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Oh People of Islam

Shaykh Usama bin Ladin

(May Allah Protect Him)

Rabi' al-Awwal 1427AH /April 2006 CE

As-Sahab Media


All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and may peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and on all his family and companions. To the Islamic Ummah in general: peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

This talk of mine is for you, to continue to encourage and urge you to aid our Messenger, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon him, and punish those responsible for the heinous crime committed by some journalists among the Crusaders or the apostate Zindeeqs (unbelievers) in insulting the chief of the forefathers and the successors, our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The honorable verses and noble Prophetic traditions have made clear our duty towards the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, in terms of loving, honoring, following and exalting him. And Allah the Exalted has forbidden offending him, saying in the Exalted Quran:

"Those who offend Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment." Al-Ahzaab 33:57

And He said, "O ye who believe! Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk, as ye may speak aloud to one another, lest your deeds become vain and ye perceive not." Al-Hujaraat 49:2

And it has been established as authentic that our Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "By Him in whose Hand my life is, none of you will have faith until he loves me more than his father, children and all mankind combined."

And the Ummah has agreed upon the apostasy and killing of anyone who abuses or belittles him. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said, "The cursing and defamation of the Messengers – peace be upon them – is the fountainhead of all types of unbelief, and combines all types of misguidance, and every [act of] unbelief is a branch of it."

And Qadi 'Iyaad said, "He who likens the Messenger of Allah to something by way of insulting and scorning him, or belittling his status and significance, or disparaging him or finding fault in him, has cursed him and the ruling regarding him is that of the curser." And Imam Ahmad, may Allah have mercy upon him, said, "Whoever curses the Prophet or belittles him, whether Muslim or infidel, is to be killed."

The condition and ruling of the Zindeeqs and atheists who defame the religion and slander and insult our honorable Messenger, peace be upon him, has been clarified by the Imam Ibn al-Qayyim, who made it clear that the crime of the Zindeeq is the grossest of crimes and that the evil of his remaining amongst the Muslims is among the greatest of evils, and that he is to be killed and his repentance is not to be accepted. Said the Imam, "So this is the constant habit of the Zindeeq, and were his repentance to be accepted, it would mean allowing him to remain a Zindeeq and atheist who, whenever he is captured, professes Islam only to return to what he was doing. And why not, since he knows that he will be saved from death by outwardly professing Islam, so he is not prevented by fear from public display of atheism, defamation of the religion, and abuse of Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him. Thus, his aggression toward Islam is only suppressed by killing him. And also, the one who abuses Allah and His Messenger is waging war against Allah and His Messenger and sowing corruption on earth, so his punishment is death as a Hadd, and the Hudood are not cancelled out by repentance after capture, as agreed upon by all."

And I remind myself as well as you of the actions of the pure and righteous, the first soldiers of Islam, the noble Companions, Allah be pleased with them, so that we might imitate them in spreading the religion, and success is in imitating the noble.

The compilers of the Sunnah as well as the Seerah have related the story of Ka'ab bin al-Ashraf's poetry in which he attacked the Prophet, peace be upon him, and when that reached the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said, "Who will go for me for Ka'ab bin al-Ashraf, for he has offended Allah and His Messenger?" At that, Muhammad ibn Maslamah arose, saying, "I, oh Messenger of Allah! Would you like me to kill him?" He replied, "Yes."

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! How quickly they came to the aid of Allah and aid of His Messenger! Allahu Akbar! How great was their Imaan and Yaqeen, and how knowledgeable and perceptive they were! He, Allah be pleased with him, knew that the medicine for those who offend Allah and His Messenger is death, without introduction, unlike the defeatist Da'iyahs (callers) of today who didn’t go to the Crusaders as warriors but instead went as interlocutors. People like these dissolve the religion, so beware of them. Yes, their methodology is contrary to the correct methodology. The methodology of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, is that he loves the killing of Ka'ab bin al-Ashraf and loves the killing of all who offend Allah and His Messenger. Yes, their killing is something loved by Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him, and Allah has ordered it and His Messenger has encouraged it. Allah said, "But if they violate their oaths after their covenant, and slander your Faith, fight ye the chiefs of Unbelief, for their oaths are nothing to them, that thus they may be restrained." Al-Tawbah 9:12 So when they are fought, they cease to slander the religion.

