george…..that liar (35 Videos)

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Shows how a gadget named truster, wich suposed functionality is to detect lies, works with president Bush speech. A full aple showed on the display of the gadget indicates true and a worm a false sentence. A partial aple simbolizes the mid term. The horizontal symbol at the right of the display symbolizes the interlocutor's stress level.

Bush in 2004 telling he will never violate the constitution and always will get a court order before doing a wire-tap. As cane out in 2005 he was lying all the way:

Who is this dude kidding?

look at this one

Sorry for the following curses:

"I didn't just wake up one day and leap to the conclusion that the Administration broke the law deliberately and that there are no reasonable arguments to defend that law-breaking (as many Bush followers leaped to the conclusion that he did nothing wrong and then began their hunt to find rationale or advocates to support this conclusion). I arrived at the conclusion that Bush clearly broke the law only by spending enormous amounts of time researching these issues and reading and responding to the defenses from the Administration's apologists." -Glenn Greenwald
The Sniper of Iraq:

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