Scientific Miracles of the Quran

More than 1400 years ago, a man in desert who did not know how to write, not even read had proclaimed himself a prophet. He was named Muhammad. He said that he was the same prophet of the God of Abraham and Jesus. This was peculiar in the eyes of those followers of Abraham and Jesus. Many did not accept the Message from Muhammad. They thought of his book as something copied from thiers. Remember Muhammad did not know to read or write, so the Book revealed unto him hasn't been made from their Holy Books. The Quran is the Word of ALLAH. You see, Scince is (if I may) the Study of Creation and the Quran is the Word of ALLAH and these to go together perfectly. The Bible and Torah do not, that why there are sects like Scientology. Watch the video below and see how a man in the middle of desert had told us the science of things that are only being discovered recently with the advancement of technology.


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