“The Death of a Devotee”

Hadhrat Sheikh Muzani Kabeer (rahmatullah alayh) says: "Once in Makkah my heart was overcome with fear and agitation. I therefore decided to go to Madinah Munawwarah. When I neared Beer-e-Maimunah. I saw a young man in his death throes. I said to him: ‘Laailaaha il-lallaahu…’ He opened his eyes and said: ‘I am dying with a heart smitten with love. Virtuous people die with the sickness of love."

He then died. Hadhrat Muzani gave him ghusl and after the Janaazah Salaat buried him. He said: "After completing the burial all fear and restlessness disappeared from me. I therefore, cancelled my journey and returned to Makkah Muazzamah."

Allah Ta’ala brought Sheikh Muzani out of Makkah Muazzamah in this way for the burial of His devotee.

[the majlis] 


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