The Power of Nightmares

This groundbreaking and well analyzed documentary of how governments and politics in general have used fear tactics for gain and greed was banned in the United States for obvious reasons. As is shown in the film, terrorism has far less to do with religion and more to do with politics. From the days of the Cold War to today’s “War on Terror” political leaders and radicalized religious extremists on all sides have used fear to play into their hands without a thought of the consquences or safety for the well being of ordinary civilians often caught in between. The movie dives heavily into the mindset of both Jihadists and Neo-Cons alike without the usual namecalling and familiar political jokes associated with left wing politicos. Power of Nightmares also includes a historical background on what led to the “War on Terror” and “Clash of Civilizations” between the West and the Middle East by rexamining to the Cold War era through the eyes of rising Islamic movements in Algeria and Egypt, known as the birthplace of radical Islam to many in the West. The War on Terror is new to many, but its origins remain obscure to most of the general public. Must see. Unavailable in the United States.

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