The Lion Proclaims Allah!!

The lion makes short ablution and says the name of Allah! Thousand visitors of a zoo in city Baku became witnesses of this miracle. The inspector of the zoo said, that the Lion was brought from Iran in 1999.


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  1. well i sawthe vidieo of lion sayign allha nd it was a realy miracle nd my family seen that too nd it make me proud of my islam relegion

  2. it hard to belive but Allah can make anything possible……only if we have iman we would beleive in Allah!it’s a miracle and iam proud to be a Muslim.

  3. subhanallah!subhanallah!subhanallah!i don’t know what else to say

  4. i was shocked when i saw the lion saying allah but i always knew animals do pray this is a good way for muslims to really open there minds and hearts and to start praying sunhanallah

  5. i felt soooo good when it said allah because its a araibic word for god im glad it was’nt in any other langauge!

    • Oh heifaaaaaa!
      God bless you !!!!

    • Wow, its been nearly 6 years since I commented on this and I can’t even fathom counting my grammar mistakes. But still, memories ❤

  6. Subhan-Allah! Subhan-Allah! Subhan Allah

  7. I always knew scince i was litle that allah could make any thing happen!!!

  8. Subhan Allah. That was beautiful,and amazing. Omg I’m crying. Wow.

  9. shockin ain’t it?

  10. I am very shocked and very happy to hear a animal to say ALLAH

  11. i didn’t actually see the lion say Allah. i heard it on the computer and said mashaallah, no one could create such a thing except allah, for he is the only one who could do so!

  12. mashallah what a miracle now all the christains no muslim is the right religon allah hu akbarrrrrrr


  14. Mashallah it was a good video but the question is how did the person know that a lion is going to say Allah and they recorded? and second thing I do believe in every miracles done by Allah(swt) and prouding on my religion Islam, but why did a video catcher didnt show the lion from bringing him near on the screen? but anyway good to have such a nice videos.
    May Allah show us the right path .

  15. I’m amazed and Speechless! = 0!!

  16. this is amazing

  17. subhanallah (guess who i am)

  18. i was so shockedafter seeing it and my children are very happy and they want to see it live

  19. I asked my parents if i could come and see the lion.
    that will be our next trip.i was shocked and happy. my nieces were getting really excited to see it

  20. I asked my parents if i could come and see the lion.
    that will be our next trip.i prayed to allah and asked to keep the lion repeating Allah

  21. Allahoe Akbar I don’t know what else to say it’s just amazing to see an animal say Allah Now every one Who’s not Moslim can become one I’m almost crying

    Subhan Allah

    Masha Allah

  22. Soubhan’Allah is all i can say!!! It’s a real miracle soubhalallah!!! Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La Ilaha Illa Lah!!!

  23. Mash Allah… The only 1 who could this make happen is… OUR ALLAH(swt) I’m so impressed, but I alwys believed that He is ‘The One’, the almighty… Subhan Allah…!

  24. MASHALLAH i do beleive that this can happen as a sister say animals do pray ALLAH n do worship ALLAH SUBHANAWATHALLAH. im proud of being a muslim too there are non beleivers who do not agree with islam , i deffinetely showe this to the non beleivers.

  25. ya soubhan Allah!! I’ve never heart or seen something like this!! ya rab testarna wa ta rhamna bi rahmitek!!
    Ash hadou la illaha illa Allah wa ashadou enna Mohammedan rasoul Allah!!

  26. Soubhana Allah walhmadoulillah wala illaha illa lahou walahou Akbar.

  27. My next holiday is going to be in Iran.Inshallah also see the lion in the zoo. THIS IS A VERY BIG MIRACLE!

  28. allah hu akbar that is a miracle taht ever have been se before allah hu akbar and my muslims brother

  29. allah woow I didn’t know how to say a thing when I heard it it is very good to show other people that allah can bring his madness in to anything allah is the gratest allah akbar!!

