‘Islamic’ Television

Question: I read o­n a billboard in Durban: "Islamic TV to be launched soon in South Africa." Please comment.

ANSWER: This is not news. It is old hat. At the time when so-called Islamic radio stations were launched in the name of Islam in South Africa, we predicted that these radio stations are the forerunners for haraam television. The radio station is the stepping stone for this institution of vice and immorality. It was a forgone conclusion that the men of the dunya masquerading as men of the Deen would soon set into motion the process of establishing television "islam". Just as intoxication is a necessary effect of liquor consumption, so too is Shaitaani Television a necessary corollary of Shaitaani Radios.

The evil of passing off haraam acts and institutions as "Islamic’ has been extended to other avenues as well. Alcohol is passed off as halaal by the deceptive appellation of ’medical alcohol’, ethanol, etc. Haraam riba is offered to the community deceptively and is called ’Islamic’ takaful, for example, or some other Islamically sounding terminology.

100% haraam meat is proclaimed ‘halaal’ by deceptively branding it to be the zabeehah (slaughtered animals) of the Ahl-e-Kitaab. Haraam animal gelatine is made ‘halaal’ by baselessly claiming that the Shar’I process of Tabdeelul Maahiyah (Total transformation of Nature) has occurred. In this manner the men of the dunya are guilty of subverting the Shariah and ruining the morals and Imaan of the masses in exactly the same way as the Ulama of the Yahood and Nasaara had perpetrated.

Brother, you will still live to see worse things than television being branded ’Islamic’ by the marauders of Imaan. The time is not far when conscious Muslims will lament: The bowels of the earth are better than its surface. For the safety of Imaan, the grave will be better than living o­n earth.

Those who can aver that the vice of television is ‘Islamic’ are capable of proclaiming swine flesh to be halaal/tayyib. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy o­n us and protect our Akhlaaq and Imaan.

[The Majlis] 


2 Responses

  1. Great job guys…

  2. Salam brother.
    Pehaps they have the opinion that this new channel is to propagate the correct true teachings of Islam. The TV in this case is used for a good cause and should be encouraged. The TV set itself is not haram, it is when you switched it on, thus depending on how you use it. Same applies to the computer and internet.

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