Apart from the army, his main organ of suppression was based at Nakasero which was innocuously named the State Research Bureau. At Nakasero, some of the tortures were mind-boggling. People had nails hammered into their skulls, limbs were broken, flames played onto the skin, broken soft drink bottles rammed into elbows and knees, sisal ropes used for slow strangulation, whips, knives, etc. All these tortures no doubt were derived from the Quran by this truly devout muslim.

    In October 1978 Amin invaded Tanzania. At first his forces did well, looting, raping and killing as they went. By January 1979 however the Tanzanian troops, backed by 2000 anti-Amin Ugandans, crossed the Ugandan border and all resistance crumbled. After Idi’s exit, the count of the dead and missing people was put at 280,000!

    Yasser Arafat
    Yasser Arafat is another muslim “saint” who has committed and is committing horrific crimes as the leader of the PLO in the name of the all “merciful” Allah. I shall list down below only a few of the saintly deeds of Yasser and his PLO troops. But the alert reader should be able to estimate the extent of their other noble and saintly deeds.

    During World War II some leading Muslims including Haji Amin al-Husseini worked for the Nazis in Germany, calling for a Jihad against Britain. Amin was the grand mufti of Jerusalem and Arafat’s uncle. Hitler wanted to barter some Jews for the return of German nationals but the muslims convinced him to send 8000 Jewish children to the death camps instead of to Palestine.

    On May 15, 1948 the British withdrew from Palestine and the state of Israel was declared. Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria sent troops in but were unable to dislodge the Israelis.

    With the aid of other Palestinians Yasser Arafat set up a Fatah, which is Koranic for opening the gates of glory. Fatah was independent of the Arab states and of ideology. Its sole aim was to liberate Palestine by armed struggle. Fatah’s first targets were the water projects of Israel. One bomb exploded killing seven Israelis. By 1966 attacks had moved to homes and kibbutzim.

    On March 18, 1968 a busload of children hit a mine near Eliat. Two children were killed and twenty seven injured. When the Israelis retaliated the Palestinians received help from Jordan and the Israelis had to retreat. Even though more muslim lives were lost than Jewish, Yasser claimed it as a victory, the first ever over Israel. Thousands of new recruits were added to Fatah’s fighting forces. Terror escalated; more bombings took place. 13 people, including some Arabs, were killed when an old refrigerator exploded in Jerusalem. Another 15 were killed when an old car exploded in the market place of Jerusalem.

    PLO’s and Yasser’s saintly deeds continue on to this day.

    I can go on and on about the brave deeds of these truly devout muslims. And I promise to write more on this matter in my weekly posts. I have not mentioned of the tortures done in the Islamic Republic of Mauritiana, the persecution of the Bahais by Iran’s Nasiri-Din-Shah, the well known sickly pig Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, the atrocities done in Sudan by Sayyid Muhammad Ahmad Ibn Abdullah, persecution of religious minorities (particularly Christians) in Egypt by Umar II and Husan Al Banna, persecution of Assyrian Christians, the plight of Hindus in Kashmir, India, etc., etc., etc.

    Hundreds of books can be written on the atrocities committed by the Muslims in India on Hindus and Buddhists–thousands of temples, books, and other scriptures destroyed, women raped, tortured and murdered, men boiled, burned, skinned and sawed alive, children cut into pieces, etc. Yes, these muslims are the proud doers of these utterly inhuman acts in the name of Allah and for the 72 houris and 28 young boys they shall receive in Paradise according to the Quran. In my future postings, I shall elaborate on these Islamic brutalities committed in India.

    Let us take a look at the few verses from the Quran which directly support these saintly deeds of the Muslims detailed above.

    Verses from the Koran:

    LIX/5-6: “Whatsoever palm trees ye cut down or left standing on their roots, it was by by Allah’s leave, in order that He might confound the evil-livers. And that which Allah gave as spoil unto His messenger from them, ye urged not any horse or riding-camel for the sake thereof, but Allah giveth His messenger lordship over whom He will. Allah is Able to do all things.”

    The above verse clearly states that the followers of Allah should cut down the palm trees as they provide shelter and food to the kafirs. In these verses, note the insidious way in which Mohammed has hidden the real meaning of the words. First Allah says that don’t take away the camels and horses of the conquered, but the sentence that follows immediately after this contradicts Allah’s “mercy”. Because Allah gives the Muslim Invader complete rights over the conquered, so he is free to kill, eat, abuse and maim the animals or the people who have been made captive.

    XLVIII/20-21: “Allah promiseth you much booty that ye will capture, and hath given you this in advance, and hath withheld men’s hands from you, that it may be a token for the believers, and that He may guide you on a right path. And other (gain), which ye have not been able to achieve, Allah will compass it. Allah is able to do all things.”

    In the above verse, Allah is bribing the believers to make wars with the Kafirs. He promises them a lot of booty which they will gain from these wars. He has also said that He will magically stop the kafirs from striking back and He will guide the believers on the right path (the path of killing, plundering, looting and raping).

    VIII/41: “And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war, lo! a fifth thereof is for Allah, and for the messenger and for the kinsman (who hath need) and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, if ye believe in Allah and that which we revealed unto Our slave on the Day of Discrimination, the day when the two armies met. And Allah is able to do all things.”

    Here we see another case of bribery by Allah. Four fifths of the loot goes to invaders and the remaining one fifth goes to Mohammed or the Caliphs or any other Muslim leaders in their absence. Here Allah tries to bring out His kindness again by telling the Muslims to give to the poor. And how much do the poor get? They get from the one fifth of the loot and only after Mohammed and other religious leaders have taken their share. And don’t forget where this loot is coming from–Killing and murdering the kafirs. What a genuine Robin Hood Allah is!!!

    VIII/65: “O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be of you a hundred stedfast they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence.”

    The above verse is self explanatory. It clearly orders the Muslim to kill the non believers. It also clearly says that anyone who doesn’t believe in Islam has no intelligence!

    VIII/67-69: “It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. Ye desire the lure of this world and Allah desireth (for you) the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise. Had it not been for the ordinance of Allah which had gone before, an awful doom had come upon you on account of what ye took. Now enjoy what ye have won, as lawful and good, and keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

    Here Allah is clearly instructing the Prophet that hold no prisoners, kill them all as they are criminals for not believing in Allah. The Prophet must do these deeds because Allah desires that the muslims enjoy the Houris and young boys in Jannat (Heaven). The above verses were revealed when the prophet had decided to spare the lives of the prisoners taken at Badr and hold them to ransom, against the wish of Umar who would have executed them for their past crime. The prophet took the verses as a reproof, and they are generally understood to mean that no mercy ought to have been given in that first battle. Such is the nature of the all merciful Allah !!

    VIII/73: And those who disbelieve are protectors one of another. -If ye do not so, there will be confusion in the land, and great corruption.”

    VIII/12: “When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying:) I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then maim them in every limb and smite of them each finger.”

    The above verse clearly depicts how Allah prescribes the Muslims to torture and kill.

    IX/5: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolators wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

    This verse clealry says that Muslims should try to convert non-muslims forcibly. If they are unable to do so, then they should either kill the kafirs or make their lives miserable.

    IX/73: “Oh Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey’s end.”

    LXIX/30-37: “(It will be said): Take him and fetter him and then expose him to hell-fire And then insert him in a chain whereof the length is 70 cubits. Lo! he used not to believe in allah the Tremendous, And urged not on the feeding of the wretched, Therefore hath he no lover here this day, Nor any food save filth Which none but sinners eat.”

    This verse describes the recipe for torture as revealed by Allah. This recipe was applied in India when the Sikh Gurus were murdered. It was also applied elsewhere in the world as I have mentioned above in this article.

    V/33-34: “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet and alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom; Save those who repent before ye overpower them. For know that Allah is Forgiving, merciful.”

    This verse gives Muslims another recipe for torture. Here Allah has taken care of the details in the procedure.

    XXII/19-22: “These twain (the believers and the disbelievers) are two opponents who contend concering their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling fluid will be poured down their heads. Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning.”

    Yet another recipe for torture !! Need I say more ?

    LXXVI/4: “Lo! We have prepared for disbelievers manacles and carcans and a raging fire.”
    Quotes From The Hadiths:

    Sahih Al Bukhari, 216:”I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but Allah & that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah & until he performs the prayers & pays the Zakat.”

    The quote above clearly states that Allah has ordered the Prophet to torture the Kafirs until they submit to Islam. And by ordering Muhammad he is ordering each and every muslim to do so as Mohammed is the true model which every muslim must strive for.

    Sahih Muslim, 217: “Verily Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things. Thus if you kill, KILL WELL, & if you slaughter, SLAUGHTER WELL. Let each one of you sharpen his blade.”

  68. Videhi…u did well on ur part by designing a fake translation of the Quran and imaginary stories of Muslims. is not new for you because thats what your fore-fathers have taught you to do. Everything you do and say in your life is imaginary and fictions born out of your own dirty mind. You wrote in such a way as if you are a learned scholar of Quran and Muslim’s history. But in reality you are an idiot. You keep calling Muslims brutal and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a violent man…but see if you wanna say anything nobody can stop you from doing so but just because you say something don’t mean it is right. Isn’t it ? I know you are a fanatic hindu and you have envy and hate Muslims in an extreme manner…so obviuosly you are ought to say such things. But believe me these type of statements from you backward and sinful hindus are helping people all over the world to study Islam and embrace it. Don’t you see so many people from around the world are studying Islam and many of them are embracing Islam ? Don’t you read about religion’s conversion ? You sinful hindus who are followers of lusty and sinful krishna and rama keep saying that Islam was spread by sword. But your claim is totally false as people see that at present world there are lakhs of people embracing Islam from all over the world every year. So, do you still think that at present world also people are being converted by the use of sword ? Why is so many Americans embracing Islam ? Why is so many British, Italians, Germans, Spanish, Jews, and hindus are embracing Islam ? Are they getting convert because someone is hanging sword on their neck ? The answer is “No”. People are embracing Islam because Islam is the best religion. Islam is simply the best. So envy it 🙂

    And you wrote that in Quran Allah asks Muslims to kill infidels. Well…this is a fiction written by you. The holy Quran does not say that. Yes in one incident when the kafirs of Mecca destroyed the peace treaty between Muslims and them and rejected to comply with the agreement then at that time Allah sent verses for Quran saying “kill them wherever you find them”. But Allah did not say kill all kafirs of the world and did not ask Muslims to kill infidels all the time. Allmighty Allah clearly talks about those people who humiliated the peace treaty with Muslims and killed Muslims even though they did an agreement that will not commit violence. So, for this purpose Allmighty Allah (SWT) said “kill them wherever you find them”. But this verse of Quran is always misinterpreted by you sinful hindus. And don’t give me a list of Muslim invaders…you better put a list of hindu sinners and criminals…which includes krishna who molested and raped so many virgin girls. So, next time you give me a list of hindu sinners and criminals…like krishna, rama, the pandavs, sardar patel, bal thackeray, narendra modi, l.k advani, manohar joshi etc. Talk about them not about Muslims. You people do not deserve to talk about others because you are such big sinners that whole life of yours is less to count your sins and crimes.

    And do not think that if you post on the net that Islamist are criminals and brutals and rapist will help you in any way. Don’t even dream about it. I know you sinful hindus are dreaming to spread hinduism and put Islam behind but this has never happened, this is not happening and this will never happen. Islam was ahead of hinduism, is ahead of hinduism, and will always remain so. So put this in a pipe and smoke it 🙂 !!!

  69. Dear Khalid Muna Musselaman,

    I really really feel that you dont have a single iota of point in case to defeat my arguments. What you go on and on is saying that Hindus are this and Hindus are that! Why? Because we are such a superior religion and you feel jealous that your religion doesnt give you the vast knowledge that we have or are you ashamed of a ruthless killing religion?Either way may the Lord help you out ..

    First of all learn the etiquettes of arguments and then counter and dont vomit like how most of the muslims i have debated with argue: NO SUBSTANCE and ILLOGICAL WHIMISICAL ARGUMENTS.

    I will again deconstruct your idiotic arguments which speaks volumes as a muslim representative. Maybe you should get someone more intelligent or well versed in Koran or ISLAM to come and debate in this forum cos you are making ISLAM look simply ludicrous.( Not that im complaining:) )

    My comments are marked with ( M:) and your arguments are in ( K:)

    K: Hey Marc – OKAY…I am 12 years old but I am sure you are just 6 years old. You said that karma concept is scientifically proven ? Hahaha….who told you this bullshit ? Come on man…don’t be so stupid. I know you are trying to bring people towards your sinful religion but that do not mean that you will start writing lies on the net. Karma concept is not accepted by any educated person in this world.

    M: Well that shows how dumb you really abt transmigration of the soul. Why dont you read up “Old souls”? and lots of white papers on karma. This shows how illiterate you are.. cant blame you. Your religion was founded by an illiterate anyway 🙂

    K: No American, No english, no french, no Arab, no spanish none has accepted the concept of karma.

    M: So every other race in da world including japanese, chinese, jews etc.. is stupid according to you. Well all the races quoted above believe in the bible and some to a certain extent also satanism so it means you are saying they are right. WOW !! This shows how dumb a musselman you are.

    K”: And if Islam is the fifth class religion then why is so many people from around the world coming towards Islam ? By the way, you did not say anything about the growing population of Islam. Islam is growing because it is the best religion.

    M: Yes it is growing, so what? Even theft , murder, riots, sex, rape cases r increasing ? Satanism is increasing too.. The rate of abortion is increasing. Infidelity is increasing..divorces are increasing. Sex with the same gender is increasing.. whats your point? U mean increasing the people in your faith is tantamount to being a superior religion? What kind of logic is dat?

    In Vedas , this age known as Kali yuga , these bad activities are all going to be increased because this is the last age before the end of annhilation.
    In Kali Yuga there is an abundance of struggle and strife, ignorance, vice and ir-religion, true virtue being practically non-existent.These are stated in Bhagavatam. So the rise of ISLAM is no surprise as it is a religion for the mlecchas( Fifth class people) as stated in our Bhavishya Purana which zakir quotes but often leaves out. so kaitava ( cheating) religions will rise and ppl will succumb to it… haha!

    K: And for your kind information the Holy Quran talks about all scientific aspects of life, like water cycle, geology, embryology and many others. And no one can say that what Quran says about embryology, water cycle and many others are wrong. William Campbell tried his best to point out errors in Quran but he faced a crushing defeat when Dr. Naik started explaining the scientific parts of Quran. Just imagine….a person like William Campbell who is a follower of a monotheism religion, ie, christianity failed to win his arguments against Dr. Naik….do you think a junk like you will be able to debate with him.

    M: Who is Dr Campbell? The film actor? hahah.. u guys argue with unqualified jacks and claim you guys are bonafide. such a joke!

    Well here are my questions to you regarding the scientific “advanced ” theories found in koran. PLs answer all of these in the next mail or dont even bother writing to me cos really i dont have time for conversations with a kid or a fanatical nut who knows nuts about his religion nor mine.

    (1) Man is Created From Clotted blood(?)

    • Quran-23:14: Then fashioned We the drop (semen) a CLOT OF CONGEALED BLOOD then fashioned We the clot a little lump (fetus), fashioned We the little lump into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators.

    (Bengali translations of the Quran read: “Zamaa’t Raokto theeke Manoosh banieesi” And this Ayat has been repeated again and again throughout the Quran)

    • Quran-75:38: Then he becomes a CLOT; then (Allah) shaped and fashioned…

    • Quran-96:2: Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood

    There are serious scientific problems here

    A blood clot can not grow into anything. This idea came from the Greeks. Aristotle erroneously believed that humans are originated from the action of male semen upon female menstrual blood, which is absolutely an incorrect assumption. The Quran’s assertion on the clot (alaqa) is completely wrong about human development, since there is absolutely no stage during which the embryo consists of a clot. The only situation in which an embryo might appear like a clot is during a miscarriage, in which case the clotted blood which is seen to emerge (much of which comes from the mother) is solidified and by definition no longer alive. Therefore, if ever an embryo appeared to look like a clot it would never develop any further into a human; it would be a dead mass of bloody miscarriage. Since Prophet Muhammad had some thirteen wives it is entirely possible that he would be very familiar with miscarriages.

    Modern science tells us that the formation of human embryo is a seamless continuation from conception to the birth; hence there are no hard-and-fast boundaries of stages as the Quran described. The Quran described 4 stages which match exactly with Galenic description of the development of the human embryo (which was proved wrong by modern science).

    Creation of bones and clothing of bones with flesh: According to modern embryologists including Prof. Moore of Canada, the tissue from which bone originates, known as mesoderm, is the same tissue as that from which muscle (flesh) develops. Thus bone and muscles begin to develop simultaneously, rather than sequentially (as the Quran tells us). Moreover, most of the muscle tissue that we human have is laid down before birth, but bones continue to develop and calcify (strengthen with calcium) right into one’s teenage years. So it would be more accurate if the Quran had said that muscles started to develop at the same time as bones, but completed their development earlier. The idea that bones are clothed with flesh is not only scientifically completely wrong/false, but was directly copied from the ancient Greek doctor Galen’s hypothesis.

    Also, the idea of saying: “made into bones and clothed the bones with muscle” came from the technique of making animal statues (Moorthy) out of rod and cement or mud. People usually make the skeleton (out of rod or stick) first and, then cover it up with cement or mud. This is scarcely a scientific description of embryonic development. It is rather a description of a layman.

    2) Why Mountains were created (?)

    In the following verses, Quran claims that mountains were set on the earth so that the earth never can shake when human being dwelt in it.

    (Quran- 21:31): And We have set on earth firm mountains, lest it should shake with them.

    (Quran-16:15): And he has cast the earth firm mountains lest it shake with you…

    (Quran-31:10): He created the heavens without supports that you can see, and has cast onto the earth firm mountains lest it shake with you… It is clearly understood that Quranic author was completely ignorant about the geological reasoning for existence of mountains. He saw that mountains are huge and heavy. So, He (Allah) thought mountains actually prevent Shaking (Earthquake) of the earth. Fact is, this particular reason for existence of mountains is a direct contradiction with modern geological knowledge. Geology proves to us that movement of tectonic plates, or earthquake itself causes mountains to be formed. Besides, we know very well that, every year several dozens of earthquakes happen on earth. Then what is the result of Allah’s promise? Can we believe that, Mountains are there to prevent earthquake? (11) Sun and moon rotates/travels:(?)

    Quran never said everything in the universe does move/rotates, but Quran always said SUN and MOON moves/travels. Quran never ever said that, the earth moves or travels. And this is an open challenge to all Mullahs to disprove my assertion. Like all other religious books, Holy Quran believed Geo-centric theory and earth was considered center of the Universe. Only recently, no more than two decades ago, scientists learned that Sun also moves through the galaxy taking all the Planets with it. Fact is Allah was not stating real Sun’s movement, (which is, just one circle of Solar galaxy by 226 millions of years) but He (God) was stating Sun’s daily movement which was believed for millions of years until Copernicans time. Allah’s assertion of “settled place” or “an appointed time” was about the daily Sun rise and Sun setting. Following verses will prove that very clearly:

    Quran-39:5: “He created the heavens and the earth (in true proportions) ; He makes the Night overlap the Day, and the Day overlap the Night; He has subjected The Sun and Moon (to his law); each one follows a course for a time appointed.” Here each one clearly refers to Sun & Moon (in the previous sentence), and not everything in the Universe as wishful apologists claim.

    Quran-31: 29: “Seest thou not that Allah merges Night into Day and He merges Day into Night; That He has subjected the sun and moon (to His law), each running its course for a term (time) appointed.”

    Quran-21: 33: “It is He who created The Night and Day, And the Sun and Moon; each of them Swim (float) along in its own course.”

    Ayats mentioned above could be found over and over, again and again almost in every other pages of Quran. Because, Quranic author, standing in the open Arab desert saw very well that, every morning SUN is rising from the East and gradually (appointed time or fixed time) setting to the West, and as a result, day and night follows. Allah truly mentioned this wrong knowledge (sun moving) of pre-historic people. Every time Allah mentioned sun & moon, He mentioned day & night, as if, it is due to sun’s movement day and night follows. Allah also saw, both the sun and moon are traveling seemingly at the same sky area and He was amazed how come they do not collide or how come sun can not catch moon(?) That was the sun’s movement Allah was talking about, which cave people could have said millions of years ago or a boy of five can say that very accurately. Is not it? Who does not see Sun’s movement from east to west?

    3) God created the Heaven first or, the Earth first (?)

    Which one was created first? As you will see in the verses below, Allah at one time says that Earth was created first and another time He says that the Heaven was created first.

    (Quran-2:29): It is He who hath created for you all things that are on Earth; THEN He turned to the Heaven and made them into seven firmaments (Skies)….

    (Quran- 79:27-30): Are you the harder to create, or is the heaven that He built ? He raised the height thereof and ordered it; and He has made dark the night thereof, and He brought forth the morning thereof. And after that, He spread (flattened) the earth

    Now, does it match modern science? Do you believe that, Earth was created first, and after that, God created Heaven?

    4) Numerical contradictions

    There are many numerical contradictions in the Quran. God cannot make an error in doing simple calculations. How many days did it take to create Heavens and Earth?

    (Quran-7:54): Your guardian-Lord is Allah who created the heavens and earth in Six Days (Quran-10:3): Verily your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and earth in Six Days (Quran- 11:7): He it is Who created the heavens and earth in Six Days Quran-25:59: He Who created the heavens and earth and all that is between, in Six Days

    The above verses clearly state that God (Allah) created the heaven and the Earth in 6 days. But the verses below stated-

    (Quran-41:9): Is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in Two Days ?

    (Quran- 41:10): He set on the (earth) Mountains standing firm high above it, and bestowed blessing on the earth, and measured therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in FOUR DAYS…

    (Quran-41:12): So He completed them (heavens) as seven firmaments in Two days and … Now do the math: 2(for earth) + 4(for nourishment) + 2 (for heavens) = 8 days; and not 6 days

    Quran-4:11-12 and 4:176 state the Qur’anic inheritance law. When a man dies, and is leaving behind three daughters, his two parents and his wife, they will receive the respective shares of 2/3 for the 3 daughters together, 1/3 for the parents together [both according to verse 4:11] and 1/8 for the wife [4:12] which adds up to more than the available estate. A second example: A man leaves only his mother, his wife and two sisters, then they receive 1/3 [mother, 4:11], 1/4 [wife, 4:12] and 2/3 [the two sisters, 4:176], which again adds up to 15/12 of the available property.

    In these verses above one can see the total property after adding all distributed parties adds up more than the available property, i.e., totals become more than 1 which are: 1.125 and 1.25. How come? A gross mathematical errors, is not it?

    5) Allah’s Days Equal to 1000 Years or 50,000 Years (?)

    Quran-22:47: Verily a day in the sight of the Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning. Quran-32:5: To Him, on a Day, the space whereof will be a thousands years of your rekoning Quran-70:4: The angels and the spirit ascend unto him in a day the measure whereof is Fifty thousands years. So, which one is it ? Is the day of Allah equal to 1,000 earth years or 50,000 earth years? (3) Sun-set and Sun-rise (?) Koran teaches us that the Sun sets in a muddy spring

    Quran-18:86: “Till, when he (the traveller Zul-qarnain) reached the setting-place of the Sun, he found it going down into a muddy spring…” Quran- 18:90: “Till, when he reached the rising-place of the Sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We had appointed no shelter from it”. There are serious scientific errors here. Firstly, it is scientifically accepted fact that, the Sun never goes down in a muddy spring or clear spring. Secondly, this seems to presuppose a FLAT Earth, otherwise how can there be an extreme point in the West or in the East? A sunrise there would be basically just the same as at any other place on this earth, at land or sea. It would still look as if it is setting “far away”. It does say, that he reached THE PLACE where the Sun sets and in his second Journey the place where it rises. Does any body need to go near rising or setting places to observe—sun-set or sun-rising? (4) A resting place for Sun: (?) Interestingly, wishful Mullahs claim that this resting place means the ultimate destruction of the Sun. Sorry, brothers you are dead wrong. Look what Quran says in the following Ayats:

    Quran-36:38: And the sun runneth on his course for a period determined for him; that is the decree of (Him). That is the measuring of the Mighty, the Wise. Quran-36:39: And for the moon We have appointed mansions till she return like an old shriveled palm leaf. Quran-36:40: “It is not for Sun to overtake the moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit.” (This they clearly meant for the Sun and Moon only).

    Maulana Yousuf Ali’s Tafsir: “The Arabic word “Mustaqarr” may mean (1) a limit of time, a period determined or (2) a resting place or quiescence; (3) a dwelling place. I think, the first meaning (a time period determined) is best applicable here. But some commentators take the second (a resting place). In that case, the simile would be that of the SUN running a race while he is visible to us, and taking a rest during the night to prepare himself to renew his race the following day. His (SUN) stay with the antipodes appears to us as his period of rest.(page:1178, Sura-36,by Yousuf Ali)”

    In the Ayat above (36:39), Quran tells us that, moon gradually changes its shape and eventually (till she return like an old shriveled palm leaf) becomes very thin (wear off Moon) like dried date leaf (crescent- shaped). Only Mullahs can tell us how much sciences are in this Ayat!

    6) A resting place for sun WAS CONFIRMED BY SAHI HADITHS

    Sahih Bukhari Hadiths: Abzur Ghifari (ra) narrated: one day Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) asked me, “Abzar do you know after setting where does Sun go?” I replied, I do not know, only Allah’s apostle can say better. Then Prophet (SA) replied, “After setting, the sun remains prostrated under Allah’s Aro’sh (Allah’s throne) and waits for Allah’s command for rising again in the East. Day will come when sun will not get any more permission from Allah to rise again and Qeyamot (dooms day) will fall upon earth”.

    Please see page # 1133 of Bengali Translated Quran by Maulana Muhiuddin Khan to see this Hadiths for yourself. You can find this Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Sharif. The Saudi King selected Maulana Muhiuddin to Translate Quran and millions of translated Quran have been distributed throughout the whole world. And 100% of all Bangladeshi Mullahs/Karis/Hafezes believe them by their heart.

    Can anybody tell me what is it? Can any Islam loving Brother tell us what is it? Does it tell us about the destroyed Sun after 15 Billions years later? Answer is a big NO! Fact is, it was the superstitious belief of ancient people reflected in the Quran and Hadiths by Allah. A 10 year old boy would not tell such fairy tale story today.

    7) Self-contradictory Quranic verses

    Which one is correct?

    • Quran-2:256: There is no Compulsion in religion…. OR

    • Quran-9:29: Fight those who do not profess the true faith (Islam) till they pay the poll-tax (jiziya) with the hand of humility.

    • Quran-9:5: Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them and take them captive, and besiege them and prepare for them each ambush….

    • Quran-47:4: When you meet the unbelievers in the Jihad strike off their heads….

    • Quran-2:191: And slay (kill) them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out such is the reward of those who suppress faith.

    • Quran-8: 65: O Apostle! Rouse the believers to the fight…(against) unbelievers.

    Very often apologetics claim that, Islam is a religion of peace and there is no compulsion. Yet, punishment of an apostate in Islam is, of course, death penalty.


    K: And Zakir Naik debates with qualified people.

    M: Qualified? I think a yoga teacher is unqualified and he argued with him so why cant he argue with me? A student interested in Vedas should approach a bonafide acharya and study under him and serve him to understand the purports of Vedic injunctions. Not just sit in some madrasah and quote things out of context without any understanding of the Vedas. its so pathetic !

    K: He will not spend his precious time coming to a junk like you. But if you claim on the net that you can defeat him then just go and meet him and schedule a debate with him. But you know what….you will be put at the receving end…just like all your hindu scholars have been at the receiving end while having debates with Muslim scholars.

    M: I have sent an email but no reply from him nor his company so if you can, pls ask him to contact me.. guess he is running scared huh?Hindu scholars arent put at the receiving end cos you muslims always preach to the less intelligent and smart hindus dont take up ur religion, because we have something superior. Why shld i give up my Rolls Royce to drive a hyundai?? doesnt make sense. Its because you muslims are envious of our religions which holds so much of knowledge and is so pure, you guys want to taint it. Just like an envious robber who plunders a rich man’s house.. OOPS.. i forgot you muslims did plunder all nations with your criminal activities by raping , stealing , murdering and slaughtering everyone. I really pity you brother. Now you guys have become even more advanced and have resorted to bombs.ALL HAIL ISLAM THE NUMERO UNO HATED RELIGION IN THE WORLD!