  30. Soubhana Allah…….. Nothing else to say
    , Allahouakbar.

  31. Sudhanallah…
    “there are many signs in the heavens and earth” surely it is clear the Islam is a religion of truth, such signs cannot be ignored or even questioned for that mattter. may the Almighty bless us all with steadfastness… ameen

  32. allahuakbar, only allah can show us great miracles it is up to us to act upon them by stregthening our faith and giving dawah.

  33. SubhanAllah no doubt Allah is great.We should actually thankful to Allah who is still showing us miracles so that we can more strengthen our iman.

  34. i am so happy to be a muslim and it shows our religon is the right one so everyone should convert and fear the wrath of allah for he is most merciful most kind.

  35. mashala nw seeing all of this every 1 sees the true beauty of islam… and 4 all u out there u shuld convert into muslims cause ur lives will be like lets see ……………………… PARADISE!!!!!!!! and this message is bye the girl who loves ISLAM and is glad 2 be seen!!!!!!!1

  36. salamu caleey kum man shalah i think mucjiso and cool

  37. manshallah that is the best thing ever and subhanaallah!!!!!!!!!

  38. manshallah!!!! where is this lion from-like which country or city? i would love to visit as a trip!!!

  39. salamu caleeykum .w.w it was suprise!!!
    but I knew Allah was powerful and he could do anything but my advice to everyone is remember Allah’s powerrrrrrrrrrr and what he can dooooo!!!!!!!!

  40. salamu caleeykum .w.w lailah ilalaaho muhamed dhu rasuululahu salalaahu w.w caleeykum wasalam Allaah it is a bower don’t forget your god you never forget your allaah remember ever day and say manshalaah i think it is mucjiso and cool i manshalaah manshalaah muc jiiso and muc jiiso and muc jiison salamu caleey kum .w.w

  41. la illaha illa allah muhammedun rasul allah. allah is the only god and mohammed is the messanger. subhanallah without even seeing the video a lion and all the animals say allah’s name while us humans 4get to pray or say allah’s name at all during the day. rabina yihdina jammian. asslamualkum

  42. ALLAH O AKBAR thats it

  43. mashallah just shows alls exsistance im so blessed to b a muslim may alah so every1 the right way inshalah the lion subhanallah i dont hav words toooo gud mashallah

  44. mashallah wow i wow i, im speechless now oh my god i don’t no what 2 say except wow

  45. I have no doubts that Allah (SWA) has blessed us with this opportunity to hear his creation making his Zikkar, but we dont need a lion to believe in Allah (SWA). Read the quraan and you will see that we have to believe Allah and the unseen that is mentioned therin. Christians and Jews will still not believe in Allah as they did during Nabi (SAW)when he split the Moon.

  46. Allah Huakbar!! Now everyone shall see his power! Many people try to proove the Muslim religion wrong by pointing out “errors” in the Quran, but if you actually read the Quran, you can obviously tell they are lying. Also, there are many other scientific evidence in the Quran of the truth, and prophecies. Have you heard of the praying tree? And the Quran never told anybody to go kill other christians or Jews. It was only mentioned during the time of war against other people. THen after the war was over, Allah said not even to get revenge on somebody, and live in Peace!!! ALLAH HUAKBAR!!! GOD IS THE BEST!!

  47. really it is enough for whom says islam or allah is not true long live islam


  49. You idiots…that’s the sound a lion makes. What a religion! duh…

    • and in next video v all want this lion eating u..
      u fucking christian or jew or whatever FUCK

  50. christans suck and hopely there dumb ass will see the light we all know that islam is the one and only religeon ps christans are mother fuckers who don’t know allah or prophet mahamed (peace be apon him)

  51. wow, just wow, how can u say anything, it is so amazing.


  53. I am muslim but I did not see that lion is really making any “Allah” sounds. I believe every creature worships to Allah but even then I heard that this lion was ONLY making a normal sounds which lion usually makes when they roar. Please don’t be so silly….get out of your imaginations and hear the sound again and you will see lion is only roaring. And do hear the sounds of other lions and then you will see that all lion have same sounds, especially you need to observe the pitch of the lion that all lions roar the way this lion does.