Ibn al-Qayyim said about this verse, "Everyone who defames our religion is a chief of unbelief." So how many chiefs of unbelief exist today in the Muslim lands, and how many followers of Ka'ab bin al-Ashraf exist on the Arabian Peninsula, and how many of them are writers in the press and actors and broadcasters in the media. And here it is incumbent that we point out that it is not permissible for the Muslim to listen to any program in which there is a discussion with the Zindeeqs or any play in which the religion or the religious is mocked, for that is one of the greatest of sins. And how many of these Zindeeqs are ministers and their inferiors, foremost among them the labor minister in the Land of the Two Sanctuaries, Ghazi al-Qusaibi. And if anyone wants an official fatwa about his unbelief and apostasy, then the former Grand Mufti Shaykh Abd al-Aziz bin Baz gave a fatwa in that regard, as well as a fatwa declaring the unbelief and apostasy of the Zindeeq Shamlaan al-Eisa in Kuwait. And among these Zindeeqs is Ahmad al-Baghdadi, also in Kuwait, and Turki al-Hamd in the Land of the Two Sanctuaries. Shaykh Hamood al-Uqla gave a fatwa about the apostasy of the latter. And there are numerous others, and the book "Modernity on the Scales of Islam" includes the names of many of them, and the Shaykh Sa'eed al-Ghamdi warned against them on tape.

And now, let us return to finish our story. Muhammad ibn Maslamah took with him some of the Companions, and they went and killed the enemy of Allah, Ka'ab bin al-Ashraf. The Jews and those pagans with them were terrified by that and came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, in the morning, and said, "Our companion was struck tonight, and he is one of our chiefs and he was assassinated, and we know of no crime or incident." The Messenger of Allah replied, "Had he remained peaceful like others who share his opinion, he would not have been assassinated. But he offended us and satirized us in verse, and anyone of you who does the like will be put to the sword." Yes, this is the ruling of our Messenger, peace be upon him, concerning all who satirize him and all who belittle the religion and mock it. So to the youth of Islam: follow the order of Allah and His Messenger by killing them, and take as your role-model Muhammad ibn Maslamah and his companions, for better the belly of the earth than its back while the Zindeeqs are among us, mocking our religion and our Prophet. So fear Allah in yourselves, and please your Lord, and don't consult anyone in killing these Zindeeqs, and seek help in carrying out your tasks through secrecy.

This is as far as the apostate Zindeeqs are concerned, and we shall now begin talking about the slanderers of the religion among the original unbelievers.

The sons of the Islamic Ummah from East to West have risen up to condemn that greatest of crimes, so may Allah reward well every denouncer of those unbelieving acts. And we ask Allah to accept as martyrs those of them who were killed, and we promise Allah that we will take revenge for them from the governments which spilled their blood.

Some voices have been raised in our Ummah asking the infidel wrongdoers in the West to clearly and honestly apologize in order to end the crisis – or so they said. But the fact is, the matter is too great and serious for it to be ended by mere regret or apology, assuming that they will even apologize in the first place. Rather, the criminals must be punished along with all who sheltered them or stood by them.

To deal with this crime by itself, cut off from the greater context, hurts the proper conception needed to know the animosity the West holds toward us and the truth about the Crusade being waged against our Ummah, and because rendering judgment on anything stems from its conception, it is necessary that this crime be placed in the greater context of the aggression being perpetrated against our Ummah throughout the past years and decades. And by doing so, it becomes easy for us to know the true size of this incident.

Anyone who considers the events which have occurred throughout the past few years and decades sees clearly the ugliness of the West's face and the greatness of its hatred of our Ummah. So it was in this context that the incident occurred, and the repercussions came one after the other, among the most prominent of which was the Danish government's refusal to even apologize, much less punish the criminals, and its refusal to take steps to prevent the repeat of this sort of crime, and then the solidarity shown to it by America and the European Union.

These events, along with what has happened since the raid on Manhattan, have highlighted previous truths, but this time with severe clarity and starkness. Despite the media hubbub and the huge propaganda line about human rights, justice and freedom, it had become clear from previous events that these pretty notions are only shallowly rooted in the West, and that in fact they have no roots as far as it is concerned if the matter is connected to the Muslims, and in fact are like a feather blown by the wind searching for a place of refuge as it flees from the West lest the West strangle and trample upon those concepts in its name!

