Denmark Embassy Protest in the UK

What do you think about this, whether you muslim or not? I want to see how people react to these Muslims.

5 Responses

  1. i think they are giving a bad name to islam…they say that bin laden is a hero…and that he’ll end up bombing them too, lol
    When people see this, they’re going to get a wrong idea about this religion,
    what they are doing is a j.o.k.e./if they really cared about islam and muslims, they wouldn’t act like such children and chant that nonsense on the streets.
    May Allah guide them to seerat al mustaqim

  2. Ameen man, definitly.

  3. All I see is a mob of fanatical,insane, racist Muslims. The desire to be taken seriously is a joke.

  4. Yes I agree, some Muslims are quite too ecstatic about thier faith, thier loosing the reality. Suicide Bombing, Terrorism, and Recism is completely forbidden in Islam. There are peaceful ways of showing what Islam is. You know? Islam is Correct. Most Muslims aren’t. Us Muslims should at least stick close to the House of ALLAH in order to gain the correct deen. InshAllah, everyone should try this. Ameen.

  5. Aasalaamaleykum

    i personally went 2 a demonstration against the Danish but i personally could say that i did not say a bad word 2 anyone unlike the brothers in the video, may Allah give them the knowledge to behave sincerly as they will have 2 own up for their actions and words


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