    And more thing we are not allow in any case to use bad words….not even for none muslim…even if they use bad words for us. Islam teaches manners and respect and most of all patience (sabr).

  54. I’m really amazed.
    You can see what Allah can create.
    A not-muslim can hear this.
    I hope Islam will be heard by every people on this world and everyone will be believe in Allah.
    Sukur Ya Allah.


  55. omg, this the miracle which me and my mom saw and its just omg, i just luv the way lion said allah and that makes me proud of my religion!!! subhan allah

  56. Allah Allah Allah

    Allahu ekbar

  57. can u send one copy of thet move to my email
    my email is


  58. subhanallah you guys should show the kafirs this then they will understand the ture religion of islam

  59. الله واكبر

  60. Mashallah!

  61. Aasalamo Alikum

    Mash’Allah! This is such a beautiful thing! When I heard the lion roar, I felt fear, but then I thought– why should I fear such a creature when it is calling out the name of Almighty Allah?
    This is a beautiful thing, and I am so glad I came across this!
    This gorgeous lion calls and praises our God and such a lion will InshAllah be blessed because not only is he saying Allahu Akbar, he has made a multitude of us say it as well!
    May Allah (ST) show us the way to such righteousness and pride, that we may cry out for Him in such a way that others will follow our cry and give us sunnah and to those who taught us these words, and those who taught them AMEEN!

    ~Salamu Alikum

  62. WOW! what a smashing video, Allahu akbar! i am soooo shocked every time i see it. it proves that allah is the greatest and can do anything. i am so proud of being a muslim and may allah bless that lion forever.

  63. Alhamdo lilah. i really shocked when i heard and watched on television that a Lion take the name of great Allah (ALLAH, ALLAH ALLAH, ALLAH, ALLAH…..). in fact that is a big reason for the power of Allah. but still the people do not know and always do the bad things are are prohibited in Islam.
    hope that one day all people get to know that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.

  64. It makes all muslims proud of islam

  65. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. The video in which the lion is heard quoting the word “Allah” is very interesting. Alhamdulillah, Allah swt has always and will continue to do so show His Glorious signs within the world, heavens and His creatures, there is no doubt about that. Howvever the important thing is that we can’t base our Imaan on this incident nor any other (i.e. Tomatoes with Allah swt name written inside). No we don’t totally disclaim these so called miracles, but we can’t truely say they are not miracles, but on the other hand we can’t confidently say they are miracles also. Now for a muslim to revive their Imaan or to do Dawa with these types of miracles is incorrect. The only thing in this entire world and universe, which is Greater then any miracle ever occured in human history, which is greater than anything we can ever imagine and has been testified by Allah swt and His Rasool Allah (pbuh), is the Glorious Qur’an, Allahu Akbar. The Prophet(pbuh) said: All the Prophets before me were given miracles as signs for their nations, but my Ummah will be the largest on the Day of Judgement, as my Miracle (i.e. The Noble Qur’an) will last forever.” This statement of Prophet(pbuh) verify’s The Noble Qur’an is a miracle for eternity. So why in Allah swt Glorious name are we searching, like a desperate nation and looking for signs of Allah swt miracles, when we have the very Greatest in our homes and Masjids. Unfortunately, this Miracle is wrapped up, kept high above where we can never see it and collecting dust on it and it’s occasionally kissed, and thats it, Subhan’Allah. Allah swt says: “If We had sent this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and breaking down from fear of Allah. And these examples We present to the people that perhaps they will give thought” Qur’an, Surah 59:21
    My dear brothers and sisters, read the Al-Qur’an, as Allah says: “Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created, He has created man from a clot, Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught by the pen, He has taught man that which he knew not”, Qur’an, Surah 96:1-5
    Please don’t think I’m being negative or critical, or anyway trying to insult my beloved brothers and sisters, Astagfirullah no, i’m merely trying to point and addressing myself first, because I to tend to fall for such things and get distracted from what I should be really doing, and that is if we love Allah swt, His Prophet (pbuh) then we should be praying Salah and reading Qur’an. We should only be amazed and overwhelmed by the The Glorious Qur’an, The One and Only Greatest miracle given to us by Allah swt through our beloved Prophet(pbuh)Why choose bronze when you hav gold? Why live in a house made from straw when you can have live in a house of marble? We have the best of the best, Al-Quran, this all we should praise and promote to the whole world.
    May Allah swt guide us all on the straight path.
    Jazakum Allahu Khayra!

