The Amazing and Emotional Dua of Shaykh Al Mohaisany

Youtube Excerpt:

The emotional Dua by Shaykh Muhammad Al Mohaisany in Makkah, After Taraweeh Salah, Ramadhan 1422 AH/december 2001. HURRICANES!

He was subsequently arrested by the tyrannical taghout regime of Saudi Arabia immediately after making the dua.
This is a conversion by me to video of the excellent flash file made by Al Muhajiroun, with english translations / subtitles.
**Warning** = graphic images and very emotional! u WILL cry…”


Okay, there might be some odd extremist notion in this video, but its all just how it is. I think, we needn’t worry about minimal differences and weep to Allah all the same!


3 Responses

  1. Well I Have Looked Up some Forums And I Came To Know from…………….

    I thought that this is true at the beginning.

    Then I thought about it for a while and I knew that this is a total lie
    so i had to go and search it and check it out and this is what i found.

    1- Shiekh Muhaissney is not an Imam in Al Masjid Al Haram and never was.

    And the six imams and Khatibs are according to age
    a- Muhammed Abd Allah Muhammed Al Sabeel
    (member in the senior scholars committee).

    b- Dr. Saleh Abd Allah Bin Hameed
    (member in the senior scholars committee)

    c- Dr. Usamah Abd Allah Abd al Ghani Khayyat.
    (member in the Shurah committee)

    d- Dr. Abd Al Rahman Bin Abd Al Aziza Bin Abd Allah al Saudais.

    e- Shiekh Sa’ood Al Shuraim
    (member in the teaching committee of Um Al Qura university)

    f- Shiekh Saleh al Talib who is an alternative Sheikh in the case of someone being unavailable.

    And all of them have specific times to lead and Khutba’s to give.

    While the person who spreads the Dua’ says that the Shiekh said it while praying Taraweh in Al Massjid Al Haram and this brings us to the second proof.

    2- Taraweeh prayer in Ramadan is never led by other than the two Shiekhs Abd Al Rahman Al Sudais and Sa’ood Al Shuraim and this is started from 1414 Hijri, while the rest of the Imams and Khateebs lead in other prayers and in Jum’aah. As for Qiam, the rest of the Shiekhs come in and sometimes the Madeenah Shiekhs lead.

    3- the Dua was given in 1413 Hijri and not 1422 Hijri as it says up there.
    bottom line is…..
    Shiekh al Muhaissny is a Shiekh in Ryiadh in Al Qaseem area and remained as such until 1415 Hijri when he got transferred to a mosque in Mecca called Al Qatari which is in an area called Al Azeeziyya. And he never led a prayer in Al Masjid Al Haram.

    4- the Shiekh up until this day, he gives Dua’s which are even more powerful than that one and last Ramdan in particular he gave something similar and he never got arrested for it not even in recent years and he always mentions the Mujahideen in his Dua’s and still never got arrested for it.

    5- There are people who prayed behind the Shiekh in that particular night and pray behind him every year and people who are close to the Shiekh who never saw the Shiekh being arrested and denied that the Sheikh has even been arrested at any time.

    6- According to what I know the Shiekh doesn’t hold a PHD in Islamic studies and only Shiekhs with great knowledge and PhD’s are allowed to lead and pray in Al Massjid Al Haram.

    7- the Shiekh has got recordings which can be found all over the internet up until this day. As old as 1409 and as new as 1425 Hijri.

    9- one last gift for the brothers and sisters……

    in 1422 in particular, the Shiekhs al Sa’ood and al Shuraim led the prayer and you can refer to the records for that.

    In simple English……
    The Sheikh gave the Dua’, but it wasn’t in al Massjid Al Haram, not even in Mecca but in Riyadh and he never got arrested for it or for any other reason and he is still giving the same powerful Dua’s.

    I hope you enjoyed it

    and don’t forget us from Dua’

    Assalam Alicom

  2. As salamu alaikum I’m trying to find a transliteration of this dua.example, Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin
    Arabic language written in English alphabet.

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