    K: And your gita tells you to kill plants and forbade you to kill animals… why is this discrimination ? Well…its not a discrimination.

    M: Discrimination is the better part of valor. Of course u gt to discriminate you smart being. If you dont discriminate, then you should have been having sex with everyone including one own’s mum wouldnt you? Sastra says that we can eat and what we should not. Although sometimes meat eating is condoned, it is to be done according to scriptural injunctions and not just eat whimiscally. Like i said before , why dont u just jump on a cow and eat!? Why do u have to maintain slaughterhouses? You cant even answer me because of my MOST IMPORTANT POINT – Your religion doesnt have enough substance to substantiate anything logical. that is all.

    Plants are meant for humans just like animals dont come to you and ask you for your food, so we should just leave animals to be eaten by the ones at the top of the food chain. But in ISLAM you guys KILL ANIMALS AND KILL HUMANS. IT is truly a wonderful KILLING RELIGION.

    K:Your fore-fathers and your sinful deities did not know that Plants have life. But Allmighty Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew that Plants have life thats why did not forbade eating of animals meat. And if you hindus do not like meat eaters then why do millions of hindus love to eat meat all the time ? Well…the answer is that previously all hindus were illiterate so they did not know that Plants also have life so if they can eat vegetables they can eat animals also. But Muslims ruled in India for centuries and christians also ruled in India for two centuries and so graually hindus realized that their fore-father’s ideology was a bullshit and that if they can eat plants they can eat animals meat as well.

    M: Yes this is Kaliyuga, where everything irreligion becomes religion. There will be an increase in crime, irreligion, war, danger, ppl will be shortlived.. etc.. All these are predicted by Bhavishya Purana.. Indians who are submissive by nature had to take it up by the influence , just like you are using the INTERNET because of influence of western culture. So influences are many and it doesnt mean that if they do something means they are right or wrong. ITs like saying that smashing aeroplanes into buildings is correct in stereotyping all Muslims are criminals because you Muslims have done it. Your logic is really dumb honestly.
    There is sanction in vedas regarding meat eating too, but there are rules and not whimsical eating like you ppl , maintaining slaughterhouses just to satiate your uncontrollable tongue. How can a tongue so impure which consumes flesh utter God’s names? I really dont understand. That is why Hinduism is on the decline, because few pious people are around these days. Cheating religions are on the rise..

    K: And Islam is the only first class religion in the world. If hinduism is considered as 9th class religion then that don’t mean Islam becomes 5th class. Islam has always been number one religion in the world and very soon it will be the only religion.

    M: Hahha…. and USA including India also. If Islam is unscientific and illogical then how come so many educated people from America, Europe, China, and even India are embracing Islam ? Now what does that goes to show ?

    M: Yes.. just like crime, rape is on the rise and everyone in the world is embracing these illicit activities, ISLAM is also the same. Less intelligent people embrace less intelligent religion. Even having sex with same gender is approved and increasing so does it means that it is right?? Going by the same logic.. Islam is right too..

    K: Why don’t a junk person like you can give it a thought ? Oh..sorry I forgot you are a kid of 6 years so how can I expect you to think of anything. You are at an age where you do not have to worry about anything. Well…just tell your parents to admit you in a good school.

    M: Yes maybe i should join your school, madrasah,to be precise and plot to kill everyone in the world. Dat will do the trick 🙂

    K: And all your scholars have failed to win a debate with Dr. Zakir Naik. Your scholars themselves do not know the correct translation of the vedas. Your scholars are afraid now because they know that what they have been hiding for centuries is now being exposed to public. They have been hiding the fact that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was prophecised in the vedas and puranas. No hindu can ever win a debate with a Muslim because Muslims follow a religion which is most scientific and most logical and you hindus follow a religion which has no reality, no true history…just imaginations and a faith which is a work of insane novel writers. So, now you hindus are in complete panic. You don’t know what to do now. Well…just relax ! No one is gonna kill you. Only thing which is gonna change is that now most of you will get rid of the imaginary religion and will embrace the true religion which is Islam. It will not happen like a magic but it is happening gradually and will ultimately swipe out the sinful hinduism.

    M: Well to be honest , none of your scholars have ever on the record debated and won our Acharyas. You debate with small time yoga teachers or someone who doesnt have any understanding of the True Vedic scriptures and you say you have defeated them? Any Acharya defeated by anyone till date?? None.. whereas acharyas have defeated many muslim arguments and we have won over by logic through scriptures and not by the SWORD . You have murdered so many people and converted them by force and yet you go around talking as if ISLAM is the best religion. The people of a religion reflect the religion. You muslims are hated everywhere and creating so much chaos from the birth of your religion so this just reflects on your prophet and ISLAM. Such a joke you guys…..

    Hinduism is a vast ocean and you guys are just a small drop. Just like a father will play a victim to his son, we Hindus just ignore your ramblings . As the dog barks the caravan moves on my dear. ALL HAIL ISLAM THE NUMERO UNO HATED RELIGION IN THE WORLD!

    K: And Allmighty Allah (SWT) chose an illiterate Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as his messenger because Allah knew that if he will chose a literate messenger then the infidels will claim that Quran was written by the messenger.

    M: Hahahh.. dats such a joke! He chose an illiterate cos any intelligent person would not take this religion up. Anyway it was written 20 years after your prophet died so everything was basically fabricated tales as you can see from the contradictions that i have stated earlier. It is not a scripture for the intelligent class i can tell you that for sure.Yous is just a small book wit little or no information but the Vedas is enormous and has everything ranging from maths, science, astronomy, astrology, medicine etc. So understand what is Superior and what is inferior and accept it with grace. Dont be like a small child crying “MUMMY” when the kid next door has a bigger and better toy than you have.

    K:See Allmighty knows everything and that is why he plans things accordingly. And we do not degrade God by saying he is imageless. Ofcourse, God is imageless. What you want us to say ?

    M: How can u say he is imageless when you describe him with characteristics? Allah has a mouth, has eyes, is compassionate etc.?? Why attribute attributes to a formless thing? Why not call your god “IT” or “THE THING ”
    You guys are hypocrites of the highest order because you cant accept God has form because your inferior intelligence doesnt allow you to. ALLah has eyes bt has no form. So basically you are saying .. I am a human but i dont have a form. STUPIDEST LOGIC I EVER HEARD.

    Further Proof that your Allah has form.Allah has personal relationships:

    He guides- (24.35)&(7.155)

    He punishes- (7.156) & (8.52) (7.165) (8.16)

    He protects and takes care- (2.257)(6.102)

    He teaches- (2.282)

    He remembers-(2.152)

    Allah has personal feelings:

    Allah loves-(3.159)(9.100)(9.117)

    Allah reciprocates with His personal devotees- Story about the messenger of God, Joseph that Allah narrated to the Holy Prophet Mohammad.(12.4-101)

    Certainly all this requires senses,mind and intelligence to be displayed hence we should at least start to think that Allah is a person also.

    Allah has personal desires:


    Allah has personal memory:


    Allah has personal features:

    10.21,10.32,10.60,12.100,12.98,14.47,20.5, 22.40,22.60,4.147,40.12

    Allah plays different personal parts:

    2.257,3.98,10.109,11.107,12.66, 13.16, 20.114, 22.78, 33.52, 2.233,35.31,59.23,59.24,6.57

    Allah has personal will:


    Allah is the living one:


    Allah has personal faculty of speech:


    Allah has personal faculty of hearing:


    Allah has personal faculty of sight:


    Allah has personal identity:


    Allah has personal knowledge:


    Allah is the best person[Bhagavan]


    Allah has a face:


    Allah has hands:


    Allah has an IMAGE:


    Even Bible says so:
    On the last day of creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). Thus, He finished His work with a “personal touch.” God formed man from the dust and gave him life by sharing His own breath (Genesis 2:7). Accordingly, man is unique among all God’s creations, having both a material (body) and an immaterial (soul / spirit) part.

    Having the “image” or “likeness” of God means, in the simplest terms, that we were made to resemble God.So God is a person but with spiritual nature not material nature which you guys cant comprehend . It is way beyond your religion.. its like asking a 6 year old to do quantum physics.

    K: Do you want us to say that God has elephant trunk on his nose, he has snakes lying on his shoulder, he has people’s head cut and lying on his arms. Well…you hindus wants to see God like this….isn’t it ? Well..yeah I know that. But trust me no Muslim, no Christian, no Jews will accept such an ugly look of god. Even if we try to make a very beautiful picture of God still we will not reach even 1% of the beauty of God and thats why we say that making an image of God is impossible…so God is imagless. And God do not need to marry…because God is God. And God is called “He” do not mean he is male. In Arabic “He” is used for superior also…so if you do not know much about Arabic language then better learn it first.

    M: Ganesh , Shiva,Durga are all servants of the Lord. They are called Devatas or demigods who are in charge of managing the different duties of the universe. They all are inferior to the one God – Sri Krishna.

    ” Krishna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes.” (Brahma Samhita 1)

    So remember , Lord Krishna is the supreme God but people call him by different names : Christ, Jehovah, Allah , God etc. So remember dat my friend.

    Looking forward for you to counteract my points. If you cant , then just surrender but I am sure you will again go and criticize my forefather etc.. but remember that your forefather was a hindu too. hahhaha.. So good luck!


  70. Mr. Marc the sinful hindu !

    First of all you wrote a big lie here. You wrote that Quran says this world was created in two days. This is a serious lie. No where in the Quran it says that Allmighty Allah (SWT) created this world in two days. In the Holy Quran, Allmighty Allah (SWT) has said “Allah has created this world in six Ayaams”. says six not two. So, first of all you are caught here. That shows your ignorance. That shows you don’t mind being a liar to degrade Islam. Well..keep it up !

    You did not answer many of my questions. Your answer to my question which was regarding the growing population of Islam sounds very very childish. You don’t have a good answer for that thats why you keep saying that “so what if Islam is growing, even gay sex is growing…so does that mean it is right ? See you are in absolute panic here. As you know that people do not wanna change their faith. Everybody wanna follow their faith. People opt to change their faith only if they see something very very impressive in other religion. Adopting alcohol, gay sex, gamblings…these are worldly things…these are materialism and human nature very frequently opt to incline towards these things but thinking of changing religion is not a materialistic thing. One changes his or her religion only if his or heart is awakened by some very impressive aspects of the other religion (the religion which he or she wanna embrace). So, whenever someone thinks of changing his or her religion then he or she thinks hundred times before converting. So, do not try to make a fool of yourself by giving such childish examples. But since you are a backward hindu who keep posting lies that hinduism is a very scientific and logical religion…although there is no science and no logic in your religion but keep crying like a child. So, it is very very difficult for you to accept that Islam is growing because it is the most impressive religion. You are calling me a child and you yourself giving childish answers….Hahaha….:) So, do not cry “Mummy” if you do not have a valid answer and if you have to use lies to defend your most backward religion. But again, this will not help your cause. Islam is growing and will continue to do so. And why don’t you think of one thing ? Suppose after 100 years no hindu is left in this world, all who were hindus embraced Islam then who will you criticize ? Well..this may sound funny to you but the speed at which Islam is growing suggests that it is not impossible. So, my advice to you is please do not cry “Mummy, Mummy”, instead of that go to each hindu individuals and stop them from embracing Islam. Because you know what ? if you continue crying “Mummy, Mummy”, its not gonna help you. If Muslims are better than you…do you think your Mummy can make you better than Muslims ? Your fore-fathers tried this for centuries and faced crushing do you think an illiterate, a liar, and a junk like you will succeed in doing so ? So, stop crying like a child. And start going to all hindu population and you have to try your level best to convince them not to convert to Islam (which you may succeed upto 1% or 2% percent only). So, do not waste your time. Start your mission from today.

    And yes Allmighty Allah can see but we humans cannot see him. So, if we cannot see him then we have never seen him then we have no right to make an image of Allmighty Allah (SWT). Almighty Allah sees, feels, but that do not mean Allah have to have an image. Allah is the name of God…and God is Allmighty. Do you know what “Allmighty” means ? Allmighty mean “who has all might”. So, Allah can see everything but Allmighty Allah do not have to have eyes like us to see. Allah can see without having eyes. You cannot compare the form of humans with the Allmighty Allah (SWT). Yes humans cannot see without an eye, cannot hear withour ears, cannot walk without feet, cannot eat without hand….but Allmighty Allah (SWT) do not need these things. He rules without having an image like humans. The Muslims, Christians, and jews know that once Prophet Moses (PBUH) requested Allmighty Allah that he wanna see Allah. Allah (SWT) told him that you cannot see me. But he kept requesting. When Prophet Moses (PBUH) insisted to see the Allmighty Allah then Allah just showed a glimpse of himself and when Allmighty Allah’s glimpse appeared the entire area started trembling and Prophet Moses (PBUH) fainted right away. So, the human’s eye is not strong enough to see the Allmighty Allah (SWT). But Allmighty Allah has promised that at the day of Judgement he will give great power to human eye and then humans will be able to see Allmighty Allah (SWT). Even your vedas say that “God is imageless” , God has no “pratima”. So, God has no image. But you fanatic hindus do not even follow your vedas. You hindus tend to incline towards gita more than the vedas. And due to gita you intuitive hindus believe that krishna is god. Now thats a biggest joke itself 🙂 Just because your fore-fathers wrote krishna is god do not mean that everyone in this world will accept him as god. How can a human being be a god, how can someone who is known for stealing women’s cloth while they take bath in the rivers and then hide behind trees and watch them come out naked be a god, how can someone who is knwon for seducing women and having sex with multiple women at a time be a god. You guys sound so stupid. But yet you do not realize it due to your ignorance.

    And if shiva, ganesha, and durga are the servants of god then why do you worship shiva, ganesha, and durga ? So, you hindus worship your god’s servant also…right ? Then what is the difference between your god and his servant’s ? See the whole world will laugh at you while reading this. And first of all that lusty krishna is not god….so if your krishna is not accepted as god by majority of world’s population then who will accept his servants ? So, please do not make the image of hinduism worst by posting your stupid comments on this site. I am afraid a good hindu might kill you if he or she come to know that you are degrading the image of hinduism by posting idiotic and foolish comments.

    And the answer which you gave for karma ideology is totally childish. In fact you did not say anything reasonable. You failed to prove that karma ideology is a truth and that it is accepted worldwide. And yes I was right when I said no one acknowledges karma ideology except illiterate hindus. Even the hindus who are intellectuals do not acknowledge this karma bullshit. Hindus who are intellectuals do not believe in such a crap. Intellectual hindus acknowledge Islam as the best religion and some of them embrace Islam and some do not due to hesitance to go against their fore-father’s religion.

    And at first you hindus sent sri sri ravishankar to debate with Zakir Naik. You were very enthusiastic that ravishankar will win the debate but when he Dr. Naik put him at the receiving end then you infidels started making excuse that ravishankar is just a yoga teacher and not a scholar of hinduism. Well…thats what you always do. You repeat the same excuse defeat after defeat. Thats your culture ! Just like when Dr. Naik exposed that bhavishya purana has Prophecised Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then you infidels came out with a fresh new fake translation in order to stop hindu population from accepting the truth. And yes Muslim scholars have always defeated hindu scholars in all debates. I myself watched Q TV and saw hindu scholars being crushed by Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat, Israr etc. And there were so many debates on different topics…including eating of vegetarian and non-vegetarian and in all those debates Muslim scholars came out triumphed. So, better not post such a lie that hindu scholars won against Muslim scholars. Do not even dream about it. And when your scholar’s lose then don’t come back with the same old stupid excuse that the hindu men was not a scholar and that he was a yoga teacher, or a rickshaw puller. When you lose it accept it right away….don’t be crying “Mummy”, “Papa”, if someone next door have a better toy……. 🙂 So, how you feel now ?

    And why do waste so much of your time putting a list of Quranic verses trying to prove that even according to Quran the Allmighty God has an image. Well..first of all you do not have to give me a list of Quranic verses as I have read Quran many times with translation. And secondly, yes Quran does say that God see everything, God feel everything, but that do not mean that Allmighty God have to have eyes to see anything, God have to have feet to walk, and God have to have hands to eat..etc. See the problem is that you guys think of god’s image in the same manner you see humans. God is far far superior….God do not need anything for doing anything. God can see without having an eye, God can reach any place without feet, God can speak without tongue. And now don’t come back to me and say that it is illogical. No, it is not illogical because we are talking about Allmighty God. We aren’t talking about humans who need eye to see, feet to walk, hands to eat, penis and ass to do sex and perform call of nature. We are talking about God who is not at all comparative to human beings. Who is far and far and far superior to everything. God created humans. So, if God start having same look as humans then what will be the difference between the Creator and the creatures ? But you hindus are so ignorant that you make ugly image of god…such as lingh, elephant trunk, dead people’s neck lying in goddess arms, and snake on shoulder. Don’t you people realize you are seriously insulting the Allmighty God ? Allmighty God do not have an ugly image. Allmighty Allah (SWT) is far beautiful…so beautiful, so powerful that no humans can see him. But Allah (SWT) has promised in Quran that he will give more power to our eyes at the day of judgement and then we will be able to see the glorious, the non-comparable Allmighty Allah (SWT). So, from now onward do not waste your time trying to prove from the Holy Quran that God has an image…..particularly the images which you make.

    If you want to dream of converting me then feel free to do so and waste your entire life. Your life is a waste anyway. Hardly any Muslim accepts hindusim but thousand and lakhs of hindus have accepted Islam and are continuing to do so. You can once again say that those are illiterate people who accept Islam….but thats childish of you. You are keeping yourself away from reality just to serve your ego.

    And yes Allmighty Allah chose Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as his messenger to avoid infidel’s claim of Prophet being the writer of the Holy Quran. No one ever fabricated Quran. Even the religious scholars and intellectuals from every religion has accepted that the Holy Quran was never interpolated or fabricated.

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was kept illiterate till the first verse of Quran appeared for not allowing infidels to criticize that Quran was a handiwork of the Prophet. And soon after the first verse was sent down Allmighty Allah (SWT) started educating Prophet through Gabriel. And who else other than Allmighty Allah (SWT) can educate a human better than a “Farishta”? So, our prophet did not remain illiterate. Allmighty Allah (SWT) taught Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) most highest education of religion, and art of living through Gabriel.

    And my last advice to you is to put your original name while posting comments. Why do you have to use a christian name “marc” to post your comment. Are you ashamed of being a hindu ? Don’t be ashamed. Be open hearted like a Musalmaan like me who always mentions his original and Muslim name and feels proud to do so.

  71. why should we “envy” u muslims??yes we “envy” u because the whole world hates your demonic religion..
    yes we “envy” you because islamic countries like pakistan , bangladesh and Afghanistan are sucessful countries which are superior to hindu india in all ways…

    Congress / CPI / CPM / DMK / RJD politicians who support minority appeasement to live in Kashmir or any Muslim dominated area with their family for a week without security and see how they are treated.
    – Congress / CPI / CPM / DMK / RJD politicians who support minority appeasement attend mosque or madrasa for a week and see how hatred against other religion is preached.
    – Congress / CPI / CPM / DMK / RJD politicians who support minority appeasement to stay in any Islamic country and find out what kind of freedom they get. Also they should take their media folks (CNN IBN, Tehelka, NDTV) with them.

    These secular parties to get muslim vote is making things worse for our next generation.

    Only way to stop them is vote against them and make people aware of their evil intensions.
    What happened in Sabarmati?,
    on Oct 27, 2007 05:15 AM |


    why not?
    on Oct 27, 2007 05:13 AM |

    I completely agree to the fact that the rest of the country including Congress and Tehelka and the so called Secularists are all biased against Hindus.. Not a single reporter or debate questioned the Muslims in the first place as to why they burnt a whole compartment in the first place. You do not ask the punisher why he punished, why not ever blame the people who burnt a whole train in the first place. Mr. Tejpal, I am sorry if you were expecting Accolades for this act of yours. For all you have proved is that Tehelka only wants to focus on the angle which can stir more debate and get more sympathy to the minority. Show me one country where minorities are such pampered but more than that the majorities are hated. If you are a true son of your mother, why dont you show your balls by doing an actual operation and find out why the Train Compartment was burnt in the first place. Why never but in 2002 did Hindus react. And until you do that, why dont you keep that wide hole of yours SHUT

  72. now that i gave proof from ur Koran for your pedophile muhammed aka Mahund ..u may give your bottom to some mullah to bugger ur ass hole

  73. Hi Mussalman the Madman

    HAHHAAAA!! I cant believe that you cannot defeat my argument in point when i quoted from your koran so many times… so i guess now you have accepted defeat? And also I think you should brush up your english, you sound like a total illiterate. Oh ya i forgot you are actually indeed following a mlechha religion so no surprise there. so first go to a proper school and learn some english cos i really hate wasting my time with fools who cant even write simple english. If you want to argue, do it like a man and not like a 6 year old kid. By the way do you need a sword to kill me??

    And by the way my real name is Marc and I have embraced Hinduism you imbecile, unlike you who knows nuts even about your own religion. I think i know more than you. I have quoted so many of your verses and contradictions yet you cld not even answer any on of them. You dont even have a clue on how to tackle arguments. But then again you are a muslim and you lack that intelligence. Its ok, only God can help you, but in which case you dont even know how or who he is?? 🙂

    You claim that your God created in 6 days but why does your Koran say :
    (Quran-41:9): Is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in Two Days ?
    You see!!?? u are a fool who follows a faulty scripture. All you guys know to do is kill people, rape women, slaughter people and bomb buildings, so dont go and talk about your religion being number one .. maybe its number one from the bottom!:)
    Also if you are proud to be a muslim , i am surprised cos you guys are the number one hated religion in the world. If anyone sees a muslim, they will either walk away or spit at them. bt nice to know you like being spat at or cursed at. hahaha!!

    You say that you cant see Almighty God, yes i agree with you. Cos you guys are all sinners. that is why for you God cant be seen, we are pious people and for them God appears and has a form – SAT CHIT ANANDA. Just like you say God doesnt have eyes but can see , God doesnt have feet but can walk etc..
    Going by the same logic , why cant God have form and no form. Since we both agree that God is Almighty, why cant Almighty have a form ? Why are you limiting him to formless. My stand is God has a form and he can also appear as formless. In vedic scriptures, God is defined in 3 stages:
    First Brahman, second Paramatma, third Bagavan.
    Brahman is the impersonal aspect where he is just Light, second aspect is higher as God is perceived as the supersoul in every body;s body as the witness to the soul and lastly and that is the best understanding that God is Bhagavan- The Supreme Personality of Godhead who has a spiritual form . So our understanding encompasses the unlimitedness and the true power of the real God . But for you , all you know is to keep on vomitting that he has no form etc etc.. when i have given so many quotes from your koran of his personal aspect. Till date you havent counteracted any arguments nor have sounded like an intelligent person who can string more than 2 sentences properly. So really i am ashamed of myself for engaging in such a ludicrous conversation with a person of such despicable nature. Basically So your understanding is unclear as your intelligence cant absorb transcendental issues. God’s form is spiritual hence he doesnt have material form like us, so if you muslims cant even understand this, then you better come to us and learn. But you are envious beings who want to annihilate the whole world just to make your religion look good.

    You talk abt deedat.. that guy was paralysed for so many years before he died so sinfully. This is a case in point establishing KARMA. Why is it that your so called DEEDAT who preached about your so called ISLAM and muslims look up to him die such a miserable death?? This is pure KARMA .. IF DEEDAT is so good and such a pious and faithful God’s servant and muslim why did GOD punish him that he became paralysed and cant speak?? I guess your GOD Is ANGRY and NOT MERCIFUL to muslims?? SO i guess ALLAH is not god because if he was GOD how can he allow Deedat to die so pathetically.. now i dont have to go further on how Karma works right?
    WAHAHAHAH!!!! You got caught in your own mess mussalman the madman!

    As for zakir he hasnt defeated any acharyas so dont go and rattle stupid nonsense like you are doing. Intelligent hindus are laughing at Zakir’s arguments because they are so lame. He copied his arguments from deedat and next in line will be zakir but i CHALLENGE ZAKIR to have a debate with me on comparative religion but i am sure as usual he only picks yoga teachers and small time cheating punks. Maybe zakir and yourself should be talking to my niece who is 16 years old and she is a yoga teacher. You can defeat her also.. hahaha.. cmon mussalman you should get someone of your own size and not pick poor ravishankar .. he knows nuts abt scriptures. he is mr pranayama not mr sastra.

    As for devata worship, every deity has a specific purpose. Humans do it for certain aspects for material gains hence prescription is given individually. Hinduism is very open and its not as rigid as you. Independence is given to devotees to worship according to their nature.

    But why do you guys worship Shiva linga in kabaah. You are idol worshippers. YOu kiss the stone, worship the black stone and face the stone to pray from anywhere in the world. You are hypocrites. Why do you worship the Black stone of kabbah? Isnt that idol worship? Are you saying that black stone is allah? If yes then your your arguments end here as Allah has a form and if you say No, that is not Allah, then you are worshipping something other than Allah which according to your religion is wrong! So both ways you are caught with your pants down .

    Just like you muslims have so many sects, shiites and sunnis, ahmadiyas etc and many other else who have difference of opinions so do Hindus and other religions of the world. Everyone has the inclination to worship deities according to their nature. The modes of nature are classified into sattvic, rajas and tamas hence people of nature are also of similar nature. You wont understand all these cos you dont have the brains for that. As for Krishan leela we cant speak to people like you who dont know what LIla means.. like i said to understand vedas you have to be a student not some loser who cant even write properly and quotes zakir and deedat when both these 2 jokers know nuts abt vedas.

    Hinduism gives their followers liberty and not kills people like your religion. We are a religion of love and peace and not MURDERERS.

    Your prophet is illiterate and he preached to the less intelligent and barbaric. If you take a closer look, even now , muslims arent that intelligent . The only thing they have is oil. Qur’an states a martyr is guaranteed both total forgiveness of his sins and eternal life in paradise. In this so-called paradise, he can drink wine and be married to as many as 72 beautiful, sensual virgins. What kind of god rewards a man for killing innocent women and children with a herum of females serving as eternal, sexual-slaves?
    Such perverse religion dont u think so ??? No wonder you like it since you like having sex with virgins dont you bt the truth is you are gg to hell!!!
    “I am the prophet that laughs when killing my enemies.” (Hadith)
    Who will laugh and kill???!!! My God ! You guys are so evil!!



  74. slamists are testing the tolerance level of Indians. A number of examples can be cited. Their recent violent attack on Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen is one. Change is the law of nature and there are no exceptions to it, not even in Quranic Law – the Shariat. Yet, there are millions of Islamic fundamentalists and other Islamists who shun reforms.

    Today, in the entire world outside of the ummah, Islam is hated. Muslims are most unwelcome in the US, Europe and Australia. In China’s Sikiang province they are dealt with a heavy hand. In more than 24 countries, they are in a warlike situation. In Iraq, for months now, there are more than 100 casualties a day. Similar conditions are reported from Afghanistan and the NWFP in Pakistan. The only Muslim majority State of India, Jammu & Kashmir, too, is gripped by Islamic terrorism.

    An insightful administrator of colonial India had once noted on the file that “Muslims are a tyrant majority and troublesome minority”. It can safely be said that Muslim society has lost 60 years of opportunity of reforms in independent India, the most favourable country. There may be numerous reasons for this.

    Lack of reformist leadership, ghettoisation, Muslim votebank politics and the grip of fundamentalists over their societal behaviour. Muslim political parties, too, are unfavourable to a reformist leadership.

    The Congress has long fed the Muslim society with ever increasing appeasements. Before 1947, it did so in the name of Hindu-Muslim unity and afterwards for getting votes. Its unity efforts resulted in Partition and bloodbath of innocent people. Its votebank measures resulted in intensively competitive votebank politics.

