Baatil and Kufr

"Verily, the Deen by Allah is o­nly Islam." (Qur’aan)

"O People of Imaan! Do not take as friends your fathers and your brothers if they prefer kufr over Imaan." (Qur’aan)

"Those who take the kaafireen as friends besides the Mu’mineen — What do they search for honour by them? Verily, all honour belongs to o­nly Allah." (Qur’aan)

The Qur’aan Majeed and the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are repeated with commands warning the Mu’mineen to refrain from consorting with kuffaar, taking them to be bosom friends, wooing them, fraternizing with them and emulating them.


A ‘solidarity’ meeting was organized by a conglomeration of kufr bodies supposedly in support of Iraq. While such meetings are part of the methods of operation of non-Muslims, we find the Transvaal (Gauteng) Jamiatul Ulama joining the admixture of kuffaar in the baatil publicity stunt. The ‘solidarity meeting was scheduled for Isha time—at 7.30 o­n Jumuah night— o­n 10th April 2003.

The organizers of the meeting besides the Jamiatul Ulama were a number of non-Muslim bodies— Communist, athiest, Hindu, Christian and Jewish. Among the public speakers were women as well. A Maulana of the Jamiat joined the ranks of the galaxy of kuffaar speakers at a time when the Maulana was supposed to be in the Musjid o­n the auspicious night of Jumuah performing Isha Salaat with Jamaat. But, consorting with non-Muslims of a variety of kufr persuasions and courting their pleasure at the expense of Allah’s Pleasure, are of greater importance to the Jamiat of Gauteng and its Molvi speaker. Perhaps there are ignorant of the famous saying of Islam: "All kufr is a single community (one miserable breed)"


The times are indeed corrupt when ‘ulama’ are at home in a galaxy of kuffaar, searching for some miserable and cheap publicity. A Muslim is not in need of academic Ilm to understand the evil of the misdeed of the Jamiat and its representative. Does Islam teach its adherents to consort with women and kuffaar when it is time to seek aid from Allah Ta’ala during a calamity?

Does the Jamiat and its representative fail to understand that nusrat (aid) is from o­nly Allah Azza Wa Jal? Is the Jamiat and its representative ignorant of the following aayat of the Qur’aan Majeed?

"If Allah should aid you, then there is none to overwhelm you, and if Allah withdraws His aid from you, then who is there besides Allah to aid you?"

Did the Jamiat and its representative never read in the Qur’aan Majeed the following aayat?

"If you aid Allah (i.e.His Deen), He will aid you and plant your feet firmly (against your enemies)."

Instead of hastening to the Musjid to attend the Isha jamaat and to cry and supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to aid Muslims in distress, the Jamiat and its representative molvi hasten to a meeting called by a variety of athiests, enemies of Islam and idolaters, and indulge in their haraam methods which are diametrically in opposition to the Sunnah.


The conduct of those who advertise themselves as the Heirs of the Ambiya is deplorable and abhorrent. There is nothing worse for a Mu’min than to consort with kuffaar and to adopt their methods of seeking aid. Besides the palpable silliness and stupidity of the Jamiat’s emulation of the kuffaar, its attitude is extremely disconcerting for Muslims. This body has deviated far from Seeraatul Mustaqeem in recent years with its evil methods which it paints with Islamic hues.


Muslims seek direction and aid in the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), not in the ways, methods and stupidities of non-Muslims. Our Deen is Islam. Every religion and every ideology besides Islam are baatil. Yet, the Jamiat and its molvi representative can comfortably blend with a variety of kufr, puja and crosses. There is something drastically wrong and sinister in the brand of ‘islam’ this body of theologians is conspiring to hoist o­n an unsuspecting community which labours under the mistaken notion that the present Jamiat is the old Jamiatul Ulama of Transvaal which was formed and run by the Ulama-e-Haqq. The Muslim community should not be deceived by the name. There is a difference of Heaven and Hell between the original Jamiatul Ulama of Transvaal and the present Jamiat of Gauteng. The former Jamiatul Ulama of Transvaal represented Islam and the Ummah in Transvaal while the present deviated Jamiat of Gautemnd represents Shaitaan-in-Chief. May Allah Ta’ala save the Ummah from the ulama-e-soo’, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

"I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen."

The ‘aimmah mudhilleen are the evil learned men who have set themselves up as leaders of the community.

[ "The Majlis" ]

One Response

  1. Salam/Greetings

    Honourable Scholar Sir/Madam

    I am a student at a Secular College.

    I would like to inquire regarding the qualifications of Aalim, Imaam, Moulana, Hafiz etc…

    My questions follow:

    I have a great respect for the Scholars of Islam, both those who have passed on (God have mercy on them) and those who are here with us serving Islam. I would like to learn more about them and their work.

    1. I know there are many recognised and well celebrated institutions where Islam is taught like Darul Uloom Deoband, Al Azhar, Medinah University etc….Is it also possible for a person to study at the hands of a teacher in a private setting/environment e.g. at the Teacher’s/Sheikh’s home and gain such knowledge if one is dedicated and wishes to do work sincerely for Islam; Are there female Scholars as well in Islam and does the same (as in the previous question regarding males) apply to them?

    2. I am made to understand that some Mishaaikh (Scholars) do not issue certificates to their students for memorising the Quran and related studies, yet the students gain the knowledge and are able to teach and deliver Islam with excellence; Is this correct and what could the reason be; Is it modesty and a form of humility or piety?

    3. Is it common to find entire families dedicated to Religious Studies and Education, as in father is a Scholar of Islam and he teaches his son to recite & memorise the Quran and related subjects and, once the son is capable, he joins his father in leading the congregation (in Prayer etc) and educating people in religion? Please give some contemporary examples if possible?

    4. What is Ijaazah? Can a person stay in the service/company of a pious scholar and learn from him, and be granted Ijaazah in Islamic subjects even today?

    Thank you immensely for taking the time to read my questions and I thank you in advance for the kind response. May Allah reward you in abundance.

    Yours sincerely

    Anna (Muslimah)

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