The World’s Most Criminal State

America is at war for claiming that Saddam Hussian had so called “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” AND each day 100s of innocent people are dying in both sides.

While ignoring the FACT that The most criminal state in the face of earth, Israel, not only has “Weapons of Mass Destruction” but also Chemical and Biological Weapons, where the “Criminal Government of Israel” is using it each day over innocent Palestinians who don’t even have a knife to defend themselves. While almost all the nation’s of the World has closed thier eyes and are ignoring their (Palestinians) innocent cries……..We, the followers & Supporters of Truth along with those who still can SEE and HEAR the INJUSTICE say to all those people who are fighting for “Justice & Peace” that “You are not Alone, We are Standing by You – As long as We achieve Success or Perish in Process.”

*By PrinceAfghan, (Making effort to) “Deliver the Truth to the World.


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