Complete Awe!



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  1. subhan’Allah! Thats the cutest/smartest little boy I have ever seen in my life! Mashha’Allah …those young children are the future of this ummah

  2. Alhamdullilah! He’s only 4, its quite miraculous once you get all that he’s saying.

  3. Aww.. and he’s even wearing a sunnah ring on his right hand… but why does he have to yell? Shouldn’t we teach our youth sakina as well? Or maybe it’s just his style I dunno…

  4. lol, he’s seriuos about the situation of the ummah

  5. Sad State of Affairs!

    It’s obvious that child is imitating some adult “Barking Out!” beautiful words of the Prophet s.a.w
    Imagine, this is the world our kids being brought up in to imitate the “Barking Adults” if only we could learn to imitate the prophet s.a.w

    Wonder what he would have thought of such display of “Pomp & Show” without any substance.

  6. Salam Khalid!

    Well, i think you’ve misunderstood this child. For example, when the Adhaan is called it should be yelled out so that (1) everyone can hear and (2) that everyone know whats going on. This child, being only 4, obvioulsy has realized the importance of life and is obviously yelling his voice so that others can hear him. “But what about the speakers?” Well dude people are originally supposed to (for lack of a better word) yell the adhaan not say it. Same thing in the sunnah of the Jummah Kutbah. Now this is very important to know what the boy is yelling and why, Not get annoyed but his yelling. Its all with hikmah.

  7. salam
    can u plz tell me where u got this from???? I would like to post it on my blog insha’Allah
    (pretty plzzz)

  8. wa salam
    i’m sorry deka! its been like a month, so i don’t have the original link. sorry, i’ll look for it, once i get it, i’ll give it to you! InshaALLAH!

  9. Do u mind giving me the code for the video by email.. if u cant find it..???
    I’d really appreciate that bro.

  10. sound is not very clear and i do not understand Arabic but little boy seems cute and intelligent. can’t we get translation in english.

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