  66. i was stunned when i first heard da lion sayin Allah …n im still am …. the way this lion says “ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH” is too good for wordz ………
    if it’s possible can i plzzzzzzzz get a copy of this at


  68. This proves that ISLAM is the best

    an thats that

    p.s does anyone know anyother miricales plz let me know at


    salaam to one an all

  69. i am a muslim and i am a bliever of Allah (swt) and i believe He can perform the greatest of mirales….however it makes me ssad to hear these muslim borthers and sisters who have left comments that they are proud muslims after hearing and watching this video…..a real muslim is a muslim at heart and in this day and age should not rely on proof and become pround and fond of their religion after viewing this…or any other videos or pictures like this….keep ur faith and iman locked inside ur heart and u will prevail….
    inshaalah Alllah (swt) wll guide us in the purest of ways and we will all be in the destined place of a Muslim..heaven..
    salam 3alaykom wa ra7mat Allah…
    peace be upon u all..
    jazakom allah khayran…

  70. It’s not that serious.

  71. he said YA ALI !!! for all you sunnis out there… not abu bakar YA ALI!!!


           Lol, good one. 

  72. I can really say that you people who write in this site not make us other people to belive that you have mutch intelligense in your heads.
    Up to everyone to belive what he ore she want about this Lion but to be so fanatic sure about that this is a miracle is only so enormously stupid. I was not muslim before i saw this video and i am not muslim now, this video make me sure about nothing more then that we have a lot of stupid people in the world.
    PS. I am not attacking Islam, i only make fun over how dumb some people can be./Peace

  73. no 1 can make sum1 stupid lik u belive in allah

  74. OK

    if u dun belive in all dis thn wht were u doin on da siteeeeee

    n if u checked it out u didn’t hv 2 giv such comment

    dere r 1000z ov ppl who belive in allahs miracles

    n if u r not 1 ov thm

    dats ur prob!!!!!

    dun giv such comment again

  75. i beilive in allahs miricles and know that allah has created the world and made the first people of the worldand i asked my parents if the lion is allahs pet and my mom said that everyone serves allah and i know that is true


  76. Mashallah…My heart dropped when i heared it. Made a even bigger believer out of me. I hope everyone wakes up and realizes that Muslim is the only way to heaven and Allah is the only god there is. Wake up ppl for judgement day is coming. If a animal believes what about us??

  77. Allahu Akbar……. That’s one of the miracles i’ve ever seen, Allah is THE DOER of EVERYTHING. It’s a small thing for ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY to make an animal like that.

  78. Mashllah


  80. subhan-allah subhan-allah subhan-allah.
    mash-allah mash-allah mash-allah.

  81. that vedio was amazing.but it not works. why Muslims exist on the surface of earth they have their own is to preach Islam to every Muslim of the world not at the point of sword but by their characters.but such Muslim you can’t find in the present time.Islam is the only and only true religion on the surface of earth.but for Islam every religion is respectable not because they are true but just Islam don’t want to hurt any human feelings.wake up Muslims………………….Do that for what purpose you are here…….

  82. My dear Tariq Mian,



    May Allah augment your efforts. I have published the English Colour Coded translation of The Holy Qur’an – Part 30 only. You can see it at .

    Could you help towards its marketing. Have a look at it and let me know.

    Hope Asif Bhai is hail and hearty and is happy to see your brilliance.

