Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam

Scientist from Czech republic explains his reasons for accepting Islam. He used to be an Atheist. [Youtube Author]


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  1. Asalaamu alaikum, If you like to exchange links, Ive already linked to you;

  2. Very nice masha’Allah

  3. Alhamdulilah, Allah guides whomever He wills.

  4. your website is great!it has made me have a renassaince. i am going to convert ti islam. thank you. may god take you to heaven!

  5. Was the Sicentist suffering from dyslexia or did he wanted to take a second wife without divorcing the first?
    There is no reason why a sane human would convert to Islam, unless for these two reasons, if he has gone through the violence and killings exhorted by Muhammad in Quran and the overwhelming importance to sex and cruelty to women like wife beating advised by the prophet

    • Mr Kumar

      The Scientist would know much about u and me. Only the clever will accect ISLAM as it has 1000 of Scientific facts in it which was discovered only in last 100 years, but Quran
      revealed it 1400 years ago. Please Go thru Quran in your
      own language.

      Even I was hatred to Islam some years ago, but came to know the truth after reading Quran, Hadith and life history of Muhammed.

      Everything has a valid reason in Quran because Only God would know much about us than any other. There is no place for cruelty in ISLAM and Muhammed never preached
      Violence except to defend him and his people like every country of Military (Defence Dept) does.

  6. kumar… sounds like hindoo a cow worshiper. So, why do we, Muslims, care when a hindoo, a cow worshiper, talks… let those cow worshipers look at themselves and their culture before criticizing anyone especially Muslims.

    • Whatever we Hindoos pray, a cow, a hil, a cloud but we dont harm any innocent……..and in our religion God is thought of a personal matter, we can pary anyone.
      Islam is communal as it enforces Mohammads thoughts.
      Regarding Hinduism, ……..Hinduism today os more influenced by Islam dueto the obvious reason that Muslim have ruled India for approx.700 years.
      Hindu………… a also a word given by Muslims to people living in India………..In true sense, we Indians r a free society and not a religion.
      Where our society is classified on the basis on the type of work we do or our profession and not on the basis of God who me pray.
      Like in Islam, which is communal.
      Hindus dont cover there women in black clothes, as we respect woman and also we r brave to protect our woman, we r not cowards.
      secondly, Indian men, r not perverts like arabs to take away other woman……….or make woman as weapon of war.
      And if u see any covered woman now in India, This is all influence of insane Islam.

      Plz dont compare logical Indians (or Hindus as u call us indians) to insane Muslims.

      • As with religion of anncient India…………..

        In India , our profession is our religion…………coz work is worship is our religion……..

        plz read our Indian civilisation.

        Which is corrupted by rule of Muslim Invaders.

      • Mr Kunal,

        The word Islam means peace accquired by submittng
        one’s will to the Almighty God. So do not mis interprete
        the work Islam with violence.

        And Prophet Mohammed had never voluntarily went
        for a war. In all the occassion it was the war
        against him so he had to defend him and his people.

        Pls do not use abusive words on ISLAM as it the
        nature religion of every human being. Please go
        thru Quran and Hadith and History of Muhammed
        before u come to a conclusion.

        I am a hindu like u but got to know how Islam is true
        and spreads peace.

        Even in our Hinduism the veda speaks about only
        ONE GOD like Quran speaks. Pls check the 4 vedas.
        All the religions are inter-related with one another.
        The final revelation is Quran which was given to
        Muhammed (PBUH) for the whole man kind.

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  8. Asalaamu alikum,

    Jazak’allah khair for sharing this video.

    May the light is Islam continue to illuminate people’s hearts from all backgrounds and walks of life.

    Don’t be sad

  9. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said the Christians and Jews will not stop (to intimidate, to influence, to intefere, to divert, to smack u muslims on yor face, in-short to do whatever necessary) until you become one of them. Christians and Bible are corrupted and weak but Islam is getting stronger. Jews aren’t going anywhere.This is the promise God made in the holy Quran. The more they do, the stronger we become. God will make this religion above all the others eventhough they hate it.

  10. God favours whom ever he wills to his light. If jesus was god, why would jesus pray to god?

  11. Great food for the simple-minded !! ^_^ Please, Muslims, keep entertaining us with such videos. Go Muslims, go !!

  12. This video has propagated across the entire web, it’s like you don’t have many converts to showcase and you’re desperate to prove something to non-Muslims.

    You know nothing about this man, you don’t know his name, you don’t know whether he really was a scientist or how good a scientist he was, you don’t know how honest he is, you don’t know whether he’s got his head screwed on straight or whether he goes round converting to all kinds of things for the attention.

    Aren’t any of you interested in facts like this? Do you never think to stop and question what you’re told and what you see?

    No scientist of any worth could possibly say that the Qur’an is scientifically accurate because it isn’t. The stars are not lights to scare away demons, the earth is not flat nor is it egg-shaped. Mountains are not pegs and they do not prevent earthquakes – they are the result of earthquakes in fact.

    He might have been a social scientist or a town planner.

  13. To whom it may concern,
    I have seen the video of Scientist From Czech Republic who Converted To Islam, and I wish to have a countact with him.
    Is it possible that you have any contact from him to give it to me. It is very important for me.
    My mail is:
    Tel: +971505083465
    Best regards,
    Mujtaba Roozbahani

  14. as salamu alaikum brothers …

    why is the scientist’s name not mentioned …??

    and wat is dat conference going on and wen did it hapen …??

    i request al muslim brothers to pls do things perfectly not partly …

    y is the scientist’s name or organisation he is working n his webpage nt mentioned …??

    lets nt do things wich can create a slightest of doubt in d minds of unbelievers … inshallah …

  15. Hello,

    This is a message for Mr. Roozbahani. Thank you for responding to my submission for your movies narrator. Now I understand that you need a Muslim so you can visit Mecca and it is unfortunate that I am not because I think it would be the experience of a life time. I have always been a student of religion and do not find myself aligned with any one mythology but with all. Just remember a documentary is told from an objective point of view. If you are already convinced you have found the one and only path to god you are not making a documentary. You are making a religious film about Islam. They are two completely different categories. Good luck.

  16. Is it real since there are no details

    his name ?

    conference – when, where ?

  17. soon ilsam will be everywehre!!!!!

  18. Dear Non Muslims,

    should you have any doubt about quran you may contact to Islamic Scholar (specially Zakir Naik or Yahya Haroon). May ALLAH bless u all.

  19. very nice story

    keep telling us

    your bother from indonesia


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