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Is Allah God?
December 12, 2006

The following video is the analysis of a man who apparently tries to prove why God can be a Man. Quote:

Muslims are always attacking the principal that God cannot become a man. They say, however, that God is omnipotent and can do anything. Yet by saying he cannot become a man, they take away his omnipotence, which is an internal contradiction. I think we need to stop telling God what he can or cannot do, imposing our own criteria on him. God’s word tells me that my God, Yahweh, became a man many times throughout the Bible, proving he was big enough to do so. Maybe the Allah of the Qur’an is not big, or omnipotent enough to become a man. If that is what you think, then come on home to a bigger God, Yahweh, who did become a man right at the beginning, walking and talking with Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, and most recently as Jesus Christ!

So watch what this man preaches:

Bollocks. Watch what this other man, Peter, asks, “If Christianity is true, why is Islam growing?”:


More Bollocks. Foolishness. I’m tired of this pointless reversing. Keep it straight, don’t make believing in The One critically complicated.

The man from the first Video, Jay Smith explains this posts title:

Malarky, without solid logic. Watch the following:

This Jay Smith guy is intresting. He has a number of videos that argue his *ahem* points, I would like to really discuss them, but time is a valuble asset I’m missing….studies brothers and sisters, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting anything. I’ll try to keep up. Jazakallahu Khair.


The Farewell Address of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
July 5, 2006


(Peace and blessings be upon him and his family)

O people, hear me well: I explain to you. For I do not know; I may well not meet you again in this place where I now stand, after this year of mine.


From the Watchtower to the Minaret!
June 27, 2006

And He sends down from the sky mountain masses [of clouds] wherein is hail: He strikes therewith whom He pleases and He turns it away from whom He pleases. The vivid flash of His lightning well-nigh blinds the sight.
Qur'an 24:43


A forty-two-year-old Latino, Raphael is a Los Angeles-based comic and lecturer. He was born in Texas, where he attended his first Jehovah's Witness meeting at age six, gave his first Bible sermon at eight, tended his own congregation at twenty, and was headed for a position of leadership among the 904,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States.1 But he traded in his Bible for a Qur'an after having braved a visit to a local mosque.
On November
1, 1991, he embraced Islam, bringing to the Muslim community the organizational and speaking skills he developed among Jehovah's Witnesses. He speaks with the urgency of a new convert, but one who can make immigrant Muslims laugh at themselves.

He told his story mimicking a cast of characters.

I remember vividly being in a discussion where we were all sitting in my parents' living room and there were some other Jehovah's Witnesses there. They were talking about: "It's Armageddon! The time of the end! And Christ is coming! And you know the hailstones are going to be out here as big as cars! God is going to use all kinds of things to destroy this wicked system and remove the governments! And the Bible talks about the earth opening up! It's going to swallow whole city blocks!" (more…)

The Rabbit Hole
June 17, 2006

I wonder why Muslims don't think about it?  Oh yea, cause we're not lost, we got the realities of life understood. Islam is Haqq, and Disbelief is Batil (falsehood).

Remember Death…
May 28, 2006


And to those that don’t yet believe…
May 18, 2006

SEPTEMBER 11: Evidence to the Contrary REDUX 2006

If you notice, I've raised the terrorist alert level. Now, I'm not a comspiracy theorist, but people should be informed of both sides of the arguement.

The Sorrow of a Rightful Prisoner
May 3, 2006

 Click on the vid for the lyrics. Its beautiful!

Eliminating Bad Government
April 30, 2006

MakkahThe most effective way of eliminating an evil government is by way of spiritual and moral reformation. The exceptionally corrupt and degenerate condition of the present-day Ummah does not entitle Muslims for a wise and benevolent ruler. The present mob of corrupt and cruel rulers at the helm in Muslim countries simply mirrors the moral decadence of the Muslim masses.

No method other than moral reformation and spiritual elevation will ever succeed in the endeavour to bring about change in our pitiable political state of misery and weakness. As long as Muslims flounder in moral corruption and in their anti-Sunnah lifestyle, they must expect to live under the yoke of oppressive so-called Muslim rulers and be disgraced by the kuffaar.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the hearts of the rulers are between the Fingers of Allah Ta'ala. He turns their hearts in whichever direction He wills. When the Ummah submits in obedience to Allah's Law, He will either mellow the hearts of the existing rulers transforming them into just rulers or He will eliminate them. Their elimination will pave the way for benevolent and wise ruler.


Rulers/governments attain their appointment by Divine Decree. It is Allah Ta'ala Who appoints the rulers of countries. In the Qur'aan Shareef, Allah Ta'ala says:

"Verily, the earth belongs to Allah. He grants its rule to whomever He wishes."

"He grants dominion (political power) to whomever He wishes and He snatches away (political) power from whomever He wishes."

In terms of Qur'aanic and Sunnah teachings, rulers are the reflections of the deeds of the nation. A spiritually degenerate people will be saddled with a corrupt and oppressive regime. A spiritually and morally refined nation will be blessed with a benevolent and wise ruler.

[The Majlis]