Muslims and the Kuffar Games

Rulers and governments of Muslim countries are vieing with non-Muslim countries and clamouring to host the international kuffaar sport of soccer. Thousands of Muslims all over the world are being butchered and tortured. Muslim lands are being pillaged and plundered. Millions of Muslim children are exposed to the proselytizing depradations of marauding kuffaar missionaries. Millions of these children of the Ummah are deprived of the very basic or elementary Deeni knowledge so vital for the protection of their Imaan.

Poverty, squalor and misery are endemic in the Muslim world. There is suffering, humiliation and misery all over in the lands of Islam. Look at Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Arakaan and many other places, all being brutalized by the kuffaar. Yet today we find so-called Muslim governments desperately struggling against non-Muslim countries in the evil bid to host the game of kufr.

This attitude is conspicuous testification for the kufr of these governments and rulers. They have truly betrayed the Ummah, the Rasool, Islam and Allah Ta’ala. They cannot be Muslim regardless of their Muslim names and their position as rulers of Muslim people.

While millions of the Ummah are suffering, struggling and starving — physically and spiritually — these governments in Muslim lands are prepared to squander billions of dollars of the wealth which they have parasitically leached from the Muslim citizens of their respective lands. At their doorstep, the suffering of Muslims in Palestine need no introduction. Yet these Arab states remain deliberately blind.


The international sporting event is exclusively a kuffaar event which has absolutely no relationship with Islam and Muslims. It is an event impregnated with kufr, shirk, fisq and fujoor. It is an immoral event which renders its approvers and supporters apostates— murtadds.

The intoxicating effect of the kufr of these games was such that even the defunct orthodox Taliban government had made attempts to be admitted. The demise of the Talibaan is therefore not surprising. While the adoption of this kufr by the governments of the Arab states and other Muslim countries is divinely tolerable within the long term divine scheme, it was intolerable for people of the Taliban’s ilk who had proclaimed themselves the upholders of the Shariah and the revivers of the institution of Khilaafat. Allah Ta’ala, therefore, swiftly removed them from the scene.


As for the others—the secular rulers of Muslim lands— they have long ago renounced Islam. They have renounced their Islamic allegiance and have exchanged their Imaan for western kufr. Allah Ta’ala therefore is allowing them leeway. When the line runs out, they will choke to their destruction.

The first chapter of their destruction is their serfdom. They have been made the slaves of the kuffaar. They today lick the boots of their kuffaar masters and consider this despicable act to be honourable. Tomorrow they all will follow in the footsteps of Mr.Saddam Husain. Their selfsame masters and bosses will humiliate them when they no longer have utility.

They will become expendable like Saddam has become expendable.

[The Majlis]


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