Pastor with 666 tattoo claims divinity…

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a minister, says he is God. De Jesus preaches that there is no devil and no sin. His church claims thousands of members in more than 30 countries, who mark themselves with 666, the mark of the beast. [CNN]

Hilarious. Personally, I don’t think this is news, its just intresting to see such malarky. Follow the citation to read up on what he says. By the way, he claiming to be God, or trinity or w/e, also claims the ANTI christ to be GOOD. He also drives a lexus with a rolex on his wrist…hmm, how would we ever find out the truth, oh yes, rationality.


5 Responses

  1. The guy that claims he is God is a stupid fag and God will
    take you down your doing the same thing as in the bible ‘revolation’ because a man that isn’t God, says he is and people believe him, but the only thing you are is
    a devil warshiper so enjoy that while I live my happy life with the real god on my side….

  2. this man is dumb insane when he dies hell see who his dirty mind is not very good and frustrating islam is the only way is my answer

  3. I saw this man on the news this peson is so lost if he had a map compass and a seeing eye dog he couldn’t find his way to the truth. His followers 2.5 mill i think it was will find out the truth but it will be to late for them at that time.

  4. many i join you

  5. The absence of light is darkness, the absence of God is evil.

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