    It was by sheer chance that the Congress came to power in May 2004 and embarked upon the appeasement policy yet again. The first task it performed after coming to power was ordering repeal of POTA. The result of its competitive votebank policy was seen in the Kerala Assembly which unanimously passed a resolution for the release of Maulana Madni. This week, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has demanded the enactment of law for women as per the Shariat. It has not done any good to Muslims in the past nor is it likely to do so in the future.

    Through violent activities, the Muslim society is drifting away from the mainstream. After all, any act of riot, violence or terrorism leaves an impression on Indians. Recall, when Afzal Guru, chief conspirator of the attack on Parliament, was given death sentence by Supreme Court after a three-tier judicial process. Objections were raised by Congress Chief Minister of J&K Ghulam Nabi Azad. Now, he may die in jail but will not be hanged. One can also recall that it was this attack over which India and Pakistan were on the brink of war.

    Coming to Taslima Nasreen. She went to Hyderabad to release the Telegu edition of her book. The Muslim fundamentalist organisation MIM organised an attack on her at the Press Club. Video clippings show MIM people attacking her and the hosts trying to protect her. To cap it all, the police registered a case against Taslima for creating communal disharmony and hurting Islam. The cops gave in to the wishes of MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi.

    The Minority Commission condemned the incident but, at the same time, recommended not to extend Taslima’s visa. Taslima advocated for women’s rights. Her book Lajja was a hit. The Andhra Pradesh High Court, while dealing with the PIL filed against her, issued notices to Police Commissioner of Hyderabad, Union Home Secretary and State Home Secretary. The MIM leaders regretted that they could not kill her. They threatened that if she came to Hyderabad again, she would be done to death. Till now, nobody has apologised to her for the security lapse. In Bangladesh she is unwelcome. She wants an Indian citizenship. Surprisingly, the so-called champions of human rights and freedom of expression are quiet this time.

    A couple of years back, a Danish newspaper published a series of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed provoking worldwide Islamist protests. India had nothing to do with the cartoons. Yet, protesters in Lucknow attacked and killed traders. An Islamist leader offered Rs 51 crore to anyone who would kill the cartoonist.

    Salman Rushdie wrote Satanic Verses. Iran’s Islamists vowed to pay huge money to the one who killed Rushdie. The Japanese translator of the book was killed. Publishers and booksellers, too, were in the firing line. India did nothing except banning the book. Many people in India were killed in protest demonstrations. That is how they resist reforms that come their way.

  75. Videhi…where in the Quran does it say that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a pedophile ? Allmighty Allah (SWT) has praised Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in many verses of the Quran. But since you are a fanatic hindu who does not know anything about Islam and who do not want to understand Islam. You guys do not want to understand Islam. Your purpose of discussion here is to bring out flaws in Islam. But you point out flaws in Islam by posting lies. And we Muslims do not give our bottom to someone but since you are a hindu and its your hereditery habit to get big ones in your ass hole…so continue doing so. Get a lusty sadhu and give him your dirty ass hole so that he can make it more dirty.

    Marc…now I have a big confusion ! Are you a hindu who got away from christianity as you saw too many errors in christianity or are you a christian who left hinduism as you saw too many flaws in hinduism ? Which one is you ? If what you said is right then the question is why haven’t you changed your name as yet ? Why don’t you have a hindu name as yet ? Are you ashamed that you embraced a polytheistic religion leaving a Monotheistic religion ? Well..whatever it is but there is certainly something wrong with your character.

    And please do not try to deviate the main topic by blaming my english. If you are not able to answer my questions and if you cannot answer my question clearly then just accept your defeat and do not deviate the topic just because you are losing. And yes I can win a debate with your niece or cousin…but can you win with them ? I don’t think you can even defeat them. You sound worst than a 6 year child. So, I cannot even advice you to fight with a 6 years child because that child will also defeat you. So, I think its better you take on a 2 years child. Then you might win. And if my english is not very good then let it be. Just because your english is a lil better than me does not mean that you will mislead people by posting lies about Islam and boost your imaginary religion through unathentic points. Your knowledge of english might be good but you have no knowledge about science, and logic because if you had then you would not be practising hinduism. And who knows that you are writing on your own. Maybe you have someone sitting beside you to support you with words to make your ugly sentences look good. But I do not need to do that. As we Muslims hate cheating, and hypocrisy. Suppose there are two person. First person’s english is good but he is a liar…and the second person’s english is not that good but he is honest. So, does that mean the person with strong english will be allowed to speak lies and the second person’s speech will be denied just because his or her english is not as good as the liar ? No…it don’t work like that. And first of all who knows its you writing or you have someone feeding words for you. But anyway, even if it is you still that does not mean you have the authority to post lies on this forum.And my english is not that bad either. People who read on this forum cand understand me very clearly. And if you claim you are intelligent than me then you should be ashamed as you are facing defeat against a less knowledgeable enemy ? If a less knowledgeable (according to you only….does not mean it is true, but for the sake of your childish stubbornity) can easily defeat you as you have failed to answer to my questions then just imagine what will happen to you if a very knowledgeable Muslim stands against you ? You might commit suicide when you see yourself facing crushing defeat in the hand of a Muslim.

    Yesterday I did not specifically say anything about the (41:9) verse as I thought you are an infidel who is looking for flaws in Islam and whatever I say will not be accepted by you as your ego won’t allow you to accept it. And I still don’t wanna explain the verses of Quran to you because we Muslims do not need to explain anything to you evil hindus because your religion is widely accepted as an evil religion then why should a follower of Islam, a religion which is being embraced by thousands and lakhs every year would waste time explaining something to you. So, I really do not wanna explain it to you….but I do not want the readers to feel that an evil infidel posted a lie and Muslims did not respond to him. So, for the sake of other readers I am posting answer to your question regarding Quranic Verse (41:9). And although I know very well that you will still come back with your stupidity and since you are looking for flaws in Islam and you are here just to criticize islam and not for understanding Islam so you are ought to come back with more criticism…but believe me we Muslims don’t give a crap no matter how stupid and how evil you act. So, just for the sake of other readers I am posting answer to your stupid question:

    Read below:

    The Holy Qur’an says that the heavens and the earth were created in 6 days i.e. 6 epochs and it is mentioned in

    Surah Al A’raf chapter 7 verse 54

    “Your Guardian-Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draweth the night as a veil o’er the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds!”

    Surah Yunus chapter 10 verse 3

    “Verily your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority), regulating and governing all things. No intercessor (can plead with Him) except after His leave (hath been obtained). This is Allah your Lord; Him therefore serve ye: will ye not receive admonition?”

    Surah Hud chapter 11 verse 7

    “He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days – and His Throne was over the waters – that He might try you, which of you is best in conduct. But if thou wert to say to them, “Ye shall indeed be raised up after death”, the Unbelievers would be sure to say, “This is nothing but obvious sorcery!”

    Surah Al Furqan chapter 25 verse 59

    “He Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is between, in six days, and is firmly established on the Throne (of Authority): Allah Most Gracious: ask thou, then, about Him of any acquainted (with such things)”.

    Surah Al Sajdah chapter 32 verse 4

    “It is Allah Who has created the heavens and the earth, and all between them, in six Days, and is firmly established on the Throne (of Authority): ye have none, besides Him, to protect or intercede (for you): will ye not then receive admonition?”.

    Surah Qaf chapter 50 verse 38

    “We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in Six Days, nor did any sense of weariness touch Us”.

    Surah Al Hadid chapter 57 verse 4

    “He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days, and is moreover firmly established on the Throne (of Authority). He knows what enters within the earth and what comes forth out of it, what comes down from heaven and what mounts up to it. And He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah sees well all that ye do.”

    Readers – The verses of the Qur’an which according to marc say that the heavens and the earth were created in 2 days are Surah Fussilat chapter 41 verses 9 to 12

    (verse 9, chapter 41) “Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two (2) days? And do ye join equals With him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds;

    And readers – please read what the Holy Quran says in the very next verse and then read all the explanation written below so that you can understand very clearly. In the very next verse the Holy Quran says:

    (verse 10, chapter 41) “He set on the (earth) mountains standing firm, High above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measured therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, In four (4) days, in accordance with (the needs of) Those who seek (sustenance).”

    (verse 11, chapter 41) “Moreover, He Comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke. He said to it and to the earth. “Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly. They said: “We do come (Together), in willing obedience.”

    (Verse 12, Chapter 41) “So He completed them as seven firmaments in two days and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command and We adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the decree of (Him) the exalted in might, full of knowledge.”

    So dear readers – If you analyse these verses carefully, it speaks about 2 different creations: the earth and the heaven. The earth excluding the mountains was created in 2 days and the mountains were set on the earth standing firm and blessed and measured its sustenance in 4 days. Therefore the earth along with the mountains was created in 6 days.

    Allah says in the beginning of this verse that those who exploit this information contained in this passage to raise doubts about its authenticity are equally interested in promulgating blasphemy and denying His unity. Allah is telling us that in course of time, there will emerge unbelievers who will make use of this apparent contradiction.

    Heavens and the Earth created simultaneously

    The Qur’an describe the creation of the universe in several places, sometimes it says the heavens and the earth (7:54, 10:3, 11:7, 25:59, 32:4, 50:38, 57:4) while in other places it says earth and the heaven (49:9-12, 2:29, 20:4)
    Similarly in Surah Al-Baqara chapter 2 verse 29

    “It is He Who hath created for you all things that are on earth; Then He turned to the heaven and made them into seven firmaments. And of all things He hath perfect knowledge.”
    [Al-Qur’an 2:29]

    “It is who has created for you all things on the earth summa simultaneously made the heaven into seven firmaments”.

    What marc did was that he mentioned only verse 9 of chapter 41 and he skipped verse 10, 11 and 12 because he knew if he mention them then he will not be able to mislead people on the net.

    Now I have explained the verses of Quran regarding creation of the earth very clearly. Those who have brain and those are good thinkers will understand my points in no time but the egoistic and evil infidels will not understand anyway. Its their destiny not to understand the truth. So, Hail to hinduism…hail to evil followers of hinduism…hail to marc..the mad christian turned hindu !

  76. Videhi – its not surprising that you are a supporter of BJP and RSS. We Muslims know that any hindu who is fanatic by nature supports these communal organizations. And you have no proof that the train apartment in godhra was burnt by Muslims. It is a false allegation and no one has still provided a true proof that it was burnt by Muslims. In fact some unofficial sources say that it was an accident. But you evil hindus keep saying “Muslims burnt it, Muslims burnt it” just to justify the killings of innocent Muslims by fanatic hindus under the supervision of a bastard chief minister. No matter how injustice the government turns to Muslims you evil hindus will not accept it as a discrimination. Well…we are not asking you to be just in your approach because we know it won’t happen. And taslima nasreen’s lajja was a hit because you evil hindus made that a hit. When 70 crore people will read a book it will be come a hit in that country anyway. Isn’t it ? You are always looking for books like this where you can find criticism about Islam. But these cheap acts are not helping you sinners. Islam is the most loved religion worldwide inspite of so many problems. Islam is being loved that is why millions of people from around the world have embraced Islam in last 6 years. And conversion to Islam has grown rapidly soon after 9/11. So, your claim that Islam is the most hated religion is completely false. In fact, hinduism is the most rejected religion at present world. People do not even wanna know any further about hinduism. People already know that it is a religion based on some insane deities. So, if hinduism is the most rejected religion that means it is the most hated religion too. People reject things only if they don’t like it. And who in this scientific world would spare his or her precious time listening to evil hindus who have no clue about God’s divinity and base their argument on imaginations and fanatasies. And remember, Islam is the most appreciated religion because most people are coming towards Islam. No one wanna come towards hinduism and that is sufficient enough that hinduism is the most disliked religion. So, do not bark like a dog (hindu) in the middle of the road if nobody is paying attention to you.

  77. Ahmed Deedat was paralysed that do not mean he was paralysed due to his karma. If you continue to say that everyone in this world who suffers from Cancer, Diabetes, paralyse, and so many other disease is due to their karma then everyone who read your comment will have no doubt that about you being a complete non-sense. So, do not try to prove the fake ideology of karma by vomitting non-sense.

    And we Muslims do not worship the Holy ‘Kaaba’. Yes we kiss the stone but kissing don’t mean worshipping. We men kiss our wives and women kiss their husband…so does that mean they worship each other ? No,…husband and wives do not worship each other but they love each other. So, we love the stone of ‘Kaaba’ because it was built by Prophet Abraham (PBUH) and his son Prophet Ismail (PBUH) as Allmighty Allah (SWT) instructed them. And we Muslims from all around the world face ‘Kaaba’ during Namaaz (Prayer) for the purpose of unity. So, if you can understand this then its good for you but if you cannot understand then go and make ugly idols using mud, bamboo, and stones and worship them so that you can be thrown to hell soon after your death alongwith krishna, rama, pandavs (your past dieties), and advani, manohar joshi, bal thackeray (your present dieties).

  78. A person with commonsense will say that ur Mohammad is a Pedophile .

  79. give me proof that sane ,kind,highly intelligent people who have no mental illness are joining islam. please

  80. Please don’t think tat if u repeat lies a million times it will become truth .

  81. All praise to Munnawar the Mussalman, Who doesn’t know how to argue in a systematic fashion, one who doesn’t know his own scriptures, one who cant rebut my points till date, and whose command of the English language seems like he should go for some schooling instead of making a fool of himself and his religion in this forum. I don’t hate ISLAM as I have good muslim friends but really you guys don’t have a case to argue and worse still you really are too dumb to argue on ISLAM when you cant counteract my points submitted in my previous posts. You should perhaps join osama and just be another stupid jihadist. Hahha!
    My replies:
    1) Yes I am a hindu converted from Christianity . Hinduism has much more vast knowledge than both Christianity and islam combined. Your books are too small and profess too little knowledge , even though I feel Christianity has really more juice than ISLAM which teaches nothing substantial. There is no intellectual ideals or theories which I fancy. And worse still there are so many contradictions in your scriptures which till date you choose to ignore. Only a pathetic person will do that.. oopps.. I forgot you are one! Hahh!
    2) The only person who should be ashamed here is you because you are a mussalman and its stated that in the Bhavishya purana which your hero zakir often quotes but misses out , is that yours is a barbaric religion. PLs see:
    3) I AM AT THIS POINT SO PROUD TO HE A HINDU! And ISLAM is the number one hated and despised religion in the world with those who are converting are of little intelligence. You can see that most muslim countries and how they are sustaining themselves… without oil you guys are toast!
    Now again lets look how stupid your argument is:
    You said:” Suppose there are two person. First person’s english is good but he is a liar…and the second person’s english is not that good but he is honest. So, does that mean the person with strong english will be allowed to speak lies and the second person’s speech will be denied just because his or her english is not as good as the liar ? “
    M: Well you are assuming everything isn’t it and you are again creating nonsensical arguments which just reiterates that I am wasting my time here. If I am a liar just defeat my points in my previous mails with proper logic and explanation through scriptural injunctions. Don’t be too quick to down a person when he finds credible faults in your religion. Muslims have been converting people through ages by killing and conquering. And right now what you are doing is just showing the true side of ISLAM- NON TOLERANCE! The truth is YOU ARE AN UNQUALIFIED PERSON to argue with me or anyone in this forum because you cannot counteract our point or justify the mass killings and atrocities of ISLAM, the apparent contradictions in your scripture and your complete failure in portraying ISLAM as the best religion.And finally you call me infidel when you cant answer my questions.. hahah! You are a joke man! You just go on and on but you simply aren’t able to convince anyone not even Vaidehi whom I must say is doing a damn good job! I agree wit what she is saying. Doesn’t mean you say ISLAM is the best a million times doesn’t make it the best! Worse still, you write at best like a 10 year old. You should probably go back to school. Not being adhominem but I think you need this.

    4) You point that thousands of people are embracing islam everyday, so you mean to say that when people join something it means it is bonafide and Good right?
    So by your own stupid logic :
    People are accepting Abortion as a norm and rate around the world is increasing – GOOD!
    Increasing alcoholism and drug abuse around the world – GOOD!
    Increased rate of homosexuality and prostitution – GOOD!
    Increasing terror activities and people willing to die without a reason – GOOD!
    More people resorting to crime and doing illicit activities to get rich – GOOD!

    And by the way if that is the case, Yoga which is derived from the Vedas and Patanjali is being embraced and practice by nearly everyone and is a growing phenomenon. I have so many muslim friends who also go for Yoga classes. So does that mean that Hinduism is the most prominent and popular religion in the world because Yoga is derived from Patanjali and vedic scriptures and everyone is practicing yoga including you muslims as your prayers namaaz is a vedic yoga asana?hahah! YIPEE!!!! You are a hindu now my dear brother ! SAY HARE KRISHNA!!! Hahah!!
    The difference between Hindus and you guys are that we are tolerant and we don’t “HOO HAA”like you guys do/ Like I said , we know we have the best religion , system and scriptures with vast amount of knowledge and we are confident. Hindus don’t go around condemning other religions like you guys do. But only people who are envious and have low self esteem because their religions have nothing will bark and murder people like you guys are doing! You have been doing that for years and I am sure you will do even more for years to come!

    5) Well as for your point in the creation of 6 days? Then why is it that you never countered the other points ? I know the answer! Because you are too dumb for that and your scripture does have genuine flaws.
    (Quran-41:9): Is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in Two Days ?
    You mean to say that the one who wrote the Koran is not smart enough to differentiate between the earth and mountains?
    (Quran-41:9): Is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in Two Days ?
    (Quran- 41:10): He set on the (earth) Mountains standing firm high above it, and bestowed blessing on the earth, and measured therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in FOUR DAYS…
    (Quran-41:12): So He completed them (heavens) as seven firmaments in Two days and … Now do the math: 2(for earth) + 4(for nourishment) + 2 (for heavens) = 8 days; and not 6 days

    But really I am still waiting for my other points to be countered. You happily chose to ignore because you know what- YOU DON’T HAVE A CASE AND YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR OWN RELIGION THEN COME AND START CONDEMING OTHERS.

    6) Ahmad Deedat as you said wasn’t paralysed by Karma. So what else? Hahah! Maybe its Allah who wanted deedat to suffer miserably and die?? Such a good preacher he was but too bad he couldn’t speak and had to die like a dirtbag!Why? If really you said Allah is so merciful and kind he should be even kinder to the person who is speaking his message isn’t it? Why then did he die like a dog who got hit by a car in the mouth?? Cant speak and lying helplessly?? And maybe you can suggest some reasons for the following too:
    • Babies born blind, deaf , dumb – does it mean God is merciless?
    • Babies born and their parents die leaving them all alone – God is merciless?
    • Kids who can recite verses from books without even reading them in their life, while some kids cant even read– God is bias?
    • People remembering their
    • Innocent people including muslims being killed by ISLAM terrorists around the world – GOD is cruel and want all his children to die.
    • Millions of African kids dying cos of poverty : GOD is cruel
    • Recent Bangladesh;s cyclone death toll was 2000 with all muslims – GOD doesn’t like Muslims and want them killed?

    SO give me a logical explanation for all of these please , if not just shut your gap and do the yoga posture – NAMAZ ! This really shows how completely ignorant you are. It just shows reiterates that those who eat meat cant grasp spiritual knowledge and cant touch the Vedas. They are called mlecchas. So pls stick to your islam as we really don’t need tasmasic people who want to fight and bicker abt everything when all we want is peace around the world with every single religion and being. Not some terrorist waiting to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in their faith/// HUH!!!
    7) Why do you need to face the kabah to show unity? You mean if you muslims face somewhere else you will fight amongst yourself? That’s a dumb logic isn’t it? Bt coming from you its no surprise. People revere the black stone in kabbah because he is none other than Shiva ! You muslims are followers of Vedic gods but you have polluted the system because mohd wanted it otherwise.

    The word Kaaba came from the Tamil Language which
    originated around 1700BC. In Tamil Nadu Kabaalishwaran temple is Lord Shiva’s temple and Kabaali refers to Lord Shiva. The black stone at Kaaba is held sacred and holy in Islam and is called “Hajre Aswad” from the Sanskrit word Sanghey Ashweta or Non-white stone. The Shiva Lingam is also called Sanghey Ashweta.

    The pedestal Maqam-E-Ibrahim at the centre of the Kaaba is octagonal in shape. In Hinduism, the pedestal of Brahma the creator is also octagonal in shape. Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba temple go around it seven times. In
    no other mosque does the circumambulation prevail. Hindus invariably circumambulate or Pradakshina, around their deities. This is yet another proof that the Kaaba shrine is a pre- Islamic. In Shiva temples Hindus always practice circumambulation or Pradakshina.Just as in Hinduism, the custom of circumambulation by muslim pilgrims around the entire Kaaba building seven times shows that the claim that in Islam they don’t worship stones is
    not true. In Sanskrit languageAllah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a goddess or mother. The term ‘ALLAH’ forms part of Sanskrit chants invoking goddess Durga, also known as Bhavani, Chandi and Mahishasurmardini. The Islamic word for God is., therefore, not an innovation but the ancient Sanskrit appellation retained and continued by Islam.

    The King Vikramaditya inscription was found on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, proving beyond doubt that the Arabian Peninsula formed a part of his Indian Empire. (Ref: page 315 of a volume known as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ treasured in the Makhtab-eSultania library in Istanbul, Turkey). King Vikrama’s preachers had succeeded in spreading the Vedic Hindu sacred scriptures in Arabia and Arabs were once followers of the Indian Vedic way of life. The annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca and the present annual hajj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is of earlier pre-Islamic congregation. . Even to this day ancient Siva emblems can
    be seen. It is the Shankara (Siva) stone that Muslim pilgrims reverently touch and kiss in the Kaaba.. If muslims don’t worship or except anything other than Allah why kiss a stone and go to kabba to see it? Allah is formless so why go see a form in the form of a stone? This shows the hypocrisy in full fledge.

    Muslims shave their head and beard and don special sacred attire that consists of twoseamless sheets of white cloth. One is to be worn round the waist and the other over the shoulders. Both these rites are remnants of the old Vedic practice of entering Hindu temples clean and with holy seamless white sheets.

    A few miles away from Mecca are a big signboard which bars the entry of any non-Muslim into the area. This is a reminder of the days when the Kaaba was stormed and captured solely for the newly established faith of Islam. The object in barring entry of non-Muslims was obviously to prevent its recapture. Kaaba is clothed in a black shroud. This custom also originated from the days when it was thought necessary to discourage its recapture by camouflaging it.

    The Hindu Vedic letter in Sanskrit “OM” if seen in a mirror one can see the Arabic
    numbers 786 and this is the most sacred number for Muslims and copies of the Arabic Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them. In their ignorance simply they do not realize that this special number is nothing more than the holiest of Vedic symbols misread and none of the Arabic scholar has been able to determine how they chose 786 as the sacred for them. In short muslims are also going around Siva Lingam at Kaaba, seven times as Hindus go around it seven times.

    In India the crescent moon is always painted across the forehead of the Siva
    symbol. Since that symbol was associated with the Siva emblem in Kaaba it came to begrafted on the flag of Islam

    Another Hindu tradition associated with the Kaaba is that of the sacred stream Ganga(sacred waters of the Ganges river). According to the Hindu tradition Ganga is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, Ganga must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fount exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded as Ganga since
    pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water).
    So please forgive me oh worshipper of Lord Shiva, the Hindu God! I am sorry if I had hurt you for you worship Lord Shiva . All glories to you my dear Hindu brother! Welcome to the world of True religion!

    Honestly I think im wasting my time in this forum, cos DAMN!! You are just another dumb joker in the drain for me.

    Your Hindu brother

  82. The Hindu more than others, and the Hindu priests more than ordinary Hindus, Swami Vivekananda recounts, became the targets of slaughter:

    “To the Mussulman, the Jews or the Christians are not objects of extreme detestation; they are, at the worst, men of little faith. But not so the Hindu. According to him, the Hindu is idolatrous, the hateful kafir; hence in this life he deserves to be butchered; and in the next, eternal hell is in store for him. The utmost the Mussulman kings could do as a favour to the priestly class — the spiritual guides of these kafirs — was to allow them somehow to pass their life silently and wait for the last moment. This was again, sometimes considered too much kindness! If the religious ardour of any king was a little more uncommon, there would immediately follow arrangements for a great yajna by way of kafir-slaughter.” (IV. 446).

    History accordingly turned gory with the coming of Islam to India, the Swami says:

    “You know that the Hindu religion never persecutes. It is the land where all sects may live in peace and amity. The Mohammedans brought murder and slaughter in their train, but until their arrival, peace prevailed. Thus the Jains, who do not believe in a God and who regards such belief as a delusion, were tolerated, and still are there today. India sets the example of real strength that is meekness. Dash, pluck, fight, all these things are weakness.” (V. 190).

