The Modern Ulama-e-Soo

The ulama-e-soo (evil scholars) of former times bartered away their Deen and even their Imaan for monetary gain and to curry favour with rulers. Their motive was not to debauch and ruin the morals of Muslims. But in the times we are living, the academically inept molvis of soo’ are out to plunder the morality of Muslims. Themselves bereft of Islamic morality, they lay their snares to trap Muslims into the net of immorality.A trend of haraam and immoral fund-raising has been initiated by these vile molvis. Cake sales are organized as a way of raising funds for the Madrasah. At o­ne such haraam cake sale young girls in charge of the zina stall, were provocatively garbed in tight fitting jeans, denims, tight tops and tight long skirts with long revealing slits. Molvis were present to grace the zina stall with their shaitaani presence. They joined in with the girls to sell their haraam wares.

Are such immoral offences in the public imaginable from men of learning? Such men who seduce the morals of young girls in the name of the Deen are, in the words of the Hadith, “wolves in sheep skin” or “shayaateen in human bodies”. They have the hearts of wolves and shayaateen. They are bereft of every vestige of shame, honour and respect. They are out to plunder the hayaa and chastity of stupid young girls whom they have ensnared into their evil traps of vice using their religious garb as subterfuge. Wala houla wa la quwwata! o­nly Allah Ta’ala can save this Ummah from the disastrous plunge into the abyss of moral ruin and worldly destruction, leave alone the disaster of the Aakhirat.

[ The Majlis ] 


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