These events, along with what preceded them, have confirmed that the West is incapable of acknowledging others and their rights, much less respecting their beliefs and feelings, and that the West is still living with the complex of racial superiority, and looks upon the rest of the peoples arrogantly from on high, and feels that it is on top and the others beneath them. This view of the peoples as inferior dominates them, and the residues and shadows of past centuries, when the sun didn't set on what were called their colonies, in which sat their gluttonous armies which occupied countries, sucked the peoples' treasures, and enslaved them – these residues and shadows continue to dominate them. Thus, the people, as they see them, are white – and they're the masters – and colored – and they're the slaves – which is why the West created organizations and made laws which preserve and protect its doctrine of enslavement of the peoples. It created the United Nations for this purpose, and the right of veto is nothing but glaring proof of that and nothing but sanctification of the defense of this tyrannical, dictatorial doctrine which considers Jihad in the path of Allah and defense of one's self and homeland to be terrorism.

America and Europe consider the Mujahid groups in Palestine, Chechnya , Iraq , and Afghanistan to be terrorist groups, so how can there possibly be dialogue and understanding with them without weapons? And the rulers of our region consider America and Europe to be friends and allies, and also consider the Mujahid groups fighting the Crusaders in Iraq and Afghanistan to be terrorist groups, so how can there possibly be dialogue and understanding with them without weapons? The essence of what these and those who deny us our right to defend our religion and ourselves all say is that we must surrender, abandon Jihad, and be their satisfied slaves, and this is impossible, with Allah's permission.

Among the greatest of the issues which clearly display these concepts is that of Palestine . What oppression, assault and hatred could be more blatant than the Zionist/Crusader alliance taking a decision to hand Palestine over to the Jews for it to be their state, after carrying out massacres there and displacing many of its people, then bringing the Jews from various countries to settle them in Palestine? And this aggression and oppression has continued for more than 9 decades and continues to this very day. And all attempts to regain our rights and demand justice and take revenge from the Israeli oppressor have been thwarted by the leadership of the Crusader/Zionist alliance by using what is called the right of veto.

And among the things which display that as well is their rejection of the HAMAS movement after its victory in the elections, although we emphasize what Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri indicated regarding the impermissibility of entering the polytheistic councils. Their rejection of HAMAS confirms that it is a Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And I say, clarifying their domination of the Security Council, that Crusader International and pagan Buddhism hold the 5 permanent seats and what is called the privilege of the right of veto in what is called the Security Council. America and Britain represent the Protestant Christians, Russia represents the Orthodox Christians, and France represents the Catholic Christians, while China represents the Buddhists and pagans of the world. As for the Islamic world, it is represented by 57 countries, and comprises a 5th of the world's people, and more than a 4th of the countries in the UN, and one province of one Islamic state, like the Punjab in Pakistan, has an population larger than that of France and Britain, and moreover, one province of one Islamic state, like Darfur in the Sudan, has a land area larger than Britain's and close to that of France, yet it has no seat in the Security Council. And here I am not asking for that, because that is wrong, but am simply describing the facts of the matter. The UN is an organization of unbelief and he who is pleased with its laws is an unbeliever, and it is a tool used to implement the Zionist/Crusader resolutions, including the declarations of war against us and the division and occupation of our lands. It is a Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And what does it mean when the Ottoman state, the remnant of the Caliphate state despite its flaws, is destroyed and toppled and divided into dozens of states and ministates, and taken over, following which Britain came back and separated the Sudan from Egypt, then turned once more towards the Sudan, seeking to separate its south, and formed an army of southerners, backing them with money, weapons and expertise, and directed them to demand separation from the Sudan. Then America adopted this army with moral and material support, and through its international instruments like the UN, put pressure on the Khartoum government to sign an oppressive agreement permitting the South to separate six years after the signing of the treaty. Let Bashir and Bush know that this treaty isn't worth the price of the ink with which it was written, and binds us to nothing, and that it isn't the place of anyone – whoever he might be – to give up a hand span of Islamic land, and that the south shall remain an inseparable part of the land of Islam, with Allah's permission, even if the wars continue for decades to come.

