Good movie. Nothing but common sense, so everyone can relate and understand. Quite moving actually. How on earth does this relate to Islam? I don’t really know exactly how to tell you the truth, except that I’m sure that out of how someone feels for another, out of universal humanity, this is one thing that others should see, that others should propagate. I think that when one has Iman, that Iman leads people to unity, that indescribable summation of feeling faith, love, unity, beauty, simplicity, and greatness among the uncountable and infinite (beyond human understanding) amount of descriptions and definitions, makes Islam what it is. When people with all sincerity describe what they feel of this strange Islam, what they feel and love is incredibly similar to the feelings of others who encounter this strange Islam. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone felt Iman as a true Muslim feels it? It sure would, thats what a true Muslim’s goal is; it is their duty to spread and gift the beauty of Islam to all the world.

Now really, all these arguments between Muslims and Non-Muslims on this site makes me wonder: Why is everyone arguing? Its all more simply difference of value. Why not debate, if you will, on a more affectionate and sensible basis, and not just random blabing of things that we feel. I mean there is a dialog going on between people, but these arguments don’t end. You see, people become friends through compromising each others values. They find common ground, and then find friendship. When Islam came to Earth, and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had begun striving for its existence all over the planet, did he really compromise values and beliefs that were held between Muslims and Non-Muslims? No, not actually. He held tightly to moral, and goodness. If you feel he didn’t, then please lets try to understand each others perspectives, and intake what is more important: common ground and friendship. The Jews and the Muslims have always walked together without much problem, even though they didn’t compromise each others beliefs. Even though they didn’t compromise each others beliefs! As did Muslims and Christians, and as did Muslims and Hindus! Wisdom and true humanity takes a person over when they fully understand that they, and the the person beside them, who ever they may be is the same. They think and do, they feel and see, they sleep and wake, they fiercely love and bravely fight. Why doesn’t anyone bother to try and live so that there may always be peace, even when someone makes a mistake? Why not? I think because thats just how life is when you start it. That everything is chaotic, you enter into a world thats outside the box, when everything you see and think is inside the box; everything outside is beyond and unconfined. No matter how well you think of yourself, you will be wrong when your wrong, but to prove that your wrong is nonsensical when everyone else can think the same exact way and have the exactly opposite opinion. Peace, not war.

-Peace, Brother Aktar.


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