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Loving the Summer!
June 11, 2007


[Press Play While You Read!! Trust me, its BLISSFULLY SWEET!!]

I have a free summer for self-improvement, work, personal studying, and lots of other things you probably wouldn’t care about. But, I think, if your a frequent visitor to this site, that you’ll probably want me to do something about this site. I’ve gotten many comments about how my site is nice and worth-while, but I haven’t had enough time to commit any effort to make this site superb to its full potential. So, this summer, I will be working on this site to make it awesome, and you will love it. I can probably guarantee that (as much as I can guarantee we’ll be friends in Jannah 😉 ).

So, until the first of July, I need Suggestions. Lots and lots and lots of suggestions. I need your feedback, no matter who, where, or how your are. I do want to know about you, so link me your site, or your ‘about me’ on myspace or w/e, and I’ll be sure to take note about your personality and taste and try to accommodate your tastes. If you don’t think I’ll pull it off, you must be drunk or something or other– I WILL. I am filled with creativity as well as intelligence, not to brag or anything, I’m also filled with coffee right now 4:30 in the morning. I need some loyal readers, neighbor blogs, casual visitors, and first timers to criticize the life (and coffee) out of me. I’m serious, I’ll deliver. Even if you hate me, go ahead, be my guest, smack me with crisism (but if you perhaps dislike Islam, as a non-believer, take a chilll-pilll). I’ve always had ideas to make this site one of kind, awesome, and highly useful. I’ve already helped a student brother do his homework with a post I had a while back. Help me, Help YOU. If you like this site, suggest something you would like. What do you want? Do you want a forum, a better design, more accessibility, more audio, more books suggestion, more cool videos, or do you even want to help me run the site? If you own a blog, and you visit me sometimes, then maybe you can link me and help me out a bit? 😉 If you read this blog the tiniest bit, probably from a feed far far away, you can still help out, tell me something, leave a small comment. Maybe, just maybe, you like this site SOOOO much that you’ll give me detail to detail about things you would like, along with your friends’ opinions who you’ve dragged into helping too. Well not that far, but you get my drift. I’ll be going to Umrah this summer, YAY!! And I will be taking muchos muchos pictures for the sake of LOVE for deen. I’ll be taking A LOT of pictures. I’ll probably even take my skateboard there for some extra pic’s, which I thoroughly doubt will happen, but thats just me. I want to update the site so that when I get there, I can post. Post like I’ve never posted before. But what will interest you besides my personal account of the heart of Islam? I’ll be taking classes in the exclusive NY program named, Al-Baseerah. This will be their third annual trip, and it has been rumored (its actually true) that the students get exclusive privileges, like pray inside the Prophets Mosque during closed hours where there will be NO disturbances, and wholly intimate prayer with the Almighty in the sacred-est of sacred places. And also, I must announce, that once before (from the two times, which means its half possible!!) the exclusive privileges granted to students have permitted a once in a lifetime opportunity for some to pray inside the Kabaa. HOLY SNAP.

I’ll have lots and lots and LOTS to talk about and relate about and talk about. Yup, I’m going crazy, this is so awesome. So guys, my buddies like Mujahideen Ryder, Danya, Mona (Munzareen), Salim Ibrahim (aka THE MAN), my intelligent buddy at Islamicate, and all my other peeps on the blogroll, ch-ch-check it out. I want to make a site that will accommodate the needs of the average and above-average Muslim surfer in terms of reading, visuals, video, inspirations, and other lovely Islamic related interest. Heck, if we do good enough, I’ll probably try to start a magazine. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves, lets first make an awesome illustration of “The Brilliance of Islam.”

I’ll update with some more info. Btw, I love you all so much. 🙂


Talal Badru Alayna
February 15, 2007


Download it for free here!

Adhan – Call to Prayer
January 14, 2007

No sound or image so captures the spirit of what Samuel Huntington of Harvard calls “The Clash of Civilizations” between Islam and the West as the adhan, the haunting daily call to prayer heard thoughout the Islamic captials of the world. The Daily Galaxy editorial staff views the adhan as the emerging icon of the 21st Century.

Adhan is called out by the muezzin from a minaret of a mosque five times a day summoning Muslims for fard (mandatory) salah (prayers). There is a second call known as iqama that summons the faithful to line up for the beginning of the prayers.

[Cite: The Daily Galaxy]

Islamic Poetry
October 7, 2006


Amazing Childs Qur’an Recitation
September 30, 2006

Masha’Allah a child reciting Surah Yassin wonderfully!!

September 30, 2006


Al Mu’alim – Sami Yusuf
August 21, 2006

Supplication – By Sami Yusuf
August 21, 2006