And even then, America didn't suffice with all these subversions and crimes, but went to stir up more sedition and strife, among the worst of which is that in the west of the Sudan, where it has exploited some differences between the tribes there and turned that into an all-out war between them which is devouring everything, to pave the way for the sending of Crusader troops to occupy the region and steal its oil, under the cloak of keeping the peace there. It is a continuing Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And in this regard, I call upon the Mujahideen and their helpers in general and especially those in the Sudan and its environs – including the Arabian Peninsula – to ready all that is necessary to run a long-term war against the Crusader thieves in the west of the Sudan. And our goal is clear: to defend Islam and its people and land and not to defend the Khartoum government, even if our interests overlap. Our differences with it are great, and it is enough that it failed to apply the Shari'ah and threw away the south. And I encourage the Mujahideen to acquaint themselves with the land and tribes of Darfur province and its vicinity, for it is said, "The one who knows a land kills it, and a land kills the one uninformed about it," keeping in mind that the region is about to enter a season in which the rains usually increase, impeding movement and cutting the dirt roads, which is one of the main reasons for delaying the occupation until after the coming six months. So it is imperative to be swift and take advantage of the time factor while taking the greatest possible care, especially in terms of providing huge amounts of mines, sniper rifles and anti-tank artillery like the RPG.

And then what does it mean when the weapon is forbidden for the defenseless in Bosnia and the Serbian Army is left to slaughter the Muslims and spill their blood and violate their rights for several years under the cover and veil of the UN? It is a Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And then what does it mean when the Crusader states apply pressure to Indonesia until they separate East Timor from it in only 24 hours, also with a threat from the UN? It is a Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And on the other hand, a blind eye is turned to the UN resolution passed over a half-century ago giving Muslim Kashmir the freedom to choose what it wants and choose independence from India, in the same way that the atrocious Hindu massacres of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims have been winked at during the same period, to the extent that Bush, the leader of this Crusade, declared a few days ago that he will order his apostate agent Pervez Musharraf to close the camps of the Kashmiri Mujahideen, and with that he proves and confirms that it is a Zionist/Crusader/Hindu war against the Muslims.

And in regard to Pakistan: some of the Muslims have done well in helping their brothers who were affected by the earthquake, so may Allah reward them well, but it is also imperative that they help the independent Muslim Pushtun tribes whose houses were destroyed by the earthquake of the Pakistani Army in the Waziristan region to please America. We ask Allah to accept those killed among the martyrs, and to heal their wounded and bless them in themselves, their families, and their wealth. And I ask Allah, the One beside whom there is no god, the Living, the Eternal, to punish Bush and Pervez and their troops with what they deserve, and that He make use of one of the lions of Islam to kill Bush's slave boy in Pakistan. He is the Custodian of that and Able to do that. Allah says, "For Pharaoh and Haman and (all) their hosts were men of sin." Al-Qasas 28:8

And what does it mean when there is silence about the atrocities and crimes of the Russians in Chechnya and the dragging of Muslims and tearing apart of their bodies by tying them between tracked vehicles, and what is called the civilized world blesses all of that, and indeed, backs it secretly? It is a Zionist/Crusader war.

And what does it mean when the Muslims in Somalia are humiliated and thirteen thousand of our Muslim brothers are killed, and the greatness of their civilization and their hatred is displayed as they roast our brothers over the fires? And there is no power or might except with Allah. It is a Zionist/Crusader war, and I remind the Muslims to fear Allah in themselves and I urge them to avert from their brothers on the African continent the famine which has befallen them, for that is the least they can do for them.

And then what does the destruction of Iraq 's infrastructure mean? And what will convey to you what Iraq is and what tragedies have occurred there? What does it mean when depleted uranium is used and Iraq is placed under embargo for several years, during which over a million children die, shocking and distressing all who visit Iraq, including the Westerners themselves? It is a hateful Crusade. And what does it mean when Iraq is reoccupied through deception and lies and grotesque acts are committed there, including bombing, destruction, murder, displacement, and imprisonment and torture, and massive military bases are set up to tighten their control of the entire region. So pay attention to what is being said to you. It is a Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And then what does the continuation of the cunning, malevolent media and cultural invasion mean, when controlled TV channels and radio stations are set up, in addition to the Voice of America, BBC and the rest, to continue the ideological invasion of our Ummah and make war on its beliefs and change its values and spread obscenity and depravity. Indeed, they have gone so far as to interfere in the curricula – especially the religious curricula – and change them. It is a Zionist/Crusader war.

