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Amr Bil Ma’roof
April 30, 2006

Amr Bil Ma’roof-Nahy Anil Munkar (Commanding righteousness and prohibiting evil) remains a Waajib injunction o­n all Muslims in terms of their respective rights and power of jurisdiction over their subordinates.

Abandonment of this compulsory obligation is an invocation for the chastisement of Allah Ta’ala. In our time this obligation has been largely abandoned by the Ulama.

Even sincere Ulama have opted for silence in the face of the evil and corruption of the Muslim community. Their silence becomes more deafening and eerie when fellow Molvis innovate bid’ah and indulge in corruption in the name of Islam. While the sincere Ulama acknowledge the evil and error of their evil counterparts, they opt for silence which they incorrectly justify as being hikmat (wisdom).

Such silence is never wisdom. If these Ulama who have abandoned their duty reflect and make an honest appraisal of their hearts, they will not fail to discern the satanic thief lurking within them. Their silence is motivated by an inordinate unjustified fear for ’controversy’.

Their ’hikmat’ constrains them to rather court Allah’s displeasure. They believe that it is better to perpetrate Kitmaanul Haq (Concealment of the truth of the Deen) than to antagonise their Molvi acquaintances. They fear the slightest ripple of controversy which the proclamation of the Haq necessarily brings in its wake.

They conveniently overlook that the greatest controversy in this world was ignited by Muhammadur Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with his Message of Tauheed. Indeed this confounded argument of ’hikmat’ has become the standard reaction for justifying concealment of the truth and abstention from Amr Bil Ma’roof and a convenient way to justify o­ne’s weakness.

Even when there appears to be no hope of reformation, it remains the incumbent obligation of the Ulama-e-Haqq to proclaim the truth and to fight bid’ah and dhalaal. When the Ulama-e-Haqq of Bani Israaeel persisted with their Amr Bil Ma’roof, a group of people enquired about the ‘hikmat’ of offering naseehat when there appears no hope of redemption. The Qur’aan Majeed presents the response of the Ulama as follows:

"When a group among them said: ‘Why do you admonish a people whom Allah will destroy or inflict a severe punishment o­n them’, they (the Ulama) said: ‘So that (we can present an) argument to your Rabb, or perhaps they may (still) fear (and renounce their evil)."

The ‘argument’ in this context is a reference to the discharge of the duty of Amr Bil ma’roof. If o­n the Day of Qiyaamah the Ulama are interrogated regarding their duty, those who had correctly acquitted themselves by upholding the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof, will have a valid argument in their defence.

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Replies to Dr. Wafa part 2…not so brief
March 15, 2006

(sorry if that looks like a text book)

let me first correct myself by saying that i meant libraries of Islamic base that were destroyed, specifically the (non-muslim) emperor, Genghis Khan who set fire to a library that was immensely huge for its time and today’s time, and what gives is that this library was only dedicated to the first 7 sentence chapter of the holy Quran. Now there are libraries of Islamic History and Culture, but these are ones of dust, and heck, I can’t come to name a double digits worth of them.

what the malarkey really is is that the person who finds that freedom is actual. Its really quite hard to explain to another why freedom isn’t actual, because the freedom of someone is something of pleasure. You can have freedom but that would be purposeless. Now one may come to say, “whats the point of life w/o pleasure?”. That question is the question of someone who doesn’t know. What i’m trying to exemplify is that Religion is the power that should control society. If you may analyze, Islam is the only religion that gives an entire rule of every point of life. No matter how harsh it is (i’ll explain harshness later on). Now if you look back at the bourgeoisie and liberals of past centuries, they were really deniers of progress, they denied all the past knowledge of those people who had built their nation to the great [now] unrecorded history and eons into the past. Back to the rule of society, it is plain logic in Islam that living for pleasure instead of submission is a life that’ll go the wrong way. This is a wisdom of the past. Nowadays, those liberals, from who’s actions we are still affected, have rid us of the progress of how to rule people. I mean, even non-islamicly, go and look at the people of the Pharaoh, the ancestors of japan, the people of Pompeii, etc. These were people who lived in pleasure. The people of Pompeii had lived in sodomy and had been destroyed. Why? You know the answer, creationist or not, That God did it or they just died in their acts of sodomy and were preserved so that we can simply analyze and blah blah blah. The acts of Divinity is unrecordable to science in a literal sense. Christianity doesn’t acknowledge science because it can’t embrace it as a creation of God like Islam. Science is a tool to physically acknowledge the miracles and creation of God. And there hasn’t been a single contradiction of science and the holy Quran. The worshiping materialists of Science don’t acknowledge the Holy Quran simply because its of ‘faith’. Don’t get me wrong, i love science, but there just so many people who look at it differently.

Society can modernize in terms of technology, economy, society, etc as long as its not in vain (i.e. pleasure or money) THIS is a fact that many will have trouble understanding but is just another lesson in Islam. What these radicals and fanatics want, is a society where people are not going to fall. And if one fights for his pleasure and money he will die in vain. Why? Because your cash and your sex isn’t going to comfort you in the grave. As simple as that, but a world of understanding. Every single thing must die– an undermined rule of biology. And the thing is is that if your going on in life looking for that love or gold you’ll die and then you’ll understand why that’s not what you should’ve been looking for in life. Those people who a the minority in the world by not being the people of the book are those who are ruling the rest, the majority. Everything I’ve said is logic. There is an Intelligent Creator who made us and keeps everything going, the deists say that Gods there but he’s left everything off like it was a clock, this is obvious. If you believe in God you should know that were nothing to Him and He can easily not care about us. That’s what “There is none worthy of Worship except Allah” means. That creation cannot do anything w/o the will of Allah and Allah can do anything and everything w/o the will of creation. Allah is independent and creation is dependant.

