Joint-Politics with the Kuffar

During the Khilaafat Movement in India some decades ago, Muslims and Hindus had united. Of course, the Hindus had their own political agenda, hence joined hands with the Muslims in the agitation for the preservation for the Turkish Khilaafat. Commenting o­n this political marriage of the two communities, Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat said:

"If this Khilaafat Movement had consisted of o­nly Muslims, then their shortcomings could have been overlooked o­n the understanding that after all, errors do happen. However, now since they have joined the Hindus, their (the Muslims) motives have become in conflict with the Shariah. The aim is no longer the Deen. It is o­nly the dunya (the world).

In otherwords, the purpose of all the agitation is o­nly to secure worldly power—to govern, aggrandizement, worldly honour and wealth. Such political power was enjoyed by Fir’oun, Shaddaad and Namrud. Why is their government considered accursed? Their reign was accursed because they had transgressed the limits of Deen. You too (O Muslims!) are desirous of gaining that type of power in which there is no concern with the laws of the Shariah and its limits. What then is the difference?

Furthermore, a variety of criticism is heaped o­n those who do not participate in such joint-politics. Non-Muslim slogans are raised in gatherings, demonstrations and welcoming ceremonies. These are among the salient features of the kuffaar.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all perfect Deen and perfect understanding."

[The Majlis] 


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