And how are we to interpret France's stance toward the Hijab, and its banning it in school, and its excessive harshness in dealing with the Muslim communities, and then its resolving to set up a TV channel in the Maghrib countries, to combat the Islamic renaissance there? It is a Zionist/Crusader war.

And after the Zindeeq Salman Rushdie wrote his book in which he attacked Islam's sacred things, the Prime Ministry of Britain received him, in a challenge to and mockery of the Muslims and their feelings, and then the former US President received him in the White House, not to mention what you have heard about the intentional desecration of the Noble Quran in Guantanamo prison. So how can we interpret those actions as anything other than encouraging the mocking of Islam and its Prophet, peace be upon him, and encouraging the hatred of his followers? And the insulting drawings which we denounce today are nothing but the fruit of this aggressive attitude in the West which is found from the highest levels on down. And what it publishes about the caricatures reflects the public opinion of its people and what seethes in their hearts. It is a Zionist/Crusader war.

This is just a small part of something much greater and a little from a lot. Every one of these acts on its own indicates that it is a Zionist/Crusader war against our Ummah, so how much more so when these acts and others are combined against us?!

It is to take the people lightly and show contempt to them when their sacred things are mocked and you demonstrate your solidarity with the mocker, and then call for dialogue and calm. It is also making a mockery of the people and scorning them when your aircraft and tanks destroy houses over the heads of our family and children in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Pakistan, and then you smile in our faces and say, "We aren't opposed to Islam but are opposed to the terrorists only, and we call for peaceful coexistence and dialogue instead of a clash of civilizations."

The facts betray you. The West's politicians only want dialogue for the sake of dialogue, to gain time by anesthetizing us and taking advantage of our heedlessness. And they are only interested in a ceasefire from our side alone. You are aware of our recent response to their opinion polls, where we offered a truce between us and them after the pullout of their armies and ending of their harassment of us. All of this was rejected by them, and they are bent on continuing their Crusades against us and occupying our countries and plundering our resources and enslaving us, so don't be deceived by what they say or what is said by the Munafiqeen and apostates from our compatriots or by the rebellious ones, deserters, demoralizers and rumormongers and alarmists, all of whose voices have been raised recently. And after the Ummah rose up in condemnation of this insult, and voices were raised demanding a boycott of their goods, and animosity increased towards them, the head of the Crusade, Bush, announced in front of everyone his demand that his agents in the region – especially the rulers – do their best to calm the people and deal with the reaction. And the Arab rulers and those media personnel and evil scholars and callers to evil who revolve around them responded and raced to calm things down, and the one known as the Mufti of the Americans arose and announced in front of everyone that the regret of the Danish journalist is a sufficient apology, even though everyone knows that they are resolute in their injustice, and neither did they punish these criminals nor did they take any steps to prevent a reoccurrence. And after this misled and misleading fatwa, some callers to evil stood up and promoted the restriction of the boycott to Denmark, while everyone knows that many papers all over Europe and America have printed these insults and that they have shown solidarity with Denmark. These callers to the rulers justify their neglect and desertion of Allah's Messenger – peace be upon him – and their position that they are not obligated to even call for a boycott of their goods with baseless arguments, like their saying that there are trade pacts with them. They pretend to forget that the love of Allah and His Messenger and Jihad in the path of Allah is greater than the love of wealth and trade, and that Allah has threatened whoever does not see it like that and deprived him of guidance and ruled him rebellious. Allah says,

"Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline; or the dwellings in which ye delight – are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or Jihad in His cause – then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious." Al-Tawbah 9:24