  83. cod**** is a friend of FFI. He posed as someone interested in Islam and Jihad. The Muslim with whom he chatted unabashedly claimed that Zakir Naik is running a terrorist training camp where young Muslims are indoctrinated and taught how to use guns and explosives and then sent home to wait for the call.

    cod*** (8:56:07 AM): asalamualikum wa rahamatullah
    beeran_koya2001 (8:56:21 AM): wa alaikum asslam
    cod***(8:56:31 AM): im not a muslim
    cod*** (8:56:34 AM): but want to be one
    cod*** (8:56:37 AM): how ?
    cod*** (8:56:44 AM): i wanna fight for morality in world
    cod*** (8:56:53 AM): women are becoming more and more awful
    cod*** (8:56:59 AM): i wanna kill them all
    beeran_koya2001 (8:57:05 AM): where are u from?
    cod*** (8:57:08 AM): india
    cod*** (8:57:10 AM): n u?
    beeran_koya2001 (8:57:36 AM): india
    beeran_koya2001 (8:57:39 AM): whjere in india
    cod*** (8:57:46 AM): chennai
    cod*** (8:57:47 AM): madras
    cod*** (8:57:49 AM): u know?
    beeran_koya2001 (8:57:56 AM): so u can go to ur mullah in the mosque and he will help u
    beeran_koya2001 (8:58:02 AM): u can recite the shahada
    beeran_koya2001 (8:58:12 AM): “la ilaha illallah muhammadu rasoolullah”
    cod*** (8:58:17 AM): well instead of going to a mullah can i do it myself
    cod*** (8:58:21 AM): i know lots about islam
    cod*** (8:58:26 AM): i know shahdha
    beeran_koya2001 (8:58:26 AM): yes
    beeran_koya2001 (8:58:36 AM): it is possibler. but better to have some witness also
    beeran_koya2001 (8:58:54 AM): in the mosque after juma prayer
    beeran_koya2001 (8:59:00 AM): and they will bless u
    cod*** (8:59:07 AM): ok sure
    cod*** (8:59:17 AM): can u tell me about jihad
    cod*** (8:59:22 AM): if its good i too want to go for it
    cod*** (8:59:40 AM): well its holy war for allah
    beeran_koya2001 (8:59:42 AM): jihad is fighting for the cause of allah to spread islam around the world
    cod*** (8:59:44 AM): but brief me about it
    cod*** (9:00:08 AM): i want to undergo training
    beeran_koya2001 (9:00:12 AM): the reward for jihad is enormnous
    cod*** (9:00:24 AM): i just want the love and blessings of allah
    cod*** (9:00:35 AM): will do anything for that
    beeran_koya2001 (9:01:04 AM): allah has promised us pure virgin hooris in jannat., this is only for the shaheed (those who died in jihad) . that is becos they are sacrificing everything in this world (including their family, pleasures everything) to go for jihad
    beeran_koya2001 (9:01:33 AM): there is no better way to earn the pleasure and blessing of allah than to go for jihad
    cod*** (9:01:51 AM): yeah
    cod*** (9:02:01 AM): i wanna server at the feet of allah
    cod*** (9:02:05 AM): tell me what should i do
    cod*** (9:02:18 AM): *serve
    beeran_koya2001 (9:02:37 AM): just give ur address and 1 photo and send to
    beeran_koya2001 (9:02:47 AM): write “jihad t raining” in subject line
    cod*** (9:03:02 AM): ok
    beeran_koya2001 (9:03:05 AM): the training is organised by IRF president dr zakir naik
    cod*** (9:03:12 AM): sure he is a gr8 scholar
    beeran_koya2001 (9:03:24 AM): insha allah he will send u ticket to come to mumbai or bangalore
    beeran_koya2001 (9:03:36 AM): then accommodation and food for 4 months will be free
    cod*** (9:03:43 AM): oh
    beeran_koya2001 (9:03:45 AM): yes. very gifted scholar
    cod*** (9:03:55 AM): im a very strong guy
    cod*** (9:03:59 AM): a state level boxer
    cod*** (9:04:02 AM): may be im useful
    cod*** (9:04:07 AM): for this
    beeran_koya2001 (9:04:25 AM): lol
    beeran_koya2001 (9:04:25 AM): yes.
    beeran_koya2001 (9:04:30 AM): ur strength is not important
    cod*** (9:04:37 AM): alhamdulillah he gave everything
    beeran_koya2001 (9:04:38 AM): u know what happened in badr battle???
    cod*** (9:04:44 AM): tell me
    beeran_koya2001 (9:04:51 AM): muslims were outnumbered but still we won that battle
    cod*** (9:04:59 AM): yeah
    beeran_koya2001 (9:05:04 AM): thats becos allah sent down angels who fought alongside us
    beeran_koya2001 (9:05:13 AM): so dont worry. help will come from allah
    cod*** (9:05:22 AM): but allah has given enough strength in our bodies to fight for him
    cod*** (9:05:27 AM): sure
    beeran_koya2001 (9:05:31 AM): yes
    cod*** (9:05:50 AM): if i have doubts about prayer …fasting…customs \to whom should i mail?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:06:11 AM): u can ask the local imam
    beeran_koya2001 (9:06:18 AM): is there conversion place in ur town?
    cod*** (9:06:36 AM): brother the local imam is an asshole…he doesnt even know upto the extent i know
    beeran_koya2001 (9:06:45 AM): ok
    cod*** (9:06:49 AM): i want to do all the things on my own
    beeran_koya2001 (9:06:54 AM): then u can ask dr zakir naik
    cod*** (9:06:54 AM): any online help?
    cod*** (9:06:59 AM): how to mail him?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:07:03 AM): yes
    beeran_koya2001 (9:07:09 AM):
    beeran_koya2001 (9:07:11 AM):
    cod*** (9:07:23 AM): no im asking how to mail dr.naik?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:07:40 AM):
    beeran_koya2001 (9:07:53 AM): write zakir naik in subject line
    cod***(9:08:22 AM): sure thanks brother
    cod*** (9:08:25 AM): ALLAH HAFIZ
    beeran_koya2001 (9:08:33 AM): allah hafiz
    cod*** (9:08:39 AM): people are always talking bad about prophet y is that?
    cod*** (9:08:51 AM): they take his marriage with ayesha and call him pedophile
    cod*** (9:08:54 AM): y so?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:08:54 AM): they are making this up
    beeran_koya2001 (9:09:01 AM): dont believe anything that u hear
    beeran_koya2001 (9:09:07 AM): the prophet was the best man that lived
    cod*** (9:09:22 AM): yeah
    cod*** (9:09:31 AM): any online resources about prophet?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:28 AM): yes
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:33 AM): u can read sirat rasoolullah
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:38 AM): al-tabari
    cod*** (9:10:40 AM): from which site?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:40 AM): etc
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:40 AM): sahih bukhari
    cod*** (9:10:44 AM): i have hadiths
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:50 AM): give me ur address i will send u some books
    cod*** (9:10:55 AM): i want al-tabari and ibn ishaq’s sirat rasulullah
    beeran_koya2001 (9:10:59 AM): i have some books
    cod*** (9:11:05 AM): e-books?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:11:19 AM): i dont think it is availbale
    beeran_koya2001 (9:11:24 AM): u can find in islamic library
    cod*** (9:11:29 AM): actually my friend has those books
    cod*** (9:11:35 AM): ok will borrow them
    cod*** (9:11:36 AM): :d
    cod*** (9:11:45 AM): ur from india brother beeran?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:12:04 AM): yes
    cod*** (9:12:25 AM): from mumbai?
    cod*** (9:12:33 AM): u know anyone from chennai?
    cod*** (9:12:41 AM): if u know it will be of gr8 help to me
    beeran_koya2001 (9:12:51 AM): no i dont know
    cod*** (9:13:03 AM): ur from which city?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:13:07 AM): yeah in chennai
    beeran_koya2001 (9:13:14 AM): u know sun tv office?
    cod*** (9:13:17 AM): yes
    beeran_koya2001 (9:13:33 AM): near there u can find the big juma masjid mosque
    cod*** (9:13:37 AM): yeah
    beeran_koya2001 (9:13:45 AM): go there
    cod*** (9:13:51 AM): then?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:13:54 AM): tell my name
    cod*** (9:13:56 AM): can i convert secretly there?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:14:10 AM): basheer sifddiqui
    cod*** (9:14:22 AM): bahseer siddiqui?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:14:37 AM): u have to see mr nawaz faisal
    beeran_koya2001 (9:14:47 AM): tell him u are friend of basheer
    cod*** (9:14:51 AM): sure
    cod*** (9:14:55 AM): wil he convert me?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:15:04 AM): thru internet. i will explain to him. i will send him email
    cod*** (9:15:10 AM): thanks
    cod*** (9:15:13 AM): wots ur mail ID
    beeran_koya2001 (9:15:15 AM): ok
    cod*** (9:15:19 AM): mine is….
    cod*** (9:15:26 AM): add me to ur messenger
    cod*** (9:16:45 AM): what kind of training will be given?
    cod*** (9:16:56 AM): should i prepare anything special for jihad training?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:17:03 AM): no
    cod*** (9:17:10 AM): what kind of training will be given?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:17:10 AM): u will be taught how to do da’wa
    beeran_koya2001 (9:17:23 AM): and them some basic jihad training.
    cod*** (9:17:34 AM): thats what brother what kind of basic jihad training?
    cod*** (9:17:44 AM): shooting and climbing?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:17:51 AM): yes all that
    beeran_koya2001 (9:17:57 AM): climbing, swimming
    beeran_koya2001 (9:18:02 AM): all survival tactics
    cod*** (9:18:15 AM): how about usage of weapons?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:18:28 AM): weapons will come later
    beeran_koya2001 (9:18:32 AM): last month
    cod*** (9:18:40 AM): wow
    beeran_koya2001 (9:18:46 AM): armed rifles, shotguns, hand grenades etc
    beeran_koya2001 (9:18:54 AM): its very interesting
    cod*** (9:18:58 AM): in which group should i join after training?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:19:16 AM): no need to join. they will call u if we need men
    beeran_koya2001 (9:19:25 AM): otherwise u can go back home and join ur work
    cod*** (9:19:40 AM): oh no
    cod*** (9:19:55 AM): i thought i will be full time involved in it
    cod*** (9:20:07 AM): so how can i involve myself in islamic activities?
    beeran_koya2001 (9:20:09 AM): if u want full time they can arrange that
    beeran_koya2001 (9:20:16 AM): but then u will be sent outside india
    cod*** (9:20:25 AM): sure i want to get out of india
    beeran_koya2001 (9:20:29 AM): but that is not needed, u can go back home
    cod*** (9:20:36 AM): oh ok
    cod*** (9:20:51 AM): if i had a chance i would meet osama
    beeran_koya2001 (9:21:02 AM): ok
    beeran_koya2001 (9:21:03 AM): insha allah
    cod*** (9:21:12 AM): i like his appearance and i heard his arabic is very very pure and classical
    beeran_koya2001 (9:21:20 AM): i don’t know
    cod*** (9:21:39 AM): ok bashir brother will mail u in a couple of days
    cod*** (9:21:45 AM): ALLAH HAFIZ…c u for now
    beeran_koya2001 (9:22:02 AM): ok
    beeran_koya2001 (9:22:04 AM): allah hafiz

    cod**** contacted the Indian police but they did not respond. This is very unfortunate because India is a target of Islamic terrorism and many people have lost their lives or were maimed by it.

    Disclaimer: To save myself from a possible lawsuit, I must add that although I know ‘cod***r’ and have no doubt that this chat has actually taken place, I cannot verify the claim made by beeran_koya2001 and do not personally accuse Dr. Naik of running such a camp. However since Dr. Naik believes every Muslim should be a terrorist, I can’t dismiss the possibility of that either.

    The following is another chat between the same persons. Here beeran_koya2001 gives a couple names and telephone numbers to contact and claims that the entire operation is legal and licensed by the the government. If this is so then there is no harm in publishing something that is legal and approved by the government.

    beeran_koya2001 (6:44:34 PM): r u there?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:44:38 PM): why said bad things about islam

    beeran_koya2001 (6:45:50 PM): u

    cod**** (6:45:58 PM): wot?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:46:14 PM): why u said bad abpout islam

    beeran_koya2001 (6:46:27 PM): ui have to ask for tawbah

    beeran_koya2001 (6:46:30 PM): repent to allah now

    beeran_koya2001 (6:46:36 PM): otherwise i will not leave u

    cod**** (6:47:13 PM): u will not leave me?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:47:16 PM): i will kill u with my own hands if u iinsult islam

    cod**** (6:47:20 PM): wot will u do to me?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:47:23 PM): no.

    beeran_koya2001 (6:47:31 PM): say sorry now to allah and his messenger

    cod**** (6:47:46 PM): how will u kill me?

    cod**** (6:47:48 PM): may i know?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:47:56 PM): i will report u to mullah. insha allah he will issue fatwah for ur death

    cod**** (6:48:16 PM): :))

    cod**** (6:48:18 PM): he cant

    beeran_koya2001 (6:48:30 PM): yes

    cod**** (6:48:30 PM): which country mullah?:P

    beeran_koya2001 (6:48:39 PM): chennai

    cod**** (6:48:42 PM): =))

    cod**** (6:48:50 PM): police will kill the mullah before he kills me:P

    beeran_koya2001 (6:49:17 PM): no.

    beeran_koya2001 (6:49:19 PM): we have power

    cod**** (6:49:22 PM): u dont have

    beeran_koya2001 (6:49:30 PM): dont be fool. say the tawbah now and i will let u go

    cod**** (6:49:35 PM): u cant kill me

    cod**** (6:49:39 PM): and know something

    beeran_koya2001 (6:49:43 PM): u have to say shahada once more

    cod**** (6:49:46 PM): INDIA is a secular country

    beeran_koya2001 (6:49:51 PM): ur faith is weak

    beeran_koya2001 (6:50:04 PM): no., india will be islamic insha allah by 2020

    beeran_koya2001 (6:50:10 PM): just watch

    cod**** (6:50:20 PM): =)) it can never be

    cod**** (6:50:26 PM): keep dreaming

    beeran_koya2001 (6:50:45 PM): no.

    beeran_koya2001 (6:50:52 PM): i am warning u and giving u one more chance

    beeran_koya2001 (6:50:56 PM): repent now

    cod**** (6:51:00 PM): warning me?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:51:03 PM): to allah and his messenger

    cod**** (6:51:12 PM): hey i can have that mullah arrested by police

    cod**** (6:51:25 PM): stop playing:P

    beeran_koya2001 (6:51:38 PM): no,

    cod**** (6:51:50 PM): :))

    beeran_koya2001 (6:52:02 PM): i swear by allah if i get u now i ill tear u to million pieces with my bare hands

    cod**** (6:52:17 PM): ok thanks

    cod**** (6:52:18 PM): tear me

    beeran_koya2001 (6:52:30 PM): u can fool me and brother zakir naik but u cant fool allah and his messenger

    beeran_koya2001 (6:52:31 PM): u know that

    beeran_koya2001 (6:52:43 PM): tell me ur address in chennai

    beeran_koya2001 (6:52:46 PM): u bastard

    cod**** (6:52:55 PM): beeran be polite

    cod**** (6:53:14 PM): infact hindus must kill muslims for what muslims have done to INDIA in the past and in kashmir

    cod**** (6:53:19 PM): but they are polite

    cod**** (6:53:23 PM): y r u so wild?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:53:38 PM): no. we dont respect anyone who does not believe in allah and his messenger

    beeran_koya2001 (6:53:44 PM): first believe in allah

    beeran_koya2001 (6:53:57 PM): then we will respect u and be polite

    cod**** (6:53:58 PM): is it?

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:00 PM): undrstand

    cod**** (6:54:05 PM): i wont respect u too

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:06 PM): yes

    cod**** (6:54:07 PM): do whatever u can

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:21 PM): u hindus and christians and buddhists are not humans

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:29 PM): u are animals according to islam.

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:35 PM): u are filthy.u are najis

    cod**** (6:54:39 PM): ok

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:41 PM): why should we respect u

    cod**** (6:54:42 PM): we dont care

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:45 PM): comvert to islam first

    cod**** (6:54:50 PM): coz we are developing at a rapid pace

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:50 PM): allahu akbar

    beeran_koya2001 (6:54:59 PM): allahu akbar

    beeran_koya2001 (6:55:00 PM): allahui akbar

    cod**** (6:55:02 PM): u remain illiterates and blow up urselves

    beeran_koya2001 (6:55:13 PM): shut up

    beeran_koya2001 (6:55:21 PM): that is jihad

    beeran_koya2001 (6:55:23 PM): it is nt illiterac

    cod**** (6:55:25 PM): :))

    beeran_koya2001 (6:55:36 PM): it shows our liove and devotion to allah and his messenger

    cod**** (6:55:43 PM): is it??? so u hate humanity

    cod**** (6:55:48 PM): dat shows ur not humans but animals

    beeran_koya2001 (6:56:06 PM): allahu akbar

    beeran_koya2001 (6:56:12 PM): we will destroy u kufaar

    beeran_koya2001 (6:56:20 PM): withion 10 years insha allahj

    beeran_koya2001 (6:56:36 PM): the whole world will be islamic

    cod**** (6:56:40 PM): ok beeran

    cod**** (6:56:49 PM): i shall be glad if that happens without any force

    beeran_koya2001 (6:57:03 PM): it will happen thru our jihad

    beeran_koya2001 (6:57:11 PM): thats why i called u for the training u fool

    beeran_koya2001 (6:57:19 PM): and u waisted that opportunity

    cod**** (6:57:35 PM): let me tell u something

    beeran_koya2001 (6:57:35 PM): there is still time for u

    beeran_koya2001 (6:57:41 PM): ok.

    cod**** (6:57:53 PM): i want to study well and make my parents happy by getting a good job

    cod**** (6:58:02 PM): parents first

    beeran_koya2001 (6:58:03 PM): oik.

    cod**** (6:58:05 PM): education next

    cod**** (6:58:07 PM): others last

    beeran_koya2001 (6:58:12 PM): but dont neglect ur religious duty also

    beeran_koya2001 (6:58:25 PM): what about jihad and the next life

    cod**** (6:58:26 PM): well man u promote arrogance

    cod**** (6:58:34 PM): ur not a peaceful muslim

    beeran_koya2001 (6:58:42 PM): what about the rewards allah has promised u in jannat

    beeran_koya2001 (6:58:58 PM): ALLAHU AKBAR

    cod**** (6:59:03 PM): ALLAH also said first respect mom n dad

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:04 PM): thats our motto

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:09 PM): no

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:12 PM): first JIHAD

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:19 PM): then comes everythiong else

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:25 PM): understand

    cod**** (6:59:27 PM): u know something?

    cod**** (6:59:33 PM): i mailed

    cod**** (6:59:38 PM): with subject as jihad training

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:39 PM): what?

    cod**** (6:59:41 PM): they never replied

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:45 PM): no. u are lying

    cod**** (6:59:51 PM): no i mailed them

    beeran_koya2001 (6:59:56 PM): he wopuld have told me then

    beeran_koya2001 (7:00:04 PM): ok send me a copy NOW

    cod**** (7:00:07 PM): ok

    cod**** (7:00:11 PM): whats ur ID?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:00:12 PM): to

    beeran_koya2001 (7:00:21 PM): i will forward it to zakir bhai

    cod**** (7:00:37 PM): dont get me into risk mate

    cod**** (7:00:41 PM): im studying

    beeran_koya2001 (7:00:48 PM): it is not risky

    beeran_koya2001 (7:00:51 PM): leave it to me

    cod**** (7:00:52 PM): dont spoil my parent’s dreams

    beeran_koya2001 (7:01:00 PM): and please forgive me for my outburst

    beeran_koya2001 (7:01:08 PM): i was angry becos u insulted islam

    beeran_koya2001 (7:01:24 PM): no. i know ur aspirations. i was also that age

    beeran_koya2001 (7:01:37 PM): asthagfirullah

    cod**** (7:01:44 PM): yes

    beeran_koya2001 (7:02:08 PM): send it now

    beeran_koya2001 (7:02:12 PM): im waiting

    cod**** (7:02:14 PM): yes wait

    cod**** (7:03:20 PM): sent

    beeran_koya2001 (7:03:40 PM): ok.

    beeran_koya2001 (7:03:43 PM): 1 sec let me check

    cod**** (7:03:48 PM): ok

    beeran_koya2001 (7:04:06 PM): i want to review it na thn send it to zakir bhai

    cod**** (7:04:22 PM): its just a couple of lines thats it

    beeran_koya2001 (7:06:55 PM): why r u using bad IDs?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:07:02 PM): put somethinbg islamic

    cod**** (7:07:16 PM): oh lol

    beeran_koya2001 (7:07:39 PM): put spmething like muhamamd or ahmed

    cod**** (7:07:46 PM): i will put something like this

    beeran_koya2001 (7:07:48 PM): or muslim4life

    cod**** (7:08:01 PM): allah_blessed_me

    cod**** (7:08:02 PM): 😀

    beeran_koya2001 (7:08:15 PM): oik

    beeran_koya2001 (7:08:17 PM): good brother

    beeran_koya2001 (7:08:19 PM): very good

    cod**** (7:08:23 PM): :d

    cod**** (7:08:58 PM): u’ve got the mail?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:09:30 PM): im checking itr

    beeran_koya2001 (7:09:35 PM): 1 sc

    beeran_koya2001 (7:09:46 PM): what is this???INFERNO???

    beeran_koya2001 (7:09:50 PM): what is this?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:09:57 PM): asthagfirullah

    cod**** (7:10:05 PM): :))

    beeran_koya2001 (7:10:15 PM): ok . i read urtr mail

    beeran_koya2001 (7:10:27 PM): please include YOUR details

    beeran_koya2001 (7:10:48 PM): name, DOB, address, ph numbner,

    cod**** (7:10:53 PM): :-O

    beeran_koya2001 (7:11:18 PM): and insha allah brochure and air ticket will be couriered to u after fixing date for joining

    beeran_koya2001 (7:11:46 PM): if u want u can give it to me now

    beeran_koya2001 (7:11:54 PM): i will forward it to zakir bhai

    cod**** (7:12:14 PM): ok will talk to a friend and then will mail u

    cod**** (7:12:17 PM): with details

    beeran_koya2001 (7:12:30 PM): (022)2373 6875

    beeran_koya2001 (7:12:34 PM): this is mumbai number

    cod**** (7:12:45 PM): whose number is this?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:12:55 PM): please call tomorrow morning and speak to brothr4 javid ansari

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:02 PM): he will give u full details

    cod**** (7:13:11 PM): can i call him after 2 days?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:14 PM): no need to introduce urself.. i have told him about u

    cod**** (7:13:18 PM): because i met with an accident

    cod**** (7:13:22 PM): and haveing an injured leg

    cod**** (7:13:27 PM): got to visit the doctor

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:30 PM): just tell him u are cod***r…username

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:32 PM): he knows

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:43 PM): no. call him tomorrow

    cod**** (7:13:43 PM): oh ok

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:47 PM): and fix everything

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:54 PM): u dont have to go tomorrrow baba

    beeran_koya2001 (7:13:58 PM): u can go anytim

    beeran_koya2001 (7:14:02 PM): just talk to him please

    cod**** (7:14:04 PM): can u give me more details about the training?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:14:07 PM): pakka call him

    beeran_koya2001 (7:14:19 PM): he will tll u everything

    cod**** (7:14:22 PM): ok i will try tomorrow

    beeran_koya2001 (7:14:24 PM): javed ansari

    beeran_koya2001 (7:14:28 PM): good

    cod**** (7:14:30 PM): javed ansari

    cod**** (7:14:31 PM): ok

    cod**** (7:14:33 PM): nice name

    beeran_koya2001 (7:14:41 PM): (022) 2373 6875…mumbai number

    cod**** (7:14:51 PM): ok

    cod**** (7:15:13 PM): can u now spend some time in briefing me about the training and what its results are?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:15:26 PM): (022) 2373 6879 –munawwar syed

    beeran_koya2001 (7:15:32 PM): u can talk to him also if u like

    cod**** (7:15:39 PM): sure

    beeran_koya2001 (7:15:41 PM): iuts very easy yaar

    beeran_koya2001 (7:15:51 PM): 3 months training

    beeran_koya2001 (7:16:09 PM): 1st month will be dawa techniques with brothr zakir naik

    beeran_koya2001 (7:16:21 PM): 2nd month onwarrrd u will go on field

    beeran_koya2001 (7:16:37 PM): basic survival tactics

    beeran_koya2001 (7:16:55 PM): 3rd month will be intensive land combat techniques

    beeran_koya2001 (7:17:10 PM): 4th mnth(if required) will be explosives handling

    cod**** (7:17:39 PM): who will give these weaponry handling training?

    cod**** (7:17:46 PM): and combat training?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:17:52 PM): they have trained masters

    beeran_koya2001 (7:18:02 PM): good safety record,.nothing to worry

    cod**** (7:18:10 PM): where will i stay in that period?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:18:23 PM): accomodation is arranged

    beeran_koya2001 (7:18:32 PM): u will stay at our compuind in tandell streel

    beeran_koya2001 (7:18:35 PM): dongri, mumbai

    beeran_koya2001 (7:18:38 PM): food is free

    cod**** (7:18:43 PM): ok

    cod**** (7:19:05 PM): after this?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:19:43 PM): after this u will be posted somewhere

    cod**** (7:19:53 PM): posted as what?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:20:05 PM): jihadi of course

    cod**** (7:20:23 PM): how about my studies then?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:20:38 PM): i told u baba…u can come later

    beeran_koya2001 (7:20:49 PM): after training go back to studies

    cod**** (7:20:56 PM): oh pk

    beeran_koya2001 (7:20:58 PM): they will call u if they need more peple

    beeran_koya2001 (7:21:07 PM): right now there is no shortage

    cod**** (7:21:16 PM): oh ok

    cod**** (7:21:24 PM): the training takes place in mumbai?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:21:32 PM): yes

    cod**** (7:22:15 PM): this weaponry handling and all these stuff are they legal?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:22:41 PM): yes

    beeran_koya2001 (7:22:41 PM): 100 percent

    beeran_koya2001 (7:22:47 PM): they are all licenced weapons

    beeran_koya2001 (7:22:50 PM): govt of india approved

    cod**** (7:22:56 PM): how about training?

    beeran_koya2001 (7:23:06 PM): yes

    beeran_koya2001 (7:23:08 PM): it is legal

    beeran_koya2001 (7:23:11 PM): nothing to worry

    cod**** (7:23:14 PM): how come government allow such trainings

    beeran_koya2001 (7:23:48 PM): we have licence

    beeran_koya2001 (7:23:59 PM): if u want thy will send u a scan copy

    beeran_koya2001 (7:24:03 PM): ui can request to see it

    beeran_koya2001 (7:24:09 PM): call javed tomorrow

    cod**** (7:24:17 PM): ok sure

    beeran_koya2001 (7:25:09 PM): i have to go now

    beeran_koya2001 (7:25:11 PM): i will see u later

    beeran_koya2001 (7:25:15 PM): allah hafiz

    cod**** (7:25:17 PM): ok beeran take care byeee

    beeran_koya2001 (7:25:23 PM): bye

    beeran_koya2001 (7:25:28 PM): 😀

  84. Videhi…u r right…any man with a common sense would think that krishna was a pedophile. The word “pedophile” is applicable to that lusty krishna. The rapist krishna who raped thousands of women. So, next time if you wanna talk about a “pedophile” just mention krishna’s name as he is the symbol of lust.

    And thousands and lacs of intelligent people have embraced Islam. But you do not consider them as intelligents because they rejected hinduism and considered hinduism as a piece of crap. So, you got pissed off with them. Well…do not be jealous. Islam is growing rapidly and very soon the majority of population in India will become Muslims and then we will kick your ass back to hell where you can find krishna getting punishment for molesting and raping women of his time.

  85. MY GOD VAIDEHI!! that was awesome! YOu just showed the whole world about Zakir naik and the world of ISLAM.
    I cant believe it .. these guys are planning to take over the world! And definetly they are going to jell just like Deedat who choked to death and cant speak at all , that rascal dog. This Kahalid probably would face the same fate abusing Sri Krishna.

    Thousands of intelligent people are not .. anyway this is the stats for the most hated religion in the world.

    Go n see! YOur religion is no more worse than you are.. DISGUSTING and BARBARIC! Look at you.. you cant even answer my questions but rattle off like a dog hurt in an accident.. hahaha.. i think u probably will join the zakir naik jihad team and partner osama!


  86. Mohammed’s heinous actions. To reiterate, these reasons were:

    1. His fanatic greed for all the wealth that had been created by the blood, sweat and toil of the Jews
    2. His maniacal craving for power at any cost. The Jews were the biggest obstacle in his plan to subjugate all of Medinah, so they had to be removed, by any means possible
    3. His fear of all other religions. Mohammed was a delusional Megalomaniac, meaning he believed that he was the Supreme Ruler of the world. Anything that threatened this sick fantasy of his, had to be exterminated. Since, the religion of the Jews rejected his pathetic claims to Divine rule, they were the targeted victims in Medinah, just as the Polytheistic Arabs had been his victims in Mecca.

    As the frequency of his criminal raids and attacks on Jews, Christians and Pagan Arabs increased to a fever pitch, Mohammed’s megalomania began evidencing itself more openly. He started implementing his systematic objectives of completely suppressing all opposition around Medinah and plundering as much wealth as he could get his hands on, in order to support his final thrust of attacking Mecca.

    11) Massacre of Jewish Tribesmen
    Date: February 628 A.D
    Place: Outskirts of Medinah
    Victims: Banu Sa’d Tribe, Thirty Jews from Khaybar

    Mohammed was forcing all the tribes around Medinah to make alliances with him and consider him as the primary power in the area. Any tribe who refused to bow down to the Muslim’s terrorist tactics, was immediately subjected to extreme torture and death. Banu Sa’d was a peaceful tribe which was allied with the Jewish Tribesmen of the prosperous oasis of Khaybar. Mohammed was pathological in his fear of opposition. Having murdered all the Jews in and around Medinah, who could pose a potential threat to his rabid bid for power, the Prophet of Islam now was turning his attention to the only possible threat in the area, Khaybar. The Jews of Khaybar had remained neutral when the Meccans had planned a counterattack on Medinah. This enraged Mohammed all the more and fuelled his savage desire to destroy them and tribes like the Banu Sa’d that was linked to them. He sent out a terrorist group of assassins led by Ali. The expedition massacred hundreds of innocent Banu Sa’d tribespeople. They raped all the women and children and stole 500 camels and 2000 goats and sheep. A unit of thirty murderous assassins were hand-picked by the Epitome of Mercy, to infiltrate the sorrounding areas of Khaybar as well. They disguised themselves as Emissaries of PEACE from Mohammed. The Jewish Leader, Usayr Ibn Razim agreed in the interest of peace to accompany them back to the Prophet. He set out with thirty of his men, following the Muslims. As soon as they were out of sight of Khaybar, the muslims fell upon the innocent and hapless Jews and chopped them into pieces. Upon returning Mohammed himself came out to greet his assassins. He embraced the leader of the expedition and exclaimed ” It was Allah surely, who saved you from the company of the oppressive non-believers”. The above example should amply demonstrate what a man of honour, the great Mohammed was. Indeed it can only be a truly pious person who would trick people with an offer of peace and cold-bloodedly MURDER them. Mohammed’s intense hatred for the thorns in his flesh, namely the Jews, began manifesting itself in the spate of vitriolic Revelations, that he conjured up to justify his atrocities on the Jews.

