Can Abdur Rahman remain Abdur Rahman?


After reading this report from the UK Times website, and after hearing many murmors from the muslim community, I did some research and consulted my respected teacher, Mufti Jamal Uddin of the New York state in America's Shariah Board. This situation that is being talked about all around the world is making almost all the worlds non-believers question if this Afghani man should be killed 'just' because he left the Faith of Islam. Many say that this is just another barbarity of Islam (I wonder what Dr. Wafa Sultan is saying?) Many muslims also come to ask if this is Justifiable.

Well, of course it complete justice, only because of the Shariah (Law) of Islam is the order of ALLAH, the Almighty and Great. But lets first imagine ourselves in the following situation. If a non-muslim comes to ask you what you think about this man going to get killed, what would you say? You must say something, and you can't just say its the Order of Allah, cause even though its a perfectly good answer, a non-muslim won't take it for an answer. A non-muslim won't because he/she doesn't have the Nur (light) of Islam. So what can one say that'll be understandable to anybody? Personally, when one is troubled with such thoughts, basic human knowledge and logic can always help answer. Abdur Rahman became a Christian from Islam, Islam condems his choice and orders his death. What would a non-muslim say about this. Of course you can almost hear the ignorant criticism of the non-muslims, especially the American Media. Look at whats going on: Afghan children, even those in their first steps, die each day along with many afghans from mines, mines from a war decades ago, and their really isn't any help or aid to save these many people. However when one man needs help law (for logically presumable reasons), he gets a call from the US for his protection. I'm only critisizing the US here. This is the first injustification here.
Secondly, back on the trial of this Murthad (deserter). The laws and understanding of these laws are quite complicated. A murthad, if male, should be put to death but if there is a chance that he might come back to Islam, then, depending on the Situation, the Ulama or ones in charge can devise an intervention that'll give him a choice or rejoining Islam. For example, one might leave Islam because he was threatened if he didn't. Then in the situtation of Women and Children, they are not put to death, but jailed until the reaccept Islam.

Now that we understand the basic rules, we can ask if it is Justifiable on Islamic Terms, which it is. So we are under Haqq (truth/justice) to kill this man because he deserted Islam. The keyword here is 'deserter'. The main reason why Muslims and Non-Muslims alike think this might still be wrong is because in this Day & Age, nationalism (a haram, if valued more than faith) is of more value to the world, rather than Faith. Think about it. For example, in war, when an American Soldier becomes a traitor, he is killed. This is like a unanimously agreed rule among all governments of the world. However, in Islam, if one leaves his Faith, this person is looked at in the same, but worse because he is a traitor of ALLAH, the Almighty and Most Powerful. This traitor is of course going to be killed. Now one might say that I'm speaking pishposh and that Faith and Nationalism isn't the same. The thing is is that they're both valued in the same way, so they are justified the same way.

Lets look at what Isa (Jesus), peace and blessings be upon him, had gone through for example. When he declared the Haqq of Islam, he was chased after the Jews, whom he had betrayed because he saw the Baatil (falsehood) in them. This is pretty understandable. Islam is the Nur and Haqq.

If anyone wants to ask any questions on this topic, please do.


5 Responses

  1. as an afghan i am entirely not impressed or even convinced that we firstly afghans and then muslims showed any reaction towards the conversion of a afghan-muslim to christainaty.
    does this mean that we muslims became so weak that we cant express our feelings in such situations and who is to blame the wider muslim population of the Ulamas?

  2. Salam brother,

    you see the blame shouldn’t go to anybody but ourselves. When we’re against non-muslims like in this situation we stay united, the ulama are our teachers and we are the students. No one gets blame but ourselves. There were many deserters after Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, had past away. Right after he left this world there were numerous people claiming that they were prophets. Those people of baatil (falsehood) had disappeared just because the True Muslims had stayed united. If one of them were to desert islam, then the true Companions of Muhammad would do their justice.

    All the things that we learn about Muhammad, peace and blessing be uon him, are from the Ulama, so what use is it to blame them. One who negates all the knowledge that they can gain from the Ulama is definitly inviting Falsehood. So in the sense of whether the Teachers can be blamed is foolishness, in turn, BE THE COMPANIONS OF THE ULAMA. AbdurRahman certainly isn’t, look at the picture given above for example, does he even look like he is constantly connected with ALLAH Almighty? No, he wakes up each morning and gets rid of his beard, his dignity. He commits sin when he doesn’t keep his beard. But whatever he does is actually between him and his Almighty Creator. What does ALLAH constantly repeat in suratur Rahman? So whats exact, my dear brother is that this is our UMMAH. To act like a non-muslim by not wearing what our Rasul would wear will only invite Baatil, even though its sunnah. The Sunnah brings forth the Barakah (blessings) and Nur (light).

    However, just like you there are muslims all over the planet asking the same questions. In conclusion every single Believer should remember what ALLAH has given them. “All praise be to ALLAH”. All the things that you do should praise Allah. We have to stay united, we must.

    And another problem that is in relation to this topic is that the Ummah today is filled with the Wrong ideologies. You know i think i’ll post up an article about this problem specifically. Jaza Khair brother Alizay, hope these statements helped.



  4. Umm, so jesus wasn’t a jew?

    what makes me such a liar?

  5. Muslim leaders have always resisted the implementation of Islamic social system, and deliberately left an open playground for enemies of Islam to spread their mischief.

    Therefore, I think that the murtad should be offered another chance to re-accept Islam, if he turns to aggression or seeks help from non-Muslims, then he should be killed.

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