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Muhammed The Purified
February 17, 2006


Madina, the Mosque of the Holy Prophet


You are like the full moon, nay you are brighter
Your face is like fine water that drips

O Ornament of the World, O Aim of Hopes
Who has ever perceived a face such as yours?

No descendant of Eve from the essence of Adam
And none in the Eternal Heavens is similar to you

Your first is the sun, your second a star
The circular and luminous full moon is your third

And your fourth is camphor, your fifth ambergris
Corundum your sixth, the rest of you gems

Your five fingers refers to five tidings
They aim at the signs, so observe

Your middle finger is Abu Bakr, ‘Umar the ring finger
‘Uthman the smallest finger, ‘Ali the thumb

His forefinger is the seal of the Messengers, Muhammad
And that is none else save a Prophet, purified

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and the Ka’abah is my Qiblah
My religion is more exalted and honoured than other religions

Mediate for me, Messenger of Allah, Allah is Merciful
There is no god save Allah, Allah is Great

Blessings of Allah for every day and night
Upon Ahmad, the Chosen One, the Purified

Nazam in praise of the Beloved Prophet compiled by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdallah as-Suhaimi, may Allah bless him. Originally written in the Arabic Language, this English translation was done by Shaik Abdul Khafid.