    Koran 5:64

    “The Jews say: “Allah’s hand is tied up”. Be their hands tied up and be they ACCURSED for the blasphemy that they utter. Nay, Both his hands (Allah’s) are widely outstretched: He giveth and Spendeth as he Pleaseth. But the revelation that cometh to Thee (Mohammed) from Allah increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. Amongst them we have placed ENMITY and HATRED till the day of Judgement. Every time they kindle the fire of War, Allah doth extinguish it; But they ever strive to do mischief on earth. And Allah loveth not people who do mischief.”

    The bit about Jews saying “Allah’s hand is tied up” is referring to their protest at the fact that Mohammed and the Muslims had taken control of all the wealth. The Jews who had initially helped the Muslims, when they had nothing, now had every morsel of food snatched from them. The sarcastic comment therefore referred to the fact that it seemed like Allah’s hands were tied when it came to providing even a meagre sustenance for the starving, oppressed Jews, at the mercy of the pious band of criminals of Allah. But even more pathetic is Mohammed’s claim that the reason the Jews were acting so damned rebellious and obstinately opposing the Muslims, was that they were JEALOUS that Allah had hand-picked Mohammed to get his murderous revelations. This is laughably incredulous and mortifying considering the fact that Mohammed pieced together so many of his Koranic revelations, by distoring and twisting parts of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Even more repugnant is the fact that a Prophet claiming to be the Messenger of a supposedly all beneficient and Merciful God, wishes nothing but ENMITY, HATRED, EVIL and CURSES on the Jews. Do such emotions sound like the wishes of a religious figure that preaches PEACE??? The Prophet of Islam was nothing but a wellspring of malice, hatred and blind poisonous jealousy.

    12) Murder of Bedouins in and Meccans on the road to Syria
    Date: January- February 628 A.D.
    Place: Dumat-Al-Jandal, a trading center enroute to Syria, The Well of Qarda atNejed
    Victims: Bedouin women, Meccan Caravan

    Zayd Ibn Haritha, the adopted son of the Prophet who divorced his wife, so that his Good Old Dad could have the pleasure, was sent to attack traders in Syria. The Bedouins who were also trading at the outpost, got wind of the Muslims nefarious plans, took up arms and drove away the would-be raiders. Zayd was furious that his plans had been foiled so successfully. He targeted an elderly woman of the same Bedouin Tribe, because she exerted considerable influence and wealth. On a dark moonless night, the aged 90 year old woman was grabbed ruthlessly from her tent. She was tied up and trussed like a chicken and brought back to the Muslim camp. Upon arrival she was gang raped and molested by the pious followers of Allah. She was whipped and beaten to an almost lifeless pulp. The sadistic impulses of the Muslims however did not end there, the night’s entertainment was not done yet. The eerie desert night, suddenly resounded with the cheers and throaty cries of bloodlust as the Bedouin matron’s arms and legs were tied to four camels. Zayd and three others of Mohammed’s select group, then climbed onto each camel and drove each one into opposite directions. As the wrinkled body was ripped apart in a blur of torn and bloodied flesh, cries of delight echoed all around. Such were the entertainment activities of the Peace loving followers of Allah.

    Soon after at the Well of Qarda in Nejed, Zayd along with 170 men attacked a hapless trade caravan of Meccans who were returning from Syria. They massacred most of the traders and took two of the men prisoner. But most important of all, the Muslims grabbed a sizeable booty from this cold blooded massacre. They plundered more than a hundred thousand dirhems from this raid. It is no wonder then, that Zayd Ibn Haritha was an “Exalted Martyr”. According to Mohammed himself “And Zayd, the Freedman of Muhammad, counted his freedom as naught compared with the service of Muhammad and Islam.”

    All of these activities, were of course, motivated by the divine words of Wisdom, spoken by the Messenger of Allah.

    Koran 5:33

    “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land Is: Execution, or Crucifixion, or the Cutting and Removing Off of hands and feet from OPPOSITE sides, or exile from the land: That is their disgrace in this world and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.”

    The gruesome spectacle of the Bedouin woman being torn apart, now makes sense. The act was DIRECTLY sanctioned by Allah himself in this Revelation. The plunder and and massacre of the Meccans too, were completely pious Islamic acts as the following verse evidences:

    Koran 5:33

    ” And many gains will they (Pious Muslims) acquire besides, and Allah is Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom. Allah has promised you many gains that ye shall Acquire and he has given you these beforehand; and he has restrained the hands of Men from you; so that it may be a sign for the Believers and that he may guide you to a Straight Path. And other gains there are, which are not within your power now, but which Allah has compassed for you and Allah has Power over all things.”

    Allah is giving his kind blessings to the merciful and pure Muslims, to go out and PLUNDER and acquire as many “Gains” as their hearts desire. But Allah’s bribes are far more quantitative, he is generous to a fault and will not stop there. Allah is giving his beloved Muslims assurance, that there will be Far more Wealth to plunder in the future. Not only that, Allah will “restrain the hands” of Men from harming the Muslims, so that they can keep on raping, pillaging and murdering throughout the land. Allah surely knows how to give Muslims a good deal in exchange for all the blood that they will shed for him and the messenger of Peace.

    13) Slaughter of all Jews in Khaybar
    Date: September 628 A.D
    Place: Khaybar and surrounding areas
    Victims: Over 500 Jews of Khaybar

    Khaybar was the wealthiest Oasis in the Hejaz. The settlement of neutral Jews who inhabited the Oasis were known for their business acumen. Over the years, they had by their own efforts, sweat and toil converted the small Oasis into a flourishing Trade Center of agricultural goods. They were renowned for their extreme generosity, good naturedness and peacability. In other words, the small jewel of a town was like the juiciest piece of meat, which a Vulture like Mohammed could never resist. Mohammed could no longer control his slavering desire to attack Khaybar. His immense greed for the fabulous wealth of the Oasis had overwhelmed him. He had been systematically eradicatiing all the potential tribes that could support Khaybar. Allies of the Khaybar Jews, like the Bedouin Tribe of Ghatafan and the Jewish Tribe of Banu S’ad had been cold bloodedly eliminated and exhorted so that Khaybar would be without friends. The Prophet set out with 1600 men and laid siege to the Oasis. Although greatly outnumbered, the brave Jews fought bravely and staved off the bloodthirsty Mob of Muslims, for over 14 days. In the end the sheer disadvantage of numbers and the starving state of their children forced the Jews to surrender. They emerged with all their, weapons, foodstuffs and wealth, pleading only for the lives of themselves and their families. Instead the Exalted Messenger of Peace, instructed his army to do exactly as they pleased. The frenzied Muslims pounced upon the helpless Jews and murdered every man they could lay their hands on. Women and children were raped brutally and repeatedly . The Prophet led the way as usual. His eye had fallen upon the most beautiful captive in Khaybar, a Jewess called Safia Bint Huyay. As she stood there traumatised and anguished at having just witnessed her father and fiancee being hacked to pieces, the Prophet threw his cloak on her to claim as his booty. Minutes later he savagely consummated his “marriage” to her in a sand dune with the blood and gore of Jihad still covering him, even Saifya’s father’s blood, no doubt. There was no time for a sponsor, dowry, sending out invitations, or a wedding feast, in fact, Muhammed forgot his own law of waiting until her next monthly period had passed. Today we call that rape, but according to the Prophet of Allah, he was just securing her with the bonds of “holy Matrimony”. Indeed the Prophet had committed himself to saving widows in need by marrying them! The remaining women and children who were rounded up were traded in the slave market or retained to be brought up as brainwashed sex slaves, professing Islam.

    Allah’s Divine Injunctions had naturally preceded the carnage at Khaybar. As usual the Merciful Allah condoned the slaughter, plunder and rapine committed by Mohammed and his band. :

    Koran 33:26

    “And those of the People of the Book (Jews) who Aided Them (Meccans) – Allah did take them from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts, so that Some Ye Slew and Some Ye made Prisoners. And he made you heirs of their Lands, their Houses, and their Goods. And of a Land, which Ye had not frequented before (Khaybar) and Allah has Power over all things.”

    Koran 2:222

    “They ask Thee concerning Women’s courses. Say to them: “They are a Hurt and a Pollution: So keep away from women in their courses (menstrual periods) and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they are purified, Ye may approach them in any manner, time or place. Ordained for you by Allah, for Allah loves those who turn to him constantly and he loves those who keep themselves Pure and Clean.”

    As mentioned above, Mohammed himself had received this “Revelation” that Muslims shouldn’t be having sex with women whose monthly period had not passed.

    Mohammed of course had outright violated the above rule himself, when he raped Safiya in a beautiful Islamic Wedding ceremony at Khaybar. The Prophet of Wisdom was in a fix. He had no justification for violation of a rule, that he himself had claimed was set by Allah. The only solution was of course, the timely production of some Revelation that would save his ass. Allah in his typical meek and patient manner, was only too happy to oblige. Out spewed two Verses, directly from the quivering Holy Messenger’s mouth.

    Koran 66:1-2

    “O Prophet! Why holdest Thou to be forbidden That which Allah has made Lawful to Thee? Thou seekest to Please Thy consorts. But Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah has already ORDAINED for you (Mohammed), the DISSOLUTION OF YOUR OATHS, in some cases and Allah is your Protector; and he is full of Knowledge and Wisdom.”

    Not to mention Allah exhibits an unhealthy pattern of complying with Mohammed’s wishes and providing verses that bail him out each time.

    With the Conquest of Khaybar, Mohammed was now in exactly the position he desired. He had subjugated all the Tribes around Medinah. He had massacred any significant opposition that may have threatened him, and he had plundered enough wealth to win him hosts of converts willing to kill anything for Booty. He was poised at the threshold of carrying out his heart’s dearest desire; that of attacking and conquering Mecca. But, he would learn his lessons before the realisation of those dreams. In my next article, I will expound further on these lessons and events.

    The Works “The Glorious Quran” by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, “The Meaning of the Glorious Quran” by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, “Mohammed” by Maxime Rodinson, and “Muhammad” by Martin Lings have been used to compose this article.

  87. Oh…no !!! Nowadays even the hindus who have always been considered as the most illieterate community in the world started talking about intelligence….isn’t it the biggest joke of year 2007 ?:)

    A community which follows a religion which is totally based on fantasies and lusty imaginations is talking about intelligence. Wow !!! Now the world will come to an end. What could be worst than this that lusty krishna, that rapist followers’ are talking about intelligence. Those who are really intelligent have embraced Islam in numerous numbers…but this univerally rejected followers of hinduism consider them as unintelligent as if their consideration has any value. Who give a crap to what you insane hindu thinks of who is intelligent and who is not ? You stupid people who have been universally rejected and hated for your polytheistic belief are not suited to have a say in religious matters. If you want to say anything then first you have to stop talking about three gods and demigods. You have to stop worshipping that rapist krishna. You have to stop worshipping that impotent rama whose wife ran away with ravana for better physical satisfaction. So, when you get rid of such fanatic and criminal’s worship then if you talk the world might start listening to you. But right now your hinduism is the most hated and most rejected religion in the world. So, please do not dream about any conversion to hinduism. In fact, you guys need to protect your hindu brothers and sisters (those who are intelligent indeed) from embracing Islam. If you do not stop them now then it will be too late and very soon only two hindus (marc and vaidehi) will be left in this world following this cult religion of hinduism.

    I have already answered about Ahmed Deedat and questions on Muslims worship of Kaaba. So, scroll up and read my answers. But since you are stubborn due to your illiteracy then do not blame me if you don’t understand my answers.

    And vaidehi – you are worst of the stack. You are posting allegations against our prophet by just saying “he did this for wealth, he did this power”, and so on…but no Islamic hadiths and Quranic verses support your claim. But because you are a stubborn hindu who do not wanna leave his or her imaginary and cult religion you are free to post false and rootless allegations by tailoring your stupid brain. And tomorrow I will post answers to all the Quranic verses which you have posted.

    And right now you have no choice but to call those unintelligent who embrace Islam. There is a popular hindi saying, “Khishyani Billi Khamba Noche”. So, thats what is happening to you guys. You infidels are in complete panic as Islam is spreading like a fire…and you are in great fear.

    And by posting false stories about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if you think you can get any success then keep trying until you succeed. And this illiterate and stupid marc – tried to mislead people by posting one verse of the Quran which said the earth was created in two days. But he did not post the following verse which said the earth alongwith mountains was completed in six days. So, thats how these bastard hindus try to mislead people but their effort have always gone in vain.

    Hail to Numero hated hinduism, universally rejected hinduism, hail to lusty krishna !!!

  88. Dear Mussalman Khalid MAN o WAR

    Everyone who comes to this forum laughs at you and the way you put forth your argument.. its really like Iraq – Muslim , feeble, no brains and always want to fight !

    Till date:

    1) You havent refuted any arguments conclusively. My points are still there and you claim you have rebutted bt all you gave was quote on Koran for the 6 day theory and not the rest. Even Vaidehi’ points which are based on facts are derided by you because you are a loser who dont know facts , history, your religion or anyone else’s .You are at a loss to argue because your religion has no real edge to it as compared to the Vedantic Philosophy – YOU LOSE!

    2) Half the things you say doesnt make sense to me because you dont seem like an astute intelligent guy who can write well nor argue well.YOU ARE NOT A WORTHY PERSON FOR ME TO DEBATE NOR ARGUE ON ISLAM = YOU LOSE!

    3) You always pull out a red herring when in actual case you dont have any case on HInduism . You are a sore loser who doesn’t have tolerance and cant accept a superior religion to co exist. This just typifies muslims and why you are the number one hated religion in the world and the most hated people in the world. – YOU LOSE!

    4) You condemn HInduism mainly because of your own ignorance because in actual fact your forefathers were all Hindu and your relatives probably got butchered and raped and forced to accept ISLAM by Muslim invaders hence you dont have a clue nor studied Vedas under a bonafide acharya . So you actually gave up gold and went for some broken wood- YOU LOSE!

    5) Lastly pls come up with credible arguments and dont rattle off vomit. Everyone who thoroughly reads this forum, Muslim, Hindu, CHristian , Buddhist or an atheist will know that you are a lamb that was slaughtered and you are screaming like a kid next door who has just seen another kid with a bigger bicycle. So dont waste anyone’s time you imbecile and go and learn some english and koran or go to Mecca and kiss Lord Shiva the God of ISLAM. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA to all Muslims!

    If you want to convince people of ISLAM , I suggest you pick uneducated people like you around the street corners of your place. Don’t try on real Hindus with knowledge. It wont happen with your terrorist breeding religion founded upon wickedness and hatred for mankind.

    Before I go , I leave have extracted some verseS for you to understand that ISLAM is a real movement. I totally agree with you. It was predicted in the Bhavishya purana ages ago as voiced out by your scholar Zakir Naik. So kindly pls study this and understand that Vedas are true as it predicted Mohammed and the advent of ISLAM. The real identity was already pointed out long time ago by the mother of all religions – Sanatana Dharma ! So pls stick to your ISLAM – the mlechha dharma:

    [From the third part of the Pratisarga Parva.]

    “Suta Goswami said: After hearing the king’s prayers, Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic demon named Tripura(Tripurasura), whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost. Therefore, O king, you should not go to this land of the evil ghost. By my mercy your intelligence will be purified. Hearing this the king came back to his country and Mahamada(Muhammad) came with them to the bank of the river Sindhu. He was expert in expanding illusion, so he said to the king very pleasingly: O great king, your god has become my servant. Just see, as he eats my remnants, so I will show you. The king became surprised when he saw this just before them. Then in anger Kalidasa rebuked Mahamada(Muhammad) “O rascal, you have created an illusion to bewilder the king, I will kill you, you are the lowest…”

    That city is known as their site of pilgrimage, a place which was Madina or free from intoxication. Having a form of a ghost (Bhuta), the expert illusionist Mahamada(Muhammad) appeared at night in front of king Bhojaraja and said: O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all. Still I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion by the order of the Lord . The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything. They should eat animals without performing any rituals. This is my opinion. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha. Therefore, they will be known as musalman, the corrupters of religion. Thus the demoniac religion will be founded by me. After having heard all this the king came back to his palace and that ghost(Muhammad) went back to his place. “”

    So Yes we accept Mohammad but his real identity is stated above.. The corruptor of religion. He was sent by the Lord to create chaos as this is Kali Yuga where everything adharmic becomes dharmic!


  89. Mohammed’s Greatest Miracle Was Sex
    By Ayesha Ahmed

    Apostle’s greatest miracle was not the Quran. It was his capacity for lovemaking. Allah had given him libido of 30 men.

    Most infidels don’t even consider the Quran to be a big deal. They say a village idiot can come up with such a book. They claim that many people have written much better books than Quran. But I ask them, can anyone match the apostle’s lovemaking prowess? Can they at the age 60+ make love to 10 young women in a single night? Yes, the apostle could do it. That is an irrefutable proof of his prophethood, which cannot be duplicated.

    Bukhari,Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268:

    “Prophet was given the strength (sexual) of thirty men”.

    Apostle could make love (continuously) to all his wives (9 to 11) in one night.

    Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268:

    “The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number. Prophet was given the strength of thirty (men).”

    Bukhari,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 6:

    The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night

    Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 5, Number 270:

    Aisha said, “I scented Allah’s Apostle and he went round (had sexual intercourse with) all his wives.”


    Such sexual capability and stamina is Allah’s miracle, which is only given to prophets.

    Prophet Sulaiman used to have sex with 100 women in one night.

    Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 74i:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “Once Solomon, son of David said, ‘(By Allah) Tonight I will have sexual intercourse with one hundred (or ninety-nine) women each of whom will give birth to a knight who will fight in Allah’s Cause.


    His lovemaking was complimented by visits of archangel Gibraeel. Once apostle even introduced Gibraeel to Ayesha. Ordinary mortals cannot see angels, needless to say she was clueless and could not see him.

    Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 57, Number 112:

    Narrated Abu Salama:

    ‘Aisha said, “Once Allah’s Apostle said (to me), ‘O Aish (‘Aisha)! This is Gabriel greeting you.’ I said, ‘Peace and Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be on him, you see what I don’t see’ ” She was addressing Allah ‘s Apostle.


    Apostle’s love making was outstanding and was watched (and admired) by all his wives….

    Bukhari, Book 008, Number 3450:

    Anas (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) had nine wives. They (all the wives) used to gather every night in the house of one where he had to come (and stay that night).


    Bukhari , Volume 9, Book 83, Number 38a:

    A man peeped into one of the dwelling places of the Prophet.

    Muslim, Book 025, Number 5369:

    Anas b. Malik reported that a person peeped in some of the holes (in the doors) of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him).

    Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 83, Number 38:

    Narrated Sahl bin Sa’d As-Sa’idi:

    A man peeped through a hole in the door of Allah’s Apostle’s house,


    Allah not only gave him extraordinary capability for sexual activity but also gave him special privileges to use those capabilities.

    .Q33.50 : O Prophet! In addition to all your wives, slave girls and captured women, we have made lawful to you all your first cousins and any believing woman if she gave herself to you, and if you desire her.


    Allah blessed his lovemaking with divine inspirations afterwards.

    Tabari Vl7, page :7 Ayesha said “Inspiration came to him when he and I were in a single blanket”.

    Bukhari Vol 5 Bk57 N 119

    Prophet said, By Allah, the Divine Inspiration never came to me while I was under the blanket of any woman except Aesha.”


    Apostle got solicitated by hot women all the time (apparently by the publicity of his greatness in bed)..

    Bukhari,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 24:

    A woman came to Allah’s Apostle and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! I have come to give you myself

    Bukhari,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 48:

    Narrated Hisham’s father:

    Khaula bint Hakim was one of those ladies who presented themselves to the Prophet. ‘Aisha said, “Doesn’t a lady feel ashamed for presenting herself to a man?”

    Bukhari,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 53:

    Narrated Thabit Al-Banani:

    “A woman came to Allah’s Apostle and presented herself to him, saying, ‘O Allah’s Apostle, have you any need for me ?’ “Thereupon Anas’s daughter said, “What a shameless lady she was! Shame! Shame!” Anas said, “She was better than you; she had a liking for the Prophet

    Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 54:

    “A woman presented herself to the Prophet.”

    Bukhari,Volume 7, Book 62, Number 58:

    Narrated Sahl bin Sad:

    A woman came to Allah’s Apostle and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! I have come to you to present myself to you”


    Apostle got aroused at sight of (attractive) women.

    Muslim, Book 008, Number 3240:

    “Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her”.


    One day Apostle of Allah walked into his adopted son Zaid’s house. Zaid was not there but he caught a glimpse of his voluptuous and beautiful wife Zainab (she was apostle’s first cousin) in her birthday suit.

    Tabari wrote:

    “One day Muhammad went out looking for Zaid. Now there was a covering of hair cloth over the doorway, but the wind had lifted the covering so that the doorway was uncovered. Zaynab was in her chamber, undressed, and admiration for her entered the heart of the Prophet”.

    The admiration aroused him instantly, which Zainab also noticed and mentioned it to her husband Zaid later. He rushed to his father’s house and offered Zainab to him. Mohammed worried about possible bad press and refused to accept it. But Allah will not take no for an answer and insisted on their union.

    Q 33:37 We gave her (Zaid’s wife) unto thee in marriage, so that (henceforth) there may be no sin for believers in respect of wives of their adopted sons”.


    Once he entered his wife Hafsa’s room for some reason. Hafsa was not there but he found her lovely young maid Maria instead. He grabbed her and jumped into the bed with her for a quickie. But the quickie was not quick enough and Hafsa walked in and started yelling. To quieten her down and to please her he promised never to touch her maid again. However Allah did not approve of this sacrifice and revealed the following ayas:

    Q66.1 SHAKIR: O Prophet! why do you forbid (yourself) that which Allah has made lawful for you (slave girl Maria); you seek to please your wife(Hafsa)

    66.2 Allah has sanctioned for you to break your promise (go sleep with Hafsa’s maid)


    Apostle was helpless because of his 30 man libido and got excited even when he saw little girls.

    Ibn Ishaq: Suhayli, 2.79: In the riwaya of Yunus Ibn Ishaq recorded that the apostle saw (Ummu’l-Fadl hen she was baby crawling before him and said, ‘If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.’ (ref.10, p. 311)

    Muhammad saw Um Habiba the daughter of Abbas while she was fatim (age of nursing) and he said, “If she grows up while I am still alive, I will marry her.” (Musnad Ahmad, Number 25636)


    Twice he dreamt of a little girl, the 6 year old pretty daughter of his best friend Abu. She was wrapped in a silk cloth. He uncovered the silk cloth to see more of her.

    Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 15:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    Allah’s Apostle said (to me), “You have been shown to me twice in (my) dreams. A man was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me, ‘This is your wife.’ I uncovered it; and behold, it was you. I said to myself, ‘If this dream is from Allah, He will cause it to come true.'”

    He ended up marrying the 6 year old girl of his dreams.


    Apostle could think of having sex with his wives and it felt just like real thing..

    Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 71, Number 660:

    Narrated Aisha:

    “Allah’s Apostle used to think that he had sexual relations with his wives while he actually had not”.


    His day dreaming was so realistic that he even got wet spots on his garments . Ayesha drycleaned those spots.

    Bukhari,Book 002, Number 0572:

    Ayesha said “ In case I found that (semen) on the garment of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) dried up, I scraped it off with my nails”.


    Apostle was turned off instantly whenever he was suspected of shadiness.

    One night Ayesha got a punch instead of getting sex because she got suspicious of his strange activities and followed him at night (without his knowledge) to a cemetery, where he stood in darkness waving his hands.

    Muslimi,Book 004, Number 2127:

    Ayesha narrated. “He struck me on the chest which caused me pain.”

    (the hadith is too long, one can read on


    When the apostle was in bed with his new young and pretty bride Al Shanba bint Amr bin Ghiffuriya, she told him that if he was a real prophet, his most beloved 2 year old son Ibrahim would not have died of sickness after he prayed day and night for him. Apostle kicked her out and divorced her without consummation of the marriage.

    (She was lucky to have been just kicked out. Allah demands death for doubting Mohammed)

    (Tabari, vol 9, page 136)

  90. nice article huh abt your prophet’s sexual activities.. my GOOODNESSSS>> SO DESPICABLE I SHLD SAY. KRISHNA Is GOD and even he didnt do all these stuff as he expanded himself to 16,108 forms simultaneously. That is the POWER OF GOD… not some guy who claims to be the prophet and sleeping with 100 women and screwing women n sanctioning rape.


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  95. Hello….I have chosen to start my reply with a ‘hello’ as perhaps it will be some what neutral to both ‘sides’…to me…normally when i come across websites…emails etc i tend to read and think it best not to get too ‘involved’ in discussions…however reading some of the replies that have been sent between people i felt the ‘urge’ to write something…and to many of you it may seem pointless and ‘small’ what i am writing…bcz clearly many of you have much knowledge in your own and others religion and i do no feel that i am in any way able to partake in such discussions…..however i would like to say that both Hinduism and Islam are two religions which i am constantly surrounded by on a daily basis from my house to uni to work …and if there is one thing that i have seen come across from both religions is ‘peace’…yet when reading your comments…words such as “bitch” are used…and constant slagging off one and others religion….to me religion is something personal to each individual and is something which is deep within each individuals heart…and if you feel the need to discuss it with others…do it in a decent manner…because the way in which you will talk about your religion or about others religion or the way in which you will talk or act full stop will often be the way in which others will percieve not only you but your religion….i dont feel the need to sit and say what relgion i am as i feel the immediate reply will be “you dum XYZ”…”you think that bcz u are XYZ” etc etc…..i do come from a God fearing family and the moment am reading on many different religions and after looking at the many videos on the page i felt i was seein different + positive aspects….but scrolling down the page …left me sum what disapointed…not bcz i wear rose colourd glassed and expect the world to be in perfect harmony but bcz i thought ppl on this site may not act in such a way…..Dr Zakir Naiks lecture was to bring togethr warring hindus and muslims and to ‘honour’ both….this may be wat he and others may feel they set out to do…but for me the one thing that came across was the notion of God and humanity and the various similarites/differences…i dont think this is a negative or positive aspect on either religion/person infact i feel that it may jst help the ignorance of each others religion and empahsie the respect that we are taught to give our fellow humans….but the way in which some discussions are taking place…simple ‘insaaniyat’ isnt presnt….please dont take my reply as an argument or anythng….its the first time ive EVER written on a site…so if in anyway i ave offended any way i apologise in adavance…..Kuda Hafiz and Namaste.

  96. For Allah’s sake, we should not forget that we are all the creations of Allah(Arabic name for God), and we should be treating each other equally, whether we are muslims, hindus, christians, whoever we are.
    It looks like we are creating hatred in each other’s heart instead of peace. PLEASE STOP THESE DEBATES, IT’S ONY GOING TO MAKE THINGS WORST.
    lets just leave everything in the hand of Allah, he is the one who will judge whoz right and whoz wrong.

    TO ALL MUSLIMS, it’s a waste of time trying to make understand people who just don’t want to understand and who want to live in their own little cuckoo land.

  97. learn how to french kiss

    The constitution of the Fifth Republic was approved by referendum on 28 September 1958.[41] The current Jewish community in France

  98. […] for where Islam stands in this regard, it is clear that it opposes the theology of Hinduism due to its polytheistic […]

  99. Islam is arabic Imperilism . It has nothing to do with god .On name of god just want to fill kitty of desert kingdoms . As i remember from my child hood till now most of the muslims are killed by muslims only. unfortunately other too. whos god is tru , shia , sunny or 11 different islam and thousand of cast . do they allow shia allah to be worshipped in bahrin and saudi?>

  100. khalid munawar teri maa ki choot…muhamad tatti se paida hua tha..muuhamad is a diseased pig that you muslims have as a prophet..he is a bastard..asshole trace your roots…you all have hindu ancestors untill a muslim came and raped and a dirty generation was invented….that 56 year old bastard who married a 6 year old..BLLODY PAEDOPHILE..MUHAMMAD

    • yeh hai tum logo ki inteha…
      aur yehi zariya hai tumhara aur tum jese aur hinduo ka jahannum (nark) mai janey ka.. jitna humein bolo gay utna hi bhugto gay..
      shayed ab tk tum mar b gaye ho 😛
      bloodyy hindoooooooooooosssssss pile of shittttttttttt


    • Hello hindu bastard teri maa ka choot. Randi ke aulad. krishna sala kutte ki tatti se paida hua tha aur uski maa kutia thi. Duniya ka sabse bada pedophile krishna tha jisne 16,000 arape kiya tha. SAch me us jaisa haraami aaj tak paida hi nahi hua. Aur isliye tu bhi usi ki tarah haraami hai aur isliye hums ab ka farz hai ke teri maa ki choot mare.


