Tala’al Badru Alayna

 by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy

Feel the Soul!


40 Responses

  1. Assalam Alaikum

    Subhaan Allah! I liked this video.. its very nice..

    You got nice informative site here. keep it up!

    Jazaak Allah KHair

    May God bless us all

  2. […] Brilliance of Islam » Blog Archive » Tala’al Badru Alayna Tala’al Badru Alayna. by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy. Feel the Soul! May 23rd, 2006 Posted by talkislam | Inspirations, Video’s | one comment. 1 Comment » … […]

  3. it’s not working i was listening to it all day then all the sudden it says the video is unavaiable. google better put it back up or else i am gonna spread the word that they are taking islamic videos off google video. anyways till they put it back up it’ll listen to quran.

  4. nvm it’s back up

  5. thiz is a special song to me love it

  6. Allahu ekber we lillahi-l-hamd!
    What a wonderfull song. I didn’t hear yet anything like this.

    As Selamu aleikum,

  7. Nice song.
    But why the woman in this video is covered with a black box?

  8. Asalam this is a wonderfull nasheed i love it

  9. i want to download it but how can anyone kindly tell me from where to download on m_61190@hoymail.com

  10. Asalam this is Ahsan from Riyadh Saudi Arabia. This is a very good nasheed i really like this one.

  11. MashaAllah

    Wonderful nasheed

    Selamu Alaikum!

  12. tears streamed by when i watched that video….it’s really nice…
    please email me the lyrics (with the translation to english) if possible…appreciate it
    thank you,
    god bless,

  13. Allah Ho Akbar,

    This is a very touching video. It holds allot of meaning to me. I hope everyone who views this video learns a great lesson from it.


  14. I love this nasheed. It’s quite moving for all of us. it’s different then any other, that’s for sure. Not only by the meaning but by the sound. The core of my body loves it as much as much as my senses.


  15. masha allah it is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Please, I would like to know the meaning of “Badaru”.

  17. Assalamu alaikum everyone.. does anyone know where i can get the translation for it in urdu or english. will make dua for that person. Jazak Allah khair…

  18. as salaam u alaikum

    i love this track so much that i must have it.please can u send me a site to download it from,or send it to me
    please fatimadadoo@hotmail.com

    I don’t have a clue where to get this mp3, if you want you can search singingfish.com


  21. asalaamualaikum. This nasheed is the most beautiful thing that Ive ever heard mashaalah. it touches my heart.

  22. AssalamAlaikum,
    No doubt Shiekh Mishary Rashid has sung this NAsheed beautifully but making a video and portraying himself in it is a means of ostentation and that goes against the spirit of islam. The Prophet (SAWS) encouraged simplicity in every aspect of life.Also my peers and i think that it is a means of fitnah for all girls instead of appretiating the nasheed and remembering the Prophet (SAWS), we are appreciating how amazing Mishary Rashid looks!a number of people mentioned that. INNAMAL A’AMAL U BIN NIYAT. i hope the muslim Niyah remains clear.
    Was salam

  23. I like this nasheed toooo much. Thanks Sheik Mishary.

  24. pls., I will like to know the meaning of ‘Badaru’

  25. badru means full moon

  26. Salamualaykum

    I love this song a lot. The soldier part is very important. Shukran.

  27. 8DC6fg hi nice site thx http://peace.com

  28. Syukran for mishary rashid for this amazing nasyeed!
    his voice is amazing!

  29. assalamalaikum
    Mashallah vry gud nasheed i like t very much


  30. I like this naat since long, all my children are like this to here all time. they like it forver.

  31. i luv this soooooo much!!!!! oh yeh…..ders also another rely nice nasheed lyk this by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy too called Ana al-Abd (Im the slave/servant).
    Mashallah…luv dis and subhanallah dat Mishary Rashid got a rely amazin and beautiful voice!!!!!!!MASHALLAH!!!!!!!!!

  32. loooooooovely! can someone please tell me were to download this from? urgent!!!!!!!

  33. as sawalikum can any one tell me how to download tala al badru… it is really nice naat…

  34. cool blog


  35. You Van DOwnload the mp3 of Tala Al Badru by Mishary on this site.
    Go Get it

  36. very nice indeed.

  37. I wanted to know the meaning of Alayna..please reply to my post asap will really appreciate it.

  38. Hi!

    Nice to see post like this, with great conversation and so on. I find it more informative and entertaining.

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    thank you.

  39. please i need the lyrics to tal ul badaru alayina urdu version
    can anybody either give me them of tell me where i can find them

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