Contemporary Islamic Art of Amina Malik

6 Responses

  1. Aasalaamaleykum wr wb,

    Alhamdulillah nice art work or caligraphy

    May Allah give u more succesion in life


  2. Salams, Subahanallah! they’re both beautiful the art work and the artist, May allah reward you with good ness and good health Amin.
    Brthr frm Dwn Undr

  3. where have i been! ive just seen seen this for the first time and was surprised it was posted last year, im an artist 2 working with Islamic art and Graffiti art i have the love for them both but my real passion is Islamic art of cause!
    Islamic Designs and Arabesque designs is the freedom of choice, with the love of Graffiti aswell i take my art 2 canvases and my personal favorite murals! Subahanallah we have such A great gift from the Most High, every doa will be fullfilled with patients, so we MUST keep on painting with zikr its the best way to make people happy and to please ALLAH JALLA JALLALUHU YAA RAAAB!
    p.s Suss my stuff out Myspace job!

  4. Mashallah

    beautiful calligraphy, i love the hippy nature to it, unusual but lovely. keep it up! x

  5. I luv ur page!!!

  6. ur work is wonderful ,i wish 2 use ur artwork as a inspiration.
    salaam,keep up the good work

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