    • please refer to Wikipedia and see if what you know is true about prophet.i am sure you trust wikipedia as a source of truth.Dont you?


  104. Salam………….
    To one and all………

    I believe Islam is the best religion……so far………….i am not telling this because i am a muslim……….but as a human being.
    the truth is Quran……which describes about Past,present and future….

  105. Hi,

    You people don’t have any other work to do except saying my XXX is greatest than yours. Suppose I accept your XXX is greatest, what you woud get – nothing – if I am right. In either case of agreement and disagreement you won’t get anything, so stop discussing this. If you like your god, go and worship him and don’t make noise by crticising others. And who knows what happens after death? So try to be good humans and follow a path of truth and your conscience – not of others.

  106. Guys,

    U believe it or not. Allah is Lord Shiva and Nobody else. I dont say you worship him. But i will defintely say that by worshipping Allah you are workshipping Shiva by unknowlingly. The kaaba is nothing else but a Shiva Linga. Mecca was once a Hindu Temple and people surrounding Mecca use to workship Shiva and Mecca was a shiva temple before Muhammad came. It was Shiva’s instruction to Bhoj Raja that Muslims will not know whom they worship but ultimately it will be me.

    To believe this just have a research in the internet and ready a lot about it. you will come to know.


  107. everybody should, must, pray only Allah, what will reply who read this site during the qayamat,
    i love my Allah,
    what is today”s generation doing ?
    in internet looking dirty thing.
    anybody like if yr brother, father, son, wife, mother,,sister,douter,etc look or involved in dirty ectivity, or homosex, or looking dirty site,


  108. Hello,

    Anyone who does a serious study of yoga-vedanta will recognize that it is brimming with Reality. I see no such Reality in Islam — only proclamations, laws and decrees, stories, hell fire, brimstone and bombast. It is overflowing with intolerance. I have read large portions of the Koran (in english) and found not even an ounce of serious philosophy emanating from it. At the level of intelligence and reason, it cannot compare to the Bhagavad-Gita or the Tao Te Ching or the Dhammapada of Buddha.

    Muslims criticize Hindus for idol worship. As for myself, I always keeps a statue of Siva or Ganesha nearby when I meditate. I don’t worship the statue, but the inexpressible divinity which it represents. There is no divine power in a statue. But by the same token, there is no divine power in a pound of paper called the Koran. Muslims, while criticizing the Hindus, have turned the Koran into another idol, the difference being that the Koran is usually paper and the statue is usually stone. Anyone who abuses a pound of paper and ink with the letters K-O-R-A-N written on the cover risks their life. Is this not insane? Anyone who happens to be born Muslim and who, through their own investigation and free will, chooses to publicly adopt another religion risks being condemned to death. Is this not also insane?

    And is it also not insane that Hindus working in Saudi Arabia are forbidden to publicly practice their religion, while in India, which is 80% Hindu, Muslims a free to practice theirs? Muslims accept the latter as their divine right and uphold the former as God’s will. This is called a double standard, and those who practice double standards are the worst kind of hypocrites.

    Duart Maclean

  109. chup karo behn ke lodo. kitne dino tak ladte rahoge tumhari maa ki choot. benn chod maan kyon nahi lete ki God is one. He has no face. he has no shape. but a point with enourmous power. It true that no scripture supports idolatary. Be it good hindu, good muslims every good soul here is the creature of God or allah or bhagwan. All of u who just fighting are the creature of satan.

  110. ek baat to hum jaante hain ki musalmaan hamesha handiya me ya gandiya me hi rehta hai

    ha ha ha

  111. inki ladkiya andar hi andar apne baap se bhai se chudti rehti hain. tabhi to apni ladkiyon ko bhi ye londiya kehte hain. Galiyan dena inka dharam hota hai. Ye sale jahan baithte hain wahi wahin gandgi kar dete hain. sale rehte hindustan me hain chinta karte hain saddam ki. Inki maa ki choot. Main Allah ke khilaf nahin hoon main in haramiyon ki soch ke khilaf hoon

  112. peace


  113. if you are truly hindus you all won’t hit islam
    cause islam is sanatana dharma

    and you islam can you read geetha for the first time just to benchmarking.

  114. buddhism is the opposite of islam in terms of the buddhist didn’t admit god and the did’t admit with spirit but it is the fastest growing religion in europe because of its rasionality

    same with islam it is opposite the buddhist because of its accpeting of god existing but it is true too

  115. i know the buddhist is the right way of truth
    islam is the left an hinduism is middle way

    so do love other human as you do to your self is the essence of everything

  116. if you doubt geetha you will pay more
    if you doubt koran and hadisth hel becomes near to you
    if you doubt the said of buddha you wiil suffer

  117. Cheers, i’ve got pictures of my new emo hairstyle

  118. Can anyone say why this guy mohammed the so-called prophet who is a peadophile. a rapist, an invader, a person who had hallucinations and passed these day-dreams off as revealations of God (the Quran?) and who is clearly the creator and originator of all the problems of the world today is always called ‘Mohammed’ and suffixed with the words ‘Peace Be Upon Him’ by these stupid Muslims?

    It is because after all his sinful cheating and violence, Mohammed is so agitated and unpeaceful that all Muslims bestow their good wishes unto this crazed cheater by praying for his peace – who knows maybe after thousands of such good wishes of ‘Peace be upon him’, may be, just maybe, Mohammed the ghost may finally become peaceful? Or am I being too generous?

  119. Allahu akbar…..!!!!

  120. Prophet mohammad(peace be upon him)
    He is the only best and perfect person in this earth and whoever abuse him or using harsh word against him ALLAH unpar gazab nazil karde.
    Aur jo kehte muslim gaali dete hain jhagra karte hain unka message khud gaaliyon se bhara rehta hain.
    Aur hum apni aurto ki izzat jaante hain isiliye unhe izzat se rakhte hain unlogo ki tarha nahi jo apni aurto ko public entertainment ke liye langa ghumate hain.
    They are talking about our religion but they dont kn about their religion.

  121. IMO, why can’t we all get a along. islam & hinduism r great religions but they are different. Islam is mono-theistic religion & hinduism is considered a “poly-theistic” religion. yes we (hindus & muslims) have done bad things, even to each other. but i don’t about care about which religion is better. its like comparing apples to oranges even though their fruits. but they encourage us to respect the creator and respect human beings. i feel like politics & media ruined everything. i am hindu & i respect islam and i m sorry if i offended people here. peace out.

  122. I have read several comments.I am by faith a hindu.But I wish to read koran,bible &geetha.I have started with Koran.I have’nt progressed much.However I have a doubt.Is it true that Islam religion sanctions death of non believers ? Up to whatever I have read I find Koran a wonderful & a very practical text.I have utmost respect for Mohd the prophet.His personal life is exemplary.He held his first wife Khadija in extereme reverence.There is no doubt about that.But I find it difficult to accept that any religion sanctions killing of any one sect of people.Am I wrong in my understanding?Please enlighten me & also tell me as which to verse from Kuran I must read inorder to understand the answer whatever it be.

    • Hi nalini,

      I am glad you chose to lean all religions,like i do.I hope people here will find more time to learn than to argue.I am a muslim,but I try to learn all other religions too.If you have already learned hindu scriptures,I have some doubts to ask you.Dont worry I wont pick specific lines out of Gita or Epics,just common points out of curiosity. I am a seeker too,like you.I cannot give you much than I have in my humble knowledge.But I promise I will try to answer your questions along with reference to Quran.Just ask.
      I want you to understand one thing,Quran is more or less a journal.It conveyed advices to Prophet when it is needed. It didn’t complete in a night or a month.It is a collection of diving internevtions prophet received.
      If need I could give you my mail id,but I have to ask my love (she is hindu) if she approves it or not.I will get back to you as soon as possible.
      I would like you to remember the one most important point.
      Quran was not written by one person in a day or month or year. It is a collection of Gods commands to Muslims who were going through many problems both internal and external. You will see some scriptures which allows to kill or punish kafirs, Most people have thought Quran urges to all Kafirs. Kafir means non believers. And Quran is referring to non believers who threatened muslims in course of war, who broke the treaty which were placed for peace. As you can see most of them are given out during war .Islam has had many rivals during its origin and even now. But if you learned it well, you will see that Islam never supports violence. Muslims have deviated from true islam, and we are all paying the price for it,for Allah says when believers act on ignorance and arrogance rather than consulting Quran and hadith and learning from it,he will punish us. Muslims should return to Quran and hadith, learn it well and be a real muslim.
      When you read Quran you need to refer to historical texts to see WHEN that Surath or Aayath was given to Prophet.To WHICH INSTANCE is it referring to. Studying Quran must be done with studying History of islam and Prophet. If not, you will get false assumptions like you can see in this blog.
      I hope you find the truth, for in Quran says
      “No matter which religion you are born into, a good soul who prayed the one god has nothing to fear on judjement day”
      Learn as much as you can sister,May god show you the way.

  123. main shadi suda 2 bachcho ko baap hun mer umre 33 saal hn . meri wife beemar ki chalte 5 saal se sex theek se nahi kar sakti hn or bahut kam hota hn.
    main dosrei sadi nahin karna chahata hun our sex ke bina reh bhee nahin sakta hun .
    min kya our kise is muskil se niklun ya koi treeka islam ke hisab se theek hn .
    mushe bayen.

  124. yo

  125. I have no idea why you might want to prove that islam is the greatest?? I have a lot of respect for all religions but i dont understand why you might want to dominate??

    and can you answer this?? how many women leaders have you had in Muslim communities?? You say that you give them dignity but no opportunities?? what if a women wants to become a pilot or a leader of a party?? can she?? In india we have many many women leaders..

    and i have heard that muslims believe that everyone is born a muslim… is it true??

  126. we are all musilm so we have not say other’s are wrong wht’s u r answer?

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  128. All people try to,atleast a brief,study about all religions and ideologies or concepts.but I believe,according to my study,ISLAM is the correct and original path to find GOD and “peace life”.So we all study about ISLAM and propogate it.GOD BLESS US.

  129. why does a muslim believe that islam is the only path to God and not other religions, and why does a hindu or christian believe otherwise. it is a simple concept of belief based on conditioning. since our birth we have been brainwashed to believe without reasoning and hence we follow like mules. our religion is not a choice but just depends on the religion of our parents. if Roshan was not born a muslim would he still propagate islam with blind faith just like he does now?
    i dont think so. i am a hindu and i dont propagate it as i am still studying it. i propagate spirituality which can be obtained by following any and every religion. so stop being stupid, stop comparing as the gods must be laughing at all of us. there is o such thing as the only god or only religion. you are made to believe in allah as ur parents were muslim and i am taught to believe in krishna as my parents are hindus. so do u mean to say that u r the lucky blessed one to be given a chance to follow islam? how come. did u do something in ur previous life that gave u this benefit? bit then islam doesnt believe in multiple births, then what is the reason?

  130. why does a muslim believe that islam is the only path to God and not other religions, and why does a hindu or christian believe otherwise. it is a simple concept of belief based on conditioning. since our birth we have been brainwashed to believe without reasoning and hence we follow like mules. our religion is not a choice but just depends on the religion of our parents. if Roshan was not born a muslim would he still propagate islam with blind faith just like he does now?
    i dont think so. i am a hindu and i dont propagate it as i am still studying it. i propagate spirituality which can be obtained by following any and every religion. so stop being stupid, stop comparing as the gods must be laughing at all of us. there is o such thing as the only god or only religion. you are made to believe in allah as ur parents were muslim and i am taught to believe in krishna as my parents are hindus. so do u mean to say that u r the lucky blessed one to be given a chance to follow islam? how come. did u do something in ur previous life that gave u this benefit? bit then islam doesnt believe in multiple births, then what is the reason?

  131. Islam is the name of the religion, or more properly the ‘way of life’, which God (Allah) has revealed and which was practiced by all of the Prophets and Messengers of God that He sent to mankind. Even the name stands out unique among other religions in that it means a state of being; it does not refer to any particular person, such as Christianity, Buddhism or Zoroastrianism; a tribe like Judaism; or a nation like Hinduism. The root Arabic word from which Islam is derived implies peace, safety, salutation, protection, blamelessness, wholesomeness, submission, acceptance, surrender, and salvation. Islam specifically means being in the state of submission to God, worshipping Him Alone, and reverently accepting and obeying His Law. Through this submission, the peace, security, and wholesome well-being implied in its literal meaning is achieved. Hence, a Muslim or Muslimah is a person (male or female) in that state of submission. A person’s Islam weakens through sins, ignorance, and wrong-doing, and becomes nullified in totality by associating partners with God or disbelieving in Him.

    Read the complete article at:

  132. It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used to refer to God and sometimes to lesser deities at the same time. This is not the case with Allah. Allah is the personal name of the One true God. Nothing else can be called Allah. The term has no plural or gender. This shows its uniqueness when compared with the word “god,” which can be made plural, as in “gods,” or made feminine, as in “goddess.” It is interesting to note that Alah is the personal name of God in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and a sister language of Arabic.

    The One true God is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with Allah. To a Muslim, Allah is the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Who is similar to nothing, and nothing is comparable to Him. The Prophet Muhammad was asked by his contemporaries about Allah; the answer came directly from Allah Himself in the form of a short chapter of the Quran, which is considered to be the essence of the unity or the motto of monotheism.

    Read the complete article at:

  133. I am not a muslim, I am a sikh, though I have to admit Qu’ran does have scientific miracles as claimed, and they have been verified by many non-muslims and muslims. My suggestion would be, believe in what you like, as the Qu’ran says at the end, “Your religion is to yours, Mine is to mine, I will not worship what you worship, Nor will you worship What I worship”… if we get this theory, which is basically telling you to freely accept what you please as your religion. So no religion is wrong, it’s our basic mind-set I believe….email me for any questions, comments, suggessions…..

  134. u muslims first realize how many books are there in hindusm.first stop calling “hindu” our religion is SANATAN means eternal .it is those u who changed it according to river “indus” by the side of which we were residing according to you.its our plight that our govt. which is elected by majority of hindu is not paying any attention to our a recent i saw some documentary in a certain news channel conforming RAMAYAN.u the people who displaced hindu brahmins from kashmir and now calling the making of temporary shelter for hindu pilgrimage as attempt to change demography of kasmir.this is ur reality accept it

  135. I wouldnt let your prophet near my kid lol. He sounds dangerous to kids’ safety.

  136. Hi Guys,
    I am not here to praise or curse any religion…
    coz the Holy Quran says:
    “There will be people who will accept the oneness of God and the prophethood, but they will not believe in it until blessed by Almighty Allah.

    I just came across this video which made me a fan of his knowledge… About this man, He is a reverted Muslim. Previously, He was a Hindu and that too, a Pandit of Acharya Level. He was the President of All-India Brahmin Association for 3 yrs & was also a head priest at Birla Group of Temples, Banaras.
    After watching this video, Adamant People may try to prove it wrong. Before watching this video, my only suggestion is to neutralize yourself, understand what this guy is trying to explain, and then analyze & verify with your holy scriptures (if any doubt) rather than criticizing anyone. Here’s the link, Hope it will help you:

  137. learn quran online, learn quran, learning quran online
    Islam is the religion of peace and The word “Islam” itself means “Submission to Allah.” The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of “Christianity” which was named after Jesus Christ, “Buddhism” after Gutama Buddha , “Marxism” after Karl Marx, and “Confucianism” after Confucius.
    Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like “Judaism” after the tribe of Judah and “Hinduism” after the Hindus. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, “Allah” (known as God “the Father” in Christianity).
    And Mosks are the place where we do our prayers
    “Whoever builds a Masjid, seeking Allah’s pleasure; Allah will build for him a similar place in Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari)
    “Do you know who will go first on the Day of Resurrection to the shade of Allah? Those who when given what is right accept it, when asked for something give freely and who judge in favour of others as they do for themselves.” (Tirmidhi)

    All this can be spread through the learning of Quran so learn Quran online and join learn quran online, learn quran, learning quran online

  138. Hello,

    Peace to All.

    You forget that we are in this world only for being tested and evaluated by the Almighty God. He created the different religions that takes us to the same place. Whatever your religion, God is the Same. We are talking about the same one God. Don’t you think that you are wasting your time to fight with each other… what will God think about this ? Fighting, criticizing each other ‘s GOD and Killing for religion is very wrong because religion is only a mean to reach God… whatever religion you choose, it gives the same fruit…try not to represent your Religion as a way to dominate the World…if you do that, then it means that Satan is inside you….Please be careful, every religion in the world has its positives and negatives – No religion is perfect in the world because God is not so stupid to give you the keys to paradise for free. God wants to see you how you behave with other religion, how you live and respect the people of other casts, socities and religious belief… so my friends, stop all of this if you do not want to embrace Hell. Do not talk, think or listen bad of others… Please do not make laugh of Krishna, God or Allah, they are all the same One ! Do not fall in this trap.
    I am sure they are laughing at you guys because they know your destiny. Never use the Religion for converting people, or dominating the world…because if you do that, God will cry and punish. Why ? Because we have the same red blood and we are the sons and daughters og the same GOD who appeared differently to many different people in different ways… But the objectives of all religion at the end of the day is : Do Good Avoid Bad. God Bless All…
    May Allah, Ram or Krishna, Jesus or Buddha give you enough intelligence to avoid hard fightings and bad thoughts…. nobody will go to Hell, Hell is already here inside each of us…so instead of making religions fight with each other, please try to fight the Bad inside you.

    Nitesh Maganlal

  139. Please try to make this world a place of divine Shanti, Prayer.

    Hinduism is not a politheist religion it is indeed a monotheist religion if you go deep inside … Above Brahma Vishnu and Shiva and above all the images and forms we have God who is Brahman which means Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient represented by OM. God has No form. Hinduism has no Idols but representation of the Same One Unique Divinity into various images – semidevtas with different duties and characteristics which are accepted as a vehicle or a way or mean to reach the Supreme without Form. The semi-devtas – the images are not the Ishwara ( The Supreme Divine Ishwara or Allah ). these images are a way to concentrate – representation of the Divine One.
    Our Ishwara does not take it bad or wrong because the objective to have an image is only a temporary way to reach the Absolute without Form Master. Therefore, if you are intelligent enough, all the religions are the same and talking about the same GOD.
    The 330 millions Gods are not Gods, but devtas that fulfill duties for the Almighty Supreme… So even above Krishna or Ram who are direct Visual Form and Manifestation of God ( without Form ) are just under the Power of The Supreme Lord. ( It is in the Bhagavad-Gita ).
    Can You see that we are fighting for nothing ???

    Allah, Ishwara, and GOD is the Same One Divinity.

    Therefore Please try to avoid conflict and be tolerant to each other… Unity is Divinity… Division is the business of satan. Remember always….

    Nitesh Maganlal.

  140. Ah one thing :

    Allah or Ram or Krishna or God or Jesus is very rich. He does not need a Mandir or Masjid or Church anymore because He is the Master of the Entire Seen and Unseen Universe whether you like it or not. Therefore, God wants us to make a house for a poor family, shelter for poor people not for Him.

    We are doing all the things in earth to show off. Our duty must be genuine from inside our Heart be it hindu muslim or sikh or jew or christian …or anything else…

    You can reach God only with love inside your Heart, Respect with each other, tolerance and power of Forgiveness.
    whatever religion, True Love Only will take you to Him.
    Other ways are rubbish. So please avoid fight with each other and cultivate True Love avoid Hate between people, colours and religions….otherwise you will not need to go to Hell, but Hell will come straight to you my friends….

    Avoid Violence in the name of GOD. Be happy.
    Think about this seriously.


    • You have hit the nail on the head.

      there is one creator who set the laws in motion for all of his creation and gave us humans the free will to obey or disobey his laws and of course face the consequences. For example the laws of nature are fixed, every thing behaves according to the laws of nature and you have equilibrium.

      We humans have free will and egos, therefore we try to prove our selves as right and every one else on the wrong path. The reality is if you obey the laws of the creator (call him what you like) then you have submitted your self in the site of god (islam in Arabic) and you will succeed in life. If you do all the bad deeds and call your self muslim (Who submits) is infact an infidel.

      In the site of god, its the deeds not the label, take mother Tereesa for example.

  141. Islam is not compatible with any other world view. Islam can only be one world view, with an opposing enemy that are infidels. That is part of semitic culture, it is a syncretism or completion of the semitic soul. Think manichean, zorastrian, jewish, syriac/coptic christian religions into one islam, the final most complete semitic religion. The only way to defeat islam is to use islamic tactics on islam, westerners did so in the past and islam became silent/docile in the face of the western powers.

  142. Hi all..
    What in the name of god is happening here..?All i see is people spitting at each other.Hav you noticed that people with sold proofs to support their arguments are not so mean..?Unless you can talk with mutual respect,please stop this.I am a muslim,i got great hindu friends,and i love my country for what it is..Yes pakistan might be a muslim country by proclamation but not by their attitude.All know that.There are many muslim countries out there other than pak and bangladesh.So please dont drag this into politics.And to the owner of this blog..You have to check on the users screaming words of hatred..I mean both muslims and non muslims..
    And to the brothers who is talking against islam..Please do it after u study it..If u know anything about it other than what u got from might be mistaken..
    ANd to my fellow muslims who demean others..remember what you are taught and remember it right..RESPECT others faiths..You cant fight them and have them by your side..
    Hinduism or islam does put forward a ot of preachings for a peaceful life here..The people who try to break others necks in the name of religion is not true followers of it..
    I am saying this becoz i am from a land where riots in name of religion has killed the peace of many families..Its not worth it..
    If somebody is spitting back at you because u believe in islam,you can ty to negotiate..If not..let them have their faith..after all..we all believe there is an afterlife..All we have to do is to wait until we take our last breaths..
    The truth will be unveiled..
    To my hindu brothers here..If any one of you have bad experience from a muslim ..pls understand that he is not a true follower if it..It is not true to generalize a community bcoz a part of them is corrupt..There is corrupt people in all communities..Even yours..If you ar talking from what you have learned from media..Please understand the truth..that all you hear in it is not the truth..
    May god (whoever or whatever form you believe in) may show you the right path..Simply it is..Live and let others live..
    Thats all..

  143. That is the point, there can only be one world view where all non-muslims and muslims alike are submissive to islam. That is the whole driving force for islam, only “peace” as defined within the confines of islamic “peace”. Of course the average muslim cannot speak out against jihdaists as they then risk of being considered an apostate. It is part of islam to spread the faith and to dominate dhimmis while eliminating kafirs. This is the history of how islam has spread and how it continues to spread, nothing more nothing less.

  144. All Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and now Islam) have a history of warfare, bloodshed, conquest, domination and facism in the name of their God. Their holy texts are filled with violence, rage and intolerance of those who differ from their religious viewpoints. The one thing that irks me about most People of the Book is their sense of superiority which is worst than Hitler’s nazism and facism. The problem for me is the “God” who created these people is incapicitated to tell us what the “TRUTH” is. Their followers are placing extreme faith in the word of mortals who were “inspired by God”. These prophets lived in a different time and space. The world in which we live in today has moved many light years ahead of these prophets. The religious bigots are using the technology of open-minded and free-thinkers to pursue their archaic ideas and beliefs in the 21st century. Unfortunately, extremists are using it for ill. We cannot allow dinosaurs (big on power, domination and use of terror but with the brain the size of a pea) to rule the world again. Stand up against such narrow-minded thinking. Just as these people demand their freedom (and are willing to kill for it and to kill anyone you speaks against their religion – what GOD will condone such barbarism?) to believe in their religion – respect everyone else’s beliefs. They should look around them, smell the flowers – there is no peace within their own religions. Their followers are killing each other. They should take a closer look at themselves before they criticise others. Every second they should be thinking of JUDGEMENT DAY, when their every action, thought and word will be judged. They should save themselves first (they cannot blame someone else – they will be judged alone),so they should stop converting others – They are not Moses, Jesus or Mohammed. They claim to have come to “save” humanity,and it is not the task of frail, imperfect, superior thinking being like these religious bigots. Remember “Those who want to convert you are not listening to you” so why should we give them an audience. My message is stop claiming your religion is superior to others. we are all human beings before we became Christians, Jews or Muslims. I dare you to claim that God is Jewish, Christian or Muslim – lest you be struck . Start living like a good human being – tolerant, merciful, love for all God’s creation, compassionate, treat and respect everyone equally even if their beliefs are different from yours. i know that realistically this is only an ideal/dream but we have can strive for perfection without killing, war and preoccupation with the life hereafter. The truth is YOU really don’t know what will happen. You only have faith (which is a belief in the unknown)


  145. None of you fools tried to understand what Dr.Zakir really meant. Well the truth is that true religion and faith can never be understood just from reading the Koran or the Gita once or twice. A person has to read them more than a 100 times to see its original message. Hinduism and Islam have a lot in common. Hindus believe the first born of God as ‘Brahma’ and his wife as ‘Saraswati’. For Muslims it is ‘Abraham’ and his wife is ‘Sara’. So all those who fight over their religion and think that the other is based on fairy tales and imaginary just think if Hinduism is mere fantasy then the basic laws in Islam are also the same. It is the people from both the sides that commit crimes and the religion itself is portrayed in a bad manner. We could go on forever and show more remarkable parallels between Islam and Hinduism. But it is best to say that it is unfortunate that Hindus have forgotten that all Muslims are their brothers and sisters and that only their ways of worship are different. Muslims, in turn, have completely blanked out the fact that their forefathers were Hindus once upon a time-even Afghanistan and Arabia were part of Hindu kingdoms before the advent of Christ-so they have every right to be proud of Vedic culture; they should not disown Hindu traditions. Thus, Hindus and Muslims spring from the same family and must respect each other more and more, so that this senseless clash of religion, which in turn leads to a clash of civilisations, slowly fades away.

    • What u said is true,that above all we have to be companssionate and good human beings.But do not phrase things out of your own imagination.Ibrahim and sara is nothing like you have stated.he is just a prophet ans sara his wife.God dont have any sons or anyone related.Just uman beings to who knew that the true definition of god. There are REMARKABLE parallels in all religions even between hinduism and islam.Refer to the principles of ARYA SAMAJ and you will know.But do NOT bent things and make up false theories,like you did with Ibrahim and brahma theory..