What the basic is in this life is that everything you see around you is not a random occurrence. The harmony of stars sailing across the nights sky. If you stick a branch in the ground and outline its shadow, on that same day, a year later, you’ll find the same shadow. This solar system to this galaxy to the unknown is all there. Look at the works of Stephen Hawking, didn’t he prove that there must’ve been a sparker to the big bang in the vast nothingness. Aren’t the psychological rules of Freud denied, at large, today. Why are evolutionists saying that humans won’t evolve anymore because we’re not encountering anymore problems, that we’re becoming perfect. Excuses?… Why can’t student’s ask why a ‘theory’ is being taught to them like a fact? This secular society is not good.

Islam. It teaches submission. That’s literally what Islam means. Your going to die…so make a choice, live in this life with pleasure. Or call the bluff of pleasure and simply acknowledge the teachings of God through logic. That’s why you live, you have a short test of 60years in average length and compared to the infinite hereafter, its a value of Zero. This life is short, no one can explain perfectly this to another, its all in experience, just like so much else in life. The next life is for pleasure, its rather a common sense. Islam teaches patience.

Allah is how to call god in Islam. The people of the book worship this same God, but apparently the older peoples of the Torah and bible haven’t acknowledged the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the prophet. The Jews interviewed him after the ascension to Miraj, to see if he was lying. They asked for a description of Jerusalem, and received an accurate one. They saw a splitting of the moon and convinced themselves that it was trickery. The Christians, however accepted Islam as a people of the Book. The King of Abyssinia at the time of the Holy Prophet. And that King of the Christians later accepted Islam, and it wasn’t under the sword but by his own will. The Christians of Europe let the Muslims live, and then (its really vague why, the Masons don’t really say) the nebacanezzer incident happens, For those who don’t know, this was when the crusaders walked there horses through a river of blood, knee high of the each horse, in various Islamic towns. But, you know that’s past.

Whats wrong in today’s world is that many have the wrongest values. I’ve already explained. Money, Pleasure and etc will not get you far in life. Allah says that he created us so that we worship him. And Allah says no further, just because its as simple as that. That’s the answer to so many philosophical questions. And, in terms of Philosophy, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is wrong. TLP is a narration of the Logical Empiricism of many and is primarily from Ludwig Wittgenstien. He argued that Philosophy is the only logical Clarification of thoughts and therefore it becomes a study of language. That’s partially true. It does become a study of language but only because its the verbification of thought. Thought is logically universal, therefore it should stay as clarifying thoughts for the sake of life, purpose, etc. But that deep philosophy will make this post too large.

All in all, Dr. Wafa is just a speaker with a clever tongue and a sharp wit with the some extensive knowledge. But that all doesn’t matter because she has the wrong values, and is too immersed in her own brilliance of words and clever remarks with a passion for something that she gave up trying to understand. It was probably the way woman are seen to be treated in Islam. Well, again, its modern propaganda that makes it look bad to cover ones wife. Remember this is a life of submission, and the burqa is a physical way of submission, and that’s pretty much all, otherwise that woman have alot of freedom in this world. And those few accounts of middle eastern woman who say ignorant things again, is, as I’ve said, modern propaganda. The woman in Islam has alot of freedom. Now one may ask, “then, why can’t your woman work independently?”. Its not cause Islam doesn’t care about what they want, Islam cares for what this woman’s natural duties are. If she goes out and works, the father may be able to take care of the children, but the father doesn’t have milk in his breast’s. Its not humorous when you see troubled youngsters in the US who are depressed at the most liveliest age of a human. Its a natural agreement in a family that the male who is naturally more capable will go get income for the family and the mother will take care of the members of the Family, because this is what the differences in gender allows, physically, mentally and quite spiritually. Its all past knowledge.

And it goes on and on, but these questions have to be answered. These are the questions that drove uncountable amounts of humans to a point in humanity where everyday, so many people will die for these questions. Human kind is in a Dark Age again because of this plague of ignorance. And when Islam rises up to straighten things out, its rejected, simply because its not understood. May we all try to understand each other before going into War. May Allah Accept.

Assalamu Alaikum!
January 16, 2006

I am a 17 year old muslim guy, attending high school in Brooklyn, New York. I have a very curious and intresting mind that has the tendancy to think alot. One thing that i think about alot is Islam. Almost every move that I make in islam has some sort of etiquette to it. How I eat, sleep, use the bathroom, talk, walk, and every activity of our daily lives, has a way to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner. All of These taught manners are from the most perfect human to ever live. Muhammad, may peace be upon him, has lived his life in this ettiquette so that we may learn from him. And ultimatly, these habits, if acquired, are the guides that take us to salvation. Allah willing, this site will be very useful to every one who crosses it. I wish that everyone may enjoy it and learn from the different things that had brought tears to my eyes. Jaza Khair.

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