Testimony from a former U.S. Army Ranger

The Haqq (truth) of this Video is of course all lies.

[Hujurat 49:6] O People who Believe! If any miscreant brings you some tidings, verify it, lest you unknowingly cause suffering to some people, and then remain repenting for what you did

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3 Responses

  1. As sallamu alaikum

    Bro, this video has been taken down from other websites because it’s authenticity cannot be verified. Therefore, I recommend that you too remove it, untill it’s accuracy can be ascertained.

    Wa alaikum as sallam

  2. asalamualykum bro

    it is not authentic, and ppl posted proofs that it was false.

    here is the post on my site:http://www.mujahideenryder.net/2006/06/02/iraq-veteran-speaks-out-on-war-crimes/


  3. thanks for the authentification.

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