  146. Muslims who claim to be true Muslims just tell me want Islam means. Does it mean war against infidels or is it the preacher of peace ? Because many a times I have heard both the above definitions for Islam. Dr.Zakit has only seen this from one side of the coin. For those who want to know which is better: Islam or Hinduism ? read this:
    At a time when Hindus and Muslims have again started killing each other; when mistrust, misunderstanding and hate stalk the two communities; it is imperative that Islam and Hinduism learn at last to live together. There is no other solution: Hindus cannot wish away the 130 million Muslim minority; and the followers of Islam in India cannot ignore forever the feelings of the majority community, who after all total 850 million strong in India and 1.1 billion worldwide. Kashmir is an unsolvable problem, as neither Pakistan, nor India, are ready to surrender their claims, and for obvious reasons. Ayodhya remains an equally inextricable dilemma, because it has been politicised and communalised so much by political parties, that nobody is willing to take the first step. But then, how to bridge the apparently immense gap between Islam and Hinduism ?
    On the surface, you cannot find two more dissimilar religions: The first is a monotheistic faith which proclaims that Allah is the only God and that believers of all other religions are to be treated as “infidels”; the second swears by polytheism and adores thirty three million Gods and Goddesses. Hindus face East to pray; Muslims turn to the West. Hindus write from left to right; Muslims from right to left. Hindus love the colour saffron, Muslims dote on green. While Muslims are regarded as Mlechhas (unholy) by Hindus, Muslims consider Hindus Kafirs (infidels). Whereas the Quran condemns idolaters to Hell and grants permission to the faithful to kill infidels, Hindus are sitting and waiting for the Kalki Avatar to redeem the world of Mlechhas. Because of these differences, both these creeds have been at loggerhead for centuries and the Muslim invasions of India have been exceptionally bloody. Even today, Islam and Hinduism collide in Kashmir, in Ayodhya, or in the wars between Pakistan and India.
    Yet, unknown to both Muslims and Hindus, there exists striking similarities between Islam and Hinduism. In a just released book, Hinduism and Islam, the Common Thread (Vyakti Vikas Kendra, Bangalore, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the worldwide Art of Living movement, highlights the fact that contrary to common belief, Hinduism is as monotheistic in its creed as Islam. ‘Advaita’, for instance, keeps speaking about non-dual monotheism, while the Bhagavad Gita says: “Eko devah sarva Bhutantaratma” (one God who dwells in everybody). Or elsewhere: “All the 33 crore devi devtas are nothing but the rays of one Paramatma (the Supreme Being)”. We also find that in Hinduism one God is given 108 names, or sometimes even 1008 names (“Sahastranaama”); in the same way, Islam believes in one God who is vast and formless and He also is addressed by 99 other names.
    It is true that Islam abhors the worshipping of God in stones or images and that this has been the prime motivation for Arabs and other Muslims to destroy so many Hindu temples and statues in India from the 7th Century onwards. But do Muslims know that many Hindus, at the end of a puja, say:”Hritpadma karnikaa madhye shivena saha sundari; Pravishadvam mahadevi sarvai aavarnai saha” (You return back to my heart from the idol). Though Islam strictly adheres to the formless (nirakar), it has nevertheless recognised the importance of the Form and the Symbol, symbolised by the Kaaba of Mecca; honouring it is worshipping the Formless through the Form (sagun saakar). Offerings like Chaddar at the Dargah is also a common traditional practice among Hindus, who like offering Chunni to the Mother Divine in the temple. More important even, Namaaz comes from two Sanskrit words: Nama (to worship) and Yaja (to unite with God.) Vajrasana (a yogic posture) is an essential part of the Namaaz, which is prescribed five times daily in the Quran. Friday, the holiest day for Muslims, is as well the holy day for Hindus to worship of the Mother Divine (the Rahukal puja or the noon puja on Friday is considered very auspicious by Hindus). “The 30 days of prayer and fasting”, says again Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “is akin to the Mandala puja and the name of the Islamic month of Ramadan comes from the Sanskrit word Rama-dhyan. Dhyan means to meditate and Ram in Sanskrit means ‘the one who shines in the heart’. Thus Ramadan refers to a time to meditate on God. Fasts are also associated with Vedic worship, and Islam has retained that fasting and praying tradition for Ramadan”.
    It is also very important to note that in the Hindu tradition, although the moon and stars are revered, it is the sun that predominates, since it was a source of comfort in the icy Himalayas, the cradle of Hinduism. In the Arabian desert, it was the moon and stars that gave comfort, while the harsh sun was hostile; hence the moon and the stars were chosen as the symbols of serenity and divinity (Shiva is also known as Chandrashekhara-one who has the crescent moon for a crown). In a similar manner, in India, it was the saffron colour which stood out in the greenery of the Gangetic plains, whereas green was chosen by the Arabs, as it was seen from far in the yellow deserts and this is why today, green adorns many Islamic flags. Again, in the Hindu tradition the first born of God is Brahma and his wife is Saraswati; the first born of God in Islam is known as Abraham (a-Brahma) and his wife is Sara. The Hindus have a practice of chanting mantras on the beads of the japamala; the Muslims too chant the 99 names of Allah on the 99 beads of their rosary.
    Finally, Mecca was also a holy place for Hindus. The ancient Vedic scripture Harihareshwar Mahatmya mentions that Lord Vishnu’s footprints are consecrated at three holy sites, namely Gaya, Mecca and Shukla Teertha: “Ekam Padam Gayayantu MAKKAYAANTU Dwitiyakam Tritiyam Sthapitam Divyam Muktyai Shuklasya Sannidhau”. Though Islam prohibits idol worship, the black Kaaba stone is held sacred and holy and is called “Hajre Aswad” from the Sanskrit word Sanghey Ashweta: Non-white stone (The Shiva Linga is also called Sanghey Ashweta). The pedestal Maqam-E-Ibrahim at the centre of the Kaaba, is octagonal in shape. In Hinduism, the pedestal of Brahma the creator is also octagonal in shape. Just as in Hinduism, the custom of circumambulating (Pradakshina) the Deity is practiced at the Kaaba also. The pilgrims go around the entire building (Kaaba) seven times in the anticlockwise direction.
    We could go on forever and show more remarkable parallels between Islam and Hinduism. But it is best to say that it is unfortunate that Hindus have forgotten that all Muslims are their brothers and sisters and that only their ways of worship are different. Muslims, in turn, have completely blanked out the fact that their forefathers were Hindus once upon a time-even Afghanistan and Arabia were part of Hindu kingdoms before the advent of Christ-so they have every right to be proud of Vedic culture; they should not disown Hindu traditions. Thus, Hindus and Muslims spring from the same family and must respect each other more and more, so that this senseless clash of religion, which in turn leads to a clash of civilisations, slowly fades away.

  147. i think all of us here r true beleivers of the supreme power lets leave all the pettiness and share the good points of every religion or islam. we r in search of supreme power. can we reach him via fights and arguments.
    its a myth that if we show the other person down we will be higher coz god created us the same…….lets attain him through good thoughts and action……………..and inshah allah / bhagvan kare………….we get all meet him one day in .
    god is one
    god is energy with the highest qualities………ROUTES ARE DIFFERENT DESTINATION IS ONE…………….BLESS US

    • kalpana has made some good points..
      Do meditation, practice dharma and rise above religious dogmatism..


  149. i am a muslim but studied hindusim closly……. you know what i found out….. hindusim existed much before mohammed was born….. quran was a book written by man…. not by god… its book which descibe how to lead life….. and not written by allah…….please see the truth….all religion are same and talk about the one who controls every thing….. you can call him allah,jesus or lord vishnu….. all are same…. religion is way of life not life…… after birth only you become hindu or muslim or christian…what before that and after that…..all religion talk about heven and hell…. all religion talk about to pray the great one ……some pray in chyrch some in mosqe and some in temple….. all goes to him the mighty one….. muslim call him allah…..christian call him god…. hindus call him by various names…… read about all religions…. be open minded… except the good from all religion… and discourage ill beliefs……religions are created by mens till today no religion created man…. man was created by the great one not by religion…… its mearly ppl do poltics in name of religion…. actually religions are there to divide ppl …. we all are brother either hindu or muslim or christian… we are son and daughter of the great one….. hindu ,muslim and christians are son of good nad he dont discriminate between its childern then what right we have to …. divide ourself in name of religion…..whether u hindu or muslim or christian it pains when u die… we all love our childrens, parents and wife… then who give us right to kill others loved one…. leave in ur self…. enjoy life… and try to make a man happy every day…. the great on will reward you welll……………

  150. hi dear friend

    Here me and my partners have a questionary which will survey the essential needs of
    muslim minorities.
    Can I ask you see the link below and answer to short questions please? All data you give
    will be kept.
    I am grateful!

  151. Hi Mina

    When are you going to do a survey of non-muslims in muslim countries more especially the way dark skinned people in Saudi Arabia are treated by stinking rich hypocricritical muslim Arabs? Start investigating the injustices and violence within the muslim world before you begin attacking democratic people from outside. Why are apostates so afraid to openly announce their conversion from Islam -where is their basic human rights? Human rights does not exist in Islam – why are you insisting on human rights for muslims? Muslims are taught from birth to follow and not to search outside their faith. Get a wake up call. Be brave – go to if you dare.

    Remember muslims cannot and are not allowed to speak on behalf of Allah – even if it its written in the Koran. Mohammed did not meet with Allah – so no muslim can claim that he knows Allah – unless he wants to commit Shirk which is the worst sin. Allah is more important than Mohammed (over a trillion times more important – so why are muslims placing so much emphasis on Mohammed when they should be searching for Allah). So instead of going around researching and wasting your valuable time , I suggest you concentrate on being a good human being by respecting all and preparing your own soul for Allah. Or else you will not get to paradise to have eternal sex with the houris.

    Shirk conscious

    • Hello alexHave you ever read Quran?or even talked to a true muslim?Your ideas of islam is entirely wrong.Muslims are not allowed to talk about allah?who told you that?Muslims are allowed and encouraged to learn islam and other religions too and we are asked to behave well and respect other failth AS FAR AS they dont question our own.Means if you asked for trouble you WILL get trouble.In islam heaven is guranteed for people who die in battles,yes. But not the blood thirsty war mongers. IF you are DEFENDING your family ,your faith or general weak, from oppressers you will be rewarded.Thats all about it.
      America asked for it.and they got what they asked for.Now they badged muslims as “terrorists”.who actually is terrorsts,god almighty knows.
      Its a shame that even illiterated muslims are confused by the concept of jihad and hurts people who didnt do any harm to him.But then,bad people who act on ignorance are there in all religions all over the world.why blame only muslims.
      About the prophet..again you need to atleast TRY to learn a faith before questioning it.
      In the history,there have been ,millios of prophets who knew about the truth of god.Moses,jesus,ibrahim etc are venerted in islam as prophets.But the common flaw of preaching is that the preacher becomes the god..the followers give them so much glorificatio that as time passes they themself becomes god.It happened even with Isa (Jesus).
      With prophet god intended to make the point that prophets are just prophets or messengers.they should be respected not venerated pr prayed to..
      yes i admit there are mulims who pray to him..again its an act of ignorance.
      Being a good human being is all about islam bot bark at something with such ignorance you will only make a fool out of yourself..
      Do YOUR research.. before preaching other to do that.
      and oh..that last statement about houris..heavens are there in all religions..isnt it?all pleasures are offerd there..why do u think muslims are going there just to haev sex?is that the only thing you heard about heaven?that was a very cheap dialogue from you. islam has talked about all kinds of pleasuers and you just got stuck with Houris..pathetic

  152. Dear The Seeker

    Thanks for your response. there are a few things you said that I would like to discuss.

    1. “AS FAR AS they dont question our own” – so is islam beyond question? Is it flawless? Who told you that? Mohammed or Allah? Do you put all your faith in a human being? How do know whether Allah truly agrees with this statement or not? This is what I was referring to. Muslims think that their religion is the greatest. There was a man called Hitler who also had similar beliefs but yours refers to religion.

    2. “Means if you asked for trouble you WILL get trouble.” – typical mentality of muslims to use violence when all else fails. Well, I cant blame you – Mohammed infact was a very violent man – he butchered those who didn’t agree with him. The only way muslims can stand taller than others is to chop off other peoples heads. What a shame. The only religion that purports violence in order to survive and spread its evil. What happened to “Allah the most beneficial, the most merciful”. Again who do you follow – Mohammed or Allah?

    3. “you just got stuck with Houris” This was just one example of the pleasures of heaven that is clearly and explicitly described in the Koran. People should not do things for rewards from God. Their lives should not regulated around fear of hell. Their lives should be based on faith. If Muslims were truly faithful, they should not fear the devil or those who wish to destroy islam. If Allah is truly on the side of muslims then there is nothing to fear.

    Unfortunately, you have not answered my questions – the way Arabs treat non-arab muslims in Saudi Arabia. The treatment of non-muslims in Malaysia (a well masked apartheid state – just like the Israelis).

    Why is it that there is so much killing of muslims by muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (Shiates and Sunni). Look at the bloodshed in Pakistan by suicide bombers. It is innocent muslim men, women and children who are being killed by the Taliban. where are their human rights – Who is fighting their cause? The Taliban does not want girls to be educated (a basic human right denied). Women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia whereas in London more and more muslim women are passing their driving tests and drive without a male escort. They are attending top universities and have professional jobs.

    I am pleased that you do admit that there are bad muslims who do not follow the Koran like there are in other religions. I believe that change comes when the individual begins to think for himself what is wrong and what is right and not what a whole religious body -whether it is islam or christianity or hinduism – dictates to the individual. afterall you will be judged alone and you cannot blame your wrongdoings on your mother, father, imam, taliban, koran or Mohammed who taught you the wrong thing, you will be standing alone on judgement day. When you harm another human being, muslim or not (because all humans were created by God) you will pay the price my friend. Remember you have no power to judge whether your actions are islamically correct or sanctioned by the Koran – no one but Allah has that right , lest you wish to make the decision on His behalf and commit Shirk (the greatest sin).

    Shirk conscious

    • hello Alex,

      First of all thanks for not using any abusive words.Nowadays thats all we get because some of muslims youth did things out of their ignorance.Just imagine what and all you would have to hear if your faith is held responsible for things people do in name of faith itself?Just like u have mentioned in your replies,muslims are not devoid of evil which is inherent in all human beings.those who didnt understand the faith does things and the faith itself is questioned..i hope and pray for a day when muslims will become what prophet muhammed really wanted us to be..lets get to the points..

      1.I am not that good at english.What i meant by the phrase “as far as we the faith is not questioned” is..when we are forced to accept some other beliefs.Everyone got the right to believe in what they want to believe.Islam did ask us to respect other religions,and if we are to infuence them it should be with our merit not by force.because no faith can be really changed ny force.Muslims and all other religions think that their faith is the greatest..dont they?they all think its falwless because they all believe its divine in origin and something that is divine in origin wont be flawed .i didnt ask about your faith,friend..but if you are really religious,do u think that there can be flaws in your codes?

      2.All religions have been founded on violence..ITs natural,because when a change occurs there is always consequences. There are wars in sialmic history but muslims are not butchers.Do your research before saying such things.And please do not believe in everything u find in internet.There are even people who produce websites which looks like islamic in origin and gives out wrond information.And there are people evenmuslis itself who give out ideas of their own in the name of religion.Allah has asked each and everyone of us to learn Quran.Nowadays most people just reads it without knowing its meaning.. even Quran has said that such people are like Mules carrying books on their back..coz they are so ignorant about the value of the information they are carrying..
      you have just said we always butcher and Prophet is violent.Give me examples and sources from where you got it.we can go on and on if we just lets argue with proofs.and again when u seek for proofs..try books not websites.hopefully i will able to direct u to genuine do your research..i will do mine too.
      We follow Muhammed and Quran’s preachings..he is just a messenger our role model..yes i know you would be thinking what kind of a role model he is with the ideas you have about him.. atleast check into wikipedia and see how he was described there and how some historians have mislead people against him.i again and again implore you to go to genuine resources of knowledge..

      3. About rewards and heaven.

      Houris and other stuff thats described is just a portray of heaven and more or less in artistic versus. Ultimately it means even if we lead a troublesome and dissappointing like here in this life,we will have an eternal afterlife after death for all the merits we kept on in this life.

      If you want to know how Hell and heaven works on common psychology..refer to books on psychiatry.. human mind always needs to regulated with punishments and rewards.Hell and heaven is not islamic ideas..there are many other religions who says the same about heaven and hell.If you want to question all the religions,you can..but again.its not exclusive to islam.

      Ofcourse there are bad muslims,friend.May i say they are born into a muslim family and wears a beard and kutha and never read or tried to udnerstand Quran fully? yes there are lots and lots of such people.. come on there are even underworld dons whose name is a davood ibrhaim.. But what i dont understand is..why are you blaming the faith just coz some people who totally dont understand or follow it does bad tihngs?do u really think the terrorists or so called taliban are going to be rewarded..?no way..
      i recently read a news that in pakistan a woman was gang raped as a punishment for having an extra marrital affair..and they were saying its shariya. such stuff do happen..but again..why blame the faith?if u found such a code in Quran or Hadith..(valid ones please) i will convert to which ever religion you say..there is no code for gang raping when a woman is caught for cheating on husband or vice versa..woman or man,might be even put to death but gang raping?
      You said innocent muslim women and men and children are killed by tailban..very true. So u know all muslims are not bad..there is a minority who has crooked…and they are lead by so called Ulamas who deviate the Quranic verus and make the ignorant youth believe tht they are doing jihad.. faith is the only sentiment that can be used for that purpose..then again..why blame the faith if a minority does things who re confused and mislead by monstrosities?never do that..there are bad people in all faiths..if we are to blame the faith for what a minority does in its religion will be spared.

      Woman..aah..its yet anothre topic..we will have to discuss it it seperately if we can. one thing i wuold like to point out.Dont think women are all suppressed in islamic countries.I have personally saw woman driving at odd hours at night in islamic are scared of them actually coz if a woman complained to the authorities that she was insulted the punishment will be severe like losing a hand.i have friends and myself who dont try to cross them wrong..coz we know the consequences.But again,yes you will have more to say about it.i know.i request we dedicate another thread or time to discuss it.

      You are absolutely right..There are wrong people in islam..why not? just because someone borin into a religion doesnt make him a true follower..if it did then the workd would be heaven coz all religions are for peace..yes even islam if you learned it rather than believing what these so called ulamas tell you in sitting in caves..

      Aah..religion doesnt just gives a good clear conscience.You said a person has to decide for himself..what if his conscience is wrong about something? religion just sets the path clear..

      If our imam taught us wrong we will face our punishment and he will face double the punishemnt..that goes to father and mother too..but prophet,he didnt teach anything wrong to have to do your research before saying not blame him for what some minority misbegotten people do in name of his faith..
      If we,muslims,or any other man harms innocent we will face the judjement..for sure.islamically correct?ha ha..if you are ismaically correct then u CANNOT harm innocent..
      But have to know what islam is first to decide your path..

      In Quran Allah says : Even muslims,will be divided into 73 groups on judjement day.Only one will pass through to heaven.And the rest are condemned to hell,for they were not real followers of faith,although they were borin into a muslim family and bore the name of a muslim.

      See that? Real muslims who have learned their faith and lives accordingly is not waiting for 72 houris at heaven.They just want to live their life without hurting anyone and join the God at his heavens in the eternal afterlife.

      Ofcourse this all sounds so mythical..but hey..all religions have a part where we have to believe blindly in something..right?

      i truly hope and pray that the people who are mislead will wake up someday and return to their faith by learning about it..and i till then i hope the people of other faiths or those who dont have any faith at all..will have the clarity to not to blame a faith for what a minority does in its name..

      i have to thank you again for being as civil as you are..i have heard people calling our beloved prophet a pedophile,while we have greatest respects for their god,or jesus..
      Only if they learned history well..

  153. Hi The Seeker

    It is a pleasure to communicate with someone who is willing to think, argue and pursue the truth. The one thing that distinguishes us from animals is our ability to think. Man’s greatest achievements will be realised not by violence and bloodshed but by tolerance, understanding and empathy. It is only when you step into a person’s shoes and walk in it will you fully understand someone. however this is not always truly possible. People of all faiths should try to do this but as you say it is not possible because people are born with flaws. You did say that there are a minority of muslims who are misleading the youth and bringing islam into disrepute. My question to you is why are the majority of good muslims not speaking out against them. “Evil prevails because the few good men remain silent” .

    There is also a tendency within Islam and other religions that if you are not with us , then you are against us. This “neither or” approach is a simplification of this complex world created by God. It is bound to cause conflict and violence. Religion is not a political party where you are fighting for votes so that you can be more powerful and exert force over other religions. We should celebrate diversity of religions and cultures and languages. In London, Bengalis are rushing to Jordan and Egypt to learn Arabic. They are rubbishing their cultural heritage for an Arabic culture. God created the world to be different everywhere so that man can enjoy the beauty He created. Muslims want a single religion and community( worldwide ummah). This will lead to a world of puppets all looking and thinking the same as it was 1500 years ago in Arabia. We live in 2010 – the world has become smaller, and complex. I love its complexity. It reveals the complex nature of God – though it cannot be be fully explained. We live at a time when man is pushing his brains to the end of endurance – I love it. Human beings are becoming more caring of others and the environment. This evident by the many charities set up in the West like Oxfam – they don’t only give to non-muslims unlike the Zakat which is only for muslim causes. Do muslims care about conflict that affect non-muslims. A million people mainly english whites in Britain marched against the war in Iraq. When did muslims march in support of non-muslim causes like the genocide in Sri Lanka, the massacre of burmese monks. As a true human being you should feel for all people not only your kind.

    You might have noticed that I do not quote from any religious source. I speak my own mind and from the heart. You don’t have to read a religious book to know what a mother feels when she loses her child.

    As you seek so shall you find. May your quest take you beyond the Koran, the islamic faith to the stars and beyond.


  154. Hello Alex,
    When i first found your comments i was thining “here goes one more man who hates islam before even knowing it”.I am glad that you know,that faith cannot be blamed when ignorant people act against in its own name.i hope people out there had the clarity as you think.Actually stll majority is thinking clea,i mean about islam.Still there is a growing minority who dont even care to lean about islam and blame muslims in general for all the problems of current world,which is sad.For eg the site you recommented i suppose? it just reports news ,mostly over exaggerated,about terrorists.Pople who read that site might think that the whole problems of current world is due to islam.such sites only spread you said above they nave decided that the whole muslims are “against them” when a minority is doing things for their own reasons.
    Lets get to your question

    1.Why Muslims dont react against the minority or terrorists as the world now call them.

    We do react.In India,i know parents who report to police when they see their own children doing anti nationalistic things.I have seen mothers who dont shed one tear when her child is being arrested not because she is not in pain.But because she know her child has gone against Islam itself by doing such stuff. There is alround retaliation from Muslim societies against terrorists.The Muslims who know islam for real.But have you ever wondered HOW this terrorists formed in the first place? You can trace back all terrorist activities to Afghanistan Iraq and may be even iran. And you will see that these countries have been under war with capitalistic countries for decades.the desperation is so much that a small group decided to fight back.for THEM it is jihad because their own families and countrymen have been bombarded and tortured. They are fighting their war except they dont have an army that can even match their enemies.all they can do is to sneak in and blow at their enemy.Now if THAT is jihad or not? i really dont know.Because when the whole world condemn them for killing innocent what they dont see is that capitalistic countries has killed innocent too..for decades.what am trying to say is.The terrorists are a product of political conflicts.We muslims in general is sympathetic to them for what they suffer and some people might even support their activites.But as u can see majority dont support them.
    Can u imagine what would happen if the whole Arab countries stodd beside afghan? World war 3? did they do that?No..and for good reason. Some might argue that if Arab nations stood with afghan from the first,the Russians would’ve withdrawn even before America intervened.

    Behind every terrorist attack you can see that they are on revenge,they believe they fighting their war.It might be true for them for Afghanis.Its the problem of a nation.not a faith.
    I am pretty sure that they would be Christian or Hindu terrorists if Afghan was a super power and was attacking india or america.

    People all over the world has confused that when its is jihad for Afghanis,the whole Muslims are gonna blow out,which is wrong.We might be sympathetic for what they suffered..but we will never help or aid them to bombard innocent in our own country because this is not our jihad.I would like to let the youth of non afghan countries that it is not jihad for you until your own country and family is under attack.if you want to join then you should move to afghan and fight back the attackers in afghan soil.

    I think you are wrong about islam having that “neither or” complex.If you checked history,you will see that islam has never attacked any nation or community without proper provocation and reason.You will also see that Prophet Muhammed himself has released many POW who have done horrific things to his own blood.They have later joined islam too.Quran and Prophet has asked muslims to live in harmony with other religions.Yes there are “recommendations”.Like we should prefer muslims as our partners and friends.But thats preference and not a ban.Its just based on logic that people of same mentality and faith might bond well.Nowhere it says we shouldnt befriend people of other faith.And there is no statement saying that non believers are in anyway inferior to muslims.WE cannot treat them as inferiors.The judjement is to be done by god almighty himself.But again you are true,there are people who is narrow minded and never tries to learn quran,who treats the non believers as “infidels”..

    I have to say that Muslims today need to go back to Quran and Hadiths,and learn them well.

    But then,If every one learned their religion well,world wouldve been a better place.

    Muslims dont want WORLDWIDE UMMAH,my friend.Because there is already muslims worldwide.Quran itself says that the end of days will occur before the whole world is filled with muslims.we are not looking for world domination.And if you want to say that 1500 years ago the whole arabs where puppets just because they embraced islam,i would like you look at the condition of Arabs before Prophet came to being.

    You are glorifying whites marching against Iraq.let me ask you something.Who made the villain called Saddam Hussain?Learn history thoroughly.See the real plotters behind it.never believe the media blindly.Do your own research.
    If i remember it right America was saying they got Nucler warheads and saddam was going to use it.Havent you been wathcinf news?The whole lot of people who attacked Iraq has said that it w3as a mistake.A “mistake” which ruined a country and a mistake by which they now got more than dozen of american and english oil riggs sucking out oil from iraqi soil at no cost at all.

    You have said People need to think.Please think and research before getting into such allegations.You want worldwide muslims to march to srilanka and burma.Come know whats really going on..dont you?we simply cant march into anywhere.Only capitalists can do that.

    If you are going to talk about genocide,i will again have to go to history and talk about Crusades,which is just an example everyone know of.Genocides has happened and is still happening for vaious reasons among various parts of the world.WE simply cant march in..ha ha.

    Do muslim care about non muslims? You will have to look into the lists of muslim people who is in organisations like WHO,UNICEF etc.. you will have to look into hospitals and free clinics which are completely managed by muslims and still treats everyone as equal..Think think up your minds and heart

    THis is not against world against islam..There are bigger and more sinister agenda’s..Islam is going through on of its hardest times but it will regian its place as faith of has done so in past and it will come again.

    My quest has already taken me nto the soul of my faith.Thanks to the recent conflicts i was forced to learn my religion well and find its true form,and i am proud to name myself as a true can hate me,or can be with me and see for urself what a true muslim can dont have to revert to islam to just observe with a clear head .. 🙂

    I am still learning.You learn too.I dont know if you believe in any religion.But if you do..go into its will find peace there..

    And again,before getting into allegations against islamor any other faith or organistaion or country..go to more solid sources than just hate mongers like or whatever.. remember that even when you are talking for peace if you allegations are based on false information and you are actually among the oppressors of peace.

    If you are not with the truth,you cause chaos.

  155. Hi The seeker

    I think you summed up your point of view and think that of majority of muslims, “My quest has already taken me nto the soul of my faith”. This is where most non-religious and broad-minded people find problematic. Religious people believe firmly that their faith is the right way and the more religious you are the further you get to the soul of that religion and this is what creates divisions because all sides are holding their ground and do not want to be wrong. They use their religious text (often 1000s of years old) to argue their point of view. The majority of christians are christians because their parents are christian and the same goes for muslims and jews and hindus. All their lives they have had their parents speak and nurture them in their respective faiths. The problem is that they all believe in God but they cannot reach agreement as to the nature of God.

    Again I am going to reiterate the fact of the human brain. It is a very unique organ of creation but unlike everthing man-made, it does not come with a user manual. One thing is for sure , it works best when it is open. Unfortunately religious dogma and ideology can cause the brain to function in a very narrow sense.

    You have the power of choice. I don’t know if you were born a muslim or you converted as a matter of choice but anyway you have made a choice. I hope that one day you will give yourself that chance of rising above your belief and see the bigger picture of how the world is constructed. My view is that that the world is a complex place with many many component parts. Islam and the other religions make up some of the component parts. If people’s quest has taken them to the soul of their religion then the opportunities for reconciliation are not possible. In fact the opposite should happen – your religion should enable you to get closer to your soul – upon which you will realise that we have a common source and that we are in essence the same. It is through ignorance and pride that we don’t celebrate diversity and difference.

    Truth is a relative term – every religion claims they know the truth. Don’t confuse faith with truth. faith is an overwhelming belief in the unknown and TRUTH will never be known. Only GOD who created us all equally, knows the truth. Lest we yet again wish to commit shirk (the greatest sin).

    Religion has failed to bring about peace within and without itself. Thousands of years has passed and generations have tried but they have failed. Only one thing is certain and that is death. There should be a fresh new way of looking at the world than through antiquated out-dated religious texts which has created more bloodshed and destruction than any other cause. The youth of today should not try to reproduce the past but attempt to recreate the future.

    Alex (shirk conscious)

  156. Hello Alex,
    I see you believe in god, but not in religions. Please don’t be offended if i said you are half Muslim already. Because the pillars of Islam is that there is only one and only god. Allah just means god in Arabic. The next pillar is made so that history wont repeat itself. And this is where most (even Muslims) have confused Islam, that Prophet Muhammad is a messenger of god.

