Site Temporarily w/o Adminstrator.


The continuity of this site as you will have noticed, has been quite slum. However the quality and content will remain until further notice. This site will blossom soon until an, or the former, administrator is (re)established. Thank You.

-Brother Aktar


A dove moaned frailly in the dark one night
On a branch, while I was sleeping.
I have lied, by God’s house! Were I a lover,
Then doves would not beat me in weeping.
I claim that I am mad with love, fervent with longing
For my Lord, yet I do not weep and such animals are weeping.



5 Responses

  1. yo!

  2. Суперский пост! Блог уже в ридере )

  3. May Allah help you to spread authentic Islamic knowledge and revive the sunnah as well as hold on the rope of Allah as the companions of our Prophet Mumuhammad {saw} held it.

    If you have time, please visit my site :

    It will be a gift gor me if you give me any suggetion.JAJAKALLAH KHAYR.

  4. Quu00e9 pasa Hu00e9ctor? Sigue analizando pelu00edculas que queremos seguir leyendo!nEspero q todo te vaya bien.nHoy voy a la filmo a ver “Francisca” de Oliveira, que analizaste aquu00edud83dude09nUn abrazo Come on

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