Bone Fractures in Ibn Sina’s Medicine

Ibn-Sina, or Avicenna as he is known in the west, was born in the year 980 CE in Afshana near Bukhara in Turkistan, which is now called Uzbekistan. He left Bukhara when he was 21 years of age, and spent the rest of his life in various towns in Persia. When he died in the year 1037 he was known as one of the greatest philosophers in Islam, and in Medicine he was highly regarded and was compared to Galen, so he was known as the Galen of Islam. Because of his great celebrity, many nations disputed and competed to celebrate his anniversary. The Turkish were the first who revived his anniversary in 1937, when they held a great meeting for the occasion of nine hundred years since his death. Then Arabs and Iranians followed them by holding two festivals in Baghdad in 1952, then in Tehran in 1954. To appreciate his contribution in developing the philosophical and medical sciences, in 1978 UNESCO invited all its members to celebrate the anniversary of one thousand years since his birth. All the members participated in the celebration, which was held in 1980.

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