Qu’ran and Bible in the Light of Science

A debate between Protestant Christian Missionary scholar Dr. William Campbell and Muslim scholar Dr. Zakir Naik.


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  1. […] Dr Zakir Naik versus Dr William Campbell Published July 13th, 2006 in Comparative Religion, Polemical Rebuttals, Christianity, Islam. This is an old debate, so I am amazed that it is available online. The topic was “The Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of Science”. It was an amazing debate, and Dr Zakir Naik brilliantly defended the Muslim position and exposed the fallacies of the Christian Bible with regard to the science (or should I say, the lack of it) in it. I saw it years ago but the points are still fresh in my mind. […]

  2. As-salaamu alaykum, there is a mistake here. Dr William Campbell is NOT a JW, he is a Protestant Christian missionary. I hope you can correct that.


    – MENJ

  3. thanks for the correction. however i think i heard the dude say ‘jehovah’ is god, or something like that. anyways, it seems your more solid, so i’ll just listen to that. =)

  4. Just because he mentioned ‘Jehovah’ is god you think he’s a Jehovah Witness? Wow. .. wow.

  5. yes, i may be dimwitted at times but a person who says god is jehovah, it is automatically assumable that this person is a ‘witness’ of jehovah, even though there is the possibilty that he isn’t. This is of course what a lay person would think. visitors here aren’t scholars, however i do admit it is my simple mistake to assume that the man is a ‘different’ type of christian, not that i mean any offense.

  6. Thank you very much for posting the videos. I had no idea they were available through Google Video.

    Regarding the Jehovah issue, indeed, Dr. Campbell is not a Jehovah’s Witness, though I think that the mistake is very forgiveable for anyone who is not familiar with the minutiae of sectarian differences within Christianity, especially in this case since “Jehovah” has become so associated with the JWs. Just to be clear though, long before the JW faith was developed, “Jehovah” appeared on a few occasions in the King James translation of the Bible (beloved by so many English-speaking Protestants). Hence it is not all that uncommon for a Protestant to say “Jehovah”.

  7. yes, indeed, exactly. Thank you Denis, you said it perfect.

    Christianity is a very unique religion. This little issue, amoung others is making me think about writing an essay, or article if you will. I’m not sure if i’ll do it, i’m so lazy nowadays. I should, really. I write essays because my english teacher says i’m good at it, that i have talent. So thats the second reason i should. However…i need to get rid of this laziness. can someone help me out, i have no clue how to get rid of laziness, i just need an idea of how to do it. I promise the essay will be goooD! Pulitzer Status! lol, i just need to really get rid of this, i have a whole summer and i’m getting lazy when i’m not in school, i find this pathetic. Please, by the Mercy of ALLAH, i need some assistance, seriously. I’ll thank you in the essay itself !). Okay, that should be enough ranting. Not that i want to brag, but i am good at essays. i have my own column in the school paper, i have this site, i am an active member of islamic groups (…not lately), and all sorts of stuff. Writing is my genius.

    wow, i just saw the size of that. sorry.

  8. crank up some quran lol, that usualy gets me moving 🙂

  9. As someone actually present at the debate your Sunni fella Mr Naik was completely trounced -as ever Islam cannot and never will overcome or transcend the message of love from Christ -to love your neighbour and turn the other cheek are such sublime God given commands – however saying that the Turkish Aleves ( who we all know are not Sunni at all ) do and practise some admirable beliefs as do the Suffis.

  10. No. 9, Akki Mar Gabriel, was probably sleeping while at the debate resulting in the lapse of memory displayed in the previous comment.

  11. Hello,
    I have surfed on the net I have found your blog. It’s amazing.

  12. Why thank you!

  13. Al-salam alikum.. I’m fully convinced that Dr.Naik has strongly proved the unscientificity of the Bible & the authenticity of the Qur’an & I would call on all non-Muslims to embrace Islam after the solid proof presented to them that Qur’an is indeed the word of God.
    Many Thanks.

  14. Totally ripped MR. Campbell off…. Poor guy…

  15. I have seen the debate between Dr Naik and Pastor Rukni there is no doubt that Dr Naik is a very good orator but he actually admits Jesus was crucified (the marks of the nails of the cross showed to the disciples and then tries to maintain that Jesus escaped death. So how many people survived crucifixion ? The jews must have let him off lightly ? This is just laughable and shows willingness to deny the truth in front of his eyes. He reminds me of those american christian fundamentalists , same patter. Jesus died and was resurrected believe !!

  16. asalmaulikum .. it as been to see the debate betwee dr zakeer naik saheb and william campel . ALLAH lead dr zakeer naik saheb in (paradise) janath .

  17. thank u for these fantastic videos. zakir naik being his usuall badass. every christian knows the number of reincarnations of the bible yet they are still turning a blind eye.

    but when the seed is watered with the same water, the properties of the water become embedded in the plant. as such is the case with christian families and belivers

  18. above is a quote from the bible

  19. Dr Zakir done his job very well. its was amazing that what was happening with Dr William in Debate… hehehe…. wow
    Holy Quran is realy Correct

  20. May GOD Bless all of HIS Blessing to Dr Zakir Naik.

  21. Dear friends,

    I am not amazed for the authentic and to the point replies of extremely respectful Dr. Zakir Naik, but I am astonished for his wisdom. May be Almighty Allah has sent him this World to defend Islam against various known and unknown enemies.May Almighty Allah bestow him more than 150 years of life with the current physical energy, and Jannatul Ferdaus on the Akherat. May Almighty Allah fill his position with an equivallent person too.
    When I am praying Taajud during the night, I alway repeat the above mentioned Prayer ( Du-aa ) adding that May Almighty Allah fulfill Dr. Zakir Naik and other lecturers, and all their children and my parents and other relatives, all their needs on this World and Janah on the eternal world.
    may Almighty Allah facilitate my meeting with respectfull and real respectable dr. Zakir Naik.
    Kind regards.

    Baz Mohammad from Jalalabad Afghanistan

  22. love for all the religion

  23. By keeping discussion in mind I will like to share a website http://zakirnaikblog.blogspot.com which is a website about great islamic scholar Zakir Naik who made a lot oif non muslims to accept islam by his speeches.

  24. Really thanks for the video. I was searching for that and finally found in ur blog 🙂

  25. yes even i agree that islam is an unique and true religion

  26. may Allah bless Zakir Naik.amin,dr william doesn’t believe in divine preordainment which is ineluctably in future

  27. May peace mercy and blessing of Allah almighty God be on you, may Allah almighty God give u a age of more hundred years to keep all an the siraatal mustaqkeem to non muslim’s and as well as to muslims. Aaameen

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