    Uncle Hameed

  83. In the beginning of this tape you mixed the adhan with music , who told you could do this. [ fear Allah and speak to the scholars of Islam before you do that ]. Now this tape may or may not be authentic Allahu alim . but if you need a miracle read the Quran [ no doubt about that miracle ]

  84. Allahu Akbar walillahil hamd,Sübhan Allah kainat bütün nağamatiyle daim Allah ı zikrediyor,bunun bir örneğide izmirde var(türkiye)

  85. iam realy happy that ihear animal saying allah

  86. this is really a miracle. actually i did not see the lion physical but i saw it on the net saying Allah. its really amazing.

    salma from Nigeria

  87. Assalam-o-alaikum all muslim brothers and sisters, This is the time to make our believes stronger and stronger enough on our ALLAH the great and should realize one thing that the one and only real and ethentic way to describe ourselves as a true muslim by using all peacefull regards and gestures infront of all world that we are PEACFULL people and even ALLAH can do everything WE CANN,T.

  88. Its really saying Muslims suck, shoot me!! shoot me shoot me

  89. – i d ont know for what the arabic people use the islam for to impose their lauguage,whene heifa muthana told im glad whene the lion say allah with arabic language,and it was’nt with another, i want know what did she or he mean of its,and i want to inform him or her taht the god its god of all the world not only of arabic people or islamic nations.

  90. I Love my religion and its islam I didnt need the video to strengthen my belief in allah (st),we all should pray more and read more kouran praise allah and allahuakbar . Allah yihdinna wa yihdi ibaduh, still it was nice seeing that video of the lion, whether it was real or not dosent matter to me.I can only hope that imanni in allah is strong enough that I dont need such miracles,we have them all arround us all the time .I’m very and amazingly thankful to alla for my life,husband and children alhamdulil-lah.


  91. Some (Non-Muslims) may argue that the lion had a sore throat and others (Muslims) are amazed at the sound of a Lion crying Allah.

    I’m not at all impressed by any of the above.

    If the lion does have a sore throat, i hope it gets well soon. if it really did say Allah then why is it suprising for Muslims.

    Don’t the believe in Allah?

    i think it is a lesson for both groups of people. If a certain group of people believe in Allah then this should be a normal thing and for those people who do not, then Muslims will argue that this is proof that Allah exists. This is actually a reminder for those who are open minded.

    i look forward to reading your responses.

  92. subhanallah subhanallah,

  93. ALLAH AKBAR…..

    Weshould be proud of our religion ISLAM…

    The only religion that its miracles — > STAYS No

  94. ALLAH AKABAR……but in the same time , i think its not a big deal for all muslems because we belive in GOD where a lion says ALLAH or not….
    but i thing its a big issue to thing about it who doesnt belive in GOD

  95. greetings please send me this websight shool-ron Allah

  96. la ilaha ill lallah mohamadur rasool allah

  97. Mashallah…My heart dropped when i heared it. Made a even bigger believer out of me. I hope everyone wakes up and realizes that Muslim is the only way to heaven and Allah is the only god there is. Wake up ppl for judgement day is coming. If a animal believes what about us??


    Veysel Halil ,form Canada Toronto.


    Veysel Halil ,form Canada Toronto.

  100. Assalammualaikum to all my muslim brothers and friends.I am happy and at the same time sad to realized that even we some of the time forgetting our own fitrah ,as Allah created human beings,we seldom call out for Allah names, exceptionally , we remembers Allah only when we are in distress.As for the Lion and in fact all Allah creations by fitrah,they never forget their Tasbih.If you listen properly to the sound they produces you will InsyaAllah hear the calls for Allah SWT.Our own heart beats ,the “Lup Dup” is actually mentioning the Word ALLAH ALLAH listen to the up and down beatings of our heart,you will certainly hear ALLAH in between the first Lup and Dup sounds produces by our heart.So do’nt think of the lion so much ,as you should be thinking of your own fitrah as Muslim.AllahuAkbar and SubhanAllah…Islam is the truth.

