Thanks, I feel very honored.

This site recommended me. I'm not happy of how they thought of me, they think I'm like pro-extremist because of a few pics and an innocent explanation. Gosh, lol. Here it is:

"Brilliance of Islam. This blogger features pictures of Fatah and Hamas fighters and laments over the imprisonment of Holocaust denier, David Irving. He/she also repeats the often heard martyr’s mantra, “A believer wants his death more than life so that he could meet Allah."

They wrote me in as one of Danya's friends. She's given a very notable position by them, Congrats to you Danya!


4 Responses

  1. Hehe thanks.. I was quite shocked to find a whole article dedicated to moi.. he’s too kind, spending all that time on me (can we say stalker?).. another site came out with stuff as well but who cares what they say?

    *takes bow*

  2. You should feel honored, you must be doing something right if the zioNAZIs are upser with you.

  3. lol, Takbir.

  4. noteworthy!!!

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