And after that, the most senior of the Arab rulers appeared to guide them to the path of righteousness, or so he claimed, and said at the Jenadriyyah cultural festival that the Ummah is suffering an attack which targets its Shari'ah and symbols, in a reference to the drawings which insult our Messenger, peace be upon him. The people were delighted to hear this and sat attentively to listen to him remind them of their duty, and some of them expected him to mobilize the Ummah to come to the aid of its religion and Prophet with all it possesses and to stand up to rebuff this assault, but it escaped them that this conflicts with the orders and instructions of America, which state that he must play the same role he played before the invasion of Iraq, when, as you will recall, he lied to the people and said that there is no war, in order to spread submissiveness, humiliation and shame in the Ummah. And today, Iraq is paying the price of that deception and falsehood and war. So he took the same approach with this issue, and said exactly as follows, "It is the duty of the sons of the Ummah and especially its thinkers to emphasize the real face of the Ummah, the face of tolerance, equity and balance." And then he comes back and says in an unambiguous way that he is against all action to confront this aggression and take revenge on the perpetrators of that crime, when he said that he condemns the concept of a clash of civilizations, and calls for it to be replaced by the concept of constructive, peaceful coexistence.

I say that these fallacies are major and great. The clash between truth and falsehood will continue until the Hour happens, and from it is the clash which has been going on for 9 decades, but from their civilization against ours. If not, then what does it mean when Palestine is kept all this time under the occupation of first the British, then the Israelis? Then those who have betrayed Allah and His Messenger and betrayed their trusts and nations and Ummah demand that we avoid a clash with those who clash with us night and day. May Allah give them what they deserve. So disown them and beware of them, and beware of all who revolve around them, and know that there is no way to repel injustice other than by fighting and defending.

Allah says, "And were it not that Allah checks one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief." Al-Baqarah 2:251

And Allah says, "Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion." Al-Baqarah 2:120

And Allah says, "Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can." Al-Baqarah 2:217

So our stance toward these mockers of our Prophet, peace be upon him, those who insulted him in those drawings, is that we demand that their government hand them over to us, for them to be judged according to the Law of Allah, as long as they are saying that it is freedom of expression and the government is not responsible, and that instead the responsibility falls on the newspaper itself. This request of ours is from the category of treating in kind, and we say to you that if you have forgotten, let us remind you that when you announced that Usama bin Ladin was accused of striking at American interests, you issued a Security Council resolution which was passed unanimously, declaring the extradition of Usama to be mandatory, despite no evidence being provided. Therefore, extradite to us those who have been proven to have committed this act. Or is it that if the accused is Muslim, no regard is paid to morals or reason, whereas if the accused is American or European, you make excuses for him and justify his outrageous behavior as freedom of expression and the like, and that you have the right to take Muslim citizens for trial in your countries whereas we have no right to take your citizens for trial in our countries? Should you refuse, you are affirming that you are another race, above man and above reckoning, and that it is your right to enslave the others.

We also remind you that after the blessed raid on New York, America declared that it would attack Afghanistan, and Bush said at the time, "I want Usama, dead or alive," and the tyrannical military campaign commenced, before the appearance of any evidence of our carrying out that act, and before we stated that. So who is it that gave you the right to attack a sovereign state without any proof?

And when the media campaign increased in intensity, and the warships began to move, the Afghan foreign minister Mutawakkil rushed to declare his readiness to hand over Usama, and your only response was to say, "Even if you were to hand Usama over to us, we still must attack Afghanistan." This shows with blinding clarity that the attack wasn't merely because of the presence of al-Qaida in Afghanistan, but was a brazen attack on Islam and destruction of the nascent Islamic state, and you went after all its leaders by chasing, imprisoning and killing them, which conclusively proves that it is a Zionist/Crusader war against the Muslims.

And indeed, if Bush found at the time enough reasons to justify to his heedless, ignorant people the invasion of Muslim Afghanistan, by virtue of their country being the one that was hit – and you know, as we mentioned previously, that we only struck them in self-defense and to aid our brothers in Palestine, Lebanon, and elsewhere – then what business do the people of Europe have with this war which made them race to unite under Bush's banner? They haven't merely failed to criticize him or restrain him – on the contrary, the number of European troops under NATO has increased in Afghanistan. So what is their concern? And then, if we hypothesized that the one behind the Manhattan raid was an individual from Germany or France, would you have agreed to put him on trial before the appearance of the evidence, and would you have joined Bush and his gang if they had taken a stance like the one they took in the war on Afghanistan to strike Germany or France? The answer is emphatically no, and this confirms the double standards and confirms your hatred of Islam and that it is a Crusade against the Muslims, and this is what we wanted to prove.

