Whose Afraid of Islam?

European Documentary

My Views:

This documentary is basically about modernization. And Modernization cannot happen to Islam. Why? Because modernizing religion is one with deviations, because to modernize what is a universal belief not bound by time or anything else, like the Holy Quran, is like changing it. Islam doesn't change because of Modernist views, which are simply the desires of newer generations [too much desire, like that of a modernist view of millions is contradictory to Submission…the definition of the word 'Islam'] But now the question arises, What is Modernization? Its a liberal ideal, which means modernization is not what Islam is about, unless its beneficial. So is the ideal of the people in that video good or even acceptable. I know that people grew up with their ideologies but these are the ideologies of modernization and falsehood. The people in that video do have good in them but where is their dedication to Submission. Not that I want to point fingers but that I have to. These people are being widespread as the ones who know Islam, but when you look closely, do they themselves follow Islam? How can someone learn an example of Haqq (Truth & Justice) from someone who doesn't propagate the examples of Haqq? Who doesn't keep the Sunnah (besides Br. Azhar Usman)? The Sunnah is valuable, the Sunnah is really the representation of Islam. So wear this inheritance of Our Beloved Rasul, for he did not come to this world in vain. Truly the Sunnah is the riches of this deen, and truly it is our beloved Rasul that we see smiling after crossing the Sirat which marks our entering into Jannah. So keep the Sunnah, and don't Modernize.

Now, about these ideologies that are bombarding the minds of young Muslims thinking that Islam is a Democracy, or that its a Capitalist Religion. No, its obviously not. Zakat is a Pillar of Islam. To say that its all about spreading business is false, because the businesses of deen is for the deen, for the love of this world is looked way down upon by Islam. Love of Akhirah (the afterlife) is what we strive for. And our money is what we use for the sake of ALLAH, for ALLAH is the Razzaq (Sustainer). So us feeding our families is ALLAH's resposibility and ALLAH is the Creator of Responsibility. So all we must do is build our yakeen (firm belief) in order to gain the meanings of our Living. In order to realize…

"And I (ALLAH) created not the jinn and men except they should worship Me (Alone)." (51:56)

 This is the importance of an Islamic Society. Democracy is NOT Islamic

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  1. MashAllah, very informative, encouraging, enlightening, liked it very much, thanks.

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