Make More Dawah!



Alhamdullilah Alhamdulillah!


Make Dua for the Ummah, Jihad in Somalia and more deaths in the Middle East. Go out to the Mosque and Practice Dawah. The World won’t realize the beauty of Islam until it is fully united. So for this we must give dawah to ourselves we must become Mo’mins. So remind the Muslims. I’m changing my intention to 40 Days Brothers and Sisters. I will miss you. So Make Dua for me! My name’s Abdul Muhaimin 😉 Ma’aslama!

“O people: your lives and your property, until the very day you meet your Lord, are as inviolable to each other as the inviolability of this day you are now in, and the month you are now in. Have I given the message? — O Allah, be my witness. So let whoever has been given something for safekeeping give it back to him who gave him it.” – The Holy Last Sermon

Think Deep on what our Prophet Says. Islam is the only treasure we have.




4 Responses

  1. Ma’asha Allah !!

    May Allah accept your intention and make it a reality.
    Hit me up when you return from your journey in the path of Allah. Make dua for me! Your flyers are great and attractive…I may have to hit you up to do something for the Boston area. Take care


  2. Salaam ‘Alaikum

    Does this mean women can attend the talks, but leave when it’s time for sleeping, or does it mean women should just keep out, stay home, because no arrangements are made for us?

  3. No its not that sis, of course you can come, definitly, as long as your keeping hijaab you can sit. its just that at these ijtema’s there are so many men, and this mosque is small as it is. When the Husbands go, thier informed thoroughly on how to do the effort with the wife.

  4. masallha i never thought that in ur part of world u ppl r using internet
    may alha accept ur work

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