And then I say: the war is a joint responsibility of the peoples and their governments, and the war goes on, and the peoples renew their allegiance to their rulers and politicians, and send their sons to the armies to fight us, and continue the material and moral support, and our countries are burned and our houses bombed and our people killed, and no one cares about us. And a sufficient example for you of the brazen violation of our nation, brothers and countries is what your ally Israel did when it raided and demolished Jericho prison with collusion from America and Britain.

So the conclusion is: the war is under way to harm Allah's Messenger, peace be upon him, and his religion and Ummah, so it is imperative that the readiness of the Muslims and their Jihad and actions correspond to these events. So what is the duty of our Ummah towards this fierce, multi-pivoted new Crusade?

I say: our duty is to make every effort to aid Allah's Messenger, peace be upon him, and his religion and Ummah, with everything in our power and on all levels. And despite the large number of Zionist and Crusader attacks on our Ummah – among them military, economic and moral and cultural attacks – by far the most important and serious of them are their attacks on our Prophet, religion and methodology of our Shari'ah.

And the axis and mill of this war is located in Baghdad, home of the Caliphate, and they say over and over again that success in Baghdad is success for America and that their failure in Baghdad is failure for America. Thus, if their mill is broken there, it means the breaking of all their wars and various attacks against our Ummah, with Allah's permission, and the beginning of the ebb of the Zionist/Crusader surge against us. And your sons and brothers the Mujahideen in Iraq have, by Allah's Grace, taught America and its allies lessons they will never forget, and here's the fourth year since the beginning of the Crusader invasion drawing near, and your brothers there are steadfast, patient and at their stations. And every day they exacerbate the enemy's wounds and harvest his troops, killing and injuring them. They have upset his plans and crippled his designs, and their condition is going from good to better and their steps toward unification of their efforts under the Word of Tawheed are continuing, so we ask Allah to bestow on them and it His blessings. They have raised the banner of Islam high, so may Allah reward them well and recompense them generously.

It is obligatory upon the Ummah with all its groups and sections and its men and women, young and old, to provide of themselves, their wealth, their expertise, and all types of moral and material support what suffices to carry on the Jihad in the fields of Jihad, especially those in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Kashmir, and Chechnya. And Allah knows that the Jihad is today an individual obligation, and the duty of every Muslim, and the Ummah is sinful if it doesn't provide what meets the sufficiency, and the sufficiency can be met with only a few of our sons and a little of our wealth and expertise, if we fear Allah.

Oh people of Islam, don't be terrified by the enemy and his large number of men and equipment, for victory comes from Allah. And the enemy is, by Allah's grace, in a severe predicament, and your Mujahid sons' engagements with the American enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq have broken his prestige, weakened his strength, bled his power, and defied him, which has made him tarry and blunder in taking any significant decision about attacking the countries which free themselves from his domination and rule, and he has become like an owner of a tank which has run out of ammunition and scares only the fool with its roar.

Oh followers of Muhammad, peace be upon him, be patient and exhort to patience and stand your ground, for happy is he who stands to defend the banner of Tawheed, and happy is he who makes a shield out of himself and his chest as he defends the religion of Allah. So make certain that Allah sees you where He loves to see you. Allah says, "Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure." Al-Saff 71:4

Oh Muslims, whoever is incapable of performing Jihad by himself shouldn't be stingy with himself in performing Jihad with his wealth, pen and tongue, for this is a decisive war. And this is our Prophet, peace be upon him, our beloved master, role model and example, suffering harm from the Crusaders and apostates, and you see it and hear about it, and all the states and rulers have deserted him. And the boycott should include the countries of America and Europe and the countries in solidarity with them, who all showed solidarity with Denmark. And the boycott should continue, even though, as we noted, that alone is insufficient.

And know that this world is a place of trial and tribulation, and that Allah is testing you with these events: will you continue to defend His religion and Prophet, peace be upon him, or will you take a seat?