  101. Alhamdulillah, seeing this ….we all must go back to AlQuran and the Assunnah Nabi Saw.

  102. mashallah, this is amazing,…. an animal actually saying allah whcih makes people more belive 4 definate dat there is a god allah the one and only i just dnt no what to say its wonderfull and amazing

  103. i got soooooo shocked how the lion said ALLAH.

  104. when i heard that the lion said ALLAH i got proper shocked an it was a little bit clear that the lion said ALLAH.

  105. subhanallah!, i was born like a muslim i will live like a muslim and i will die like a muslim , i am proud to be a muslim

  106. In fact you all of like cows and sheeps and doesnot deseve life
    and holy quran told us abot blind lije you

  107. Subhan-Allah! I am not so surprised. But us muslim must remember one thing, only Allah can guide one to the right way, which of course is Islam. Let us not lose hope though for we wait every passing minute to see our own faith grow as well as others. Unfortunately those who reject will only say this miracle (Allah knows best) was tampered with.

    Allah Hafiz


  109. my skool showed this video in morning assembly! i got chills down my spine coz i woz so freaked out!

  110. That was not even close to Allah!What is everyone jubilating about?

  111. Obviously a majority of muslims have never heard a lion roar!Please go to your nearby zoo you’ll hear the same thing. How the roar is interpreted as Allah I have no idea???

  112. I have not seen the video as yet in which the lion proclaims Allah (SWT). So, I request everybody to please forward me any link you have to see the video. My email id is:

    And the way Hannah wrote it seems a little bias…so please mind your language from next time. How can you say a majority have Muslims have never seen a lion roar ? Do you keep a record of how many Muslims are hearing a lion roar everyday ? Anyway, there are so many people who have heard the lion roar in the video and they all say that the lion proclaims Allah (SWT). So, I do not think that so many people are wrong. Maybe, you are wrong. Anyway, I myself would like to see the video so anybody please help me. Please send me any link in which I can watch the video or email me and let me know how I can watch that Video.

    Jazaak Allah Khair !

  113. mashallah

  114. i am proud to be a muslim and Allah can make anything happen .

  115. christianity is the true religion allah is the God buh there is no need to dis christians over sme lion i know it is good to hear a lion proclaim allah buh please it is jus a normal thin and it shouldnt shock u by the way i believe this dnt think christian dnt because we do its in the bible and we have seen it i love islam and respect it buh please christians dnt suck. by the way i u trying to say every religion dnt suckonly christianity does.

    ips i am sure allah wouldnt like u sayin suck things anywaiiaz

    sallam wallaycum to all

  116. i was shocked when i saw the lion saying allah but i always knew animals do pray this is a good way for muslims to really open there minds and hearts and to start praying sunhanallah

  117. u all said so beautiful things …………so i just can say one thing that i’m proud to be a muslim…………

  118. i was really shocked wen i saw the lion was saying allha
    this is time to every muslim to see this lion video.
    allha hafiz

  119. That is really a lesson for Muslims who forgot Allah. I think this should convert Non-Muslims to Muslim. That is brilliant. We are proud to be a Muslim but be a Good Muslim.
    There is no God but Allah Muhammad(M.P.B.U.H) is the Messenger of Allah.

  120. It brings tears to my eyes for being so lucky to be born as a muslim……I prey to ALLAH-Subhana-Wa-Ta’ala to shower us with his blessing towards becoming a true muslim in heart by folowing his basic rules.


  121. There is no God but Allah Muhammad(M.P.B.U.H) is the Messenger of Allah.

  122. Masallah beutiful wow love it is amazing

  123. that is beutiful i loveit it so masallah i luv it so beutiful idon`t know whta to say it sooo nice

  124. there is no god but the god of meat pies and double glazing -inshallahmincehalal!

  125. what a buetiful sign every muslim should belive that there is only one god and prophet muhammad (saw) is the messenger
    Huda fiz

  126. The question lays not does the lion say Allah, because God willing he can make anything happen.

  127. Salam,

    Please can anyone help me get Holy Quran on my BlackBerry Curve 8310!

