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Soda/Pop & How Intoxicants are Haraam
May 24, 2006


O­n the question of soft drinks containing alcohol, some Ulama are of the view that alcohol which is not grape extract is permissible. The Ulama who hold this view contend that:

• If the alcohol is neither from dates nor grapes it is permissible.

• Imaam Muhammad's view of prohibition does not apply to soft drinks because the factors found in intoxicants are not in soft drinks.

The claim that non-grape and non-date alcohols are permissible has come as a great surprise to many who have read the fatwa issued by the Ulama who hold that soft drinks are permissible. The categoric fatwa proclaiming non-grape and non-date alcohol permissible has far reaching consequences and repercussions which I as a layman can foresee. Whiskey, vodka, champagne, all beers and most varieties of wines and liquors contain ethanol or non-grape and non-date alcohol. o­n the basis of the fatwa of permissibility of ethanol, it follows that all forms of wines if taken in small quantities which do not intoxicate will be permissible. Please comment and clarify the confusion caused by this fatwa of permissibility of ethanol.



for those that don’t know
May 9, 2006

Denmark Embassy Protest in the UK
April 30, 2006

What do you think about this, whether you muslim or not? I want to see how people react to these Muslims.

‘Islamic’ Television
April 27, 2006

Question: I read o­n a billboard in Durban: "Islamic TV to be launched soon in South Africa." Please comment.

ANSWER: This is not news. It is old hat. At the time when so-called Islamic radio stations were launched in the name of Islam in South Africa, we predicted that these radio stations are the forerunners for haraam television. The radio station is the stepping stone for this institution of vice and immorality. It was a forgone conclusion that the men of the dunya masquerading as men of the Deen would soon set into motion the process of establishing television "islam". Just as intoxication is a necessary effect of liquor consumption, so too is Shaitaani Television a necessary corollary of Shaitaani Radios.

The evil of passing off haraam acts and institutions as "Islamic’ has been extended to other avenues as well. Alcohol is passed off as halaal by the deceptive appellation of ’medical alcohol’, ethanol, etc. Haraam riba is offered to the community deceptively and is called ’Islamic’ takaful, for example, or some other Islamically sounding terminology.

100% haraam meat is proclaimed ‘halaal’ by deceptively branding it to be the zabeehah (slaughtered animals) of the Ahl-e-Kitaab. Haraam animal gelatine is made ‘halaal’ by baselessly claiming that the Shar’I process of Tabdeelul Maahiyah (Total transformation of Nature) has occurred. In this manner the men of the dunya are guilty of subverting the Shariah and ruining the morals and Imaan of the masses in exactly the same way as the Ulama of the Yahood and Nasaara had perpetrated.

Brother, you will still live to see worse things than television being branded ’Islamic’ by the marauders of Imaan. The time is not far when conscious Muslims will lament: The bowels of the earth are better than its surface. For the safety of Imaan, the grave will be better than living o­n earth.

Those who can aver that the vice of television is ‘Islamic’ are capable of proclaiming swine flesh to be halaal/tayyib. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy o­n us and protect our Akhlaaq and Imaan.

[The Majlis] 

Can Abdur Rahman remain Abdur Rahman?
March 30, 2006


After reading this report from the UK Times website, and after hearing many murmors from the muslim community, I did some research and consulted my respected teacher, Mufti Jamal Uddin of the New York state in America's Shariah Board. This situation that is being talked about all around the world is making almost all the worlds non-believers question if this Afghani man should be killed 'just' because he left the Faith of Islam. Many say that this is just another barbarity of Islam (I wonder what Dr. Wafa Sultan is saying?) Many muslims also come to ask if this is Justifiable.

Well, of course it complete justice, only because of the Shariah (Law) of Islam is the order of ALLAH, the Almighty and Great. But lets first imagine ourselves in the following situation. If a non-muslim comes to ask you what you think about this man going to get killed, what would you say? You must say something, and you can't just say its the Order of Allah, cause even though its a perfectly good answer, a non-muslim won't take it for an answer. A non-muslim won't because he/she doesn't have the Nur (light) of Islam. So what can one say that'll be understandable to anybody? Personally, when one is troubled with such thoughts, basic human knowledge and logic can always help answer. Abdur Rahman became a Christian from Islam, Islam condems his choice and orders his death. What would a non-muslim say about this. Of course you can almost hear the ignorant criticism of the non-muslims, especially the American Media. Look at whats going on: Afghan children, even those in their first steps, die each day along with many afghans from mines, mines from a war decades ago, and their really isn't any help or aid to save these many people. However when one man needs help law (for logically presumable reasons), he gets a call from the US for his protection. I'm only critisizing the US here. This is the first injustification here.
Secondly, back on the trial of this Murthad (deserter). The laws and understanding of these laws are quite complicated. A murthad, if male, should be put to death but if there is a chance that he might come back to Islam, then, depending on the Situation, the Ulama or ones in charge can devise an intervention that'll give him a choice or rejoining Islam. For example, one might leave Islam because he was threatened if he didn't. Then in the situtation of Women and Children, they are not put to death, but jailed until the reaccept Islam.

