An Effort of Dawah


[ ^^ i made that!]

Sorry for the short notice. Hope people can come. There giving food and everything, you only have to bring your bedding, and there are shower facilities and all the neccesary stuff for a 3 day event. However since there are no arrangments for women, there most likely will be talks about what Women can do with the Effort of Dawah. Speakers are usually listed to bring more people, even though there will be alot of speakers, and good ones, this isn’t an effort of advertisment. Speakers, and yearly amounts of visitors…this is a gathering solely for the sake of Dawah, and according to various Ulema, the Ijtema’s are not supposed to spectacles, no matter how big, or how small, these are gatherings for the sake of Allah. I don’t know if I explained it right, lol, but I hope its understandable.

Now, I am sorry, I haven’t been posting anything up lately and I apologize. As this world constantly turns, there are constant events that effect Islam, even within Islam. I will soon put more dedication to this site after this gathering, and after my intention of 10 days. May Allah Accept. So I won’t be here, but when I’m back, I have alot of things that need to talked about. Jazakallahu Khair.

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  1. as salam
    brother it is very nice to see that for dawa u r using most recent tech may this help dawa insallha
    allha hafiz

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