"That those who died might die after a Clear Sign (had been given), and those who lived might live after a Clear Sign (had been given). And verily Allah is He Who hears and knows (all things)." Al-Anfaal 8:42

The people in relation to this event are three parties: a party which sheltered the perpetrators who insulted the Prophet, peace be upon him, and showed solidarity with them, and it comprises Europe, America and those who rode with them; another party which sat with those who sat, and deserted Allah's Messenger…and Allah is looking at us, so it is incumbent upon the Muslim to see which party he is from; and a third party which arose to aid Allah's Messenger, each in his own way, and the best of them was he who aided him with his body, wealth, pen, spear, and tongue.

Oh worshippers of Allah, prepare the answer for the Day of Accounting, because today, deeds without accounting, and tomorrow, accounting without deeds.

As for the Mujahideen, we, with Allah's help, promise Him that we will aid Him and His Messenger, peace be upon him, and His religion and Ummah, until victory is complete or we perish before that.

So fear Allah in aiding Allah's Messenger, peace be upon him, and don't let Allah's Messenger and His religion be attacked from your flank, and beware. And don't let the Mujahideen who aid the Messenger of Allah and His religion be attacked from your flank, and beware.

And before I conclude, I encourage myself and my brothers the Mujahideen with these verses from the Mujahid Shaykh Abu Mansoor al-Shami, in which he says:

The darkness of night is dispersed by the dawn

And the shame of the face is erased by the weapon


Whoever grazes in the pasture of tyranny one day

Is punished by the swords and spears


And the oppressed has a right which he demands

Even if the wounds pierce his neck


And however much the Taghut attempts to plot

Against Allah's Deen, he rushes to fight them


Rome has in mind a plot against Islam

And Rome thinks we are fair game


They think that the knights are in a coma

And that the lions are frightened by barking


We left you fallen at Yarmuk

For the eagles and wolves to fight over you


Mutasim and Harun raided you

And Salahudin demolished you at Hittin


In the Russian tyrants there is a good admonition

And it is permitted to take a lesson from them


We tore their bonds so they became

Like grass scattered by the wind


And we pulled down palaces in America

Did you deny it, and can the sun disappear?


We raided you with wings of death

And the ruin never crossed your minds


On their backs rode knights of glory

Who saw that in embracing death is relief


So they embraced the towers in an embrace of fury

And the flood overran them and down they came


We flattened them by the grace of Allah

And death and wounds flowed through you


The center of your wars became rubble

And we broke your nose and the pride fell


If you saw Bush when he learned about

The unadulterated horror and humiliation


You have been faced with a hurricane which

If the winds were to face, they would fail


As for the spotted snake, it tasted

Our courage in London and the wails rose


And we confronted your ranks in combat

In Baghdad, and success cheated you


We have harvested thousands of you, and no matter

What you hide, your disgrace is unmistakable


And should you one day come to the Sudan

The lions of Allah have a habit of combat


We shall reap you with mines and snipers

And the armor shall rise above your heads


The destiny of Unbelief is loss and then Fire

And the destiny of those who sacrifice is success


O Allah, our Lord, give us in this world good and in the next good and save us from the punishment of the Fire. O Allah, show us truth as truth and guide us to follow it, and show us falsehood as falsehood and guide us to avoid it. O Allah, unite the hearts of the Muslims and combine their strength and unify their ranks and have mercy on their weakness and mend their cracks. O Allah, approve for our Ummah a righteous rule in which those who obey You are honored and those who disobey You are disgraced, and in which good is enjoined and evil forbidden. O Allah, make Imaan dear to us and beautify it in our hearts, and make Kufr and rebellion and disobedience hateful to us. O Allah, open the hearts of our young men and women to the observance of Your religion, and grant us guidance, piety, virtuousness and prosperity. O Allah, steady our feet on the Day on which the feet slip. O Allah, steady us and steady the Mujahideen everywhere, and especially in Palestine, Iraq, the Sudan, the Land of the Two Sanctuaries, Kashmir, Chechnya, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Afghanistan. O Allah, guide their fire and bind their hearts and aid them with Your aid, and give them victory against Your enemy and theirs, for neither us nor them have any helper other than You, O Powerful, O Mighty. And Allah is victorious in His affair, but most of the people know not.

And our final prayer is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and may peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and Companions.


[Reference: NEFA Foundation]


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