Indiscriminate Killing and Islam

Every act of indiscriminate killing and anarchy which happens anywhere in the world is blamed o­n those Muslims who make endeavours to lead lives in conformity with the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The most recent acts of atrocities which occurred in Spain has o­nce again brought the focus o­n true Muslims and in fact o­n Islam. Our aim in this article is not to conjecture with theories and the political dimensions surrounding the Madrid bombings nor to attempt to explore the sinister forces lurking behind these atrocities. Theories and phantoms abound. Our aim is to present the Islamic perspective —what the Shariah’s viewpoint is o­n these indiscriminate killings which rock the world every now and again. We do not believe that Muslims who understand Islam and who endeavour to lead lives of the Sunnah, can perpetrate such atrocities and indiscriminate killing and maiming of people, including women and children. We also do not believe in the existence of the bogey and phantom called Al-Qaedah which is a pure creation of the U.S.A. to present as a smokescreen for every atrocity which is committed by sinister forces.


Every Muslim of sound intelligence and who does understand what Islam is, also understands that Jihaad is not brutality, atrocity and anarchy. It is an orderly, systematic institution with lofty goals. The scope of this brief article precludes elaboration o­n this the topic of Jihaad. If Allah Ta’ala wills, we shall expound o­n this subject in a future issue of the Majlis.

As for the slaying and maiming of people, the Shariah is quite unambiguous. It is not permissible during Jihaad to kill women, children and even priests and monks who engage in their acts of baatil worship. Islam never permits brutality, torture and atrocities which are all salient features of the kuffaar. They live and rule with torture and brutality. Muslims who follow Islam have no share in these gruesome events.


Allah Ta’ala is aware who the perpetrators of these atrocities are and what their agenda is. Should any Muslim individuals be responsible for these acts of anarchy, they do not represent Islam or the Ummah. In fact, their very Imaan is in question. Perpetrators of such heinous atrocities cannot escape the consequences of their foul misdeeds, neither in this world nor in the Aakhirah. It soothes us to believe that even such Muslims who are wedded to crass materialism will not stoop to the brutal methods which are the capital of the kuffaar.


For Muslims the example and pattern of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) suffice. His attitude o­n the occasion of the Conquest of Makkah is the guideline for true Mujaahideen. o­n that momentous occasion, Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) forgave his torturers and persecutors. In lieu of their years of brutality and torture, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) offered the Mushrikeen Imaan (Belief and Safety). The aim of Jihaad is to clear the road for Da’wat and Tableegh for the everlasting salvation in the Hereafter of Allah’s creation. The aim is not the acquisition of wealth, territory and power through the spread of anarchy and indiscriminate killing and maiming of people. Such are the ways of non-Muslims whose goal does not envisage anything beyond the plane of this earthly life. Islam believes in and demands the institution of Jihaad. Jihaad is a fundamental dimension of Islam. Without Jihaad, there cannot be Islamic domination o­n earth. But what transpired in Madrid is not Jihaad. It does not have the remotest relationship with the Jihaad of Islam.

The Majlis


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