    Please send me the link.


  128. We thank Almighty Allah for opening our eyes and minds to see his signs,several signs were there for people to see and reflect but little see it.

    This is another Global sign for people that can reflect .Allah is the graetest

  129. Islam is d only true religion in dis

  130. Did Muhammad Perform Miracles?
    It is no secret that faith blinds and believers cannot see anything wrong with the object of their belief. This is the reason why while Muslims can find errors in the Bible, the Hindu texts and the scriptures of all other faiths, they can’t see the blatant absurdities in their own faith..

    Muslims love Muhammad so much that they want to dress like him, speak the same language he spoke, behave the way he behaved and eat the food that he ate. This is not an indication of the greatness of Muhammad, but the unconditional, fanatical and blind faith of his believers.

    Followers of all cults adulate their leader. All cults are cult of personality. They are about one person at the centre of all the attention, adoration, emulation and eulogy. This is no indication that their leaders were really superior beings. Humans need heroes and fabricate them. Often when these leaders die they assume a mythological status much bigger than life.

    Muslims have not seen Muhammad. They rely on second hand stories about their prophet. Those stories idolize him beyond human reason. Many of those tales (hadiths) are forged, exaggerated and baseless. The following is one example.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 208
    Narrated Anas bin Malik:
    The people of Mecca asked Allah’s Apostle to show them a miracle. So he showed them the moon split in two halves between which they saw the Hira’ mountain.

    Also Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 830 ,831, 832

    The splitting of the Moon is mentioned in the Quran, but this strange phenomenon is not claimed as a miracle of Muhammad. It is rather Muhammad and a bunch of Meccans observing what they thought are two moons and Muhammad commented that this is the miracle of Allah.

    This one claims he made water out of nothing.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 170
    Narrated Anas bin Malik:
    I saw Allah’s Apostle when the ‘Asr prayer was due and the people searched for water to perform ablution but they could not find it. Later on (a pot full of) water for ablution was brought to Allah’s Apostle . He put his hand in that pot and ordered the people to perform ablution from it. I saw the water springing out from underneath his fingers till all of them performed the ablution (it was one of the miracles of the Prophet).

    Or he multiplied the bread. Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 428

    However, the above miracles contradict the Quran. When challenged, Muhammad repeatedly denied being able to perform any miracle. He said that although other prophets before him were given the power to perform miracles, his only miracle is the Quran.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 92, Number 379
    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    The Prophet said, “There was no prophet among the prophets but was given miracles because of which people had security or had belief, but what I was given was the Divine Inspiration which Allah revealed to me. So I hope that my followers will be more than those of any other prophet on the Day of Resurrection.”

    There are many verses in Quran that reaffirm this last Hadith, proving that Muhammad never performed any miracle and found it useless.

    In the following verse Muhammad is acknowledging that other prophets before him came with miracles or clear signs, but still people rejected them, highlighting the futility of miracles as the proof of his revelation.

    They (also) said: “Allah took our promise not to believe in a messenger unless He showed us a sacrifice consumed by Fire (From heaven).” Say: “There came to you messengers before me, with clear Signs and even with what ye ask for: why then did ye slay them, if ye speak the truth?” if you are truthful? Q. 03: 138

    The unbelievers repeatedly asked Muhammad to perform a miracle so that they could believe. All they got in response was,

    They say: “We shall not believe in thee, until thou cause a spring to gush forth for us from the earth, Q. 17: 90

    His response was:

    Say: “Glory to my Lord! Am I aught but a man,- a messenger?” Q. 17: 93

    People doubted Muhammad because they saw nothing extraordinary or miraculous in him.

    And naught prevented mankind from believing when the guidance came unto them save that they said: Hath Allah sent a mortal as (His) messenger? Q. 17: 94

    And they say: “What sort of a messenger is this, who eats food, and walks through the streets? Why has not an angel been sent down to him to give admonition with him? Q. 25: 7

    “Or (Why) has not a treasure been bestowed on him, or why has he (not) a garden for enjoyment?” The wicked say: “Ye follow none other than a man bewitched.” Q. 25: 8

    But Muhammad kept telling them that he is just an ordinary man not an angel, and people should not expect miracles from him!