    As u can see prophets have lived in all ages in almost every civilisations. Those who knew there is only one god and the path to him is to being good to others and with direct prayers. God is within all of us and we just have to pray to him anywhere anytime. As it happened with Jesus,Moses etc ( please don’t be offended if u are a Christian or a jew ,its just our interpretation of history) they where messengers too.But later people worshipped the prophets themselves. People need something solid, something that they can feel to pray to. What I am getting into is, Islam is basically just about monoethism.

    Prophets showed us how to be good in general.I am sure you will find the same codes in every religion. About being good and kind to all. You undermine all religions on one point. That they are old. Do you think the codes should be changed as age changes? The codes of morality and humanity is basic and simple. It doesn’t needs to be changed. The problem is when people start to change it.
    I am born a muslim, and I am still learning what islam is. I am open to other faiths too. But the more I learned, being a man of science ,I know god can be only one. And I have found that if a religion can be scientific, islam is the closest one. But that is my choice from my own studies. I don’t have to rise above the religion. What do you mean by that? Your views about religion is rather narrow. Its not a Cult, its just a way of lif, eing good to others .I don’t think there is anything “higher” than being a good human being. Yes, I can clearly see the bigger picture. But I can stand firmly in my faith and yet see the bigger picture.

    If people just learned more about their own faiths, reconciliation is just around the corner, because they will reach to the basic goodness of humanity. They will see that under all the dogma’s and decorum lays the soul of the religions which is the soul of humanity itself, that is what I meant by finding the soul of religions. You have to understand that religions have been formulated by scholars, generations upon generations of them who constantly thrived on making world a better place. If you want to abandon them all that and formulate a new one, you can. But you will denounce yourself if you said all that knowledge of centuries, the collective knowledge and wisdom is not good, or if yours is better than that.

    How have I confused faith with truth? What I said about truth is when you gave out allegations at islam before studying the truth. Media is NOT truth. You were questioning the faith of billions on false and incomplete information you managed to collect. That is wrong. That is why I said, if you are not bothered about finding the truth in things, never start a fight. fights should be against the evil. The true evil which resides in the minds if wicked men of all religions and cultures. One characteristic of evil is to fight based on misinformation or carelessness. I was urging you to be very careful about what you have learned, because you will be joining with evil if you are accusing so many people based on incomplete and wrong facts. We are all fighting one thing or another in our lives.With words,actions,weapons or may be just by feelings. That is what Chinese concept of Ying yang. The fight is always there between the good and bad,there is always some good in the evil and some evil in the good. Ultimately there are only two types of people.Those who fight with the good and those who fight with the evil. If you want to be sure that you are with the good,you have to stand firm on truth.Go to the painstaking process of uncovering the truth. In short,if you are not WITH the truth,You will cause chaos,coz you are with evil.i hope you got it this time.

    I am not saying you are evil The choice is yours to make. But IF you want to be with the good,you have to find the truth. And if you are saying what you already know about islam is the truth,you can continue your fight against it.You are wrong about truth being relative.Truth is never relative.Faith is.

    All religions believe that their faith is the truth.What truth is god only knows.Means its singular.It is not relative,faith is. Faith differs from people to people.Faith is nothing but the confidence of people in themselves that they are with the truth. So don’t confuse faith with truth  yeah I know,you own words.
    You are saying religions didn’t bring peace? There was always peace, and there was always wars. If you are saying you need a system , a view, which will bring eternal peace. Do u really think its possible when people are free to believe in their faiths? Your own views are contradicting. You dream total peace yet you want to enjoy diversity. What IS diversity? It’s the DIFFERENCE..the CONTRAST. If there is difference there will always be pressure between those who contrast each other.That is the beauty of it. We can only work to control the pressure. We can never bring it down unless we wipe them all clean to one single faith. That is called “one world order” .yeah u got it right..its not good.its BAD. Means if you want peace you can only “fight” for it. How u fight, is your choice. From what I read from your first post, you sounded like you wanted to wipeout islam to being peace.If that is not what u meant,enlighten me.
    And let me ask you something simple
    What do you suggest we should do to bring total peace? Do u have any idea?

  157. Hi The seeker

    If I am half a Muslim then what is the other half?

    You mentioned “our interpretation of history” – this is an important confession you make. An interpretation is a point of view and if we are not open to other interpretations we are not going to have an informed perspective on life – you will only be seeing one piece of a jigsaw puzzle of real life.

    “People need something solid, something that they can feel to pray to” . This notion amongst religious people is one of the strangest for me. There is a higher being. We have to be very afraid of going against the wishes of this supreme being. It is ironical that we fear such a being when NO PERSON – even the prophets have not met this being. The words of the holy books have come down through a third party -heard of Chinese whispers. The second point is that man is so insecure that he needs something solid to hold on. Nothing in this form of existence is solid. The planets are moving through the cosmos and through time. Even the earth itself moves around the sun in a “fixed” orbit but it is not moving across the same space twice. The surface of the earth is constantly changing. Societies are changing. In the time of Mohamed there were no loud speakers to shout out the azaan. But today the call to prayer is done over loud speakers. The only thing that is constant is CHANGE. Islam is changing. I attended a muslim Christmas paty – christmas trees and all – in London. It was great to see people celebrating aspects of other people’s religion.

    You say that “scientific, islam is the closest one”. No religion is scientific. Science has drawn a line about religion. The adherents of science challenge the creation story. If Adam and Eve were the first people on earth then we are all descendants of incestual beings. For Adam and Eve’s children would have had to have sex to procreate.

    Give me examples of true science in the Koran written in scientific terminology – I don’t want interpretations of poetic language or assumptions or far off connections please. I wish to have facts e.g. 2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 molecule of oxygen makes water. Please don’t quote me lines of disputed texts or texts which lend itself to one million different interpretations because it is so antiquated.

    Your final question on how to achieve peace. If you or I knew that answer then there would PEACE on earth. Men have grappled with the idea for millenia. Religion has failed to bring about peace – the installing of Sharia law in Iran has not brought about peace. Peace can mean many things to many people. Some would claim to have achieved peace because they found God. Some through wealth, others through sucessful relationships like marriage or love. We may argue that it is not eternal – who are we to judge? Again I reiterate, we are different – having different experiences – after all we are born alone but we are superficially stitched together by family, religion, race, clan, language, geography and culture. The only that truly joins us together is that we are all spiritual beings enjoying this human experience on earth that God has so graciously offered us.

    To end, that is what I am – not half a muslim- but a full human being as God intended. When I came on this earth , I had nothing and when I leave, it shall be with nothing – no physical body, no religion, no race, no colour. i will discard it like evrything else that belongs to this earthly existence. Whether I shall or shall not return to this earth – you or I really don’t know because muslims themselves don’t really know if Mohammed is waiting to be the first to rise on judgement day or if he is in heaven already.

    Shirk conscious

    • Hello Alex,
      I didn’t get what you meant about interpretation. What I said is that throughout the history you can see that prophets or messengers who urged people to believe in one god, was later glorified as gods themselves by their successors. There is nothing to confess in that,Because it is a statement. And before replying, try to understand what I am saying rather than hanging on to the meaning of individual words. See the sentence, see the paragraph. I am not that good at language and what I am trying to express will not be the apt way. If you have decided urself that out interpretations are made solely by us and is not open for questioning, what is the point of arguing? if you want to question my statement, question it and see for yourself if I am open for others interpretations or not. Get the bigger picture.
      People needs something SOLID means they need an IDOL, or a person. In Islam there is no such idol,Only a role model. And that is the prophet. I agree that the only thing that is not changing is “change”. Muslims change, of course. Is it a bad thing? What should not be changed is the basic goodness in human heart. And that is what religion is about, Just being good. Why do u think Islam don’t encourage change? Do u think we are not allowed to use the new technology? I wouldn’t want to argue on a point unless you clarify what exactly is it that you want to question of my views.
      Islam is the most scientific of all religions. I cannot give you terms like two molecules of hydrogen equation. If you want to know how Islam can be scientific, Google it. And please don’t try to find scientific equations in any hole book or any book at all which is more than two centuries old. Science has drawn a line for religion, but religion has not. I don’t know about other religions take on science but Islam wants us to look into nature and learn it to find gods hand. Science will get into god someday, as you and me believe there IS a supreme intellect behind this design. I hope we won’t have an argument on THAT now.
      About Prophet, Whether he is dead,or if his soul is in heaven is not the point. I myself has not dwelled into the point because it doesn’t matter for me. Even if he is at heaven or if he is dead, its gods business. I am not bothered about it.I just want to follow his way of life which I believe will make me dear in gods eyes.You can either get the message to find peace in this life and afterlife in Quran or you can argue your whole life on such points and a hundred or thousand more points which are yet unclear or has not been fully defined. Like all other religions Islam has its own part of blind faith to which we have to hold on to.But lets rest that.We have a good code within it. About how to being a good human being. I have got that code,I have accepted it.
      Being a good human being is islam is about,and so is all religions.But again lets rest that.Even incomplete and unscientific we have something that we can hold on,a faith that we will have a good afterlife for being good in this life.For some its Moksha,for some its heaven.what do u have? You have been questioning the whole religions and particularly islam,mostly out of incomplete and racist or purely demeaning half baked news and sources like faithfreedom which you dared me to look into.And I urged you to look into real knowledge the Wikipedia and see what it says about Muhammed and islam.i don’t know id you have looked or if you cared to look for the truth from solid sources>But I hope you will find it a responsibility of a good human being (which u believe you are ) to not to demean peoples faith based on half baked facts.Its evil and you don’t have to have to look into any holy book to see it.i hope you will find a lot of true sources to find your knowledge from.
      About shariya and Iran. Tell me which code has brought complete peace? Peace will follow when people follow it fully. If you think Shariya is the cause of problems in Iran then you will have to look at other countries too. As far as people don’t follow any codes fully, there wont be total peace. As a matter of fact, total peace is a myth. It will never happen, because people will NOT follow any code as far as they are allowed free will, and with free will comes the evil, its tainted with evil. As I have told u before good and bad always battles. All we can do is to control the evil, try to contain it. It will never cease to exist as far as humans have emotions. Religion is not about eradicating evil, its about controlling it. That is where repentance and redemption and confession play its role.As far as we have the strength and determination to fight the evil in our own minds, we are true followers of which ever religion we believe. But what about you? Say you committed a sin. What will u do to redeem yourself? Or just admits that u have gone evil for a second and walks off?.Have you never done anything that you truly repent and wish you didn’t do? How should we contain the evil? what are the chances of finding peace when a man who does something terrible in a weak moment and then terribly feels sorry about it?How will he achieve peace?

      So you don’t know how to bring peace on earth. And still you says religions is not the answer. Then what is it that you stands for? Nothing at all? You are against everything man has ever believed and you have nothing to stand on your own?

      Lets go back to you.Since you have argues all religions are wrong,and stated that eteral peace is a myth.What do u propose?Its easy to say others are wrong,but difficult to see whats wrong in oneself.
      What will happen to you after your death? What is the point of walking away from the pleasures of life that you can achieve in this world?Why should you adjust and compromise and even sacrifice your own pleasures for others?If god created you to enjoy the life,why not enjoy it fully?
      I am sure you have had ideas of pleasure which you ignored becaused you knew its evil or will hurt others in the process.No one is devoid of that evil presence in our minds.

      I will reqoute the questions so that you you can find them easily
      1. Do u believe in after life? What happens after death? Do u have a faith at all to hang on?
      2. Say you commited a sin.What will u do to redeem yourself? or just admits that u have gone evil for a second and walks off?.Have you never done anything that you truly repent and wish you didn’t do? How should we contain the evil?what are the chances of finding peace when a man who does something terrible in a weak moment and then terribly feels sorry about it?How will he achieve peace?
      3. What is the point of walking away from the pleasures of life that you can achieve in this world?Why should you adjust and compromise and even sacrifice your own pleasures for others?If god created you to enjoy the life,why not enjoy it fully?
      4. Who set your rules?How do u decided that I have to do this n that and avoid some other to become a good human being? who taught you that?Who is a good human being in your view?Who decides whether you are being good or wrong? yourself? How will you know you have committed a sin or a crime?Who is your judge?
      So tell me.

      PS : what is the term “Shirk conscious” about? What do you know of “shirk”?

  158. Hi The Seeker

    I am aware that your competency in the english language is not very good. This could be one the reasons why we are experiencing difficulty in getting our ideas across clearly to each other. In life this should also be taken into account – language differences together with a million other differences makes it difficult for people to truly understand each other.

    You wanted to know about my beliefs. I cannot fully explain my beliefs – I am just like like you. Only difference is that I am the eternal seeker. I can only desribe my life to you which has largely shaped who I am. I am a son of a refugee. My parents left their native Sudan for England when I was too young. They and I have never returned. I was educated in London since 2 years old. My parents never worked – the UK government and the people of the UK through their generosity and kindness have offerd us accomodation, and a very good allowance to lead a comfortable life. We were never meant to feel as 2nd class citizens in a foreign land. I completed my schooling a few years ago. I spent most of these years travelling through Europe and learning about European culture and thought. They have had a fascinating history of warfare, conflict and religion. Europeans have evolved in their thinking on religion and place a lot of emphasis on human rights, tolerance and embarking on art and culture, theatre, dance, science and technology.

    It is through these travels and engaging with different people, their culture, their beliefs, their concerns, their joys that I am shaping my thoughts on life. Next week, I will begin a 6 month tour of North America(United States, Canada and Mexico) and South America (starting with Brazil and I don’t know where I will go after that).

    I thank God that eventhough I was uprooted from my native land, the turmoil has affroded me an opportunity to receive a good quality education in a first world country and that I have the means of travelling the world discovering new people, ideas and ways of life. I am not stuck in poverty eventhough I don’t have a job and having the freedom of thought in a democratic country.

    Lastly, your question on shirk. You are in a better positon to tell me what shirk is because you would have spent more hours on studying the Koran than I have. The main message that I have received about Shirk was from my many muslim friends in London. According to them shirk means that no one – including Mohamed- can speak on behalf of Allah or know what Allah is thinking. I also got much of my info from a respectable muslim cleric in South Africa – namely Professor Farid Essack. he gave a lecture in London this year. You can find it on the internet. Strangely many of my sunni muslim friends did not hear of him because he is Shia muslim.

    I hope you continue seeking. Learning never ends.

    Shirk conscious

  159. Hello Alex,
    I am happy for you that you and your family found peace in England. I hope (English)they have finally found that they can’t always rule others. As an Indian I will never learn to love English. Am not saying I have anything against the people there now .Their ancestors have ruined and looted our nation ,even the Kohinoor on Queens crown is ours which they flaunt as though it’s their ancestral property. The seed of religious rivalry which they sowed in our nation still takes thousands of life every year in name of riots. Before they came to us in facade of merchants (East India Company) we where a peaceful nation even though not united. At least we didn’t kill each other in name of faith. Anyways, that’s past. I am glad they have found humanity in them to take in and support refugees.
    I think I just got more involved in your comment on Islam than I needed. I don’t really reply or mind the comments. Your language was refined, and you dared Muslims to look into something which aroused my curiosity. Oh I found the website and knew instantly it to be of a warmongers evil work. And I wanted to try to persuade you to not to listen to such evil intentions but to seek truth in more authentic sources. Because I knew you are an educated person. I wouldn’t mind the cries of ignorant people because there is a limit to what I can do to change them in internet. But I really fear that if educated people like you began to question our faith taking points from lowly sources, false sources, our world will be doomed.
    i would like to know if you have taken my words about that. I would like to know if you will do more research before daring or challenging people of faith, any faith at all. What you are daring is their sentiments, their ray of hope through the turmoil of life. Many people are not as lucky as you. All they have is their faith and hope they acquire through it. They might react violently when someone talks lowly of their faith as you have seen in this blog itself. So please, heed my words and I promise you, you will never go wrong .I know you want to be part of the good, to spread peace. If you do, hold on to the truth, the real truth. NEVER BELIEVE THE MEDIA.
    You are going for a tour. Its a great opportunity to see truth for yourself. If possible visit Afghan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine . Go to prosperous ones, but go to those regions which is destroyed and looted by capitalists. See the truth for yourself. See how they create so called “terrorists” from poor people, and torture them even more when they react with what they’ve got. You dared us before in this blog, I am daring you now. If you have the stomach and guts to know the truth, go there and see it for yourself.
    I am sure, if you spend at least a week in those places I mentioned before, you will see what the real truth is. May god guide your eyes, ears and heart towards the truth.
    About Shirk,
    What you have learned is right, but there is more. Shirk is any action or thought by which one questions Gods superiority. Shirk is mainly described as an offence against god,when you pray to creations ( living and non living) rather than creator, hoping that they will solve your problems or will influence god (mediation) to answer your prayers. If you are Shirk conscious, then what you have to do is to pray to god directly, and address him just as “GOD” in your language. Even if your shoe got torn you can pray to god right there right then, for he is omnipresent. He will know your prayers even if the subject is as trivial as a torn shoe.
    I hope you find what you seek for, I pray what you find is the real truth.
    Bye Alex,
    May god protect us all from harm of the greedy and blood thirsty.

  160. this is all good , but religion is a pain.

    check it out!!

  161. My stance is unequivocally anti-Islam, since I ardently believe Muslims are ruining and degrading India, promoting terror and terrorism, polluting our environment, murdering our people, overpopulating our country, compromising and infringing our rights, and harming our interests.
    All riots and bomb blasts, which have claimed hundreds of Hindu lives, have been initiated by Muslims. Hindu ‘aggression’ has merely been reactionary. Are we supposed to sit back and watch barbaric jihadis and orthodox Muslim fanatics trample over our rights, burn our buildings, destroy and desecrate our sacred temples and holy shrines, and murder our people in our own land? My family friend, her daughter in law and granddaughter, were all raped in a madrassa once, on their way to Muradabad, outskirts of Delhi. This highlights their utter debasement of everything pure, including education and knowledge, since a madrassa is a school of learning. Muslims, scum of the earth, have been inculcated and indoctrinated in filth all their life.
    The Mughals may have ruled us for 800 years, and razed our Ram mandir to the ground, erecting a Babri Mazjid in its place, but they shall rule us no longer. We’re no sitting ducks. Just because we Hindus are patient and peace loving, we get taken for a ride. And the government and media houses lick Muslim ass, to secure minority vote banks. And when the BJP stands up for Hindu rights, it is blamed for engendering fanaticism, bigotry and separatism. Is it a mere coincidence that literally all terrorists are Muslims? We sheltered them when they were thrown out of Pakistan. Today, when an India-Pakistan match is being played, green Paki flags are seen waving in Muslim localities. Jis thaali se khaate hein, usi mein chhed karte hai. Will we sit back and watch them blow up, ruin and raze to the ground OUR country?
    Also, as a vegetarian, I am anti-halal slaughter of animals, since I believe it is barbaric and unethical. I support jhatka, and wish to speak up for the rights of animals, and eradicate atrocious Muslim practices like halal killing. Let us unite, speak up and speak out to protect, preserve and promote HINDUstan.

    (Anonymous. Student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University.)

    • idiot

  162. I converted to Islam many years ago, but I’ve become so detached from it, I’m far away from it now…Lately I’ve been considering to practise Hinduism, it was afterall my ancestors’ religion.

    =S I just don’t know what to do anymore I could cry because I was such an extreme Muslim now I’m so far away from it I don’t believe in all Islamic concepts it is really difficult at the moment…

    • Salam Alaikum Brother Kuri,

      Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala tests our Imaan in many ways. Perhaps you were misled by some extremists. There are many misled Muslims who use (Shaadh) strange opinions of different questionable scholars and combine them to come up with teachings that are totally against the Quran! They will sound very convincing, as haraam is usually more tempting while halal is testing for those with true iman. The fact that you come and post here about your situation shows that there is still elements of imaan in your heart. The key is to never give up. Pass this test and come out with stronger imaan, and lead a moderate life. Our prophet never led an extreme life. He lived simply as one of his people. And he was the perfect example to manking.

      Check this short video (7 minutes)

      I would be glad to clear up the concepts that you are doubting now. Perhaps, they are not even Islamic concepts but someone misled you! Just reply to this comment and I will get an alert and inshallah within 1 day I will reply.

      You can also google “moderation in Islam” and you will see hundreds of scholars teaching this. Or even better, in youtube.

      May Allah bless you and guide us all.

  163. Kuri, there is help available. Here is a website link where you can read other people’s experiences like your own.

  164. Salam Alaikum Brother Kuri,

    Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala tests our Imaan in many ways. Perhaps you were misled by some extremists. There are many misled Muslims who use (Shaadh) strange opinions of different questionable scholars and combine them to come up with teachings that are totally against the Quran! They will sound very convincing, as haraam is usually more tempting while halal is testing for those with true iman. The fact that you come and post here about your situation shows that there is still elements of imaan in your heart. The key is to never give up. Pass this test and come out with stronger imaan, and lead a moderate life. Our prophet never led an extreme life. He lived simply as one of his people. And he was the perfect example to manking.

    Check this short video (7 minutes)

    I would be glad to clear up the concepts that you are doubting now. Perhaps, they are not even Islamic concepts but someone misled you! Just reply to this comment and I will get an alert and inshallah within 1 day I will reply.

    You can also google “moderation in Islam” and you will see hundreds of scholars teaching this. Or even better, in youtube.

    May Allah bless you and guide us all.

  165. Whoever wrote this article on the superiority of Islam over Hinduism is completely ignorant of the real import of the Sanatana Dharma. Read the Bhagavad Gita, the Asthavakra Gita, the Siva Sutras, the Crest Jewel of Discrimination (Adi Sankara), any of the teachings of the great modern sage Ramana Maharshi. And then be silent. Your ignorance makes an even greater mockery of the contradiction called Islam.

  166. see brothers, u promoting ur religions just like any company promoting their products, for u ppl, religions is just a brand, commodity. u r doing this for money, power, authority, strength, and materialistic worldly pleasures. The only religion in this world is Sanatana Dharma meaning eternal Truth. Even if u r muslim or christian, those rules will apply, U cannt escape from those rules.

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  168. Dear Syed

    I cannot believe your logic. How manymuslims have died and returned to earth to reveal what happens after death. Have you had a one to one conversation with Allah to categorically and with 100% certainty believe this and also to preach it to others.

    Muslims are taught that this life is worthless. It is only a testing ground. The real life is the one that follows in the afterlife. All cults teach this baloney. Here, there is suffering. There, one will find boundless bounties and happiness. This life can be tempting and if we get too attached to it we will lose the one in the hereafter, is the narrative. Muslims grow up learning that a few years of lousy living in this world is not worth losing the eternal life in paradise.

    Death, not life, is the focus of the life of a Muslim. Muhammad said a wise person is one who always thinks about his death.

    A Muslim is also never sure whether he will make it to paradise. He could end up in hell despite his best efforts. There is no guarantee. Allah is quite whimsical and may choose to send to hell those who do good deeds and there is no one who can question his decision. Allah abides by no law, including his own. He does as he pleases.

    Humans’ journey through life is compared to that of migrating birds that may land to eat and drink. But if they become too attached to this world they will miss their destination. The temptations of this world, its luster and lures can entangle the soul. A bird whose wings are muddied cannot fly and will not reach his final abode.

    The more one is attached to this world the less he will have the chance of getting into the paradise. Everything can act as attachment and test – money, family, children are all tests. Life itself is an attachment.

    There is only one guarantee to reach the paradise. It is to give up everything and become a martyr. A martyr will not feel his death. He won’t suffer. The pain is guaranteed to be less than the pain caused by an ant’s bite. But the rewards are humongous.

    This is a bargain no Muslim wants to lose. Isn’t blowing up oneself against human nature? It is not that Muslims objectify their own selves. It is because of this belief. If martyrdom is so great why should they deprive their children from it?

    Muslims don’t think they are sacrificing their children. They think they are ensuring their eternal life. This is the best gift they can give to their children. They realize their inability to ensure a decent future for them in this world, but they know for a “fact” that their eternal life is secured if they become martyrs.

    Muslims talk about martyrdom all the time. They eulogize it and consider it the noblest thing one can do and the highest station one can achieve. Getting education, going after science and becoming the next Einstein does not appeal to a Muslim child as much as martyrdom does. Becoming an Einstein requires hard work and genius, the chances are that you won’t make it. Becoming a martyr requires one act of courage and you are set for eternity.

    Martyrdom is the highway to greatness. Martyrs will have streets named after them. They will receive universal recognition and admiration. Muslims have low self-esteem. This aggression that you see in the Muslim world is an expression of their abysmally low self-esteem. Give them the promise that they will be heroes and celebrities overnight and they will give up their life for it.

    Now, don’t assume that the answer is providing a better life for Muslims. The more comfortable Muslims become the guiltier they feel. They think the ease of life is an impediment between them and God. God of Islam wants Muslims to suffer hardship to prove their devotion to him. When he loves someone he send more calamities to him in order to test him. Go figure. He loves the poor. Too much comfort will make Muslims feel guilty and will actually push them to renounce everything and become martyr. The great majority of suicide bombers have been wealthy kids.

    One way to eliminate Jihad is to reduce Muslims into abject poverty. In poverty Muslims don’t wage jihad. Just stop buying their products and they will starve to death. Jihad is mandatory only when Muslims are strong and their chances of winning are greater. Another way to end jihad is to help them see Islam is a lie. I prefer the latter way.

    Martyrdom is a mindset. It is eulogized in the media, in the schools, by teachers and parents. No one can deny its merits or speak against it because it is stated in the Quran.

    In Iran, during the war, there were fountains colored in red to symbolize blood and martyrdom. Maybe they still exist.

    A muslim used to go to a cemetery and lie in a grave contemplating martyrdom and his own death. He was in his early teens. Since dead bodies used to come every day from the war, the graves were ready for them.

    You must live among Muslims, or better grow up as one to understand this mindset. There is virtually nothing that a Muslim thinks is better than martyrdom. This is the highest station a human can reach.

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  187. At the end of the day,i feel all religions are one. Anybody who looks closely can easily find many similarities between all religions. I was born into a Hindu family,but i consider all humans to be my brothers,irrespective of whether they call the supreme being Allah,God,Bhagawan or whatever. All religions instruct us to respect other religions and embrace their practitioners as brothers and sisters.
    Good day all my friends,

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  192. Religion is opium for the masses. All global religions have the same value system at its core. Why are we fighting? Because a few men have shared a convoluted understanding of another religion to its followers. For e.g. Zakir Naik’s comparison of world religion is perverted, it seems to create more differences than bring togetherness.

    If the objective of Islam is to bring peace to the world, then its followers have been a shame to the world. The objective of words is to bring a smile, not to create hatred.. To my muslim friends, India offers you more freedom than the M.E where you are still called Hindi / and not at par with the local Arabs, when it comes to career growth. Religion the way it is practised in the most holy of Islamic countries is perhaps as tribal as its society , and similiarly if you compare weaknesses in practices in Hinduism in India, or Christianity in predominantly christian countries, you will get many. Now, all I read in this forum is people finding the weak spots and saying your religion sucks, mine is better. Just by chosing a certain religion we dont get better or worse as a human being..

    For the muslim women who feel that dressing in a burka/abaya is safer, its fine. Your sense of respect and security comes from your family and broader society, and your impressions of the world come from your upbringing and culture. And so western societies, where women can wear relatively little in the summers, and stll feel safe and free have a value system which is different from yours. Lets learn to accept diversity, and acknowledge openness. You wearing an abaya makes you no better or worse than a western woman and vice versa,.

    For those who are blaiming religious conflicts on a certain religion. There may not have been Gujrat riots if the Godhra train wasnt burnt, just as there would have been no Mumbai Blasts if the Babri Masjid wasnt demolished. Those who lose life in a religious conflict are human beings first, hindus , muslims christians next.

    If we adopt honest work as our religion, a, and human values to serve, learn to be honest, and kind in our actions, and pleasant and humble in our demeanour, it doesnt matter which religion we belong to. We will eventually be a more productive and perhaps a happier society ..Inshallah!

    God bless everyone. Hari Om! Hail the Lord.

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