9/11 – A more serious analysis

Time Magazine recently published an article, written by Lev Grossman, on the Sept. 11 issue that answers, rather foolishly, “Why the 9/11 Conspiracies Won’t Go Away“. One might ask, ‘why is this a foolish question?’. Simply because its an article that flat out denies the honestly tremendous amount of suspicion involved in the events of 9/11. Of course these suspicions are caused by facts, and are not the rants of movie goers, as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are constantly ridiculed of. Here are a some videos collected by a fellow muslim writer, videos that are convincing, not because what our professional Lev Grossman says, not because of what untrustworthy politicians say, but because of what has, slowly, fact by fact, become obvious. The Ommisions and Distortions of the 9/11 collapse that was widely investigated by another professional David Ray Griffin, who along with many more professionals all across the nation and the world, deny what is the ‘fact’ given by the 9/11 commision.

Now this is all a confusing of dispute of what is fact and what is fiction. Wait. Why is there any confusion in the first place? Maybe because the Gov. spent $600,000 on the investigation of this even that completely changed a nation filled with many honest people. However, even though that may seem like alot, $120,000,000 was spent on the Clinton Investigation. Rates are facts.

Coverup? Possible. But how would we know for sure? ‘The important thing is to keep asking questions’ [Einstien]. Now seriously, what understanding must we have when investigating, on our own intuition, and the intuition of Physicist’s and Scientists that have graduated from well respected Colleges. Former CIA opperatives like Ray McGovern. Understanding that something is wrong, that box cutters couldn’t have killed thousands of people in mere seconds.

Logic that approves video’s, and accounts against the Bush Administration, and the 9/11 commision Report. Videos like ‘Loose Change‘ that have easily gained Five Stars all across by the world Public on Google Video. Lev Grossman simply says the usual that these ‘conspiracy theorists’ usually hear. Why can’t these theorists get plain answers that will shut them up, if what the commision, and the Government says is true. Truth prevails, always, but this time it may take time.

Lev probably watched only the credits of the documentry. Research reveals facts. Thats why the government spent so much money on investigating the Clinton Affair. The ‘Louder than Words’ production, Loose Change spent…well, loose change. And uncovered only what is the cause of suspicion. Why isn’t the US looking for answers, even today? Their solid, they all want to find the, not yet found, Weapons of Mass Destruction. The nation that spent so much cash on the investigation of Clinton, didn’t have the ability to find the WMD’s.

I like thinking logically, cause the rest of the world is accustomed to it, and logic is fact. Most of the people who know at least some of the things that both sides say, accept that 9-11 commision lied, somewhere at least. So yea, I just wanted to post this because of Mr. Grossman’s recent article.

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