Now that we understand the basic rules, we can ask if it is Justifiable on Islamic Terms, which it is. So we are under Haqq (truth/justice) to kill this man because he deserted Islam. The keyword here is 'deserter'. The main reason why Muslims and Non-Muslims alike think this might still be wrong is because in this Day & Age, nationalism (a haram, if valued more than faith) is of more value to the world, rather than Faith. Think about it. For example, in war, when an American Soldier becomes a traitor, he is killed. This is like a unanimously agreed rule among all governments of the world. However, in Islam, if one leaves his Faith, this person is looked at in the same, but worse because he is a traitor of ALLAH, the Almighty and Most Powerful. This traitor is of course going to be killed. Now one might say that I'm speaking pishposh and that Faith and Nationalism isn't the same. The thing is is that they're both valued in the same way, so they are justified the same way.

Lets look at what Isa (Jesus), peace and blessings be upon him, had gone through for example. When he declared the Haqq of Islam, he was chased after the Jews, whom he had betrayed because he saw the Baatil (falsehood) in them. This is pretty understandable. Islam is the Nur and Haqq.

If anyone wants to ask any questions on this topic, please do.

The Quran and the Bible
March 26, 2006

Part 1

Part 2

Islam and Hinduism
March 25, 2006

Short Version

The Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam, In the light of sacred scriptures – Muhammad(pbuh)

Long Version
What is Islam? What is the relationship between the Hindus and Muslim of India? What are the similarities between Hinduism and Islam?

Dr. Zakir Naik quote the Hindu Scriptures and the Koran in discussing the similarities and difference between these two great religions of India. He explores the foretelling of the Prophet Muhammad in the Hindu Scriptures and shows how Islam‘s message is hidden in the Hindu Scriptures. The goal of this lecture is to create peace between warring Hindus and Muslims.

Abdullah converted to Islam from Hinduism. Hear his story before and after Islam. Here is a summary of how he got there.

Learn about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Various Religious Scriptures. Islamic video. Learn how his coming mentioned/predicted in other Scriptures and how he was the last Messenger of God.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar accepts that his book had mistakes, but the intention was to bring the Hindus and Muslims closer.

An Inter – religious dialogue for Spiritual Enlightenment by
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living) and Dr. Zakir Naik (Islamic Research Foundation)

Abdullah converted to Islam from Hinduism. Hear his story before and after Islam. He explains how he saw his idols broken on the floor and how this changed his life.

On question to a reader…
February 25, 2006

I am always filled with alacrity to explain Islam:

TomyDee, respectfully has stated the following in one my posts entitled “A New Cartoon…Just Do Dua“:

“This website is just another Islamic propaganda tool. Its time for the Muslims to take responsibility for their violent actions and for their religion, which has been abducted by extremists and terrorists. Rioting and killing because of some ink printed on paper is unacceptable and senseless. The Muslim clerics and religious hierarchy have duped the Islamic community, the general population are nothing more than mindless sheep taking orders from a lost shepard.”

I come to ask myself why its seems so negative that I am firstly practicing one the primary amending rights of the US. He is stating that this site “is just another Islamic Propaganda tool”. Its is my duty as a Muslim to propogate my islam, as it is same for the people of the book.

He then states that “its time for the Muslims to take responsibility for their violent actions and for their religion, which has been abducted by extremists and terrorists”. Firstly I am taking responsibility of my religion but it seems to be contradictionary to the first statement that isn’t allowing me propogate my light in this weary world.

I do not intend to ruin the union of the world with labels of ‘East’ and ‘West’, however there lies on this planet a difference that causes much confusion amongst us. So, then on he says that ‘Rioting and killing because of some ink printed on paper is unacceptable and senseless’, and indeed this is very true but this is only an aspect of the secularized and singular western thought. Most simply this view is almost dominating in a world that has a greater and diverse population than that of the West which thinks, most obviously, different and might I add maybe even more clearly. I say clearly because what this follows is a statistical example: Almost complete ignorance and disrespect for the prime view of millions of people who are usually the best of men. However, when enraged by the action of a man who completely is oblivious to the love one has for his Prophet, may peace be upon him, is put under the speculation as a man who is ‘crazy’. Yes, under logical analysis the actions of these ‘extremists’ are ‘crazy’. I add those quotes because the man who commits such actions, does it with ‘extreme love’ for his great prophet, so much so that he is labled ‘crazy’. The love that a muslim shall have for his Lord can be unimaginably more significant than the existance of this world. And what makes his statement invalid is its failure to realize this love one has for his Lord and His Prophet. This love however isn’t blind as it so terribly seems at times. The actions of these men are unusually thought out with honesty. For example, before that Dane Embassy was burned down, the complete enragement of those specific Muslims were caused by the refusal of the Nation to rid thier press of such things and apologize. Hence occurs the actions of a man in Love.

All should know, that the love that we have for our beloved Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him, is more dear than that love between our mothers and fathers. This love is greater than any earthly love. It is amazing when experianced. Now any person who crosses another with such love will easily come to name that person a loony. But this love is beyond the reaches of matter. Why is it that we ask for blessings upon him when ever his name is called.

And there on TomyDee says, “The Muslim clerics and religious hierarchy have duped the Islamic community, the general population are nothing more than mindless sheep taking orders from a lost shepard”. TomyDee, I really respect you for you understanding thus far, however these Muslims have not at all even taken charge of Islam. The Muslims are actually in union, the only complete difference within islam is inbetween the Shia and the Sunni. So moreover, I will answer to any statement that’ll follow. Much Thanks, for reading, but I’m sorry if all that read like a textbook. Jaza Khair.