George Galloway. Do You know him?

[Thanks to Mujahideen Ryder for posting it on his Blog]

So. Check out this Video:

Now, check this one out:

Is he Muslim?:

The Killing of Zarqawi:

About Him:

[His site:]


[BBC’s Profile on him:]

This man speaks alot of truth.

3 Responses

  1. You’ve got to be kidding? If you think someone who endorses Muslim extremists ‘speaks alot of truth’ then you need your head checked. You simply support peoples notions that Islam is a violent religion, so you do yourself no favour.

  2. George Galloway, the hero of most Muslims today is not supporting extremism, or even Islamic extremism, he supports all thing which have justice of them.

    eg. He believes that Israel is not a country,
    Well e is right because it’s Palestinian land,
    Not jewish. He also makes a point saying,
    who gave permission to the British to take
    a Palestinian land.

  3. Love this man. He is really great and speaks the truth.

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