Pentagon official: U.S. attacks al Qaeda suspects in Somalia

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A U.S. gunship attacked suspected al Qaeda targets in southern Somalia, a senior Pentagon official said Monday.

The AC-130 flew its mission within the last 24 hours, the official told CNN. The operation was launched based on intelligence that al Qaeda operatives were at the location, but there was no immediate indication of how successful the strike had been.

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I wonder who else is terrorizing…

Reminding you that your in danger, and your in need of protection, by drilling it into your head. Constantly. Repeatedly. Stratigically. WMD’s were never found, Bin Laden was never found. Thousands of innocent lives of Americans and Muslims have been lost for the sake of a single (doubtful) video of a man who appears as Bin Laden admitting to the acts of 9-11. Alot of facts point elsewhere. That reminds me, keep a watch out for LOOSE CHANGE: FINAL EDITION, set to come out this month.


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