    Say: Had there been in the earth angels walking about as settlers, We would certainly have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as a messenger. Q. 17: 95

    Commonsense dictates that no one would deny and call a man who performs such mighty miracles, like splitting the moon, as believed by all the Muslims, a madman or possessed. But those who knew him best actually called him by these names.

    They say: “O thou to whom the Message is being revealed! truly thou art mad (or possessed)!. Q. 15: 06

    No one would demand him miracles if he had already performed one

    Why do you not bring to us the angels if you are of the truthful ones? Q. 15: 07

    Muhammad’s response was:

    We send not the angels down except for just cause: if they came (to the ungodly), behold! no respite would they have! Q. 15: 08

    The Quraish kept asking for a sign or a miracle to believe and Muhammad kept saying that he can’t do it. He is only a warner.

    And the Unbelievers say: “Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?” But thou art truly a warner, and to every people a guide. Q. 13: 07

    There are many more verses that tell the same story – people asking miracles and him saying, I am just a man, just like you, only a warner. A clear proof that Muhammad never performed any miracle is in this verse where it says that people rejected even other messengers who came with miracles and clear signs. In other words he would not perform miracles because according to him even if he performed them they people would not believe. This is of course a lie.

    Then if they reject thee, so were rejected messengers before thee, who came with Clear Signs, Books of dark prophecies, and the Book of Enlightenment. Q. 3: 184

    In the above verses Muhammad is denying any supernatural power. If he could perform a miracle, why would he refuse to show them one? In the following verse he clearly rejects miracles as the proof of prophethood comparing them to witchcrafts.

    Their hearts toying as with trifles. The wrong-doers conceal their private counsels, (saying), “Is this (one) more than a man like yourselves? Will ye go to witchcraft with your eyes open?”Q. 2: 3

    Had he performed miracles, it would be of no proof to people who did not see him do it, but it would have at least convinced those around him. Many charlatans, like the Indian crook Sai Baba perform tricks to fool their audience. Muhammad could not do even that.

    Muhammad was right in emphasizing that the real miracle should be his message or the Quran. Although this is a valid argument the Quran is no miracle at all. It is a book full of errancies and absurdities.

    I don’t see Muhammad as a superior human being for two reasons.

    a) Many of hadiths and verses from the Quran, reveal him as a ruthless, vengeful, deceitful, and impious man. Acts like raiding, looting, killing those who did not believe in him, cursing his enemies, treating women as second class citizens and calling them deficient in intelligence, cowardly assassinating women and old men for criticizing him make him more like a thug and less like a prophet. Acts like these are not precisely spiritual characteristics that I seek in a man I would like to follow and emulate. His deeds are far from the deeds of an “honored messenger” as he claimed to be in the Quran. 69:40

    b) Today’s modern Muslims, especially those whose standard of ethics is coloured by western/humanistic precepts, who unlike the masses of Muslims can distinguish between right and wrong, try to distance themselves from those hadiths that depict Muhammad as a ruthless immoral unethical gangster. They deny the validity of those hadiths and everything that shows Muhammad in a negative light. However, if those hadiths and verses are forged, then the whole validity of Islam crumbles and there is no reason for to believe in a mythological figure whose real life and words are not known.

    The comments on this blog by those who are amazed by a lion saying Allah is shocking. What has happen to the Arabic golden age of science – replaced by dumb fanatics who are not engaging in scientific endeavour but resorting to blind superstition. At least Allah has gone to the lions and not to the dogs YET.

  131. Ver mujeres…

    […]The Lion Proclaims Allah!! « Brilliance of Islam[…]…

  132. Wow, its been nearly 6 years since I commented on this and I can’t even fathom counting my grammar mistakes. But still, memories ❤

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