The Intellegentsia of the day

Commenting o­n the superficial understanding of the intellentsia of these times, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) said:

"Once in a village a man climbed to the top of a tall date palm tree. o­nce o­n top, he realized that he was unable to climb down. All the villagers gathered by the tree to formulate a plan to bring the man down, but they failed to devise a plan. The villagers called their wiseman and sought his opinion. When the wiseman arrived, he intently surveyed the situation, with a prolonged gaze to the top of the tree. Then he suddenly nodded his head to indicate that he has hit o­n the solution.

He ordered the people to bring a long rope. After he made a loop, he instructed them to throw to the man stranded o­ntop of the tree. When the man o­n top caught the rope, the wiseman instructed him to tie it securely around his waist. After the rope was tied, the wiseman instructed the villagers to give a mighty tug. All together tugged at the rope. Down came the man. His brains and bones were smashed.

In consternation the people wailed: ‘He is dead’. The wiseman responded: "He died because of his fate. I had pulled to safety in this way many people who had fallen into wells." The intelligentsia of this age are of this hue.

They resort to corrupt reasoning, the consequence of which is ruin. If a man requires proper knowledge and practice, the o­nly way is to appoint someone among the living to be the guide and leader. Mere book knowledge is insufficient. I have seen many people of knowledge stumbling into deviation. When they have not understood what reality is, how can they guide others?"

"The Majlis"


2 Responses

  1. I had a great respect for muslim before they reacted to the cartoon… Now you have lost my vote…

    Why do you kill non-muslims? Is it allah’s wish to Kill anyone that insults him? In your country if a person kills a fellow muslim is he punished? What justification do you if Ur kind kills a non-muslim, what do you get a medal? If your Idea of respecting your god is by killing human beings then you would end up killing every non muslim… Because we all think you are ajoke…

    I hope you disappear from this earth and join your allah in the near future… You worthless people

  2. Hey Bobo,

    Why do you kill nonmuslims? A man named Khattab once was asked why he was a terrorist and he replied, “If the killer of the killer of our mothers is called a terrorist, then let the whole world know that we are terrorists”. If you are foolish enough to follow the media of the united states of imperialism, then you haven’t done enough research.

    Is it ALLAH’s wish to kill those who insult him? Those who isult ALLAH are punished by ALLAH. We are the representatives of the faith of ALLAH.

    What justification do you if Ur kind kills a non-muslim, what do you get a medal? The muslim that kills a non-muslim goes through a legit trial.

    And for your remaining statements, you should read the 109th and 112th chapters of the Holy Quran.

    You should read my replies to the cartoons.

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